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    Questions came to mind, but the feline held her tongue as she was led down an unseen path, keeping a tight grip on the girl's hand. Amber was the only light source, and yet their surroundings remained a void. It even felt like they were just walking in place, not moving an inch. As frustrating as it was, she placed her trust in the child that she knew where she was going. After all, she kept telling herself, if she could find me, then she can find a way out.

    It wasn't known how long they were traveling for. Ever since she was placed in this dark place, Mew had lost track of time. All she knew was that the more she felt the pain, the less time she had. However, it was like it all had faded away when the girl visited her. The dull aches of wounds pleading to be healed were still there, but she hadn't felt new ones open, nor felt the urge to hurt herself. In fact, the only objects of interest on her mind were this human and the well-being of her friends. Her negativity was gone. A small smile grew on her face, thankful to be with Amber.

    Then an ear flicked, and she could make out faint sounds of a mournful cry—it almost sounded like a multitude. She looked around, noticing the blackness had toned down to a bluish tint, signs of light nearby. The more it lightened up, the more she realized there were people everywhere, some louder than others, even so, they were alike in some ways. None of them that she could make out were as bright as Amber, albeit still recognizable as humans and Pokémon, and they were all in a state of sadness. They all kept their distances, refusing to say a word to a neighbor or to look at them. Nevertheless, when they walked by, all heads turned in their direction.

    The Legendary frowned. “Amber... where are we?”

    She glanced down. “Spirit Prison. It's where sinners stay.”

    Mew's expression deepened. “But... if we're all sinners... then how is it some people go to a good place like heaven?”

    “The majority aren't directly sent to their rightful kingdoms. That's not until the Final Judgment. But when we die, we are judged according to our works, and then are sent to either Spirit Prison, or Spirit Paradise.”

    “So... this 'Paradise' is where the good people go?”

    Amber nodded. “The spotless arrive there, and then they go throughout Prison to teach the people. That way, everyone gets a second chance at life.”

    After a quick glimpse at a nearby on-looker, she took deep breaths. “So you're telling me I was in Prison, then?”

    “Sort of. It was more like isolation. Demons don't judge spirits, it's not in their authority. But they do try and hide away people to the farthest reaches of Prison.” The girl slowly let out a breath, and a loving smile graced her face. “They have of yet to succeed at eternal bondage, though.”

    Mew felt a gasp die in her throat, and a warning sting at her eyes caused her to rub them (thus irritating them once more). “So... A-Amber? Where are we going, then?”

    “To the Veil.”

    She blinked, wondering if her ears had failed her for a second. “Sorry, what? You mentioned a what?”

    The girl laughed quietly, and she swung their arms in a rhythmic motion. “You know, the Veil. It separates the living from the dead.”

    Her mind suddenly clicked , and she nearly released her hold in surprise when she choked out, “Dead!

    Slowing to a gait, Amber shook her head when she locked gazes, bending down to her eye-level. “Don't worry, Mew. You aren't fully dead.”

    “B-But I'm in the Spirit World!” she shrieked out. “I'm a spirit! I'm nowhere near my friends, surrounded by others I feel I should know but don't, and you...! Y-You're glowing!

    Giggling, she corrected her, “Remember when I said that the moment we die, we are judged? Demons don't judge the dead, Mew. You were taken away by force, led to lose faith, and to hate yourself. While you are in spirit form, because you haven't been judged yet, you are still free to roam around. Thus, you were able to go into Mewtwo's dream until you were found.” Her smile then transitioned to a solemn beam. “Your friends were praying for you and Mewtwo,” she murmured sadly. “They miss you a lot.”

    Her eyes widened, a watery film dissolving into view. “They know...?”

    “Not really.” She straightened up. “They just know you and Mewtwo are missing, and they've been looking everywhere for you, they're so worried.”

    Mew laid a hand on her heart, feeling a twang of happiness at the news. “I'm worried about them, too,” she sighed. “I wish... I could let them know that.”

    Amber took a glance over her shoulder. “You want to see them?” she softly requested.

    She snapped her head up with a cautious look. “What's the catch?”

    “There's no catch, really. But at the moment... I won't enable you to talk to them just yet.”

    Her brows slightly rose. “Why? Is there... something wrong?”

    Without another word, she gently pulled her through the thinning crowd. Mew began to fear the worst, but hoped at the same time it was more of a technical difficulty with communication, if spirits were capable of running into that. She stole looks from the surrounding spirits, wondering if any of them were aware of anything that may be happening on the other side. From the solemn expressions on their faces, something was going wrong.

