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For this reason, I shall warn you if there are talks of anything religious before a chapter if you want me to. I may not have to, however, as I'll include scripture verses or song/hymn lyrics before the start of the chapter, which may tell you what you may expect in the upcoming chapter, or to help guide it through. If it's against the rules, let me know and I'll remove them.

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Chapter One: Solemn Hour

“Master, with anguish of spirit I bow in my grief today
The depths of my sad heart are troubled. Oh, waken and save, I pray!
Torrents of sin and of anguish Sweep o`er my sinking soul,
And I perish! I perish! dear Master. Oh, hasten and take control!”
-- “Master, the Tempest is Raging”, Hymn 105, verse two


“WHAT! A world war?!”

Startled by Ho-oh's sudden outburst, Suicune bowed her head, her once-flowing mane drooped over her arched back. “Y-Yes, sir. Sinnoh was bombed by Orre, and the other regions are getting ready to come defend it. It's more likely than not to be a... world war...” The legendary North Wind grew silent, stricken with sorrow and age before the Guardian's eyes. The ribbon tail refused to undulate about the legs, it instead lay trailing on the ground. Her crest upon her forehead had long ago lost its shine and was now a dull, melancholy green. Her delicate fur was suddenly noticed to be smudged with dust clinging to her in clumps. Black and blue surrounded her dull eyes, indicating her lack of sleep. She was pitiful, unworthy to stand before someone with whom she was once equally revered to.

Ho-oh nodded at his creation before craning his neck to the rust-colored sky. It was still daytime, past noon, but it was cloudy—rain was probable. Though he looked forward to rainstorms, he feared these rains. Pollution had infected the vapor, turning it into acid rain in many cases, thus he became hesitant to fly around and create his famous rainbows. But then again, he had been finding himself unable to fabricate them. Once able to shine with the colors of the rainbow, his feathers were now worn and battered, so the phoenix could now only gleam at a perfect angle if the sun hit him just right. The crown atop of his head was being pulled by gravity so it now hung in sight, and his fiery eyes were burning out. It was unclear whether they were becoming mortal, or if the stress was getting to be a huge burden. He figured it was the latter.

The world had become more sinful to the point the Legendaries didn't dare show their faces. They could feel the evil expanding, and feared it was going to reach them as well. This fear was what caused them to start wilting from their high positions. As pollution became thicker and more prominent, Celebi was struggling to keep plant-life prosperous, resorting to using his life-source to do so. The last time Ho-oh saw him, he was beginning to turn a color of rot. Jirachi, many years back, had eventually broken free of his sleeping spells and began to use stored energy from the Millennium Comet as his powers. However, because he never knew of the real world, of its greedy, power-hungry lusts, it became a gut-wrenching experience for him. His cheerful face transitioned to a blank mask within months of the realization, and then he went into hiding where his wishing powers depleted over time. Darkrai, though he lived off nightmares, was struggling with demons from the people he tried to haunt. It grew difficult for him to find true fear to feed, and he fled to isolate himself away from civilization. Even Giratina had to get away from the world, and would only come out of his dimension if the Legendaries really needed him.

However, even though they all were being afflicted by the ever-increasing evil, Mew was hit the hardest. As the world grew more wicked, she became ill, unable to properly do her duties as Guardian of the Tree of Beginning, and couldn't keep her home, the Amazon, from being further destroyed. Her powers started to weaken, and her optimistic nature slowly diminished. There were days she became unwilling to eat, and already tiny as she is, Mew lost weight. A few times she had mentioned she was developing suicidal thoughts from the stress she was receiving, but thankfully never acted upon it when her friends came to check up on her daily. Even so, when he last saw her months ago, she didn't look herself, more notably in the eyes. Her sapphire eyes used to sparkle day and night from her pure soul, but now she had shown her experience at last, and her innocent spirit had been broken. The poor thing was all that was left of the sweet creature he once knew.

Ho-oh came to the conclusion years ago the world was destroying not just itself, but its guardians as well. Cause and effect proved everything that happened to the inhabitants affected them, and vice versa. Carelessness on their end and rebellion from the past generations brought it into further fruition.

