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    Default Digimon Season X

    Here is my first fanfiction. It is a digimon fanfiction. I tend ti break from canon, so I hope you like it. Also, this is my first fanfiction, so be harsh. I am not one of those people who will get upset at criticism. arning, I may play on steretypes a little. I don't actually believe them, so don't complain. Please.

    Chapter 1:

    -Somewhere unknown. September 17. 12:00 P.M.-

    Eight shadowed figures stood in the room. The only light was an oil lamp lying by a blueprint on a wooden table. The blueprints showed odd machines shaped like a half-pear. “Are you sure this will work?” One of the figures asked in a gruff voice.

    “It better work.” A deep voice said with a slight hum.

    “If it doesn’t then we are dead.” A feminine voice said.

    “Is everything ready?” A feminine voice cawed, literally.

    “I got my part done.” A high pitched voice replied.

    “All is good on my part.” An angelic voice said.

    “Mine too.” A more masculine, but still angelic, voice said.

    “Then let’s get this started” A beastly voice growled.

    A red light appeared on the blueprints, contained on one spot. It was followed by yellow, green, pink, blue, white, dark yellow and dark blue ones. Machines like the ones in the blueprints appeared within the lights. The lights faded, and so did the machines within.

    “You think this will work?” The growling voice asked.

    “I don’t know.” The gruff voice said.

    “It will.” The first angelic voice said calmingly.

    “I am sure of it.” The other angelic voice said.

    -Grass town, North Carolina. September 15. 3:55 P.M.-

    A girl in her early teens wandered down a street. She was about four and half feet tall with a green shirt and skirt, brown hair, and a green beret. She passed a young man and stopped walking. She walked back until she was next to him. She looked over the boy. He was almost a foot and a half taller than her. His hair was blonde and he was wearing a black shirt with a skull and crossed sabers. He was wearing blue jeans and black sneakers.

    “What?” They boy asked her.

    “Hi. What is your name?” The girl asked.

    “Bernard. Now please, go away.” Bernard answered.

    “Mine is Pat.” Pat said holding out her hand.

    “Okay.” Bernard said bored, ignoring Pat’s hand.

    “Well?” Pat said shaking her hand once.

    “Well what?” Bernard asked, yawning.

    “I put out my hand.” Pat shook her hand again.

    “So?” Bernard put his hands into his pockets.

    “Shake it.” Pat said.

    “Whatever.” Bernard took out his hand and shook Pat’s, seeing that she wouldn’t go otherwise.

    “What are those?” Pat asked looking at Bernard’s wrists.

    “What these?” Bernard said holding up his hands. Around his wrists were metal bands. “These are to make sure I don’t cut my wrists.”

    “Why do you need those to make sure you don’t cut your wrists? I have never cut mine, and I don’t need anything to make sure I don’t.”

    “Why do you ask so many questions? Anyway, I used to cut them on purpose. Before you ask why, I just wanted to escape the chains of life. It didn’t work well, so I gave it up long before I actually started wearing these.” Bernard said as Pat’s eyes widened.

    “That is so sad.” Pat said. “Want a cookie?” She asked pulling a chocolate chip cookie out of her pocket.

    Bernard sighed. “Okay.” He replied as he grabbed the cookie. “Thanks.” He walked off.

    Pat started walking behind him, but he turned into an alley and disappeared.


    A boy and girl were sitting in a classroom. The boy was tall and dark. He had black hair and wore an old-style suit. This was Clyde Simpson. The girl was average height and had a light tan. She wore a grey sweater and pants. Her name was Bonnie Lux. Bonnie and Clyde were currently serving detention for the fifth day that week. They were in for spray painting lockers with an image of themselves.

    “What were you to thinking?” The detention teacher, a young Asian woman fresh out of college, asked the two. “You even painted yourselves, giving it away so easily.”

    “And? I thought it looked good.” Clyde asked with a slight southern accent.

    “We were going to be found out either way. Might as well have it look better than just words.” Bonnie said with an accent matching Clyde’s.

    “Well, yeah. If it weren’t graffiti I would have to tell you that it was really good. I mean, I do that for all the students, but wow.” The teacher said.

    “Look, Lucy. We don’t care.” Bonnie said.

    “That is Ms. Diamonds to you. I am a teacher after all.” Ms. Diamond said.

    “Teacher or not, we just have an hour left. Just leave us alone why don’t you.” Clyde said.

    Ms. Diamonds was about to say something, but shook her head and sat in her chair. Then, she started talking. “I would give you detention, but you have had detention every school day this year already. I doubt it would make a difference.”


    “Okay, you guys know this play perfectly.” A coach in his mid-thirties said to the team of boys standing in the locker room. “Now, let’s get out there and win this game.”

    “I am so pumped.” One of the boys, a black boy of about six feet said. He jogged next to his best friend on the team, Leslie George.

    “I couldn’t care less. You know I am only on this to help build up my strength and get my mom to leave me alone about doing something social.” Leslie replied. He was Irish with a large amount of freckles and frizzy, orange hair.

    “Oh.” The other boy said rubbing his chin. “I remember that now.”

    “That doesn’t mean I won’t try to win though. Okay Steve?” Leslie said.