    Her hand was released when they stopped, and she stared at the most bizarre thing she had ever seen. While it looked like it still continued down into the misty space, even showing other spirits lingering beyond it, there was the hint of a wave as if it was silky fabric with a velvet appearance. The size of it wasn't known, it seemed to rise and stretch into eternity.

    Amber gazed upon it with that of love and nostalgia. “Do you know what the Veil's purpose is?” she inquired without tearing away from the sight.

    Once she found her voice, Mew shook her head while stuttering, “I-I... well... you mentioned it separates the dead from the living...”

    “Do you know why?”


    “It's a sign of mercy. If mortals knew what life was before birth and after death, they wouldn't make as many choices as Father would have liked them to make.” The girl sighed. “They would have been so homesick... and while Father does want us home, He wants us to be individuals, to 're-discover' ourselves. We're all so different, so unique, it just amazes us all when we find out He has always loved us, and was always there watching over us. And He misses us dearly, but knows that He will not interfere unless we want Him to.” She then turned to Mew, smiling at how awe-struck she was.

    It took a few moments before the feline would speak. “Are... are we going through there?”

    “Not yet.”

    “Then... why'd we come here?”

    “Being close to the world of the living, we have more access and chances of success to contact the still-living souls past here.” She giggled a little. “It's also a little thinner here, so chances are those who are gifted with spiritual eyes can see us.”

    The Legendary frowned a little. “I've been starting to see spirits lately... before Legion possessed my body,” she remarked, glancing over. “Why is that? I never saw them before, so why now?”

    Crossing her arms behind her back, she replied, “The world's quieter now. And the Spirit World welcomed in so many beings at once, the Veil kinda burst some seams.” The thought must have been humorous to her for she laughed. “It was bound to happen anyway. But everyone has the ability to see spirits, it's just that many of us are too... preoccupied to notice.”

    Mew hung her head a little. “I could have sworn it had to do with clairvoyance...”

    “In a way, it does. But you have these gifts for a reason.” Reaching out, the child lightly touched the surface, and in a single circular motion smoothed it out flat. Before their eyes, the texture changed into that of glass, and their reflections were clearly seen. Beckoning toward the mirror, she stated, “Look past your reflection if you want to see your friends.” Her voice lowered. “But remember not to talk to them... don't respond to them in anyway at all. Just look... and be still.”

    She was confused and hesitant, but the Legendary obeyed, and she drifted to the front. Trying to resist staring at her bloody form, she searched around and concentrated at looking beyond. Though something in the back of her mind pointed out it was stupid, she quickly dismissed it. She remained quiet the entire time, becoming aware that everything was darkening. Then, in the depths, physical shapes dissolved in, crowded together. She slowly took in breath as the figures defined themselves into the Legendaries in mourning stances. They were all silent and refused to look at one another, choosing to stare off into space.

    Though Mew didn't know how long she was gone for, she was astonished at how much they had changed. They were no different from before, but their expressions were very grave, and their bodies were covered with grievous wounds. None of them seemed to have attempted to stop the bleeding, nor even noticed their injuries. Very little tears were shed, the most were from Latias and Manaphy. For reasons unknown, a few were missing: Ho-oh, Lugia, Uxie, Azelf and Kyogre. Her heart went out to them, and she felt the gash on her arm throb.

    It was then Darkrai lifted his head and made eye-contact. She felt her insides freeze up at how empty and pale his eyes were. Remembering Amber's statement of some of them being able to see her, and recalling how he was always close to spirits, she calmed down, even bringing a small smile to her lips. It was her way of telling him she was fine; there was no need to worry.

    She expected him to raise himself off the ground, but she hadn't looked forward to him announcing “It's Mew, she's here!” to everyone.

    They all raised their heads toward her direction, revealing, to her disbelief, empty eyes. All of them exclaimed her name, and rushed forward to crowd around her. Their manner of movement, however, did not excite her. They weren't sounding glad to see her, even though it was obvious they were worried. In a way, it was like they were apprehending her for her disappearance and for her behavior. Their voices blended into a cacophonous wail as they all expressed their feelings at once.

    “Where have you been, we were looking everywhere for you!”

    “What's the deal, eh?!”

    Are you still pissed about the whole 'replenishing the earth' task?

    “You scared us half-to-death with what you did to Celebi!”