He let out a slow sigh, bowing his head and turning to the quivering beast before him. “I believe this calls for a conference,” he confirmed. “Gather the Legendaries you can find, while I search for my share. We will be meeting at Mirage Island to discuss the issue.”

Suicune snorted in agreement, snapping her head to the side. “Right away, sir,” she barked before she kicked off, disappearing swiftly over the horizon. The Sky Guardian spread out his wings moments later, and took off as well, heading for the clouds to conceal himself from human eyes.


It had been decades since many of the Legendaries last saw each other, and thus the gathering felt more like a memorial than a conference. Old friends worriedly examined each other, taking in the shell of what was once their glorified selves. Life-time rivals only stared pitifully one to another at what remained of their strength and boisterous powers. Siblings huddled together as though trying to hold themselves up higher for a little longer, leaning on each other for support or comfort. No one spoke nor sent telepathic messages across the field, instead they sat deathly silent in their assigned places as they waited for the meeting to begin.

Ho-oh stood at the forest's outer edge, watching the skies and the surrounding land. There were a few still unaccounted for, but they were coming. Even without being told details of its urgency, none of them would dare ditch a gathering important as this. Had it been a casual assembly, he would not have bothered taking the time to usher them into the clearing, and there would be plenty of empty seats sticking out from the crowd.

A small pinpoint of light caught his eye, and the phoenix glanced over to see the three shapes of the Lake Trio taking form. They were holding hands, Mesprit in the middle with her brothers on either side. None of them were elegant in their movements like he usually saw them, their twin tails hanging limply from their bodies and the gems only giving meek glimmers from their depths. Both of them looked upon Ho-oh rather somberly (though Uxie had his head down as though deep in thought or silent prayer), bags visible under their golden optics.

He gave a respectful nod. “Azelf. Mesprit. Uxie,” he greeted them individually.

“Ho-oh,” they said in unison, voices tired and grim.

“How are the lakes?”

Each took turns looking at one to another, and the eldest, Azelf, replied meekly, “To be honest, we don't know. We haven't left each other's company for quite some time.”

“Fifteen years and seven months,” Uxie muttered, head still dropped. One of his tails weakly flicked.

The phoenix frowned, but remained silent as he gestured to the clearing with a wing. The Lake Trio each bowed their heads and flew for their seats, still hand-in-hand. The moment they disappeared from view, he felt a familiar presence beside him. Without craning for a glimpse, he quietly responded, “So. You decided to show up after all.” A quick pause, and he added, “Was Mew easy to coax into coming?”

That is not my place to explain,” was the solemn answer, the voice rich and strong like how Ho-oh remembered it.

Finally turning his head, the bird acknowledged the beings at his side. He had not seen the feline in years, but nothing was really out of the ordinary in his appearance. Mewtwo still stood proud in place, tail curled behind him in tranquility. His bony arms remained at his sides, hands clenched in loose fists. The color was still visible even in the face, showing he was taking care of himself. Meeting his gaze briefly, Ho-oh wasn't surprised his eyes were hard and vibrant with knowledge as ever, though the stare was calm with decades of peace he had managed to find. Levitating close-by was his counterpart, tiny in contrast to her clone. She refused to look up at either of the two, preferring to keep her eyes on the ground. She had no shame, but her broken spirit caused her to retreat into her mind, forcing her to blank out and barricade herself from the world. By the looks of how attenuated she became and the wavering of her levitation, Mew still wasn't eating; how long ago she last ate, he couldn't tell. From what he knew about her physique and metabolism, she should be unable to hold herself up.

As though he had read his mind, Mewtwo serenely expressed, “When I went to fetch her, she had grown too weak to transport herself. She was lying in the Tree, awaiting death I assume.” A faint, rather protesting whimper came from the mentioned Legendary at the comment, though they could see in her pale eyes she wasn't subconsciously present. It was believed among the Legendaries that when Mew withdrew into her mind, she tuned out her surroundings. There was a chance she didn't hear a word.

Giving a slow, rather cross sigh, Ho-oh tilted his head to the trees. “Since you're here, we can get started.”

