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    Default Everything is alright (PG-13)

    Title: Everything is alright
    Rating: PG-13
    Status: ongoing
    Relationships: Heartsoul shipping (others will be added as it goes)
    Genre: Romance, Comedy, a Little action here and there

    Okay before i begin, id like to give some Character information.
    The character that is refered to as Riley, is the name i have given to the male player character from heartgold and soulsilver.
    All other characters go by the same name from the anime.

    PART ONE: It had to be you.

    "Riley Wade Oreboro! Get up!" yelled Riley's mother. "Its already 10 o'clock!"

    Riley rolled out of his bed and walked downstairs to the kitchen. He had been up late last night, watching yet another researchers special on the Pokemon League Network.

    "Why do i have to be up again?" Questioned Riley.

    "Because, you cant sleep all day if you want to become the worlds next best Pokemon researcher." Replied his mother.

    "This is true, i guess." mumbled a still half-asleep Riley

    "Now, get dressed, eat your cereal, brush your teeth, put on your hat, and head over to Professor Elm's lab." Commanded his mother, "He wants you over there a.s.a.p. He has something he wants to talk to you about."

    "Okay, just give me a minute to wake up." Replied Riley, rubbing his tired eyes.

    "You better hurry, Lyra is over there already!" Said Riley's mom

    Riley stopped, stunned, his cheeks blushed, "Lyra??? Shes home??"

    "Yes, she came in last night." Said Mrs. Oreboro "You wouldn't know that though, you were glued to the television."

    Riley's color changed from a shade of pink to red, "Ha, ha. Very funny mom. I dont need your jokes."

    He ran back upstairs to change. When he came back down, he inhaled his cereal, and left. He didn't even grab his hooded jacket or his hat, he just flew out the door, jumped on his bike and rode to the lab. He was sixteen now but there was no use in a driver's license in a place like New Bark Town.

    He hadn't seen Lyra for at least two months. She was his best friend since they were toddlers, next door neighbors his whole life, she even called him every night while he was taking on the Silver, Indigo, Evergrande, and Sinnoh leagues. A good four years of nightly calls, and yet they were still only friends. Riley questioned this fact all the time, maybe it was his traveling that kept them from becoming more. He couldnt figure it out, but there was no doubt that he was thinking about it this very minute as he went to see her, his focus wasn't on the information that Professor Elm had for him, it wasnt even on the road, as he almost ran into three mailboxes and a fence, it was on her. Her face, her clothes, her hair, her hat, everything. He was head over heels for the girl, he hadnt fallen in love with her, he practically tripped. He was completely consumed with her, but there was no way that anyone would get him to admit it. He protected that secret to its end. He would never tell, he wouldnt even tell her. He had iced his heart over in order to keep it secret. She had turned him down before, but he was persistant, it was at least 4 years since that event, and she might have changed, he didnt know, but he would never tell her, nor anyone else.

    He finally arrived at the lab, surprisingly in one piece. He ran to the door, but stopped. He took a moment to prepare himself. He had known her for forever, but he still got nervous after long absences. He messed with his hair a little, realizing that he forgot his hat and he actually had to make his hair look nice for once.

    He took a deep breath, "Relax kid, she's your best friend. She knows you, so be you." He exhaled, "Be you."

    He threw open the doors and marched inside. Lauren, the receptionist, recognized him.

    "Riley! Its about time you got here!" She Smirked. "You little rascal!"

    She was honestly no older than Riley, that would explain the informality, and her jokes about Riley's timely manner.

    "Hi Lauren." Riley sighed, he was used to her by now, but she still caught him off guard.

    Lauren chuckled, "You look 'awesome' kid!"

    Riley snapped back, "I dont need your sarcasm, and who you callin' kid anyway?? We're the same age."

    "Chill out Riles." Her nickname for him was the one thing that showed him she meant no harm. "Only kidding, The Prof is in the tech room, along with Lyra."

    Riley blushed yet again at hearing that name. "Thanks." He hurried into the tech room to keep Lauren from seeing his pink face.

    "OH MY GOSH!!!! RILEY!!!" Lyra screamed.

    "Hey kid!!" Riley exclaimed back.

    She practically jumped into his arms. She threw her arms around his neck and lifted her own feet off of the ground, forcing him to support both of thier weight as he wrapped his arms around her back. She was always affectionate toward him, but it was never a romantic affection, and this angered him a little, but he couldnt help his face from turning a warm pink in this moment. She didnt let go, it was a strong hug, even between friends, and he wasnt sure what to think about it. When she finally let go, he was forced to regain his composure fast, for fear of her seeing him in this state. However, as she let go, something caught his eye. A necklace. Another one. Hanging along beside the one he had given her before she left.

    His mind went wild, "Has she met someone else throughout her travels?" he thought, "Do I know him???"