    “Okay.” Steve said jogging out onto the field.


    “I can’t believe it.” A teenage girl said to her friend. They were at the food court of the local mall. The girl had long blonde hair and wore a brown shirt with a cartoon monkey on it blowing a raspberry.

    “It’s true.” The other girl said. She had white hair and wore the same shirt as her friend.

    “I cannot believe it.” The first girl said.

    “It’s true.” Her friend insisted.

    “No way Carol.” She replied.

    “Yes way Jamie.” Carol said.

    “Who would think they would break up?” Jamie said

    “No one that is why it is so hard to believe.” Carol’s head moved to the side a little. Jamie turned around and saw a man in his early twenties working a taco stand.

    “Wow.” Jamie said.

    “I know.” Carol replied, her eyes widening.

    “No, look.” Jamie said pointing past the taco stand.

    “What?” Carol asked, not moving her head in the slightest.

    “I don’t know.” Jamie said getting up. She left the mall, Carol following a few yards behind. Eight lights flew through the sky. A red, a yellow, a green, a pink, a blue, a white, a dark yellow and a dark blue one. The pink and dark blue ones turned off into some part of the city. The dark yellow and white flew off towards the school. The yellow and green flew towards the local sports center. And the red and blue ones came flying at Carol and Jamie.

    To be continued…
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    Come on guys. There was 33 views at last check, but zero replies. Anyway, here is a new chapter.

    Chapter 2:

    -Grass town, North Carolina. September 15. 4:00 P.M.-

    Pat turned down a dark alley and started walking to the other side. As she walked a group of shadows caught her eye. She turned to the side and saw a garbage can move to the side. “Who is there?” She asked.

    “Me” A childish voice said from behind the trash. Then, a creature popped out. It appeared to be a small, green goblin. It was about three feet tall, and held a club almost as big as itself with four screws inserted in it. Its eyes were attached at what would be the bridge of the nose and two large teeth stuck up from the sides of its mouth. It had a red mohawk, an earring in its left ear, a brown vest with spiked cuffs, and brown shorts with a matching cloth hanging down from it.

    “Who are you?” Pat asked, happy to see another new face despite how odd it looked.

    “Goblimon is the name. Pulling pranks is the game.” Goblimon said raising his club.

    “Like what?” Pat asked.

    “Uh, like this. Goblin Rush!” Goblimon yelled. He ran at Pat, but just seemed to pass her.

    “Cool.” Pat said. “But, what happened?”

    “This.” Goblimon said He held up his hand to show he stole Pat’s beret.

    “Hey!” She yelled. “Give me that back!”

    “I don’t think so.” Goblimon put the beret on his mohawk and ran off down the alley. As he was about to get out of the alley, he tripped. Bernard stepped from the side of the alley entrance and walked over to the downed goblin. He picked up the beret and threw it to Pat.

    “Here I believe this is yours.” He said.

    “Thanks. Where did you come from?” Pat inquired.

    “I heard you talking and decided to see what you were doing in a place like this.” Bernard replied spreading his arms out in the direction of the alley.’

    “I was going home, when he stole my hat.” She replied pointing at the downed Goblimon. Then, two lights came shooting at them. A pink and a dark blue. The two lights hit the ground with light thuds. “What is that?”

    “Again with the questions.” Bernard muttered to himself. He walked over to where the lights landed and saw two strange machines. They both looked like half a pear, the rounded outside being one pure color. The flat inside was white with a screen and two buttons. “I don’t know Pat.” He said picking up the dark blue one.

    “Digivice version 1.0” The machine said. “The digital encyclopedia.”

    “Digivice what is that?” Pat asked picking up the pink one.

    “Function: To provide owner with information on digimon.” The Digivice said.

    “Digimon?” Bernard asked.

    “Digimon: Creatures made of digital data. They live in a dimension connected to ours called the Digital World.” His Digivice informed them.

    “Sounds like a video game or manga.” Pat said. “I wonder what this button does.” She pushed the left button on the Digivice. A pink glow emanated from it, growing to surround her, Bernard, and the Goblimon.


    Bonnie and Clyde sat in detention silently as Ms. Diamonds read a book. Bonnie passed a piece of paper to Clyde that he read, wrote on and passed back. “Please stop that.” Ms Diamonds said looking up from her book.

    Bonnie grabbed the paper and read it before putting it in her backpack. “What is that thing?” She pointed out the window at two lights, one dark yellow and one white.

    “What?” Ms. Diamonds looked up from her book at the lights. “Are those meteors? Either way, I have to pop down to the teachers’ lounge.” After that, she ran into the hallway.

    “Just looks like some lights.” Clyde said. Then, the two lights passed through the window and landed on the classroom floor. Laying where they landed where two objects identical to the ones from before, except that these ones where dark yellow and white. Clyde picked up the dark yellow one while Bonnie picked up the white one. “What are they?” He asked.

    “Digivice version 1.0” It said. “The digital encyclopedia.”

    “Eh, Digivice. What is that?” Bonnie asked.

    “Function: To provide owner with information on digimon.” The Digivice said.

    “Digimon?” Bonnie asked again.

    “Digimon: Creatures made of digital data. They live in a dimension connected to ours called the Digital World.” Her Digivice said.