With a slow nod, the bipedal feline crossed into the thick wood, telepathically tugging Mew behind him. The once-grand phoenix deplorably watched the small cat bob in place, taking note of her limp tail skimming the grass as he followed the pair. It was a straight, short path to the clearing, into the dim sunlight and amidst the eyes of the Legends. Many of their gazes were on the frail Mew, saddened and fearful. A few were amazed at how she still managed to make it to the conference in such a state. Others pointed at Mewtwo in the meantime, noticing his own health with hint of suspicion. It was silent except for the quiet sobs of Latias, crimson and pearl down worn almost to uselessness, and golden eyes lacking the light of her carefree soul.

Mewtwo disregarded their stares as he led the tiny Legendary along, pausing at the smooth, even stones that were their proper seats, and propped her down. He continued to mentally hold her in place even after he sat down, but allowed her to slack slightly. She never bothered to take heed if at all, eyes distant and glazed over. Her surrounding peers took a long, worrying look before turning to the larger rock in the middle. It was Ho-oh's self-proclaimed seat, though as time went by he had allowed others to take his place when it came to announcements, attendance, or temporary leadership if he was unable to make it (which was rare in itself). Today, he allowed the counsel be led by Shaymin and instead filled her seat at the other end.

The tiny terrier was already in her place, choosing to take on her Sky Forme, as her Land Forme was too squeaky and quiet. Having once stood tall and proud, Shaymin's petal scarf had wilted into an unhealthy brown, the edges frayed. Her fur was matted and dusty, with her ears drooping past her chin. Ho-oh heard a quiet buzz through the attendees, but chose to ignore them as he nodded to her.

Casting her eyes about mournfully at what remained of the mighty Legendaries, she began in a hard voice: “Brethren and sisters, we have been called together because the unthinkable has happened. It's been rumored, if not yet declared, that we are to be in a world war. This morning, at approximately zero five hundred hours, the beloved region of Sinnoh had been mercilessly bombed by Orre.” A few gasped murmurs from those who hadn't heard the terrible news livened in small groups. Others bowed their heads in silent respect. Shaymin continued. “The damage done is monstrous and heart-breaking. It is believed thousands of humans and Pokémon have lost their lives in this attack. Thanks to a scoping of the area by Rayquaza and Giratina, we have assembled the damage reports.”

The gathering held their breaths as Shaymin closed her eyes in thought. She gave the account slowly and solemnly. “Judging by radiation percentage collected, the first of Orre's aircrafts flew over the south-western portion of Sinnoh. There were no major cities in that area, but they dropped one of their bombs either intentionally or through some freak accident. Believed to be the largest of the bombs, it landed on Twinleaf Town, destroying the entire community and its surrounding areas as follows: Sandgem Town; Jubilife City; a portion of Canalave City at the south-east section; Lake Verity.”

At the mention of the last location, Mesprit hung her head, covering her face with a hand. Her brothers each put a comforting arm around her shaking shoulders. A few others who knew of her home in the lake glanced over at the shivering fairy in empathy. Shaymin stole such a gaze in her direction before resuming. “The next two bombs were dropped around the same time, estimated at about five minutes after the first destruction. One landed into the heart of Eterna City, the other just at the outskirts of Hearthome City. The shock waves expanded to Mount Coronet where it has suffered major rock slides, cutting its elevation to half what it used to be. The Distortion World has some damage done to it, though thankfully Giratina wasn't harmed.”

The said Legendary scoffed, the battered, scarlet-spiked wings folding behind him. “Those bastards will pay for what they did,” he grumbled, voice echoing hauntingly into the distance, crimson eyes glaring in the hazy sunlight. “It's virtually impossible to make it irreversible.”

“And we're awfully sorry for what has happened,” the Gratitude Legendary acknowledged, bowing her head slightly.

“Damn right you are,” he snorted. “I haven't had anything happen there for centuries, not since Team Galactic dispersed and disappeared off the face of the earth. Serves them right for messing around with me. Bastards had it coming...” Heatran, who happened to be seated closest to Giratina, scooted a little ways toward Palkia, who in turn shot a skeptical but wary look toward the dragon. Others shuddered from the menacing airy tone, not wanting to hear any further details.