    Rileys heart was about to explode, but he caught and calmed himself. He was always a rational thinker, but the thought still lingered. If she had found someone, could he handle it? Could he survive knowing, the girl of his dreams was not his girl, but some other's?

    TO BE CONTINUED.......

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    PART 2: Notoriously Bored

    Riley and Lyra left the lab together to go back and hang at her house, which Riley was especially excited about. As it turns out Professor Elm just wanted to show Riley that the Pokemon food he had created was a hit among the Pokemon at his lab, which hardly interested Riley because he figured that was a given, he’s a pretty good cook. The two teenagers talked about small things on their way to Lyra’s house. The basic small talk to them; how they were doing, what they had been up to, if anything new is coming up. Lyra’s answers were interesting and story like, she had just been traveling in Kanto, admiring and learning about contests. Riley’s answers were quite bland. He was good, he hadn’t been doing much but research at home, and nothing new was upcoming. He came home from Sinnoh in the late fall, which pretty much marks the end of all event seasons, save for a few independently run tournaments that he really didn’t feel like going to.

    “This is some pretty strange weather for New Bark isn’t it?” Inquired Lyra.

    “Yeah, it’s the second week of January and its actually not very cold.” Replied Riley, “The temperature is supposed to drop tonight though, and a big snowstorm is lined up for Wednesday.”

    “Good!” Said an excited Lyra, remembering the beautiful winters of her hometown, “I was disappointed when I came in last night and there wasn’t any snow, I was really looking forward to it.”

    They walked through the front door of the girls house and took off their shoes.

    “Hey there kids!” Exclaimed Lyra’s father, a man who was very energetic, despite his age. He was very fond of Riley. He had always saw Riley as Lyra’s protector, and was one of the few people who could detect Riley’s affection for his daughter, though he would never let Riley know that he knew.

    “Hey dad.” Lyra brushed off his greeting like usual, not because she didn’t like it, but due to her avoidance of her father’s energetic awkwardness.

    “Hello Mr. Solton.” Riley smiled, he had always liked Lyra’s father, and had always looked up to him as his own, due to the passing of Riley’s father when Riley was young.

    “There’s my favorite aspiring researcher!!” Replied Lyra’s father, beaming, “Haven’t seen you around much since Lyra has been gone.”

    “Yeah, well. Sorry, I’ve been kinda busy, and you know how I don’t like to intrude.” Explained the boy, he had wanted to come over and talk, but it was too much on his heart to go to their home while Lyra was gone, it made him miss her all that much more.

    “Oh, nonsense.” Ensured the man, “You know Mary and I wouldn’t have cared.”

    “Yea-” Riley started, he caught a glimpse of the beaming stare the impatient girl had been giving him from the top of the stairs, “Uh, sorry sir but I better get upstairs before Lyra gets impatient.”

    “Well, I understand, I know how she gets, but she’s probably already past the point of impatience.” Laughed Mr. Solton, “Nice talking to ya!.”
    “Yeah, you too sir.” Riley rushed up the stairs to meet the girl outside of her bedroom door.

    “Its about time, chatty.” Lyra Laughed.

    “Sorry, I haven’t seen him in a while.” Replied Riley, feeling as if he were being scolded.

    “I understand kid, he’s like that.” She walked into the room behind him, leaving the door open, but only slightly.

    Her room was quite plain, not much in it but the basic necessities, however there were a lot of luggage bags on the floor, which would explain the bareness of the room.

    “Not unpacked yet?” asked Riley sarcastically. “Never was like you too keep your things in order.”

    “Very funny,” She smirked, “I only came in last night, you think I had time for unpacking?”

    He didn’t respond to that, of course, she didn’t expect him to. He merely staggered around the room, thinking, about her standing there behind him. His mind raced through all of his various fantasies he had about her. He put these thoughts to rest quickly however, for fear of cracking a smile, and her asking why. He never had been good at making stories up on the spot to save himself. He staggered over to her bed.

    “Ughhhh,” Riley sighed as he fell onto her soft bed with white blankets polka dotted with blue Marill, “I’m so bored in this town!”

    “Wow, never thought I would hear you, of all people, say that.” Lyra laughed at him, knowing that he loved home more than anywhere else in the world, but was used to his episodes of manic stir craziness.

    “Yeah, well. Its been hard to do anything fun since Ash and Brock left, oh and that girl. Her name was Dawn I believe.” Riley explained, “ And because you weren’t here either, this town is just boring.”

    “Awwwwwwwww,” Lyra sarcastically swooned, “You think I make this town fun.”

    “Yeah, I guess you’re good enough when I don’t have any friends around.”

    “Hey! That’s mean!”

    “Ha-ha, you know I’m just kidding.”

    Lyra was still puzzled however, “Did you say Ash, Brock, and Dawn?”