    “It sounds Japanese.” Clyde said. “Although, I do wonder what this button does.” With that he pressed the left button, and a dark yellow light engulfed him and Bonnie. When it faded the two of them were gone.


    The yellow and green lights flew toward the sports center, were a game was going on. As they approached the started glowing. The glow swallowed the whole arena. When it dimmed, Steve and Leslie were missing from the field.


    Jamie and Carol stood in the parking lot of the mall as the two lights came at them. The red one flew at Carol, while the blue flew towards Jamie. The lights gave off a bright purple glow, surrounding the two girls. When it faded the were gone.

    To be continued...

    (sorry for it going downhill at the end. I was getting tired and just kinda gave up on that part. I will introduce the partners next chapter.)

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    Come on guys, 111 views, 0 reviews. I don't care if you say my story sucks. Please, just review. Anyway, here is chapter 3.

    Chapter 3:

    -Somewhere unknown. September 18. 8:00 A.M.-

    Pat woke up in a soft bed. "Where am I?" She said. She got up on her elbows and looked around. She was in a large pink room with three other beds, each with a teen girl in it.

    "Who are they?" One of the girls, a lightly tanned girl in a grey hoodie, groaned.

    "Oy, my head." The girl said. She pushed herself up and also scanned the room. "'Ey, where are we?" She yelled at Pat.

    "I don't know. Who are you?" Pat asked the stranger.

    "Name is Bonnie, Bonnie Lux." The girl said.

    "Cool!" Pat said happily. "That is an awesome name. I'm Patricia Airheart, but everyone calls me Pat. Do you know who these other girls are?"

    "Nope." Bonnie said getting out of her bed. She walked over to a door on the east wall of the room and tried turning the knob. But nothing happened. "'Ey, what is the big deal?"

    "Sorry." A light voice from the other side of the door said. "I can't unlock the door until everone is awake."

    "Fine." Bonnie yelled. "Hey, Pat was it?" She turned to Pat. "Help me wake up these two." She pointed at the other two girls who were still asleep.

    "Okay." Pat said walking over to a white haired girl. "WAKE UP!!!" She yelled.

    "AGGG!" The white haired girl screamed as she shot up in bed. "Where am I. And who are you." She asked looking around the room.

    "Hi. I'm Pat. She is Bonnie. Who are you and do you know that other girl." Pat replied pointing at the other sleeping girl.

    "Um, hi. I'm Jamie. Do I know her?" Jamie said pointing to the sleeping Girl. "Yeah, she is my best friend. Her name is Carol. Anyway, back to my question, where are we?"

    "We don't know." Bonnie said. "Now be quiet." Bonnie walked up to Carol and pushed her off the bed. "Wake up."

    "Oww. What was that for." Carol yelled. She stood up and rubbed her back, and then looked around. "Where am I? And who are you?" She asked.

    "Again." Bonnie growled. "Look, I am Bonnie, she," Bonie pointed at Pat, "is Pat. And The other girl said you were friends so I'm not going to introduce her."

    "You know, you don't have to be so mean. Any way I am-" Carol started to say, before Bonnie cut her off.

    "Carol, little miss white hair over there told us. And, we don't know where we are, so don't ask again. Now come on. Whoever owns this place won't let us out until everyone is awake." Bonnie said loudly. "Now lets get out of this room and see where we are." She walked over to the door and knocked on it.

    "You know." Carol said to Pat. "Your friend is kinda mean.

    "I'm not her friend." Bonnie said, knocking on the door again.

    "Sorry, I fell asleep." The voice from before said opening the door to reveal a strange creature standing in the doorway.She was about three and a half feet tall with a look like that of a plant mixed with those of a lizard. She was bipedal, her feet being green roots that dug half an inch into the ground, and her arms resembling purple flowers with a white upper arm and a yellow, ropelike plant stamen stickng out of the center. She had a spiked lizard tail attached to her lime-green body. Around her head was a scruff made of red leaves, starting small under her chin and growin to a moderate size right behind where her ears would be, had she owned any. She also wore a red, barklike helmet over the top of her head curving around her eyes.

    "Who are you?" Bonnie said.

    "Name is Floramon. I'm a servent of the great eight." Floramon responded.

    "Great eight?" Pat said. "Wait, are you a digimon?"

    "Well, duh." Floramon said. "Anyway, the great eight are eight legendary digimon of light. They unified the digital world and are trying to keep peace."

    "Trying?" carol and Jamie said in unison.

    "Yes, many fights have broken out. That is why you were called here." Floramon said.

    "To settle some petty arguments?" Bonnie said. "We are in a foreign universe to settle some petty arguments!"

    "Y-y-y-yes. I mean n-n-n-no" Floramon said cowering.

    "Wait!" Pat said, holding back Bonnie with help from Carol and Jamie. "Where are the great eight?"

    "In the dining room waiting for you girls and the four boys that were also brought here to be brought there to eat breakfast and discuss things." Floramon said quickly.

    "Breakfast, eh?" Bonnie said calming down. "I'm game."