    “Where's Mewtwo, what have you done with him?!”

    “You're hurt! What'd you do to yourself?!”

    “We've wasted three days searching!”

    “What the hell, Mew? What. The. Hell?

    “Why aren't you answering, Mew? Answer us!”

    She remained in place, quaking under their harsh gazes and words, and feeling cold sweat trickle on her temples. They meant well, she knew that, it was the tone of voices that persuaded her otherwise. As they continued to gripe over her, she felt very uncomfortable and wanted nothing more than to reassure them with her voice. Her throat closed up on her, and her teeth bit down on her lip to keep from breaking Amber's request. Tears stung at the corners of her eyes the longer she stared back at each of them, taking in their darkening expressions and ever-growing bitter words. Her hands had squeezed hard enough to tremble, causing the blood to stream out even faster down her arm.

    “You're dead, aren't you, Mew?”

    “Dead! That explains everything.”

    “Explains the cut Celebi told us about, there it is!”

    “She's not dead, or else we wouldn't see her.”

    “Mew will save us, she's the key to our survival!”

    Save us? She can't even save herself!”

    “No matter, we need her back! We need you back, Mew!”

    And then they reached out for her, slipping past the mirror and grasping her shoulders. The icy vibes of their touches and dripping blood made her gasp, but also unfortunately release a scream of horror. She was seized from behind and pulled back into the hold of the girl, who began trying to calm her down.

    Mew continued to cry out, struggling in a desperate attempt to flee. “OH, GOD, WHAT HAVE I DONE?!”

    “Mew, please calm down.”


    “You didn't do anything to them.”


    Amber dropped to her knees and squeezed the frightened Legendary into her. “It's not your fault, nothing about them has changed.”

    “YOU DON'T KNOW THEM! YOU DON'T KNOW THEM!” She broke down into sobs, her movements receding to feeble twitches and shudders. Her arms fell limp as she continued to wail with every heart-clenching breath. The piercing tears burned her skin and scratches as they rained down, and both salty and bloody drops soaked into the dress. She continued to choke out words of hatred toward herself and lament for her friends.

    Upon digging her fingers into her, she felt some comfort in the child rubbing her back. Feeling her head rest between her ears, she whispered, “They miss you a lot, Mew.”

    The feline shook her head. “Y-Yeah... but not in that way,” she whimpered.

    “They care about you.”

    “...I know...”

    “You did well.”

    “How would you know? Did you see them?”

    “I could hear them,” she said, closing her eyes. “I only saw their arms, though...” Mew shivered, clutching tighter. “They really want you back.”

    “But why would they act like that?” The girl looked down, no signs of anxiety on her face. She slightly envied how calm she was. “I don't get it... if they miss me so much... why were they talking about me like that?”

    Amber simply shrugged. “They must have been so over-joyed, they couldn't think properly, maybe.”

    “And their eyes... their bodies...” She pulled back for direct eye-contact. “Amber... what happened to them? Do you know?”

    She didn't answer immediately until after she lifted up Mew's left arm for a closer inspection of her gash, and her shredded palm. “Legion brought back the Tree.”

    Her eyes widened, gawking down at her injured hand like it was the plague. She knew the demon had been destroying her body, but how he did it wasn't known. The pain was so unbearable, she had stopped caring about her well-being. For all she knew, it was self-inflicted. However, the news about the Tree of Beginning being brought back threw her off. She figured Legion was taking his sweet time, or that it would have been months before he could find a way to restore it.

    Gulping down a gasp, she breathed out, “What did he do to me?”

    Lifting her eyes to lock visions, Amber solemnly stated, “You are running out of time. It's only a matter of hours now...”

    She coughed lightly from improper breathing. “Hours? For what?”

    “When the Tree is grown up, it'll feed off the aura available. But... it looks like your blood was used to bring it back.”

    Mew involuntarily pulled her arm back. “What!”

    Standing up, the young lass glanced back at the mirror. “You weren't the only one, though...”

    Brows furrowing, she spun around for a look herself, and her hands shot up to her mouth in appall.

    In the thick of the dark mist, huddling and clutching at his head, was Mewtwo. He looked like he had gone mad, rocking in place and digging into his face near the eyes as he muttered indecipherably to himself, though they could hear pitiful whimpers. He had many scratches on his figure, but it was hard to tell if they were intentional or by attack. Few were bleeding badly enough to leave a small puddle beneath him, staining him a deep pink. On closer inspection, she realized most of the blood-loss was from his chest on-up.