    “Why do those names sound familiar?” Lyra searched her mind. “Oh! I know. I met them while I was in Sinnoh, when I was doing the Johto festival with Khoury.”
    Ugh, Khoury. Thought Riley. Khoury was the one other kid that he knew had a crush on Lyra. The thing that made Riley so mad though, was that Khoury knew that Riley was into Lyra too, and just to spite Riley, he poured his heart out to her, right before she left on her trip, right in front of Riley while he was working. Luckily for Riley, however, Lyra never responded to it, she never showed much interest in sappy romantic things. This also concerned Riley, but he figured that he would find a way to get across to her, eventually.

    Riley began to think out loud, “Ugh, Khoury, the nerve of that guy.” Riley froze, fearing that he had just revealed himself.

    “Yeah, he was dumb to do that.” Lyra said, not noticing anything, and Riley relaxed glad that she didn’t pick up any hint. “What kind of guy expresses his love like that just before a girl leaves, its not like she’s gonna stay because of that.”

    “No doubt,” Added Riley, “He left himself for Hoenn not two days after you left, a trip he had been planning for months.”

    Riley was so relieved to know that it wasn’t Khoury that had given her the necklace. The thought of that thing still plagued his mind however. He couldn’t help but continue to worry that someone had stolen the girl of his dreams away from him.

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    PART 3: Hope for the Restless


    -Hey bud! You bored with small town life yet?

    That is what the message read. The heading above, that stated the time, day, and sender read: Wednesday, 4 am, Ash Ketchum. What in gods name he was doing texting Riley this early was not known.

    “What in the-”, Riley rasped, his voice still suffering from sleep, “What in the world does he want this early??”

    -To Ash: What in the name of all things holy, are you doing texting me at four in the friggin morning??

    -To Riley: What do you mean, were having a party, you’re really missing out.

    -To Ash: What?! A party? Who?

    -What do you mean who? Me!

    -Other than you, genius.

    -Oh! I see, Brock’s here, and my mom.

    -That’s it?? that’s your party? Wow Pallet town customs sure are strange.

    -That’s not all, crazy! Misty is in town as well, and Dawn hasn’t left yet.

    -Where has Dawn been staying??

    -Our guest room. Why? What are you asking.


    Riley kept the thoughts in his mind, and off of the text screen, Ash always was dense when it came to any hint of attraction. However, it was Misty and Ash that Riley worried about. He had talked to Misty about Ash, why she confided in him he didn’t know, but she explained that sort of fatal attraction that Ash had never noticed. Riley, being the good friend that he is, reassured her that Ash would mature one day, holding to himself that fact that he could tell that Ash had feelings for Misty.

    -To Ash: Back to the original question, why are you texting me this early??

    -To Riley: Oh, well, I wanted to see if you could come and help me.

    -With what?

    -I figured, due to your research and knowledge you would help Brock and I give Dawn a tour of the Kanto region.

    -Sure, I guess I could do that, but when??

    -We would leave from pallet this weekend.

    -Oh, cool, wait……. THIS WEEKEND?? Its Wednesday! And you expect me to be packed up and in Pallet by Friday??

    -Yeah, is that a problem??

    -How dense are you??!! Do you have any sense of how far away that is, the fact that there’s a body of water between us, and the fact that I have two days to get there!! Ash I’m sixteen, and live in a small town, I don’t have access to very many modes of transportation.

    -Ya know you could have just told me, you didn’t have to snap, or insult me.

    Riley paused before responding. He suddenly felt horrible, for unleashing on Ash like that.

    -I’m sorry Ash, I guess its just a little early for me, didn’t mean to get at ya like that.

    -Its okay buddy, just please tell me you can still come.

    -I dunno

    -Come on man!

    -Tell ya what, ill run it by my mom today and if its okay, ill leave tomorrow morning and try to get there by Saturday, alright??

    -Yeah, I guess we can wait one more day.

    -Thanks man, now can I go back to sleep?

    -No, thank you, and yeah you can sleep, sorry for waking ya, but you know me, if I don’t ask now, ill forget later. Sleep well sunshine.


    “Rai-rai??” Sound came from an orange-brown creature from across the room, lying on a mass of blankets and pillows.

    “Don’t worry about it Raichu.” Riley yawned, “Just my stupid friends.” he let out a soft chuckle as he fell back asleep.

    Well, there it is, the third chapter, out of…… well, however many I feel like writing, as of now I doubt many people have read this, considering I have no critiques, but oh well, that’s life, for those of you who have read it, I hope you are enjoying it, I pretty much make it up on the fly, but I’ve had these ideas swimming around in my head for a while. If you have read please don’t hesitate to give some feedback, what you like, what you don’t, what I did wrong(because I’m human) and what you might like to see in the future of this Fic.