    "Floramon!" A masculine voice yelled from down the hall. The voice came from a short figure. It was only about three feet tall, but looked like a large mushroom. They had a white body and a purle cap with yellow rings on it. They also wore magenta gloves and matching boots each with a small belt holding them on. On the gloves were a skull and crossbone, while three small, magenta spores on each boot. It also had three, purple spores on each of its short arms.

    "What is it Mushroomon?" Floramon asked the mushroom monster.

    "I was sent to help you wake up the girls." Mushroomon said before looking around. "Oh, you are already awake. Well then, lets get going."

    "May I ask who you are sir?" Pat asked. Floramon's body clenched as Mushroomon's white body turned red.

    "Sir?!" Mushroomon roared. "I am a girl!!

    "Settle down Mushroomon, she didn't know." Floramon said. "You know you are not supposed to get angry at the digidestined."

    "OK." Mushroomon said calming down. "But I am going to keep my eye on you." She pointed at Pat. Then, the six went off to the dining room.


    "Five more minutes mommy." Steve mumbled in his sleep.

    "Wake up now." Leslie yelled punching his friend.

    "Oww." Steve said. He got up to see that him, his friend, and two guys he didn't know were all in a large, blue room. "Where are we?"

    "I don't know, but I want you to meet these guys." Leslie said, pulling Steve out of his bed. "This is Clyde Simpson." He pointed to a boy in a suit.

    "Hello." Clyde said holding out his hand.

    "Uh, hello." Steve replied shaking the other boy's hand.

    "And this is Bernard." Leslie said pointing to a blode haired boy with a skull and crossed swords shirt on.

    "Yo." Steve said holding up his fist.

    "Yo. My name is Bernard." Bernard said. He hit Bernard's knuckle with his. "So, where are we?"

    "We don't know." Clyde said. "But two voices from the other side of the door said to knock when everyone is awake."

    "Door?" Steve questioned. "What door?"

    "This one." Bernard said walking up to a large blue door and knocking on it. "Everyone is awake."

    The door opened up to reveal two odd figures. The first was a small, furry creature. It had a shape like a small sea lion. It had white fur with red patches on its chest and head and blue marks under its green eyes and on the tips of its long ears. On each of its four paws were three long, black nails. The other was a short bipedal dog. It was blue with white on its snout, toes, chest, a scruff of fur on its neck, and the tip of its tail. It also wore red boxing gloves and a red scarf around its head.

    "Hello." The sea lion said. "I am Gomamon X. This is Gaomon, but he doesn't talk much." The dog nodded. "We are here to bring you to the great eight."

    "Great eight?" Bernard asked.

    "You will see." Gomamon X said. "Now come on." Gomamon X and Gaomon led the boys off to the dining room.

    -Dining room, Great Eight's castle, digital world. September 16. 8:10 A.M.-

    The two groups entered the dining room at the same time, with the eight kids introducing themselves to those they didn't know and discussing the information they knew. And then Bonnie and Clyde, who were both laying back, noticed each other and stepped forward.

    "Clyde." Bonnie said reaching her hand out to him.

    "Bonnie." Clyde said grabbing her hand and pulling her into a hug.

    "Aww, are you two dating?" Pat said.

    "What." Bonnie said pushing away from Clyde. "We are just friends."

    "Then what was up with the hug?" Steve said, an obnoxious smile on his face.

    "It is something we saw in a movie once when we were kids. We do it whenever we meet up." Clyde said calmly.

    "Yeah, whatever." Gomamon X said.

    "Hey, you're not even a human." Bonnie said leaning down..

    "So." Gomamon X said, pushing himself up into Bonnie's face.

    "So, you have no right talking about human relationships." Bonnie said.

    "Hah." Gomamon X said. "So you two do have a relationship."

    "What?" Bonnie said blushing.

    "Stop it." A gruff voice said. Its source was a tall, orange, anthromorphic lizard. He had on large war gauntlets, leg guards, a chestplate, side and groin plates, and shoulderpads with a large shield attached to them. The shield was currently split in half, allowing him flight. ""Hello, I am Wargreymon, Co-Leader of the Great Eight."

    "H-h-h-hello Wargreymon." Gomamon X said, saluting. Mushroomon, Floramon and Gaomon also saluted.

    Wargreymon turned his eyes on the teens."I see you kids are all ready, and probably hungry."

    "I sure am." Pat said with the other kids nodding and mumbling in agreement. "What's for breakfast?"

    "What do you want?" Wargreymon asked.

    "Bacon and eggs." Jamie and Carol said at the same time.

    "I'll have what she's having." Steve said.

    "Me to." Leslie remarked.

    "Eggs benedict please." Clyde replied cooly.

    "That sonds good. Eggs benedict for me too." Bonnie said.

    "Of course you would get the same thing as your boyfriend." Gomamon X siad quietly.

    "What did you say?" Bonnie yelled at the digimon.

    "Hey, ladies." Bernard said, pushing his way inbetween the two. "Stop the fighting. Also, I'd like three scrambled eggs."

    "Hey. I am a boy!" Gomamon X shouted.

    "Stop it son." A high voice said. The voice's body flew out of the shadows, revealing it to be a small pink shape. It had a whisp-like body, small flippers, tiny, pink angelic wings, a noseless dog's head, and long, floppy ears. It had on a golden ring as a collar and had a red heart on its chest.

