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    Default Nevermind this now...

    Hello Stranger! Got some rare goods for ya...

    Welcome to my trade thread! ^__^
    I will probably be constantly adding pokemon and organizing this. =)

    Notes, Rules, and other Mumbo Jumbo:
    • Obviously, follow Serebii's rules
    • All of the pokemon I am offering are legit and I expect that yours will be too.
    • Most of my pokemon are RNGed. If this bothers you, then don't trade for them.
    • Most of my pokemon are clones of clones of clones through the GTS glitch in Diamond. If this bothers you, then don't trade for them. I will occasionally put up pokemon that are not cloned, so just ask. I can pretty much guarantee that all the flawless IVed ones will be clones, though.
    • That being said, you might have to wait a few minutes while I clone before we trade. GTS cloning can take some time/luck.
    • My nicknames are permanent. I only have one DS, and it's too annoying for me to transfer back and forth between my different cartridges to name things. =/
    • Most of my caught pokemon have weird future dates. Frankly, I don't give a damn and neither should you. =P
    • The Wifi at my apartment doesn't connect with most people... I often get error code 86420. If this happens, then I will have to wait until I can go somewhere else to trade (library, my parents' house, etc.). Sorry for the inconvenience, but I have tried everything to fix it, and it turns out that I cannot fix it without hacking my apartment complex's system. =/
    • I'm a student, so I won't be available 24/7. If you notice that I am here all the time, please kindly remind me that I am suppose to be in class/studying. XD
    • Considering the above statements, I probably won't be able to trade much, unfortunately. This thread is mainly for me to keep track of what I've got. =/

    If don't see anything you like, then I might be willing to do a breeding project for you! Depends on how good the offer is and what time of the month it is. Just fill out this form.
    Hatch Location:
    Additional Info:

    Game Info:

    Diamond - OT: Karma | ID: 53047 | SID: 37888
    FC: 5241 4826 7849 (Use this FC unless I say otherwise)

    Platinum #1 - OT: Kat | ID: 30615 | SID: 4544
    FC: 1719 9374 3666

    Platinum #2 - OT: Sylar | ID: 00102 | SID: N/A
    FC: N/A

    Soul Silver - OT: Kirk | ID: 01916 | SID: 23963/23960
    FC: 5371 3143 0976

    Looking For:
        Spoiler:- Looking For:

    As many people can vouch, I am very generous and will likely accept most reasonable offers to boost my own ego out of the goodness of my heart, so don't be afraid to offer something else. I'll try not to bite. ^__^;

    Oh, and if anyone can tell me how to change the name of this thread, that'd be lovely. XD
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