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    Default Chronicles of Pangea: Rise of the Plague

    this is my first fic, so im not really good. please rate and review and please constructive criticizm and you know all that. if this isn't in the correct place please move it mods. anyways, enjoy!

    Chronicles of Pangea: Rise of the Plague
    A great land there once stood, a clean land that no man ever inhabited or even touched, well, excluding monkeys. Pangea. Its secrets were then muffled into the darkest corners of the great Earth. It'll take one of the older hawks to know the history. But this book, or text, will save that mystery. Twas a land of perfectness, ever-growing trees, ever-smelling grass, and ever-clean water. Upon it there lay the bird father Stormcrow. He flew around the great Pangea day and night, eating glorious purplefruit and redpeach. His descendants were skilled with aerial combat and when one ever decides to go to the ground its beak will wreak havoc. They live high in the mountains of Evern, in their great nests of shizzlewood. They became a big part in both animal wars and their flocks would rain down fury upon the next war, the Plague War. Then there lived the insect swarms. Though gross, their allies respect them, and played a well-earned role in the Plague War. The swarm tribe HiveFlutter, their descendant, still plays a wide role in shaping futuristic Pangea, or North America as the men call them. And there were the amphibians. As descendants of mother RainDrop, they spread to the deepest reefs, allying with the great academies of fish. Their naval skills are unmatched, and their toad army is not something even lions want to face for their armies are so huge that on a muddy road, there is not a speck of brown. But aside from all this, the mammal horde stays unmatched, rising in their supreme throne, the savannahs of CaveRealm. Not only is their endurance the best, their size outmatches even the quantity of insects and halfbreeds combined! They wreak havoc more than birds and even the monkeys will be sure to destroy something with their pebbles and sticks. Even we, the men, started from there, but that time they were just a lowly outcast tribe. And who could forget the reptilian alliance! Always with those pesky venom vipers, or color changing chameleons. They took to the thirsting deserts of SnakeVeptor for their defeat at Mount Monsoon was a humiliating one indeed. But one day, the plague came, or the plague war as I said which changed everything, including Pangea.

    The plague was an interesting study indeed, their vengeance seemed to come upon the caves of Kuldanath and the cities of Pericilia (reference to Pericles an Kuldanath was made up). Once again its fury came upon the empire of Lioniheart (Richard the Lionhearted) and Charlotte (Charlemagne). They seemed to be the shapeshifters, as KeenFlight stated. First as swarms, then as rodents. When they become smartbrains, says KeenFlight, then the empire of Vengeance will begin. I pray he is wrong, but nobody knows. The Plague War, however, was the beginning of all this. It invaded the whole of Pangea. Swarm after swarm of plague infested insects infected the cities, and they died a painful death. There were heroic triumphs and humiliating defeats, but the mammals, oh they put up a great fight, honorable and valiant. Prides of lions stormed the hives of Nazakash and plague greeted them. Throwing all the primates and tigers at the plague they truly did do something. But then they fell. Their story began somewhat like this.

    Chapter 1: Elephants and Primates

    It was a clear and bright morning day for Everswift, the swiftest of the warrior chimps. He was greeted by a dear friend, BananaBeard, when he was walking by the gravel road. They nodded a greeting and walked past. BananaBeard must be busy, he usually had something to say, a riddle or something.Light conversations peppered the air as the beautiful morning flowed through the overhanging oaks. As the chimpanzee approached the wooden walls of Kalilith the panther guards greeted him with a welcoming purr. "Greetings, ssssoldier Eversssswift." purred a delicately charming pitch black panther, with its glowing green eyes radiating like emeralds only greener.

    "Cut it out, EmeraldEye." repeated Everswift, for this was a daily failed flirt attempt.

    The wooded gates creaked and groaned and then opened and the chimp went through. He was greeted by many female chimps and fellow soldiers as he crossed the Pachyderm Square. It was filled with cries of every emotion as usual, but this time it was different. "Make way for the elephant cavalry!" warned a primate general. His muscles boomed like something undescribable and his punches must hurt. He had great teeth and his worn old sash just marked another great ape in war.

    Pretty soon elephant stomps were heard. Not just a few like the fun circus but way more. And mounted on them were skilled apes armed with sticks sharpened to the core and on their backs were strapped with even more. "Yew Javelins..." muttered Everswift.

    "How do you like them?" showed off a taunting, not to mention rude, primate.

