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I didnt like that part because it made him look weak. Either don't care about it, or tell her to use her own dirty items.
Weak? No it didn't. Shows he's passionate over cooking, so much he likes his spoons and that clean. I like to cook so that's something me and him can relate to, I'm not as enthusiastic and passionate like he is but I'm close enough. He didn't know what she wanted it for anyways, if he knew what it was going to be used for he probably would have a second thought. Can't help but think you're just trying to bash him.

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They are absent from the episodes. If it followed the games they would have appeared twice by now. They could also say "some group is here too" but it is not affecting the main plot.
They are absent from the episode physically but they have been acknowledged to be in Unova like I said. Their plot will most likely be the same, get Reshiram and/or Zekrom. It's just they aren't doing the minor missions they were doing in the games, doesn't effect them much.

Team Plasma will eventually come fully into the show where Ash and that will probably stop them. But they aren't completely absent from the show like you said.

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I wonder what inside the egg ash has
It's Meguroco most likely. In my opinion.