    "Um." Gomamon X seemed to freeze at the sight of the pink creature. "Hi dad." He said.

    "You're his dad?" Pat said pointing between the two digimon.

    "Yes, I am Marineangemon. Holder of sincerity and water." Marineangemon said bowing, at least as much as a misshapen looking, floating sea creature can bow. "Gomamon X here is my son and heir."

    "Heir?" Leslie said. "Heir to what?"

    "Oh, that is just Great Eight stuff. We will probably explain that at breakfast."

    Marineangemon said "Anyway, me and Rosemon have to get cooking, so has everyone made their order?"

    "Only I have to order." Pat said. "I'd like some strawberry crepes please."

    "Okay." Marinangemon said. "Come on Gomamon X." Marineangemon and Gomamon X went off to the kitchen.

    "Wait." Jamie said.

    "He only heard Pat's order." Carol finished.

    "He has his ways." Wargreymon said. "Now lets get moving." He led the kids to a large room where a long table was set up.On the far end were five digimon. One was a largem golden hercules beetle. It stood on two of its large legs while the other four moved around. His golden armor stopped around its mouth and at the beginnings of its legs, revealing red muscle. It also had three large horns, two on the outside of its head curving in, and one
    in the center pointing straight forward. He noticed the children and wargreymon entering the room.

    "Hello digidestined. I am Herculeskabuterimon, Holder of Knowledge and insects." He bowed as the other four digimon at the far end of the table turned to the eight kids.

    "Hello." the other greeted in tandem.

    "I am Magnadramon, Holder of Light and Light, please don't point out the redundency. I am quite well aware of it." A large pink digimon said in an angelic voice. It looked like a long slender lion with a dragonic tail and claws. It had two large goat horns sticking out of its head. It had five pairs of large pink wings, with a feathered mane surrounding its head.

    Another digimon stepped forward. This one looked like a large, angelic suit of armor that was mostly white. However, its helmet, shoulder guards, arm guards and blue with yellow symbols on them. A long yellow cloth with red writing in some ancient form of runes hung from under its armor. There were symbols all over its armor, including a ribbon shaped symbol on its waist. Five pairs of yellow, cloth like wings lined its back pointing off to its sides. "I am Seraphimon." Seraphimon said in an angelic, yet masculine voice. "Holder of hope and life."

    "Wait." Pat interrupted before the other members of the Great Eight could introduce themselves. "If you are the Holder of life, whatever Holder means, does that mean that if you die then everything dies?"

    Seraphimon laughed. "Holder just means we make sure they don't fall to far out of balance with the other elements." He said. "If I die then things may die massively, may reproduce to quickly, or even, if I've done my job well, nothing can happen."

    The next Great Eight stepped up. "I am Metalgarurumon." He said. "Holder of friendship, lightning and ice." Metalgarurumon looked like a large, pale blue mechanized wolf. He had a yellow breast plate with two yellow jet wings attached and his tail was a yellow blade. The only biological parts of him still able to be seen where his lower jaw and his paws. "I am a co-leader of the Great Eight along with Wargreymon."

    The last digimon stepped, or rather flew, forward. She was a large yellow bird with four wings. she had a metal hood on her head and a large plume of tail feathers. Flames came out of the back of her head and ran down her back. "I am Phoenixmon." She cawed. "The holder of love and wind."

    "Please children." Wargreymon said. "Sit." He gesture to eight empty chairs on the opposite end of the table from the Great Eight members.

    "What is up with all the seats?" Bonnie said.

    "Those are for the heirs and the occasional visitor." A feminine voice said from behind the children. They turned around to see a woman standing there. She was of slightly above average height wearing a tight red jumpsuit with a pice missing from her chest down to her stomach in a rounded arrow shape. She had a large roselike headpiece that covered her eyes and a collar made of leafs. "Helo, I am Rosemon. I am the holder of sincerity and plants. I am also the head chef around here."

    "What are the heirs?" Bernard asked after siting.

    "Just young digimon we train so that one day they can take over our positions." Wargreymon answered taking a seat next to Metalgarurumon on the far end of the table.

    "Are they like, your kids?" Jamie asked.

    "Only Gomamon X." Marine angemon said flying out of the kitchen with three plates on his head that he handed to Carol, Jamie, and Pat. "There you go."

    Gomamon X followed his dad carrying the other five plates that he gave to the other kids. "Dig in." He said.

    "Well." Clyde said. "Why are we here. From what Bonnie here has told me, we are just going to settle some petty fights."

    "We wish." Metalgarurumon said. "Things started out petty. However, it seems like someone, actually someones, have worsened current conditions. Full out wars have started in some regions. You are here to get digimon partners and stop these war causers."

    "Partners?" the teens asked in semi-synchronization.

    "Yes, you will all be given a rookie level digimon partner. Using your digivices you will eventually be able to digivolve them and, hopefully, stop whoever is causing this war." Wargreymon said.

    "So where are they?" Leslie questioned.

    "Oh, digimon." Rosemon said clapping. Mushroomon walked out of a backroom acompanied by a green plantlike digimon. The new digimon stod about three and a half feet tall. She had a round green body with feet like Floramon's and large arms that hung down to the ground. She had three purple nails on each claw and a matching flower on the top of her rounded head.