    Shaking her head in disbelief, and gasping out quiet “no”s, Mew flew up to the mirror, pressing her hands to it in the hopes it would let her go through. When it didn't, she cried out “Mewtwo!”, gulping down her tears. “What's going on, what happened to you?!”

    He made no motion he had heard her. She tried again, slapping repeatedly against the glass. “Mewtwo, look at me! I know you can hear me, so please, look at me!”

    Still no response as he continued to stare blankly out in space.

    Her paws clenched into tight fists, and she pounded hard on the mirror's surface. “MEWTWO, ANSWER ME, PLEASE!” she hollered, voice cracking in the process.

    Amber pulled her back. “He can't hear you in this state.”

    The feline jerked away and resumed her hammering. “MEWTWO!”

    “Mew, you're only hurting yourself further—”


    “Mew, listen—”

    “WHAT DO YOU WANT?!” she shrilled at the girl, tears flying from her eyes when she spun around. Her face was contorted in a mixture of rage and sorrow, sobs attempting to rip out of her throat.

    Unfazed by her lashing out, Amber gave her calm response. “Mewtwo has closed himself off from all sorts of communication, though it may have been forced. He's torn between life and death.”

    “Not possible!” Mew snapped. “He's strong-willed, he could never lower himself to such a thing!”

    “Not unless he's been subjected to enough pain.”


    Amber slightly dipped her chin in. “Mew... does he have a weakness?”

    No, what?! Weakness?! Mewtwo doesn't have a weakness that I—” She angrily shook her head. “He's the strongest Pokémon in the world! How can he have a weakness?”

    Much to her dismay, the child smiled. “How do you know he hasn't developed one over the years?”

    Mew held herself back from smacking her. She's just a child, she doesn't know better... Taking a deep breath, she enunciated, “He is the strongest Pokémon in the world. He cannot have a weakness.”

    “Everyone has one, Mew... mainly on the inside.” She reached out and laid a hand lightly on her chest. The gesture left the Legendary breathless. “Mewtwo has a heart, right?”

    “If he didn't he wouldn't be living, would he?”

    Amber giggled a little. “I meant he has feelings, right?”

    Swallowing, she nodded. “Yes... he always has...”

    “How do you know?”

    Glancing over her shoulder at her silent mate, she murmured, “If he wasn't angry, he showed a kind of fondness towards a lot of things. Though they were born out of a hatred for the world, he cares for his clones... like they were his family. When they separated... he told me he felt it was for their own good. He couldn't continue protecting them, but he couldn't keep them close by either. They needed their space... at the risk of being forever apart.”

    “Is that his weakness?”

    “ a way...”

    “Is there anything else?”

    She took a breath. “Well... as time passed, he did show compassion for the human race, and other Pokémon. Most notably for me... he stopped wanting to kill me after we became friends.”

    Clutching her hands, the girl pressured, “And you?”

    Scrunching her eyes shut, Mew couldn't help but think back to Mewtwo's confession with Ho-oh. He had trembled from the thought of her and stuttered at the mention of her name. His spilling of his heart made her very own ache, and she had desperately then wanted to open it up to him. The unfortunate events that followed only postponed it. She had her chance when he was dreaming, but it was once more put on hold to make room for their passionate moment. Whether or not his heart was into it, hers surely was, and thankfully he had managed to feel it before their separation.

    But... how much did it hurt him? How much did it take to break him?

    Looking back up at the youngling, she whispered breathlessly, teary-eyed, “For God's sake, Amber... let him die. Look at him... he's been through enough. Legion's torn him apart in my absence. It's obvious he loves me with all his heart, but it's killing him. Please... fetch him and bring him here. He needs to be at peace.”

    Though she had expected it, Amber shook her head. “It's not his time yet.”

    “But it wasn't my time either, and yet here I am!”

    “Mew, I told you you're not dead.”

    “Neither is he!” she gasped out, gesturing toward Mewtwo. “But he at least didn't kill himself! Those wounds aren't of his doing,” she held out her arms, “unlike my doing! I deserved my punishment, he hasn't for his!”

    Tearing her eyes away from the gashes, the young lass sighed. “Do you want to die, Mew?”

    She stumbled at the question. “Wha... err... n-no... no, I don't. Not really...”

    “So why do you want your mate to die and not you?”