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    HERE IT IS!!!,,,, the much anticipated 4th part. Yes I am talking myself up so you guys will like me and I might get someone to review this… ha-ha jk. Read for enjoyment, but I would like some proof that someone is actually reading this.

    PART 4: How Will I Break the News to You?

    Dear Lyra,

    I’m sorry that you were asleep when I wrote these words down. You had a long day yesterday apparently. Its cool though. I’m writing this at approximately 7:30, yes in the morning, just in case you wake up super late, ha-ha. Your dad told me to just leave the note on the counter, he’s about to leave for work. I have no clue why I’m putting so much detail into this letter, its not like you care anyway. The point of this letter is, when you wake up, don’t go to my house, or Elms lab, or the cliffs, I’m not in any of those places. I wont be in town. I’m going to back to Kanto, to pal around with Ash and Brock. Sorry to leave you hanging like this, but it was short notice and I didn’t have time to tell you. Again, I’m really, really sorry, but I’m gone, I would tell you to catch up but I don’t know how you will, but feel free if you’re up to a challenge.
    See ya soon kid,

    She wasn’t sure what to think of the message, she had just got to town and he left already? Who does that?

    “Ill show him a challenge,” she growled, “I’m gonna track him down and show him what for!”

    Lyra was mad, but not as mad as she felt she should have been. She felt hurt, emotionally, he had never hurt her like that before, and her motive to find him wasn’t to beat him up, but to find out why it hurt so much. She only needed to pack a few things as far as supplies go, due to the fact that she never unpacked from her last trip. She walked up to her father to ask his permission.

    “Just go Lyra.” he father read her mind, before she could make a sound, “He cant be too far, its only 11. Besides you know that boy, if its 11, he’s already making lunch.”

    “Thanks dad,” She hugged him, “It might be a while though, he sounded like he had a job to do.”

    “I know, just stay safe and call when you stop, okay?”

    “You got it pop,” she was already halfway out the door.

    “I love you” he called, hoping she heard him.

    “I LOVE YOU TOO DAD!” she yelled to make sure he could hear her, even from halfway down the road.

    Meanwhile, Riley had stopped at the Tohjo Falls for lunch. Riley wasn’t used to cooking for only himself and two Pokemon rather than 6. He figured he could call them up from Professor Elm when he needed them. All he had was Raichu, his partner in crime, and Lapras, a lazy transport Pokemon that he had caught in the safari zone. Lapras was only used for transport due to its lack of interest in battle. Riley and Raichu were laying in the grass, watching the clouds, while Lapras was sleeping in the water. After some time, Riley decided to get up and wake Lapras, as Raichu helped to put away the cooking equipment. They packed up and headed out. As they floated along, Riley studied the map in his Pokegear, trying to find a place for camp that night. He found an island about ten miles down the way that they could set up at, and they floated off towards it.

    Ahead in Pallet town, Ash was getting restless.

    “What’s taking him so long??”

    “ He Just left this morning, he cant fly, besides he told you he wouldn’t be here till Saturday.” Misty’s angered tone helped Ash realize that he was jumping the gun way early, but she knew that he would do this everyday until Riley got there. They all went back inside Ash’s house for dinner, as the sun set over the three separate parts of one group of friends.


    Well there’s the fourth part, a little short, but I couldn’t find much more to do without starting a completely new series of events. Chapter 5 will be out within a couple of days. Hope that those of you (if anyone) that are reading this like it, but whatever, if you are comment on it, please?

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    Behold! I have emerged to give you feedback! It saddens me to see fics without feedback because I know how hard people work on these things.

    Your dialogue seems pretty quintessentially Pokemon, which is interesting considering that it occasionally contains language that wouldn't be found in the Pokemon universe because of its age level. Striking the right rhythm in dialogue is always very important to create believability.

    Some things that strike me as I read these chapters is that there are a great deal of technical errors. In addition to spelling errors, most apostrophes are just completely left out, and through most of the first chapter you did not capitalize your I's.

    There are also some technical errors with how you're handling dialogue that crop up quite a few times. Take the example

    "Because, you cant sleep all day if you want to become the worlds next best Pokemon researcher." Replied his mother.

    Which should be: "Because you can't sleep all day if you want to become the world's next best Pokemon researcher," replied his mother.

    1. Note that since the tag 'replied his mother' is added to the end, a comma should go in place of a period.

    2. Note that 'replied' is not capitalized because it is part of the previous sentence. This also applies when you use question marks and exclamation points at the end of dialogue.

    I know all this seems a little picky, and the heart and soul (no pun intended) of writing is not bogged up in all this technical stuff, but making sure that you have correct grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling makes it easier for your reader to... well... read, and gives them much more confidence in you as a writer. So be sure to take the time to proofread and make sure that you're following the rules correctly. We all mess up occasionally, but it's something well worth investing time in fixing.

