@ midnightjewelz - I hope I'm not scaring people away xD;. Lol, but hey, everyone's free to read at their own pace.

@ RetardRaichu - Ooooh, a change of review. Well, this should be fun. I appreciate everyone's opinion, and respect anything they have to say. I understand no one likes everything someone does, so I was expecting one of these very reviews. Don't get me wrong, I'm not hurt about it, I know my place, and have learned to take criticism of all kinds. So, I'll give my reasons the best I can.

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Read first five chapters, skimmed the rest.
Well, it's good for a shipping fic, but..
Do they HAVE to swear every two seconds? And Mew is a guy. Also, why the alternacy between calling Celebi a girl and a guy? The concept is good on paper, but not when put to the test. I like how your writing is going, though.
Well, for one thing, if you didn't like where it was going, you could have stopped instead of skimming. It's never a good thing to skim through a story. Just saying.

No one's swearing every two seconds. The way I see it, the average time one swears is... three minutes? (Okay, ignore that, I'm not good doing math at the top of my head.) However, this is a mature fic, and swearing is acceptable for a mature fic. I don't like swearing either, but not every character swears. It's more of those with a temper who swear, and it does show what kind of character they are.

If you want to believe Mew is male, fine, but some people see Mew either as a female, or genderless. I happen to be one of those who see Mew as a female. Same with Celebi and everyone else. And where are you seeing where Celebi's gender keeps changing? Care to elaborate?

I've tried this postapocolyptic dating thing before, it didn't really work. Too many legendaries, too many males, ay ay ay.

And yet ANOTHER legendary centric fic? I are disappoint. Why can't people think of anything good? (>.<)
Well, it might not have worked because you didn't know what to do with it. *shrugs* Some people can pull it off, others can't. It just depends on the story. Honestly, I was a bit confused and worried as to how I would pull this off, but as time went on, I found answers to carry it forward.

Have you heard of Ensemble Darkhorse? Legendary Pokémon are considered that. And also, Legendaries are unique. Many people see them as a higher form of intelligence, and Legendaries are the only reason why the movies exist. And in many of these movies, they've had some kind of personality all of their own. And they were very interesting characters. You can't blame someone for writing about a character or two they like. I happen to like Legendaries, and though I am aware how many stories there are of them, every story is different. Thus, this adds to the uniqueness, since everyone has different views on them all.

When you're done, you may consider remaking this as a oneshot, it's the kind of story that calls for that. But whatever floats your boat, Frank.
Lol, Frank XD. This is a story that really can't be a one-shot to be honest with you. There's too much going on to fit into a single one-shot. However, I am thinking about making prequel one-shots on most of the characters. They may not be posted here, though.

Sorry if that was kind of harsh, this is my first time reviewing ANYTHING and I'm a little review maniac. The epicness of reviewing might've gotten the best of me.
Understandable. I'll be frank with you, my first review was a harsh one, but it was really more of spam ^_^;. But the longer you're on here, and the more you read and see the examples of reviewing, the better you get at critique. At least you wrote a full review instead of saying "I don't like your story" and that's it. Thank you for following the rules.

Also, Mew is extremely OoC, and maybe Lugia, Deoxys, some others. My favorite was probably Giratina. You got him spot on! I have always liked him, because Arceus seems like a nice guy and all, but he threw Giratina away like trash.
Mew is the way she is for a reason, everything's explained in the story. Lugia and Deoxys are the way they are because it's a little something my brothers and I used to do as kids. In fact, many of the characters here are pretty much remnants of how my brothers and I saw them, and portrayed them in our little (stupid) role-plays. Entei's stupidity was more of a joke between us, but I loved it when we made him dumb. While I did incorporate that into the story, I toned down the stupidity so it's a result of a head injury he had gotten years ago. Actually, I take it back. He's not stupid, he's just handicapped now because of the injury. He has his moments of maturity and intelligence, but for the most part, he's just childish. I do feel bad for writing him like that, but I've found a way for him to fit into the family, and thus he is one of my favorites to write.

Giratina is another one I have fun writing. I have tried really hard to keep him cynical, and I'm happy I've kept him in character, and that you are happy about it as well. But Giratina is a rebel, so it would make sense he would get banished. And like what Arceus said, it was for his own good, and it is noted that he is a little better as a person than he was before. Character development marches on!

Well, despite the negativity of your review, I'm happy you gave your opinion, and that you kept it from being a flame by a least explaining why it is you don't like certain parts, and that you did mention a positive aspect. So for your first review, it's a good review. Thanks for taking the time to read the chapters you did, and for letting me know what you thought of it.