    Her hands clenched tightly, though she barely noticed. “I don't want him to suffer,” she growled out. “He's gone through a lot in his life. He has that small desire to die, he's expressed it before.”

    Amber stepped forward to clasp the feline's small paws. “Mew... you don't want to die,” she reviewed, “but you want Mewtwo to die. This selfish wish of yours will only make your miseries worse. He wants to be with you, and you want to be with him. But if you are separated by the Veil for a longer period of time, your sadness will only grow. And... your love will die.” A solemn smile flashed for a moment. “While in time you both may find a new love, the special bond you two developed will be that ugly scar your new mate will forever see. It won't ever be as special, as pure, as this.” Kneeling, she retained her hold on Mew's hands as her eyes softened. “Can you feel it, Mew? Can you feel his pain? His sorrow? His love?”

    The Legendary bit her lip when it quivered, an icy shiver extending from within her heart. She couldn't bring herself to verbally deny it, neither could she express that she felt it. Her pain had been strong enough to overcome it, though she knew the whole time of it all it hadn't been hers. While her wounds dulled in time, the throbs remained to be a constant reminder. However... the more she thought about it, it was only then she realized it wasn't physical, it was instead emotional.

    A foreign, yet familiar emotional response...


    She turned around, quietly gasping at Mewtwo's tall figure beyond her reflection. His stance was shaky and hunched, the blood trickling down his form more freely. His wide-eyed violet gaze clenched her heart when their eyes met. Gingerly, he stepped forward, taking long, slow strides for the mirror, reaching out his hands in a pleading manner.

    In an instant, Mew shot up, pressing her hands against the glass. “Stop!” she cried out. “Don't come any closer!”

    He wordlessly obeyed, fingers barely touching the surface. He stared down at her, visibly pained at her rejection. She swallowed down the lump before shaking her head. “You can't come here, Mewtwo,” she choked out, feeling as though her heart was starting to break. “I-I won't let you.”

    He dropped to his knees, trembling hands remaining stretched out. When he spoke, it just about ripped her in two like she feared. “Mew... I want to be with you...”

    Her tears overflowed as she hung her head. “I know you do... but Mewtwo... you can't die.”

    “I will not die—”

    “Yes, you will!” Mew declared amidst her crying. “This side is the Spirit World! You pass through this mirror, you are going to die, and Legion will have won!” Her hands curled into loose fists as her levitation wavered. “A-And we won't be together. We'll be separated...”

    “...Mew, we will still be together.”

    “ARE YOU BLIND, MEWTWO?!” She pressed her wrists up against the mirror, smearing the blood around. “I KILLED MYSELF! I AM LITERALLY IN A PERSONAL HELL BECAUSE OF IT!” Demoted to pitiful wails, Mew pounded on the glass, wishing it would shatter to reunite them and cut herself up at the same time. “I'm a murderer! I can't be saved, because I took lives away before their time! I killed them, I killed them! They took my baby! My baby... she took my baby...

    Battered by sobs, she collapsed onto the floor. The horrid memory of her miscarriage returned, clearer than ever, recalling the massive pain of the baby being cut out of her. Then there was Bridget's sincere apology about the infant's death, and “Sir” demanding she be re-impregnated. The blinding rage couldn't conceal what she had done. She was aware of what she did to the scientists, every one of them, in gruesome detail. The pungent stench of blood that had excited her so, the pleasure of hearing their screams of torture was the end result of her becoming a monster. She had felt no sympathy for any of them until after the carnage when she was subjected to the hauntings of their memory.

    And the near-death of her soul.

    Unexpectedly, her paws were grasped and lightly squeezed, startling her back to reality. Mew quietly gasped and gazed wide-eyed up at Mewtwo, whose benevolent expression made her weep harder. She leaned upon the mirror, wanting his warm embrace, but accepting their interlocked hands all the same. The seemingly insignificant contact made her feel loved, the moment growing more intimate when he reached forward to brush away her tears; it was a silent gesture of forgiveness and understanding. She welcomingly tilted into his hold, grabbing onto his arm to keep it in place.

    A look of longing transitioned into his eyes that very moment. Letting out a sad sigh, he muttered, “It was never your fault to begin with.”

    She deeply frowned, burying half of her face into his palm. “How would you know, Mewtwo?” she murmured out, slowly shaking her head. “You don't have a clue as to how I feel right now.”

    He gently pulled away from her grip to lay his fingertips on her chest. Her breath caught looking back at him. A small smile on his lips, Mewtwo lifted her chin up. “Then I propose we start opening up to each other about now.” The beam faltered. “It... may be our only chance.”