    "Hello." She said. "I am Aruraumon." She turned towards Rosemon. "Which one is my partner?" She asked the Great Eight member.

    "I don't know." The plant woman replied. "Here, use this." She handed Aruraumon a green digivice, which started giving of a dim glow. Rosemon turned to the kids and started talking. "This shall let her find her partner. It will glow brighter the closer she gets to her partner."

    The small digimon started walking past the kids and the glow increased. It reached an apex before it started to fade, making her backstep and stop. She stood next to Leslie. "I guess you are my partner." She said to the boy. "What is your name?"

    "Of course, the Irish guy gets the green one. Anyway, the name is Leslie." Leslie held a hand out for Aruraumon. She grabed it and shook it hard.

    "Good to meet you." Aruraumon let go of his hand which pulsed from her strong grip.

    "Good to see you two get along." Wargreymon said. "Now, something has popped into my head. I didn't trully introduce myself. I am Wargreymon, Holder of courage and flames. And I introduce my heir, Agumon." At the cue Agumon walked out of the backroom. He looked like a small, yellow T-rex. He was followed by a two foot figure. The figure apeared to be made of rocks and was in a vaguely human shape.

    "Hello, I am Gotsumon." The rock figure said. "I am supposed to be one of the partners." He looked at Wargreymon. "Which is so cool."

    "It sure is." Wargreymon said handing Gotsumon a red digivice. "Now go find your partner."

    Gotsumon only walked to the corner of the teens side of the table when the digivice glew brightly. He stood next to Carol, prompting him to blush. "There is no way I can be lucky enough to be partners with a girl as cute as her." Gotsumon said.

    "Aw." Jamie and Carol said. " Aren't you so cute."

    "That is good." Wargreymon said. "You two get along just fine. Who want to go next." Wargreymon turned to his fellows as he asked the last part.

    "I will." Herculeskabuterimon said. "Get out here you two." A large, mettalic ladybug and a humanoid blue stag beetle with many red marks and spines along with a yellow scarf stepped out. Herculeskabuterimon grabbed the ladybug up with one of his arms. "This is my niece Tentomon, she is also my heir. He." He put another one of his arms on the stagbeetle." Is Kokabuterimon. He is a partner. Say hello Kokabuterimon."

    Kokabuterimon stayed silent. "He doesn't talk." Herculeskabuterimon said. "Anyway, here you go." He handed Kokabuterimon a yellow digivice. Kokabuterimon walked up to Steve, handing the glowing digivice to the african american boy. "Looks like you get to partner with little bug blue." Herculeskabuterimon said before letting out a hardy laugh.

    "Okay." Steve said. He poked Kokabuterimon in his horn. "So you don't talk, eh?" Kokabuterimon shook his head up and down. "That is odd, but I'll get used to it. The name is Steve." He held out his hand. Kokabuterimon grabbed it and started shaking his hand, swinging Steve throught the air. "Ow. Can you please put me down?" Steve asked, Kokabuterimon setting him down.

    "My turn." Marineangemon said. "Come on Crabmon." A blue crab with human-like eyes and a mouth sidewalked out of the kitchen. His left claw was thrice the size of his right with razor blades in the inside. Small spikes covered his body with red splotches on some portions of his shell. A blue digivice was attached to his back.

    "Hello. I am Crabmon, the greatest digimon to ever live." Crabmon said. "So, which one of you are my partner? Is it you?" He looked at Bernard." You look strong. Or maybe you." He turned his attention to Bonnie. "You look strong and smart."

    "Just go out there and check." Marineangemon said, resting his head in his palm.

    "Fine." Crabmon said sidewalking to the kids. He neared the corner by gotsumon and his digivice started glowing. He kept walking until he faced Jamie. "Looks like your my partner sweet stuff."

    "What did you call me?" Jamie said angrily, poking crabmon with her foot.

    "I called you sweet-" Crabmon started, but he was stopped by Jamie shoving her foot into his mouth.

    "Don't call me that." Jamie told him. She pulled her foot out of Crabmon's mouth. "Why did I have to be stuck with a sea pig?"

    "Sea pig? " Crabmon said increduously. "Sea pig?! I am not a sea pig." He pinched Jamie's foot.

    "Hah, this is awesome." Gomamon X said laughing.

    "Break it up you two." Marineangemon said. After the two conitued squabbling an angermark appeared on Marineangemon's head. "Ocean love." Two hearts appeared next to his head. The hearts flew at Jamie and Crabmon, hitting the two and knocking them out. "There. They should be asleep for about two mintes, but when they wake up they will be totally calmed."

    "Our turn." Seraphimon and Magnadramon said at the same time. "First, our heirs." "Plotmon" Magnadramon said. "And Patamon." Seraphimon followed. A cream colored dog with big blue eyes, rosy cheeks and a golden collar came out of the back room, this was Plotmon. Flying over her was Patamon, an orange hamsteresque digimon with large bat wings for ears. "And then." Seraphimon and Magnadramon started again in tandem. " Come out Monodramon." Seraphimon starts off. "And you too Bakumon." Magnadramon said. Two digimon followed behind Plotmon and Patamon.

