The Electric Tale of Pikachu! Who talks about that anymore, right? That manga is so 1999! Pokémon Adventures is the manga now. It's everyones favourite (including mine).

Well I'm planning on writing a fic. This fic is going to set in The Electric Tale of Pikachu continuity and will be set after the epilogue, however I need some help.

Now all though I own volumes 1-3 in graphic novel form, I only own volume 4 in monthlies, which omit the epilogue.

Now I tried high and low to find a scan or torrent of the epilogue. I won't go into details because it's against the rules, but let's just say everything I found either omitted the epilogue or wouldn't download.

However I was able to rather easily find it in Japanese. Now I can't understand a lick of Japanese, but I could still follow what was going on. Jessie and James (now together) delivery a letter to Delia and Gary's sister May, detailing what Ash has been up to. He has been travelling with Gary, and occasionally meeting up with Brock, Misty and Ritchie (now with busty love interest, pretty sure her name is never mentioned) and it's implied that they're in Johto since they encounter a Lugia. Couldn't pick up any additional info beyond that.

If anyone’s read the epilogue, is there anything else I should know?