    Mew dipped her chin back in, then glanced over her shoulder at Amber. The girl had moved back to give them space, and she grinned when they made eye-contact, waving in encouragement. Taking a breath, she looked back at her mate, and rose closer to his eye-level. She laid a hand on the glass where she would have touched his cheek, pressing her forehead against the cool surface.

    “Mewtwo... what's the point? We're separated by life and death. In our positions, we should know each other by now. Well... I should, anyway... being a spirit and all.”

    Surprisingly, he didn't appear to be disappointed at her response. He just reached through the mirror once again to cup her face. “I did not mean by that, Mew. Do you remember what happened a couple of days ago? The last time we were together?”

    She bit her lip, nodding. “What are you getting at, Mewtwo?”

    His hands slipped down to her shoulders. “There was something special about our last kiss. Legion knows about it, he said our kiss had such a high commitment, it was almost celestial. It was then we developed a bond within our hearts that allows us to feel each other's emotions. Do you know what I am talking about?”

    Mew involuntarily placed a hand on her chest, eyes beginning to well up as she nodded vigorously. After a few hesitated breaths, she whispered out, “What does it mean?”

    “I am unsure myself, though possibly we can renew it or strengthen it. It seems nearly impossible physically, but how about spiritually?”

    She shivered a little. “Mewtwo, you're not suggesting we... you know?”

    He rubbed her shoulders. “No, this is not the time nor place for that.” He thoughtfully ducked his head for a few moments. “Mew, honey...” Her heart leapt into her throat at the word, and she had that feeling his did as well when he struggled to continue. “...y-you know everything is in chaos, especially now that the Tree is back. Legion has weakened me in an effort to fulfill his plan. Our friends... I am speculating they are in a bad spot as well. And you... oh, Mew...” He wiped at the claw marks on her face, visibly choking back tears. “Where did we go wrong?”

    Mew only shook her head. “It doesn't matter, Mewtwo... there's nothing we can do now.”

    He tightened his hold, causing her to tense. “No... no, there has to be a way, I know there is.”

    “Does it have to do with whatever it is you want us to do together?”

    “Probably not. But in the long-run... at least we will be together.”

    She wavered in her levitation, supporting herself beside the mirror. “Mewtwo, if it means coming over here, my answer's still 'no',” she moaned, a little disappointed. “I can't have you die like this.”

    The corners of his mouth upturned briefly. “It has nothing to do with death, I promise.”

    Suddenly, there was a reverberating twang in her heart, spreading throughout her body that left her breathless and trembling. Their gazes fully locked, and the tears trickled down. Acting on her own accord, Mew flattened up against the glass, lips scarcely touching the surface. Mewtwo slid a shaky hand behind her head as he leaned forward, slipping through to brush a tender kiss to her mouth. Just as they made contact, the tiny Legendary felt herself fall into him, enabling her to wrap her arms around his neck in response.

    Once they touched, it felt like a fire seared to live throughout their bodies. The surprise of it all jumpstarted their breathing, and when they gasped in unison, they meshed together to keep steady, gripping the other tightly in reaction and resuming the kiss. Immediately, Mew could feel the aches of her wounds acting up due to the quickening beats of their hearts, but she unheeded them. Almost like it was second nature, she opened up further to exchange part of her soul.

    It was then she could feel rising inside him the urge to press her onto a flat surface and have his way with her. His hands were twitching against her body as the carnal desire raced through his veins, a deep groan in his chest. She quickly grasped his shoulders, shaking her head while remaining glued to his lips. She held him in high expectation for keeping his promise, not wanting to easily give it up. The clone quietly moaned in return, and as his trembling slowly receded, slipped up a hand to brace her neck as the passion softened.

    And then she gave a plea from the bottom of her heart. There was nothing pitiful about it, neither a spur of the moment or a well-thought-out line. It wasn't even physical, yet it felt like she expelled into his mouth and throughout his core. She didn't know if it would reach him, if at all.

    Don't leave me.

    To her utmost surprise, almost momentarily, he paused above her with shallow breaths and the taste of tears—her tears—on his lips. Mew let out a muffled mewl, trying to dam up the rest of her tears as she quivered under his touch. In a reluctant move, he broke the kiss with a slow sigh. As she took a breath, her eyes opened to find him hovering over her, irises the brightest she had seen them. He lovingly ran a thumb down her cheek, swiping away the fluids, and swallowing a lump in his throat.

