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Thread: egoshipping AU - Here's to Us

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    Default egoshipping AU - Here's to Us

    Well, I'm a member on ffn and I go by the name AquilaTempestas (I use that name for everything)

    This is my first attempt at writing an egoshipping story, and it's set at a highschool (I figured that would be the easiest way to get a grip on the characters) The story does have a slight parody feel to it.

    Title: Here's to Us

    Summary: Professor Oak has enrolled his troublesome grandson at WarLords High, hoping that some strict discipline will make him see the error of his ways. Misty soon receives the task of helping Gary change his ways, but no matter how hard she tries, she can't get through to him. Will nothing change


    Chapter One: Welcome to WarLords High

    Gary sat back in his chair and groaned loudly, earning a few light hearted chuckles from the students in front of him. School was such a bore; he didn’t understand the purpose of sitting in one hour long classes listening to silly teachers prattle about useless stuff. It wasn’t like he was ever going to use material in Shakespeare’s works somewhere in the future. Pointless, right?

    “I don’t understand what the purpose of this class is, Miss Jasmine,” Gary commented.

    Miss Jasmine, a young shy woman in her late twenties, turned around and looked at Gary. Her face was pale, and her hands were trembling slightly. It was just her luck she ended up with the most troublesome student in WarLords College. “What seems to be the problem, Gary?” she asked.

    Gary glanced sideways at the student next to him and sighed. “What do you want to do when you finish school?”

    “Uh... I want to be a mathematician,” the student replied.

    Gary turned around and faced the front of the class. He glanced at Miss Jasmine with a frustrated look on his face. “See Miss? Billy here thinks this class is useless too.” The kid’s name wasn’t Billy, but Gary didn’t care enough to ask. It could’ve been Bob. It could’ve been Clive. “Now, I think we could better spend our time doing more useful things,” he said. He cast a quick glance at the clock on the wall above the board and faked a sigh. “Unfortunately, class is almost over. What a shame.” He wiped a brow on his forehead pretending to be dramatic.

    The poor teacher wasn’t sure how to react. If she tried to gain control, Gary would simply mock her and the class would burst into hysterical uncontrollable laughter. Raising the concern with the principal Ghetsis, wouldn’t help her case at all either. Ghetsis didn’t listen to the staff; he often complained they weren’t trying hard enough. She fidgeted uncomfortably. Perhaps it would be a good time to start looking for jobs elsewhere in the district. A vet or a zookeeper sounded like a decent job.

    “Class dismissed,” she said in a shrill meek voice.

    “Finally, I was wondering when this torment would end,” Gary said, immediately standing up from his chair. He picked up his books and marched out of the classroom without saying goodbye. His classmates could only watch with amusement. As Gary exited the class, he was greeted with a light punch to his shoulder. “Damian!” he exclaimed. “Didn’t think I’d see your ugly mug so early in the day,” he said a teasing grin on his face.

    Damian rolled his eyes, not at all phased by Gary’s comments. He was one of the lucky ones Gary actually liked talking to. Gary disliked many people and he usually greeted them with a fist in the face or a knee to the stomach if he really hated them. He particularly hated nerds for their meek and gentle nature. “Good to see you’re in a nice mood.”

    “I had Miss Jasmine for English, it always puts me in a good mood,” Gary replied. “Who did you have?”

    “That bug guy, Bugsy,” Damian said, “Wouldn’t stop chatting about his latest collection of bugs,” he added.

    An image of the short purple haired man appeared in Gary’s mind. A visible shudder ran down his spine. “He’s a ****wit. Ghetsis should sack him.” He lifted both his arms and placed them on his spiky hair, then ran his hands through messing it up even more. “Isn’t he getting married to that chick, Gardenia?”

    Damian lifted his eyebrows. “He’s getting married?”

    Gary nodded, rubbing his chin. “Yeah, he proposed to her apparently.”

    “I thought she was dating that other bug guy, Burgh?”

    “They were, but not anymore.”

    “Don’t look now, Gary, but the Smiley Dicks have arrived,” Damian whispered, corners of his mouth turning upwards into a smirk.

    Gary ignored Damian and looked to his right, spotting the lame crew at the far end of the hall. The Smiley Dicks consisted of four members who were all virgins. Ash was the leader of the group. He was loud mouthed, reckless and incredibly stupid. The poor boy couldn’t even tell the difference between a muffin and a cupcake. He wore a baseball cap, and sometimes he even wore his school jacket back-to-front.