    The first looked like a purple, bipedal dragon. He had three drill like claws on each hand and foot and three horns on the back of his head in a diaganol slany. A large horn sat on top of his head, it was purple with a yellow marking starting on the tip and coming down in an odd pattern. A yellow patch was on his forehead in a diamond shape that slightly stuck out of his head. Attached to his arms were thin, leathery batlike wings. On each shoulder was a yellow mark with a red slash coming down from the inside edge- the one facing into his body. "I am Monodramon." He said regally.

    The other looked like a purple tapir, with brown hair on his back, face, lower jaw, and ears. He had a metal marking on his head with yellow markings, including one of an eye on the vertical center.He wore a collar, like the ones Plotmon and Marineangemon wear, around his front left leg. "Hello." He greeted. "I am Bakumon."

    "Here you go." Magnadramon and Seraphimon said, handing a digivice to both digimon.

    "Thank you." Monodramon said taking a dark yellow digivice from Seraphimon.

    "And thank you." Bakumon said to Magnadramon, taking a white digivice from her.

    "You are welcome." Seraphimon and Magnadramon said. "Now go find your partners."

    The two digimon walked around the table, following the digivices' glow and ended up standing in front of Bonnie anc Clyde. "Hello madam." Bakumon said holding out his foot to Bonnie.

    "And a good day to you sir." Monodramon said holding his hand out for Clyde.

    "Hello back at you Monodramon." Clyde said cooly, shaking Monodramon's fat hand akwardly.

    "Hey Bukamon." Clyde said shaking Bukamon's paw.

    "Hey!" Pat yelled. "Where's my partner.

    "He will be out." Phoenix mon said. "But first would you like to do the honors Metalgarurumon?"

    "Who else could?" He replied. "Gaomon, go get Elecmon." Gaomon nodded his head and ran off.

    "Sea pig!" Jamie yelled waking up.

    "Who are you calling sea pig?" Crabmon said sleepily, rubbing his head with his claw.

    "Oh great." Marineangemon said. "Break it up you two or I will put you back to sleep."

    "Okay sir." Crabmon said nervously.

    Gaomon knocked on the open door signaling his return. He walked in with a mammalian digimon. It had a vaguely rabbit shaped body with red fur, blue markings on its legs, face, ears, body and tails. Speaking of tails, it had nine feather like ones that were red with blue tips and a curvy linegoing from there middle downwards to a large blue spot that covered his back, with a small wisp of it going down his forehead. "Yo dawgs." He yelled. "I'm Elecmon. I heard the digidestined arrived and came to meet my partner."

    "Digidestined?" Bernard said looking at Wargreymon.

    "It is just one of the names for you current position." The dragon man told him. "The most common are digidestined, digital knights and peace makers. Some digimon who stand against you may call you the digital menace, if you ever here this name used get ready for a battle for just in case."

    "Bo-ring." Elecmon said yawning. "So, where is my partner?"

    "Here." Metalgarurumon shot a dark blue digivice out of his chest bplate. Elecmon grabbed it and wandered towards Pat and Bernard, because they were the only ones without partners.

    His digivice glew as he came closer to the two, dimming slightly when he passed Bernard. He turned around and started talking. "Yo boi. Looks like I'm yo partna'. So boi, what is yo name?"

    "Bernard dawg." Bernard said holding up his fist.

    "Awesome dude." Elecmon said back fist bumping Bernard.

    "Cool." Bernard said.

    "Looks like you two are the best pair so far." Weregarurumon mumbled.

    "I guess it is time for you to get your partner Patricia." Phoenixmon said.

    "Pat!" Pat interrupted. "P-A-T. Not Patricia, I hate Patricia."

    "Fine then, Pat." Phoenixmon said, sighing. "Floramon dear, please go get Pat's partner."

    Floramon saluted and ran off. She returned with Goblimon. "Hello all." He yelled as he came back into the room, looking at the children and their digimon. And then, something caught his eye. "Oh, um... hello." He said to Pat. "I guess I am your partner. Uh, s-s-sorry for stealing your beret thing. But, I thought it looked cool and it is just kind of a Goblimon thing to steal and play tricks."

    Pat just turned away and humphed. "I cannot believe that thing is my partner." Pat said to Phoenixmon.

    "He isn't." Phoenixmon said. "Rise Goblimon, I have something to give you."

    Goblimon stood up. "I am guessing this is the digivice, correct?"

    "Incorrect actually." Phoenixmon said. "Power of Love!" A pink flashed transferred from Phoenixmon to Goblimon, causing Goblimon to fall to the floor writhing around in pain.

    Goblimon let out a loud, pained roar and his body started changing. He shrank five inches and his skin deepened to a dark green. His mohawk changed from red to yellow green and his clothes changed from brown to blue. He let out one final roar before he stopped writhing. He pulled himself off of the floor as if nothing happened.

    "Hello my compatriots, I am Shamanmoon." Shamanmon said bowing.

    "What did you do to Goblimon?" Pat asked Phoenixmon.

    "I simply granted him some of my powers." Phoenixmon replied, as if nothing had happened. "It was nothing to do really, he didn't need much for this transformation. Now would you partner with him?"