    “I can never leave you, Mew,” he quietly uttered, his forehead rested against hers. “I am always with you... as long as we can feel one another here,” and he gestured to her heart.

    She blinked in amazement up at him before she gave him a tiny smile. “It worked...”

    He chuckled lightly. “Indeed.” He then winced slightly, his hands clenching, and reluctantly released her. “I hope you will find a way back, Mew. We need you.”

    Mew nodded, still feeling light from the bonding. “I know... I'm sure I will, though. I never would have found my way here, honestly.” She gave a giggle, wiping at her eyes. “I'm just so thankful I was found.”

    Mewtwo rose his brows, looking over her shoulder. “Found by whom? Are they here?”

    She paused, glancing back at Amber, who hadn't moved from her spot, still with her trademark smile. While it saddened her that the clone possibly couldn't see her, she remembered that she couldn't fully see him beyond the mirror, either. Deeply inhaling, Mew verbally expressed, “A little angel who led me back to you.” She spun back around to see him crack a smile at her statement, making her flush. “It is the Spirit World, after all.”

    “Will this angel know how to bring you back to us?”

    “I'm sure. She's very well informed.”

    Pleased about her answer, Mewtwo reached in to caress her face and touch foreheads once more. “I love you, Mew,” he breathed out, a soft light in his eyes.

    Mew extended a hand to touch his cheek, only to find the mirror had regenerated itself between them. Taking a breath to steady herself, she went ahead to resort taking his hand, closing her eyes. “I love you, too... Mewtwo...”

    He squeezed her paw before pulling away, leaving an impression behind. She didn't dare look back up until she felt a hug from behind. She was met with the sight of their reflections, and nothing more.

    They were silent for a while until the feline finally found her voice. “Amber... will I be able to return home... to my body?”

    The girl nodded. “You will.”


    She tightened the embrace. “Very soon. Just give them a chance to discover themselves again.”

    Mew blinked in confusion. “What do you mean by that?”

    Amber giggled. “While they can't defeat their enemy, they can at least escape by means of being themselves.”

    She understood enough she went ahead to question on another topic of interest. “How much of Mewtwo did you see... by the way?”

    A dreamy smile appeared on the child's face, her gaze almost that of a far-away look. “Enough to know he's how I've always seen him... and that he loves you very much.”

    Mew frowned slightly, turning her back on the mirror. “Amber, do you know why it was Mewtwo and I were able to be together like that?” She fiddled with her fingers. “Um... you saw it, right? The mirror seemed to have let me through... or it disappeared or something...”

    Looking back up, she was taken aback at how puzzled Amber was herself. “To be honest, Mew, that has never happened before, that I know of.” She shrugged with a laugh. “But it's not common either. You two have transcended death itself of that of a celestial status.”

    A chill ran up her spine. “What... exactly does that mean?”

    She took her hands, and happily explained, “You and Mewtwo are life-mates, even after death. You helped strengthen and renew that bond, didn't you feel it? A burning feeling?” Her smile widened at Mew's shocked expression, eyes sparkling with joy. “Excuse me for being so excited over it, it was the first time I saw a couple being sealed together. Personally, anyway.”

    The Legendary could hardly believe what she heard, but the peaceful, warm sensation deep inside her was testifying of it otherwise. It had been so overwhelming, she could hardly handle it herself. Even Mewtwo had been struggling throughout it. Strangely enough, however, she could have sworn it was circulating through them both the entire time so they shared the same amount... and the same emotions and pain. She had felt that very lust creeping up inside of him, threatening to repeat itself. She herself could barely fight it off with her love, and begged for a release. He had heard her, for no sooner had it manifested itself it was repelled.

    It was then she knew he truly loved her, and she wanted nothing more than for them to always be together. She didn't want him to leave, but knew in her heart that their current conditions would have made it impossible without consequences. As much as it hurt, she had been at peace, like she knew everything would be okay from then on, no matter what happened.

    Her thoughts and heart set on Mewtwo's wellbeing, Mew felt once more the great pain and sorrow crying out from his depths, along with a plea for death. However, there was also his love for her, his desire to keep her pure no matter what Legion was going to throw in his way. There was a growing hope in his heart that she would return, rekindling his will to live. Despite everything the demon had crushed to reach his soul, it was that love and their new special bond he could never take away.

    It made her smile to know she had his heart forever.
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