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    Starting a PM list, if you want to be on it, feel free to post it here, or PM/VM me.

    PM List:
    Hey, this is my story, and the reason that I finally joined after a year of lurking/being active on other forums. First, I want to clarify a few thingsy
    1) I am Rediamond. Very earliy drafts of this story exist elsewhere on the internet, and are written by Rediamond. That would be me, and if you have any doubts, PM me for proof.

    2) This is a journey fic of sorts. However, the fact it is rated R should tell you something. This is a very dark journey fic, more focused around war than friendly competition. The teams are based off of a Nuzlocke run, meaning that things die, and the plotline is too dark to really call a journey fic.

    3) This is rated R due to the story's dark nature, large amount of violence, and a little gore. There is no swearing or nudity at all. It is only R to cover for a few battle chapters.

    4) The prologue is purposefully undescriptive and detacthed. The main character will have no knowledge of these events, and I tried to symbolize that by an incredibly vague prologue.

    5) I take criticism for work a lot in real life due to certain projects and orginizations. I love it, and view it as the only way to improve. If you catch something, point it out, but please don't flame or be overly derogatory. Heck, if you notice ANYTHING wrong or weak, tell me about it. Being more than ten chapters in, I guess I should add this. If you don't like the story, stop reading by all means. However, it would really be helpful if you could tell me why you stopped in a post, PM, or VM. However bad your post ends up sounding, I've probably taken much harsher criticism, so I don't care, and it'll help mr in the long run.

    The story is organized into four parts, each of which could function as it's own story, complete with Prologue and finale. It should be noted that they are by no means equal in length. Part One, and it's respective chapters and release dates, are listed below:
    Part One: The Ignition
    Prologue: Cinnabar Incident
    Chapter One: Examination
    Chapter Two: Filed Memories
    Chapter Three: The First Trek
    Chapter Four: Intelligence Report
    Chapter Five: Spark of Destruction
    Chapter Six: Survivor
    Chapter Seven: Hope's Glimmer
    Chapter Eight: The Green Abyss
    Chapter Nine: Angels
    Chapter Ten: Sticks and Stones
    Chapter Eleven: Capitol: 3/18/11
    Chapter Twelve: Decapitation Strike: 3/25/11
    Chapter Thirteen: Fading Light: 4/2/11
    Chapter Fourteen: Lunar Rite: 4/8/11
    Chapter Fifteen: Descending Fate: 4/15/11
    Chapter Sixteen: Harbor: 4/22/11
    Finale: The Congregations: 4/29/11

    And with that out of the way, here we go.
    Part One: The Ignition
    Prologue: Cinnabar Incident

    Oak paced across the length of his office continuously, never ceasing for any cause. The office was his actual home for most purposes, and he had been spending most of his nights here on his office at the island. He had to, because of the incompetence of those beneath him. Three experiments had died in the last week, and he wasn’t happy to say the least. It had all started with that bloody power failure. Oak scoffed; a warning from Zapdos indeed.

    No, Oak doubted that any legendary Pokémon were involved in the accident, and with very good reasons. It was most likely one of those aides he kept running around the place. Some of them were getting restless, annoyed by the total secrecy of the project. Blaine and Pluto just weren’t enough to keep anyone in check anymore. There was always some excuse, a petty trifle that wouldn’t serve as justification in a normal situation, and the administrators just kept caving in. They didn’t seem to realize that lives were at stake here.

    There had been deaths in the project, as was always to be expected. The master project had gotten one recently when some incompetent moron had chosen to ignore its power. He shook his head in disgust. For the best scientists in the world, they were very incompetent. All of them were the same, wasting the government’s money without a second thought. Thier projects cost millions of dollars, and they were just treating them like their average play kit that they used. These men wouldn’t know brilliance if they ran into it.

    That may have been why he had commissioned the Cinnabar project; he was tired of being lonely. Not a single man in the known world could rival Samuel Oak in intelligence, and he knew it. Terra could, but it was different, more ancient: she had given him inspiration. He had been inspired to create something new, something better. He had tried just that on Cinnabar, gathering the best scientists in the world, and creating the best lab in Kanto with the hopes of creating life.

    They had started simple, mere bug Pokémon being cloned, just to test the team under him. The project was pulled off without a hitch, and no major problems surfaced for months. They had moved on to more complex Pokémon, each experiment working spectacularly. Oak’s ambition could be contained no longer: they had tried to create a human.

    The first project was a mere cloning, and it succeeded beyond all expectations, developing into a viable infant and flourishing. That wasn’t enough for Oak; he wanted something on his level. He wanted a superhuman of sorts, something new. The debates had raged for months, but eventually Oak’s power and influence won out, and the project began, with gene splicing projects working around the clock to create a new genetic strand: the first artificially created human. The cell was eventually fertilized, and the cloning process put in place. A suitable mother was selected from among the scientists, and the project had begun, with the pregnancy progressing as expected, with no major flaws.

    Ambition soon became unchecked. Oak wanted something more, something unnatural. He had become fascinated by Terra privately, and wanted something like it. He wanted a Pokémon that could dwarf the mind of any human. He had organized a team of the best hunters to track down the suitable base species. This was eventually determined to be Mew, as it had DNA that could be very easily manipulated and copied; perfect for a cloning project. Among the team were two young trainers, already marked by incredible skill. They had since risen to prominence in the project, joining the elite council of four that reported directly to Oak.

    The DNA was recovered, and the project began to create the ultimate being. The project had been costly, draining millions of dollars from government accounts, but it succeeded in the end, creating a new Pokémon. Oak had been called away by his position, and left the project in the hands of his colleagues.

    Things had started to go wrong about a week ago. A power outage had devastated the island, causing several projects to die off, and the main specimen, the Mew clone, to briefly break free of its restraints. But the human was almost born, and the Pokémon was still alive, and the lab went on, albeit now filled with Oak’s impending wrath about the recent failures.

    Oak was lost in thought on this when the door opened. Two men stepped inside, and Oak regarded them coldly for a moment. “What?” he snarled.

    One of them raised his hand, revealing a remote of sorts. He smiled faintly with a hint of sarcasm in his expression and voice, “I’m sorry Oak, I really am, but I just can’t allow you to go on like this. I regret having to go to this, but I’m afraid that my friend agrees as well.”

    A large, upright figure strode in upon the press of a button. It was clad in mechanical armor, and Oak gaped at the feline-shaped figure. Dazed by shock, he stammered out, “You… how… what is this?”

    Oak gasped in horror as Lance’s eyes flashed light blue with a somewhat electric sparkle, the same color as a memory from long ago. Lance smiled in amusement. “This would be a coup.”
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