    "I don't know." Pat said sticking her face close to Shamanmon's. "He seems to be really tame. He should have a little crazy in him though. I think I can work with this." She announced straightening up her back.

    "Okay, m'lady. I think this partnership will work well." Shamanmon said.

    "Okay." Phoenixmon said. "And you will need this." She handed a pink digivice to Pat.

    "Now that that is settled, please listen everyone." Wargreymon said. Everyone in the room turned to face Wargreymon. "I just got a report from our men out trying to protect peace. It seems the perpetrators of war have finally been identified. This however is not good."

    "Well who are they?" Aruraumon asked from Leslie's side.

    "They are eight humans and there digital partners." Metalgarurumon said, the room going completely silent.

    "What?!" Bernard said. "Other humans. How did they get here?"

    "We do not know." Metalgarurumon said. "We do not even know what they look like past that they are eight humans and that there are four girls and four boys. However, we did manage to identify one of the partners. It was guilmon, a dinosaurian rookie level digimon. He is not much to worry about now, but if he reaches his mega level he can unleash a deadly virus known as the biohazard. It could wipe out the entire digital world, so we need you to get going quick."

    "However." Wargreymon interrupted. "You are new to the world and probably have a lot of questions, and you might want to rest before leavign on a cross world trip. You will start journeying tomorrow, so get ready. Any questions?"

    "Yes." Clyde said. "You mentioned levels a few times, more specifically you talked about rookies and megas. What are these levels?"

    "Excellent question." Herculeskabuterimon said. "Levels are kind of like in a video game. As digimon get stronger aand defeat more opponents they can digivolve into a higher stage. All digimon are born in their fresh level and they quickly grow to in-training. After a while, like when you humans grow from young children into preteens, they become rookies. They can evetually become the champion level. The next level is ultimate, which only very strong digimon can reach without corrupting. The strongest stage is Mega, only the great eight and certain other selected digimon can become this stage without the use of enough viruses to crash a supercomputer."

    "Wouldn't it still only take one virus to do that?" Clyde said

    "I don't know." Herculeskabuterimon said putting a hand to his chin.

    "Anymore questions." Wargreymon said. "And none too difficult now, you might fry Herkuleskabuterimon's brain. Apparently holding the power of knowledge doesn't make you the most apt for answering questions."

    The teens mumbled among themselves for a minute before Bernard started talking. "No, we have no more questions."

    "Okay." Wargreymon said smiling. "Finish your food and we can get started on training."

    -To be continued.

    Please review. Also starting now, if you review you can say any champion digimon or lower and it will appear in the story.

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    Sorry this is late Kissmygrass. I just saw it today and finished it.

    Well first off you have a lot of grammatical errors and speeling error. Especially in the begining. Also you make their text parts really, stiff. Its hard to read like when you I am Bonnie. Its better to say and easier to read as Im Bonnie. Nothing really important though.

    I know you said you got lazy with the last intros but the whole thing was a mess. The thing was rushed and you didnt really meet the characters as well as you should have. And I really dont like Bernard. Hes the typical stereotype of the emo boy who cuts himself. Thats really unessasary. Not all emo people are like that. You could at least give a reason for him doing that, this could be shown later on if you like. Also later on he goes from leave me alone to heres you baret then to yo whats up dawg?! What with the major change to Im not alking to you to gangster talk?!

    Pat seems real nice and all but when shes first introduced her meeting with bernard makes no sense. I know this is a digimon fanfic but at least make the coversations real!
    Lastly the wholoe council thing is annoying. I know your making your own ideas but maybe you should stick with the other digimon stories and have them find things on their own and get transported to different areas. The digimon and their partners are pretty surprising too but also good because I like the fact you didnt use the mains but really? The only ones with digimon thats match thier genders are both of the boys. I think its better that all of the digimon partners should match their gender.

    I hope to read the rest of your stories later on. Dont give up!!

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    Yeah, I am planning on rewriting it the second I get access to a spellchecker. I actually meant to rewrite the ending of chapter 2 earlier, I forgot about it on accident. Bernard is not actually an emo anymore, his parents just make him wear the bracelets out of worry and the gangster talk was just brought on by Elecmon and he won't use it much. And him going from leave me alone to here is your beret is more of a situational thing, he thought a girl (he didn't know it was pat because they had one conversation and he didn't remember her voice) was being assaulted by a thug and just wanted to help. I am also going to try and make the descriptions and dialogues a bit better. I also don't like how the digidestined are just transported to a random spot and get there partners not to learn their actual mission until a quarter of the way into the season. I also don't like the typical partners, you know a dinosaur for the leader, a beast for the lancer, little cute digimon for the hope and light people (although I do find Monodramon and Bukamon cute), plant for the caring girl, bird for the slightly rebelious or tomboyish girl, water for the older member who is very reliable, and bug for the smart boy. And how do only two pairs of partners have the same gender? There is Bernard and Elecmon, Steve and Kokabuterimon, Clyde and Monodramon. I know that is only three, but it is still more then you said. And I don't thik they actually have to be the same gender, and those just happened. Wait, all the girls are paired with male digimon and three of the four guys are. When I rewrite these, because I definately will, I might change Kokabuterimon's and Bukamon's genders so that they are both female. Thank you for the review.
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