    Brock was Ash’s best friend. Unlike Ash though, Brock was actually reasonably intelligent. Gary often found him trying to suck up to pretty female students by lending them a hand, but the girls often ignored him. The boy tried way too hard to impress. The third member was Tracey, and like Brock, he often tried to flirt with the girls, but they just weren’t interested in him. The final member of the group was Cilan, a weird green haired guy obsessed with aliens.

    A brief silence fell as the school bell rang indicating the end of class. Students from all directions quickly piled into the underground hall trading gossip in loud voices. Gary sighed with frustration as students scrambled past forcing their way through the crowds to get to their next class. One of the students bumped into Gary, causing his books to fall out of his hands and onto the floor. Gary turned around and glared at his enemy, a short first year student with black frame glasses.

    He bent down and quickly picked up Gary’s books and rose to his feet. “I... I am sorry,” he said, gulping nervously as he handed the books back to Gary.

    Gary refused to accept the books. “What’s your name?” he demanded, staring the kid down.

    “Ma...Max,” he mumbled. Several students nearby stopped their vile gossip to listen. One of the girls standing behind Max caught Gary’s eye, and flushed, stifling her giggle with a hand.

    Gary winked back at the girl, and smirked as she fidgeted, cheeks flushing a bright red. He would acquaint himself with her later, but first Max needed to know who he was dealing with. Gary bent down, and placed a finger on Max’s chest, then pressed hard.

    “Who are you affiliated with?” He glanced down at the boy’s shirt searching for some badge. Every student enrolled at WarLords was required to participate in one co-curricular club activity only.

    Club activities ranged from cooking, gardening, animal care, dancing and even rubbish cleaning. Both Gary and Damian were part of the school rock band, one which was highly respected for the musicianship the members showed. Girls made up the core fanbase though, as many of them were only fans because of Gary.

    “I am with the research group,” Max replied.

    Gary pulled back his hand. “The nerd club.”

    Max nodded. “Yes.”

    With no warning, Gary rammed both hands into Max’s chest and pushed him onto the floor. He spat at the ground beside him and sneered. “Just be thankful you are not a nerd.” Max remained on the floor watching Gary fearfully. “Now, run along.” Gary shooed Max away. He scrambled up onto his legs and quickly headed in the opposite direction, as far away from Gary as possible.

    The school bell rang again. It was time for students to head to their next class. Gary sighed, annoyed. That was certainly a short break, he thought. “Look, we better head to the next class. I have Birch next, and he’s good friends with my grandfather. I don’t want to be late for him.”

    He glanced down at the time on his iPhone. In five minutes the next bell would ring indicating the start of the next lesson. Students that are late for his class were not allowed into the classroom, and were always given an immediate detention. “We’ll meet up again at lunch behind the maths building; I brought a few ‘presents’ for us.” A smirk crossed his features.

    “A little late for presents don’t you think, Gary? Christmas was two months ago,” Damian pointed out.

    “Whatever,” Gary said, rolling his eyes.


    Let me know your thoughts : )

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    I don't usually check out Egoshipping fics, but this one was a great read.

    Gary's a fun character so far - definitely taking me back to the Kanto days. I can see him using his title of Oak's Grandson to his advantage. Poor Jasmine - she better start looking for another job. I do have a question - if this is AU, is Professor Oak just a really well-known scholar?

    I like that you brought back a character like Damian who I would have never thought about interacting with Gary. I can actually see them being friends. At least, I hope it's the same Damian from the Charmander episode?

    Imagining Ash, Brock, Tracey, and Cilan as a group of friends in high school is really fun. I can totally see them as the odd ones out in their classes. Max as one of the nerds is definitely realistic as well.

    I also like how you have the gym leaders as teachers of a subject related to their type of pokemon, like Bugsy with bugs. It's weird to imagine them out of their element, but it's also really fun to think about what they would be like in the real world.

    I think you're off to a great start so far. As I said, I'm not an Egoshipper, but the shipping has always intrigued me. It seems hard to find fanfics about Gary and Misty. They also seem like a pairing that could work really well in an AU. I don't have any writing suggestions for you at this time, but keep up the good work! I hope you get a good response from others as well! Can't wait to read the upcoming chapters.

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    Well, unfortunately it's been well over a week since I sent out the message that this needed to have a rating attached to it and nothing's changed. Given that, I'm gonna have to close this. You're welcome to repost the fic so long as you include a rating next time.

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