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You can't always believe mentions in this anime.

It's not that they were mentioned by name or something.

So, even if they appear, their role will still be nowhere as big as it is in the games.
I think it's very safe to assume Team Plasma is the one that was being mentioned. The fact they are the only organization that is working behind the shadows in Unova pretty much spells it out. Implication is something used in many many shows of all varieties. This is one of those cases.

They will appear, all past groups have appeared. They will still seek Reshiram and Zekrom, and want Pokemon to be free. Remember it's only been 13 episodes so far. There is plenty of time left.

They will appear.

But this is off topic so back on topic-I really like Belle's character. She's very odd and I like that. I'm hoping we get more knowledge about her character as she appears later.