Here's my 2nd venture into the Battle Subway, and
thanks to new 5th Gen. mechanics, I can finally use
one of my favorite Pokémon.

Changes in white.

Rotom-H @ Choice Scarf
Timid Nature
252 HP/92 Def/84 SpD/80 Spe
❧ Levitate
➟ Trick
➟ Spite
➟ Flash
➟ Thunder Wave

Moveset is standard fare, but Spite can hopefully induce
struggling so a sweeper can set up easier. HP is maxed for
the best defensive potential, the Spe EV's outspeed all
Dugtrio (his fastest threat) before the Trick and the rest are
dumped for the best defensive potential
. His unique typing gives
him 7 resistances and only 3 weaknesses, all of which are
resisted by...

Virizion @ Leftovers
Jolly Nature
252 Spe/212 HP/46 Atk
❧ Heart of Justice
➟ Substitute
➟ Leaf Blade
➟ Sacred Sword
➟ Swords Dance

Hey! It's Brel... Wait. Wut? Thanks to Rotom resisting 3 of his
5 weaknesses, he should have no trouble switching into battle
Sub and SD are obvious, while Leaf Blade/Sacred Sword
form a great STAB combo. Spe is maxed to at best tie with
Infernape, the HP EV's are Lefties +1 with the rest dumped
into Atk.

Bronzong @ Leftovers
Modest Nature
252 HP/252 SpA/6 Def
❧ Levitate
➟ Substitute
➟ Calm Mind
➟ Iron Defense
➟ Flash Cannon

CMIDZong. One weakness makes it easy for him to get in and
set up. Flash Cannon was chosen because nothing is immune
to it, and it gets STAB.

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