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Thread: i am trading a Heatran with Rash nature

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    Default i am trading a Heatran with Rash nature

    *** you see in the tittle i am trading a rare heatran and people spend day's getting it (i got it at the first try and i didn't even though about the nature only capturing it) well i am waiting to see what pokemon would you trade oh and before you post remember to put the friend code and youre name( the one on the game) from the pokemon i am most interested in trading my heatran are:
    mew(Legit) any level ( i would like it if it is shiny or between the levels 1 to 50
    regigigas(legit and or shiny)
    shaymin(legit and specialy with the 'met: fatefull encounter)
    ho oh(legit shiny)

    and if you offer another pokemon that i migth think valuable i will take and answer wit ha replay

    Name(in game): Felix
    FC(friend code): 2064-6344-1423

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    Try the Wifi Centire, there is a Whole thread about Heatrans:

    Oh yeah. This is actually against Sub Forum rules, and I'd have give you a infaction.. I'm letting you off this time.

    As it's a Trade thread in a discussion subfourm.. I've got shut it.

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