    Another thing I would suggest is a meditation on the old writer's standby: "Show, don't tell." Give your readers credit enough to pick out subtle clues. It's a much more satisfying feeling for a reader to 'discover' something through suggestion than to have it explicitly spelled out. There's a lot of straight out telling in this, which takes out a lot of the subtlety that I think is especially important in shipping fics.

    Take, for example, this excerpt:

    “Hey there kids!” Exclaimed Lyra’s father, a man who was very energetic, despite his age. He was very fond of Riley. He had always saw Riley as Lyra’s protector, and was one of the few people who could detect Riley’s affection for his daughter, though he would never let Riley know that he knew.

    Instead of just laying it all on the table like that, you could think of how you can show Lyra's father's fondness for Riley and his feelings about Riley's relationship with his daughter through his actions and what he says instead of just laying it out easily through exposition.

    The same thing applies to Riley's feelings for Lyra.

    I think you said you were making a lot of this up on the fly, right? It might be a good idea to invest in some planning sessions so you can handle elements like pacing. Right now it doesn't really feel like this story has a big, overarching plotline. You want to give your reader confidence that you're going somewhere, so they'll hang on for it.

    Good luck and may the muses smile on you as you continue this!

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    hey! thanks! That was a good review and i thank you for that, I knew that i had plenty of technical errors that i didnt notice before, and thanks for being the first to comment, and i promise that i will take your suggestions to the max! I'm definately new to this, but i hope you like what you are reading.

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    Hey everybody! Its time for another episode! I hope that you’re enjoying it so far. So, without further ado, Episode 5!

    PART 5: Two Counts of Rocketeering

    “Ugh,” Riley grunted as he sat up in his sleeping bag. The wind was rattling the tent walls. He put on his shoes and stepped outside, leaving Raichu to continue sleeping. It was rather warm today, and there was no snow on the beach he stayed on, despite it being January.

    “I guess that’s what you get with tropical areas,” he thought.

    “Rai?” The sound muffled from the inside of the tent.

    “Good morning!” Riley smiled at his Pokemon. As he was unpacking his equipment to cook breakfast.

    “Rai-chu?!” The Pokemon seemed to be disappointed.

    “Yes, eggs again,” Riley explained, “its all we’ve got buddy, I promise I’ll pick up some other food when we get to Viridian City.”

    “Rai-rai,” Raichu seemed to be okay, but still wasn’t happy about the eggs.

    They relaxed and ate their food. The sun showed its approval on them as they ate. It was a great day for traveling, Riley was eager to get to pallet town to see his friends, as they had a lot of catching up to do. He sat and watched various water type Pokemon play in the water. He reached into his bag and checked his Pokegear.

    “Oh my gosh!” Riley fretted, “Its already 10! We have to get going!” Riley threw his stuff into his pack, tossed Lapras’ poke ball into the water, and leaped onto its back. They were off once more, onward to pallet town, when all of a sudden, a shadow drew over Riley. The sky was clear, he couldn’t figure out what was going on. He heard chuckling coming from above him. He looked up and sighed, annoyed at what he saw.

    “Prepare for trouble!” said a female voice.

    “And make it-” Riley cut off the second voice.

    “Save your breath! I’ve heard it all before, so what do you want?”

    “Well, a little fiery today aren’t we twerp?” Jessie mocked.

    “Yeah, I guess you could say that. I’m on my way to pallet town, and I’m late.”

    “Well it looks like you’re just aren’t going to get there on time, at least not with that Raichu you aren‘t,” James smirked.

    “Come down here and take him from me why don’t ya?” Riley challenged them, knowing that he was much stronger, and that they couldn’t resist.

    “Fine!” They yelled in unison, “if you‘re offering!”

    “GO! Seviper!” Jessie commanded.

    “Follow up! Carnivine!” James added. They threw out their Pokeballs respectively.

    “Alright Raichu,” Riley took his stance for battle, “let’s end this quick, we have places to be.”

    “Seviper, poison tail!”

    “Raichu! Dodge and use strength!” Seviper shot in, but Raichu successfully sidestepped the attack and threw his fist into Seviper’s body. Seviper laid on the ground stunned from the attack, it couldn’t move.

    “Seviper! Get up!” Jessie pleaded.

    “Too bad he’s paralyzed!” Riley cheered, “Raichu’s ability is static, meaning that when he’s charged, and another Pokemon comes into contact with him, they become instantly paralyzed!”

    “Seviper return!,” Jessie commanded, “your turn James.”

    “Carnivine! Vine whip!”

    “Raichu! Stop it with thunder!”

    The vines flew towards Raichu, but stopped in a surge of yellow. Raichu was pulsing a storm of electric current from its orange body. Carnivine fell, KO’d from the surge.

