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Thread: Favorite Character Development?

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    Default Favorite Character Development?

    Ah, so many good characters. Who had your favorite development over their series?

    Mitsumi from Diamond and Pearl Adventure! is mine. She went from airheaded and dippy to taking charge not only of her past but of the people that had harmed her so badly. When they show up to battle Giratina, she's leading them. And it's implied that they can learn from her example and leave the hatred they had once felt towards the world behind them.
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    Mine was Ruby in the original Ruby and Sapphire arc, where he goes from being selfish to caring for others, and his relationships with Courtney and Sapphire exemplify his growth throughout the arc.

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    As of not reading too much of the manga, I gotta say that my love for both Steven and Wallace shifted to over here too. Damn, these two are the cutest bro pair in the Hoenn region. Volume 21 contained one of my favourite scenes where the two of them have a conversation which made me freak out with happiness then cry my eyes out in one go. Then volume 22... yes, you bet I howled. Their characters are likeable, their bromance is adorable, and their impact to the plot is awesome!

    I'm planning on buying the DPPt chapter next, seeing as I haven't read it yet, so maybe my opinion will change after that?
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    I've only read from the beginning to the original Ruby and Sapphire arc because that is a lot to read and I needed a break. Nevertheless, I'd have to agree with Phenak that Ruby's development is really good. He's really annoying at first, but he quickly grows on you. The revelations about his past really inform how he changes throughout the series. He could have been really one note, but they did some major work on his character and it pays off.
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    Ruby's development was noteworthy and the best I think since he changed a lot throughout the RS chapter and wasn't as vain by the end of it.

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    I was always fond of Emerald's development in Pokemon Special. I didn't really like him at first since he seemed pretty vapid as far as his battling habits were concerned, but once we found out why he was at the Battle Frontier, and about his past at the end of the Emerald chapter, I grew to like his character more.

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    ruby and diamond.

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