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Thread: WPS's planned White Team:

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    Default WPS's planned White Team:

    This is my team for Pokemon White, when it comes out. I'm probably not going to have any egg moves, as they're a hassle to get ingame without trading, or any EVs, because I never bother with them ingame. I'm unsure about item availability on White, so I'll take suggestions for them.

    Crowely the
    Lonely/Naughty (Will Reset) @ Amulet Coin
    -Leaf Blade
    -Wring Out
    -Leech Seed
    Oh, I want Perversity and Glare so badly. If only it was feasible. Regardless, a simple mixed set, with leech seed for recovery. Amulet coin is because my Starter tends to be my most used, so it's good for money.

    Librarian the
    Adamant/Jolly (May reset) @ Life Orb
    Sheer Force (aka Encourage)
    -Flare Blitz
    -Rock Slide
    -Super Power
    It hits like a truck, and looks cool. Life Orb is only if it's effect with Sheer Force remains in english BW (Life Orb recoil is negated on Sheer Force boosted attacks, but power increase still applies), I find it very annoying otherwise. I might consider Yawn (Egg move, Munna)

    A'tuin the
    Jolly (Will reset) @ Item
    -Surf/Waterfall/Aqua Jet
    -Shell Break
    -Stone Edge
    Super Turtle is Super. I heard HMs aren't as important in this gen, and if Surf is no exception, then it's off the set. I've no idea for the item, but don't suggest white herb.

    [Nickname pending] the
    Timid (May Reset) @ Item
    Compound Eyes
    -Bug Buzz
    -Thunder wave
    -Energy Ball/Spider Web
    Reliable Thunder FTW. Spiderweb will only be until I have caught the running legend. Name suggestions appreciated, especially ones that fit the theme. Don't post solely to suggest names though.

    Dorfl the
    Adamant (May Reset)@ Item
    Iron Fist
    -Shadow Punch
    -Focus Punch
    Fly is non negotiable, I hate being without it, plus flying robots are cool. I'm tempted to give it Klutz just for the reference, but that would be silly. I don't know if I need Earthquake with it also on Turtle and Darmanitan, but I might not use Substitute and it already has three imunities...

    Jeremy the
    Naughty (May reset) @ Item
    Either ability.
    -Gear Change
    -Gear Saucer
    This thing is cool, but it's movepool sucks so I may replace it. It should have learned hypnosis...

    Remember, with possible exception of Gigigear, I don't want to change the pokemon in this team. Moveset changes are fair game though.
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    Volt Change over Thunder Wave on Denchura. You'll get all the parahax you need from Thunder and you're team is fast enough(or can boost it) to do without. Energy Ball is a definite. The AI rarely switches at all.

    Hammer Arm could replace Focus Punch on Goluug. This leaves you open to use the all-important Earthquake, which has equal base power(STAB) and two SEs in common with focus punch.

    Surf is used on Route 17 and 18 which you need to go to if you want the Waterfall HM. You also can use it un the Underground Water Hole on Route 3 to get the Ankle Sweep and Focus Blast TMs as well as a few trainers. Lastly you can use it to get to Fukiyose cave up the Route 6 stream and it gets you a few items across the region like the Grass Knot TM in Yagurama Forest.
    Route 17 and 18 a pre-natdex. according to Marriland and I don't think you would be interested in the other places. I'd go with Waterfall.

    Return > Wring Out on Jalorda. It gets the Coil boost. Dragon Tail also works great here.
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