    “Alright now Raichu,” Riley yelled, “Send them off with a bang! Thunderbolt!” Raichu let off another surge of power, which exploded on Team Rocket, sending them skyward.

    “We’re blasting off again!” they yelled as they flew into the distance, disappearing in a twinkle. Riley jumped back onto Lapras’ back.

    “Onward to Viridian City, Lapras!” Riley said. Lapras grunted, and away they went, towards their destination.

    Keep tuning in to see what happens next, as Riley approaches Pallet town, and his new adventure!

    Alright, well there it is, episode 5. Hope you all enjoy it, I put a lot more work into this one as far as making sure it was technically correct, at least as far as I can tell. Hope that the battle scene adds another dimension to the plot, as there will be more of that as it goes. I’m really having a lot of fun writing this, and I hope that you are having fun reading it too!

    P.S. I’m going to start a schedule for “Air Times”. I’m going to try and release an episode every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday until the release of Black and White, at which point- well….. you’ll just have to wait until then to find out why.

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    Hey! I understand that this episode was to be originally posted on Saturday, but I had a busy weekend. Sorry. This episode finally takes some of the focus off of Riley, and introduces more of the main cast. I hope you enjoy this episode as well as the others! So without further delay, episode 6!

    PART 6: Catching Up (Both Figuratively and Literally)

    Riley ran and jumped over the fence that surrounded Pallet Town, he didn’t even bother to look for a way around it. He had left Viridian City early this morning, and was just now to pallet at around 2. He didn’t even stop for lunch. He was late, and he didn’t like being late. He found his way to the front door of the Ketchum residence and rang the doorbell. A surprised Delia Ketchum answered the door.

    “Oh my!” she gasped, “Riley!”

    “Hi Ms. Ketchum,” Riley gasped for air, “Where- uhhhh- is- Ash?”

    “He’s, ummm, Upstairs?” she was concerned about Riley’s current state of breathlessness.

    “Thanks!” Riley took off up the stairs, he knew Ash was growing impatient by now, and he didn’t want to have to deal with it. He got to the top of the stairs and took a minute to regain his composure before he knocked.

    “Yes, mom?” Ash’s voice said from inside the room.

    Riley chuckled and threw open the door, “Its not your mom, genius.”

    The room exploded in unison, with the majority of the noise coming from Brock and Misty, “Riley!”

    Dawn, however, was puzzled by this new face, “Who’s he?” she asked Misty.

    “An old friend of ours, he has a habit of running into Ash.” Misty chuckled at the thought of their past encounters.

    “What do you mean?” Dawn inquired.

    “I’ll tell you later.”
    __________________________________________________ ____________________________

    Lyra strolled into Viridian City, knowing that she wasn’t far behind Riley. She took some time to look around and relax before she would head out towards pallet town. When she finally resupplied, she headed down route one towards pallet town, thinking about how surprised everyone will be to see her, and the talk that she’s gonna have with Riley about him leaving so early. Before she knew it, it was dark, and she needed to unpack her tent before it got cold.

    “Wow, sure got dark quick,” she pondered, “time sure does fly when you’re thinking about stuff.”
    She got her tent up and laid out her sleeping bag, she spent the rest of the night staring at her tent walls thinking about her friends.

    “Sure is something about that boy,” she started to dwell on Riley, “I just don’t know, but I’m sure glad he’s my best friend.” She fell asleep with his image in her mind.

    __________________________________________________ ____________________________

    “Mmmmmmm, that smells delicious,” Brock wafted in the steam rising from his teacup, “thanks Riley, where did you find this?”

    “Just some ingredients I have been growing at home,” Riley explained, “White leaves, Sassafras roots, stuff like that. Blended and bagged it myself!”

    “Well its is amazing,” Brock congratulated him.


    It was late, nearly midnight, but neither of them were tired. Their similar habits had kept them awake that night, at the kitchen table, while everyone else slept.

    “Have you been traveling much since you returned from Sinnoh?” Riley asked.

    “No, not much,” Brock replied, “been studying a lot.”

    “For what?”

    “Oh! didn’t Ash tell you?” Brock seemed surprised, “I’m going to become a Pokemon doctor.”

    “Really?,” Riley was surprised, but pleased that his friend chose this path, “Someday maybe you and I could go into business together. My research combined with your doctor skills, we would be rolling in money!”

    “Yeah, I bet we would be,” Brock laughed, “But you’ve still got quite a bit of research to do though, correct?”

    “Yeah, but not too much,” Riley was sure of his work.

    “I beg to differ,” Brock started, which caught Riley nervously off guard.

    “What do you mean?”

    “Well, Ash got a call from professor Oak the other day,” Brock explained, “ and apparently the Unova League is coming up soon, and he knows Ash would want in.”

    “Unova?” Riley was confused.

