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Thread: I want to buy shinys

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    Default I want to buy shinys

    I have just registered for these forums and I am new to this so please dont get mad if im in the wrong section.

    I just started playing pokemon again. I got heartgold for christmas and I just finished all 16 badges.

    Now I am looking to buy shiny pokemon. (Preferably Chancey)

    I have paypal

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    I've been here since the US Launch of Diamond and Pearl, and I've not seen any of these threads..

    You are most likey to be scammed. Who knows if the person offering his/her shiny Legit or not.

    There is a Trade forum where you can find people who may be willing to trade Pokémon. Here:

    I am shutting this due to being in the wrong section.

    PS. I have paypal

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