Shaymin cleared her throat. “The last bomb detonated between Sunyshore City and the Sinnoh Pokémon League, completely destroying the Victory Road and the two landmarks. The Elite Four, the Champion, and anyone else there at the time were killed when the building crushed them when it fell. It's been noted that this is one of the reasons why Sinnoh is gearing towards war.”

Wha-ah-oh, wait-wait-wait, hold the phone,” Deoxys sputtered out, waving his hands around for attention. “You're saying the whole world is going to war just because some important figureheads of Sinnoh, or more precisely the 'Elite Four', were killed as a result of the bombings?

“You can say that, Deoxys, even though I said it's Sinnoh's reason.”

He dryly laughed for a few seconds, shaking his head. “Wow. I mean, just... wow. This is ridiculous.” Another laugh, forcing him to barrel forward and slap a palm on his knee. “These—these humans and their political agendas! They would rather go to war over four people rather than a whole nation?

“Deoxys, thousands of people and Pokémon died because of this!” Cresselia blurted out, feeling ready to go into hysterics. The crescents on her back gave a weak glimmer in the light as she leaned past a startled Darkrai for a better look. “This is why they're going to war! It's a catastrophe!”

Oh, come on! If we were to be bombed right now and only a few of us died, would the world go into a world war just because of that?

“Oh, most definitely! We're important! So why not?”

Black market importance,” the alien smugly remarked, more to himself than out loud.

The moon swan took offense, gritting her teeth and shooting back, “Well, what makes you special, then? You haven't done your so-called duties since you came here!”

Says the broad who hasn't left her island in decades.

“That's different!”

“You know, Cresselia, he does have a point,” Darkrai mentioned sheepishly, pushing her back for room and to end the increasing argument.

She bucked him away. “You stay out of this!”

Oy, let the phantom speak,” Deoxys came to his defense. “What makes you think you can silence him?

“This is between you and me! Don't you dare bring Darkrai into this! Now answer my question! Why are you special?!”

Same reason you are, toots,” he cheekily said.


Shaymin immediately piped up, standing straight and preparing herself to launch forward. “Cresselia, Deoxys, please! Can't this wait until after the meeting? We still have important business to discuss!”

“And part of that business is to assign this space freak a different position!”

There was a small chorus of “ooh”s from a few males who took interest in the quarreling. Rayquaza thumped the ground in appeal with his tail, giving off a roar of encouragement. Even though he and Deoxys made up their dislike for each other centuries ago, the two still carried a rivalry that would temporarily flare up over carping ridicules or gestures deemed offensive. One would swear they were itching for a fight whether with each other or not. Cresselia was doing his dirty work for him picking a fight with Deoxys.

The reproached Legendary glared icily at the female, one of his arms morphing into his dual-colored flagellates. “You dare say that again, Cress?” he darkly challenged.

Craning her neck, she replied smoothly, “I'd say more, but I am a lady.”

Don't give me that bullshit of an excuse. What are you, Victorian?

“And what are you? Final Frontier?”

“You two, enough!” Shaymin shouted, spreading her large ears to levitate. “This nonsense has gone too far!”

You have a lot of nerve challenging me,” Deoxys continued, ignoring the increasing hoots and warnings to continue the transformation into his Attack Mode. His arms finished their formation into whips just as his body structure slimmed, his head beginning to protrude horns.

“'Woman hath fury' mean anything to you?” she spat, eyes glowing a pale pink.

In an effort to try lessening the tension, though more out of an impulse, Darkrai seized one of the swan's thin wings and yanked her to the ground, holding her there with a clawed hand. She gave a shout of surprise, struggling under his grip to break free and lunge for the alien. Her psychic energy she emitted in her anger was repelled by his Dark-type aura, even countering it so she zapped herself. “RELEASE ME, DARKRAI!” she screamed out a demand as her eyes blazed a hot pink. “LET ME RIP THAT ALIEN SCUM TO BITS!”

“Cresselia, what has gotten into you?” he asked her through his astonishment as he pushed her back down. “Why are you letting him get to you like this?”

“DARKRAI, I MEAN IT! LET ME TAKE ON THAT SON OF A BI—” Cresselia's voice abruptly gave way, leaving her to gape dumbly up at her phantom friend, eyes dimming to their normal state. Deoxys stared down at her in confusion