    “Yeah, it’s a very far off region, which would explain why you wouldn’t know of it.” Brock continued, “but they have all sorts of Pokemon that I know you haven’t seen before, and I know how you love a good league challenge.”
    “Really,” Riley pondered this, he knew he wanted to go, “you going too?”

    “Nope, sorry,” Brock began, “I’m staying back home to continue to study.”

    “I see,” Riley was disappointed, “That’s okay though, I understand, its what you want.”
    He smiled to let Brock know that he still supported him, but Brock knew that Riley would miss him.

    “Well,” Brock yawned, “better get to bed, got a long day ahead of us.”

    “Yeah,” Riley agreed. “we are out of tea anyway. Goodnight Brock.”

    “Goodnight Riley.” the two put their cups in the sink and headed to their rooms, Brock slept in the second guest room, while Riley went up to Ash’s floor.

    __________________________________________________ ____________________________

    “So, this Riley guy,” Dawn inquired Misty, “ How do you guys know him?”

    “He’s an old friend we met while traveling from Kanto to Johto,” Misty started, “He’s from New Bark Town.”

    “Where is that?”

    “Johto,” Misty was surprised about how little Dawn knew about geography, “ He literally ran over ash on his was to sign up for the Indigo league.”

    “I see,” Dawn listened as if she was a child hearing a wondrous fairy tale.

    “He and Ash became great friends for the time that we were with him, and then we met up with him again over and over again in the Hoenn region,” Misty spoke very poetically as she noticed Dawn’s interest. “He’s somewhat of Ash’s rival, but neither of them will admit that. To them, they are just good competitive friends.”

    “Riley isn’t as dense as Ash is?” Dawn inquired, “Is he?”

    “Oh! No!” Misty seemed shocked by that question, “Riley is nowhere near like Ash, he’s much less dense. However, he is much more optimistic.”

    “I see,” Dawn yawned, “Well he seems nice.”

    “Yeah, he is,, Misty yawned as well, “Why Dawn, you into him?” there was no reply from the other girl. “Dawn?” She had fallen fast asleep, “Oh well, I guess we will see.” Misty laid down, and drifted off to sleep.


    Well there ya have it, episode 6. Now, for a schedule update. Its Monday, so I will be releasing two episodes, Saturdays (this one) and the one originally scheduled for today (#7), also the release of the new anime series dates were revealed today, and I have too many episodes to release them all on my previous schedule, so I will be working hard to get at least one released every day until the BW episodes. I realize that this in quite unconventional but I have done a massive amount of planning over the weekend and I have episodes backed up in the typing stage so they will be well planned. I hope you are enjoying it so far, THANKS! =)


    For those of you wondering why I am basing these episode times on the release of the BW episodes, it is because my fic ties closely with the anime, and that when the BW episodes roll around, I plan to write a fic that pertains directly to adventures in Unova. However, that future fic will most likely not be a shipping fic.

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    Hello all of my devoted followers! Glad that you could make it back for episode 7! This one is actually on time according to my schedule and after a little bit of planning, I realize that I should be able to get this entire series done before the release of the BW episodes! YAAAAAY! So before I bore you all with my excitement, EPISODE 7!


    PART 7: Ultimate Adventure

    “Good morning kids!” Delia was awake, wide awake, and preparing breakfast for the gang before they would head out on yet another adventure.

    “UGGGH,” was the response that the they gave, they hardly even tried to mutter the words, good morning.

    “I’ve got breakfast ready!”

    That caught their attention, they rushed the table, scarfing down all that was in sight, and left the table picked clean, it had been a while since she had cooked for a group of kids like this, and she was surprised at how much, and how fast they ate.

    “Hungry are we?” she exclaimed as they all inhaled their food.

    “Mmmhhhmmmm,” yet another unanimous answer, they were all in the same mindset this early in the morning.

    After breakfast they packed up. All of their gear and supplies that they would need for the journey ahead of them.

    “It’s about time we all got together and traveled again!” Misty was excited to travel with her friends again, as was Riley, he had been waiting for this for a while, and shared Misty’s mindset about the trip.

    “No kidding!” He agreed

    “I just cant wait to see how much this place has changed,” Ash said excitedly.

    “Me too!” Brock added, they had been away for some time now, and were eager to see the differences in the country that they still called home.

    “I just cant wait to see it!” Dawn chuckled, she was the odd one out, the one who had never experienced this place before, and she was the most eager of the group. Her face was glowing with the excitement, and anxiousness.

    “You kids stay safe!” Delia said as they left, “I know you will be, but just to be sure!” she never was worried about Ash, but she was still a mother. “Take care of him like you always do, Okay Brock?”

    “Yes, ma’am!” Brock ensured her that he would keep Ash out of trouble.