    Everswift didn't reply. The Elephant Cavalry, being a royal army they were not to be insulted, and Everswift, being a lowly chimp soldier in a lowly town, BarkBustle, was just too unfortunate. Howls of apish laughter was heard, and a banana, perhaps rotting from being in the fruit sack too long, was thrown. It was aimed with perfect accuracy. The elephants, and one howled the elephant shriek and the rest stampeded on and went to the great forests of Kaldoon. "What errand brings you there, genereal Hellhowl?" asked the inquisitive and all too familiar voice.

    BananaBeard. Chimpanzee civilians struggled to keep his mouth shut but the old coot, though wise, just caught too much attention. That instantly angered Hellhowl. "BananaBeard! Too long you have avoided the king's wrath! We shall make your execution here! Today! You may be a candidate for an archbrainer but your life ends here!" boomed the angered voice of the general, and the sharpest of all sticks, was pointed at BananaBeard.

    BananaBeard, when tempered, was a terrible enemy. His old man shell seemed to break and inside a wizard's brain it was. He struck his old wooden staff and thus the shell broke"I might not be an archbrainer but highbrainer I am! No highbrainer ever retires! King FuryStorm II ordered me here!" boomed BananaBeard.

    "FuryStorm's not here anymore. You may have avoided death but you have an angry lion in your room now BananaBeard!" boomed Hellhowl.

    His fierce voice echoed many times yet no walls were surrounding him. In other words it was deafening. Now let me tell you one thing: The Forests of Kaldoon, as stated by BananaBeard, is a very terrible place. Swarms of vicious insects, with no hesitation to sting any passerby to death, and with a sadistic will to torment, live in the forest. And even worse news: They hated loudness. Last seen of them was swarm leader BuzzBlast IV. His pact with BarkBustle soon faded after the years. No one knows how hostile these swarms are now. "Temper the insects you may," said BananaBeard ,"But stings they return."

    HellHowl was very much angered by that, what saved BananaBeard from getting beaten to a pulp by dangerously sharp sticks, was, that HellHowl, in his limited brain, had no comebacks. So the ape kept silent, snarling curses. After all that commotion, Pachyderm Square returned to its normal, typical, chatter place. The Elephant Cavalry marched on. But with all the previous commotion, HellHowl dropped his map, marked with destinations and all that. BananaBeard just happened to pick it up. When the sundial struck eleven o clock BananaBeard hurried to Everswift's bark hut. "Come soldier Everswift." whispered BananaBeard's voice.

    Calling any type of mammal in the military a soldier was most commonly a big sign of insult. Kinda like ours you know. But then Everswift remembered. BananaBeard used to be a valiant fighter, a highbrainer. A very high rank in the Royal Order of Brainers and second only to the archbrainer. BananaBeard then somehow fell into a deep moment of silence at BarkBustle, after the horrific wars with swarm leader BuzzBlast III. So BananaBeard could call Everswift soldier anytime he'd liked, when given thought. "What?" asked Everswift.

    "Look here." was the brief reply.

    A rustled map was on Everswift's beautiful oak table made by his dad, FleetFoot II. Then he gasped so loudly perhaps I could've seen the vibrations made on the wall with an anglomiloscope. The map. The Mammals had declared war on the Amphibians a few days ago, for floods had appeared in WoodBurrow a leading economic city of the Mammals. So they blame it on the Amphibians. Following that flood, swarms of salamanders attacked BurrowDens and a mating session begain in WoodBurrow. To counter this, prides of lions attacked the bordering city of FloodNest. The war had caught fire. Now king FleetStorm II was sending armies of elephants across insect territory and attacking the Amphibian's capital city, DenRiver. BananaBeard, who was reading Everswift's face, which seemed as if he was forming a plan in his mind to stop this threat, nodded. "We should warn the Amphibians!" declared the chimp.

    "Wise choice, Everswift. I will lend my help." replied the wise chimp, stroking his gray beard.

    Everswift nodded and rushed out. BananaBeard was slowly walking behind. Sneaking into the Elephant Cavalry was hard though. After some time of deciding, the two monkeys decided to just follow along, praying the elephant's stomps will drown out their footsteps. Hopefully no one will turn back either. It was the fifteenth hour when the cavalry set off. Everswift and BananaBeard were nervously trailing behind in the helpful shadows. "I hope we brought enough water to douse this water." whispered Everswift in his playful metaphor.

    so how'd you like it? r&r&r!
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    Chronicles of Pangea:

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