Antonio stopped dead, stomach churning.
Two men, dressed in identical black suits, stood at the opposite end of the cobbled street. Both were staring straight at him.A white, unmarked van was parked behind them. One of the men-the more serious looking one-reached into his jacket and pulled out a C.I.A badge. "Come with us quietly-" Antonio didn't let him finish. He jumped up, about to teleport.........
The man dropped his badge, lunging forward and grabbing Antonio's wrist. He twisted. Antonio yelped in pain.
The other man pulled out a dart gun, and with the speed of a light, the dart flew out. Antonio felt it pelt his shoulder, right on the unhealed bullet wound. Antonio grunted in pain, as he fell to his knees. Numbness spread slowly throughout his body. Soon, he was completely numb, unable to move.
The men pulled him to his knees, half rushing, half dragging his body. Reaching the van, they shoved him inside.The men didn't bother to buckle him in. The Lunger climbed into the driver side, slamming his door and turning on the ignition as the other man slid into the passenger seat. As the van peeled out of Town, Antonio found he could move his mouth. He built up the courage, then spoke: "Who are you?" he managed to croak. Quiet Guy (Antonio had decided to call him that when he noticed how quiet he was next to Lunger.) didn't turn around, but answered placidly:
"We will explain everything once we get to the lab."
Antonio furrowed his brow in confusion. "Lab? Am I in trouble?" he asked.
"No." Quiet Guy answered.
"Then what do you want?" Antonio growled.
Lunger whirled around, holding a gun in between Antonio's eyes. "One more question, one more, and no matter how important you are, I swear to God-"
"Ferral!" Quiet Guy yelled. Lunger had let go of the wheel, and Quiet Guy had grabbed it, trying unsuccessfully to stop them from going off the road. As the van veered right, a panic-stricken Lunger yanked the wheel to the left, narrowly missing a tree.
Antonio didn't speak the rest of the way.