    “Bring me back some good research, okay Riley!” Professor Oak laughed, he knew that he would expect nothing less from the young boy, who always showed much promise.

    “You know it!” Riley chuckled, he was excited to discover any new things that Kanto had to offer.

    They all walked down the path together, laughing and joking the whole way down the drive, until Ash’s house was out of sight. They took a turn onto Route 1, and their journey had officially begun, and it was still quite early in the morning.

    __________________________________________________ ____________________________

    A few miles down the road the gang came across a bridge that passed over the Tohjo River, a little farther they found the Pallet Rock overlook, that looked down into the valley that is Pallet Town.

    “I can see your house from here!” Dawn yelled to Ash, and everybody looked, and stood for a while and took in the sunlight that was beaming on them that morning, it was still quite warm, but that was normal for Kanto. The winters started earlier, and ended earlier. However, Winter wasn’t officially over.

    "How is it still so warm, when its still winter?" Dawn inquired, confused.

    “Viridian City, and the surrounding areas,” Brock began, “Are enveloped in a green spring like state all year round, so its never very cold.”

    “I see,” Dawn nodded, “Strange climate.”

    “Exactly!” Riley added.

    They continued to walk, until they came across a slight clearing in the forest.

    “This looks like a great spot for lunch,” Ash said excitedly.

    “I wouldn’t count on it,” Misty contested, “look.” she raised her hand and pointed at a tent that was right beside them in the clearing.

    “Maybe somewhere else would suit better,” Brock suggested. “What do ya say Riley?”

    “Huh?” Riley wasn’t paying attention, he was staring at the tent. It was familiar to him, he had seen it before, he had slept in it before, or at least he thought.

    “What’s the matter?” Brock asked, concerned.

    “Oh, nothing,” Riley assured, “That tent is similar to the one Lyra has.”

    “I see,” Brock said.

    “Who is Lyra?” Dawn asked, cluelessly.

    “Just a girl from Riley’s hometown,” Misty responded, quickly as to not give any hints. Dawn walked away and misty nodded to Riley as if to let him know that she had his back. Riley nodded back in trust.

    “Okay!” Ash chimed, “ I guess we will just eat lunch further down the road.”

    “Why don’t we just eat at a restaurant in Viridian City, considering we are almost there.” Brock’s suggestion went over well with the whole group, and they headed off to the city to find a place to stay, and a meal to inhale.

    __________________________________________________ ____________________________

    “Huh? What? Oh! SHOOT!” Lyra exclaimed from inside her tent, she had just woken up, “It’s almost noon! “She jumped out of her tent, and began to pack up.

    “Oh crap!” she continued, “I’m so friggin late! This is not good at all”
    She began to go on a rant about her bad luck as she packed up her things. She strapped everything into her bag and took off sprinting for Pallet Town. She had no doubt that she would make it there, but she knew she wouldn’t before dark, or before her friends left, but she thought she might be able to catch them if she gets to pallet in time to find out where they went.

    “PROFESSOR!!” Lyra screamed. Professor Oak was out taking a walk under the stars as she came flying into town.

    “Oh! Lyra!”, he seemed worried, “You’re late, the kids left early this morning.”

    “Gosh Dangit!” Lyra yelled, furious.

    “Its okay, calm down,” the professor ensured, “they just called and told me that they were spending the entire day in Viridian City tomorrow, so you will be able to catch up.” She nodded and turned to run. “Oh! No, no, no! You will stay here tonight, the forest is much too dangerous alone at night. You can leave early tomorrow morning.”

    “Okay,” she whined, “I guess that’ll work.”


    Well there it is, the 7th chapter. Its gonna get good here soon when Lyra finally catches up!
    Good news is that all of my scheduling planning has helped me figure out that I can do this in the time frame that I gave myself, however, you guys can expect an episode every day until its done. Well until next time (tomorrow) BYE!

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    Hello friends, time for more of this such! This episode requires more character back story:
    The character referred to as Adam, is the name I have given to the character commonly known as silver. I don’t like using silver as a name and therefore, have named him Adam.
    There we go, now that I’ve cleared that up, I will bring on the new stuff! YAY! We last left our heroes in Viridian city, getting ready to spend a day out in the town.

    PART 8: Red Headed Memories

    “WAKE UP DANGIT!” Misty was screaming at the top of her lungs at the foot of the couch in the boys’ room, “I’VE HAD ENOUGH OF YOUR INCESSANT SNORING!!”

    Riley and Brock sat at the table, sipping their tea and laughing at the sight of those two fighting again.

    “Why don’t you just grab some water from the sink and throw on him?” Riley sarcastically suggested.

    Misty took a step towards the kitchen.

    “I was just kidding Mist,” Riley stopped her, surprised that she had actually taken his suggestion, “No need to be rash.”

    “Besides we don’t have the money to pay for a water logged couch.” