fa,la,la,la,la, la la la LAAAAAAAAAAA...*Cough*

So, boys and girls have you been good this year, Arnie Clause knows if you're lying and if you are...it's COAL Time, mwhahahahaha.

Yes..well then, it's that time of the year in Fizzby where all the girls and boys snuggle up tight and wait for Arnie Claus to eat all of their gingerbread and milk, but wait...what's that?

Hey little guy what you doing here?
Hey Arnie Claus, i'm here for all the boys and girls, I wonder what I do, wait..I can talk, ooo that's nice, I wonder what else I do?

Well boys and girls, This little Gingerbread man gives you something special, if one of your Pokemon eat this little guy, they will learn this:

Can't Catch Me (Normal)
Using this move your Pokemon transforms into a miniture Gingerbread version of themselves, it makes all moves less likely to hit and for 3 Rounds until they revert back your Pokemon has the ability Run Away, but the one downside to this is all Teeth using moves cause x4 damage no matter what. The Move uses the same amount of energy that a Protect would use.

You will also recieve from Arnie Clause one very delicious looking Gingerbread ball.

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and hoep you get what you want =D