First let me explain that Immunity Unity was not my idea, but was posted by another user before me. I changed the overall idea.

The first user wanted to be able to switch into common types. I decided that I would have the whole team work as a lure toward each other and BENEFIT being hit by an immunity.

Before I post this, I will be deleting all my other front page RMTs, I seem to have made quite a few.

Without further ado, I introduce my version of Immunity Unity:

Gengar @ Life Orb
Trait: Levitate
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd
Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
- Taunt
- Mean Look
- Energy Ball
- Shadow Ball
Gengar as an Anti-Lead? What the hell is he thinking?

Is that what your thinking? Gengar is actually a very effective anti-Lead. It has high speed and can taunt most of the game, barring Crobat and Aerodactyl. After that, if they decide to stay in, I can Mean Look them. Mean Look isn't common, and I feel funny typing it down, but it can effectively counter Anti-leads and trap regular-leads. Energy Ball hits Swampert and Hippowdon, Shadow Ball hits Azelf and also has STAB.

Gengar is immune to two moves commonly seen on a Front Pokemon- Explosion and Fake Out. Taunt can easily eliminate entry hazards. He is immune to Dynamicpunch from Machamp, too. The poison Immunity might come in handy too, since this is not meant as a Suicide Lead.

Electivire and Zeburaika can lure Ground type attacks so Gengar can counter them.


Shandera @ Balloon
Trait: Flash Fire
EVs: 4 Atk / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd
Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
- Nitro Charge
- Shadow Ball
- Fire Blast
- Energy Ball
Bit of an odd Shandera, but effective nontheless.

Since he is not a Revenge Killer, he has Nitro Charge to boost his speed. Shandera is outsped by very few in OU after one Nitro Charge. Shadow Ball and Fire Blast are for STAB, Energy Ball can attack Bulky Waters like Suicune or Vaporeon or Swampert.

Shandera can switch into a Fire Move aimed at another pokemon and grant Fire Blast 240 power... just under Explosion. It can also take Fighting Attacks aimed at Blissey.


Suicune @ Leftovers
Trait: Water Absorb
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SDef
Bold Nature (+Def, -Atk)
- Surf
- Hidden Power [Electric]
- Ice Beam
- Calm Mind
Suicune is meant more of a Tank, I don't like regular attacking ones since Suicune is slow.

Water Absorb suicune is the new definition of a Bulky water. An Immunity and method of healing. Calm Mind improves it's tanking ability, Surf for STAB. Hidden Power handles the likes of Gyarados, Ice Beam just for coverage.

Suicune can switch into Water attacks that have been aimed at Shandera. This heals Suicune and protects Shandera from losing it's hold item, Balloon.


Blissey @ Leftovers
Trait: Natural Cure
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Def / 252 SDef
Bold Nature (+Def, -Atk)
- Seismic Toss
- Thunder Wave
- Wish
- Protect
Since I'll be switching so much, why not switch into Blissey, Wish, and switch to a Ghost type?

Blissey is a team supporter here, as it gives a few things that I need. Seismic Toss is not one of these, but 100 damage is always useful. Thunder Wave makes this team easier to play with, even Deoxys-S cannot OHKO Blissey and is paralyzed and loses half it's speed, leaving it with only 252, which most of my pokemon can outrun. Wish and Protect allow Blissey to repair my Sweepers or heal itself.

Blissey is a big core in this team. It can handle Ghost Attacks aimed at Gengar and Shandera. Then it can Wish as they switch into a Fighting type and switch back to a ghost, getting them at max HP again. They form a constant loop, which is why there is two of them.


Electivire @ Rechargeable Battery
Trait: Motor Drive
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd
Jolly Nature (+Spd, -SAtk)
- Wild Bolt
- Ice Punch
- Cross Chop
- Earthquake
Is this guy stupid? Electivire is a Noob's choice.

Nope. Electivire got a major boost this generation in the form of a small battery. This battery who's name is too long and I will just refer to is as "battery," gives Electivire +1 attack when hit with an electric attack. Motor drive makes this +1 Atk and +1 speed just by getting hit. Wild Bolt may seem silly with Electivire's defense, but isn't Electivire supposed to kill before getting hit, so to preserve it's HP? Well, this is better than getting hit, trust me. Ice Punch hit's rock types, Cross Chop is for steel types, and Earthquake is just for other Electric types. He can hit alot of pokemon for super effective damage.

Electivire takes Electric Attacks aimed at Suicune. +1 in it's main stats is worth it, AND an Immunity? 2 Stat boosts and an immunity with no work at all.


Zeburaika @ Choice Scarf
Trait: Herbivore
EVs: 12 Atk / 240 SAtk / 252 Spd
Lonely Nature (+Atk, -Def)
- Wild bolt
- Thunder
- Overheat
- Hidden Power [Grass]
Zeburaika is just silly. Idiot.

Zeburaika is a very useful pokemon. High Speed and a grass Immunity. He is meant as this this team's revenge killer. His physical movepool is very shallow, so Wild Bolt'll have to do. Thunder is just because he has very low SpA, so high power moves fix that. Overheat because it's awesome, Hidden Power handles Swampert.

Zeburaika handles those Grass attacks aimed at Suicune, like energy ball. It comes with a +1 attack boost, but that won't be used extremely often. Still, it can be useful.

This team provides immunities on every type that a pokemon can be immune to, barring poison and psychic.

Possible Changes:
Heatran > Shandera
This retains my immunities to Fire and Ground and gives me a method of resisting Dragon attacks, but it will make blissey more vunerable to Fighting attacks if Gengar dies.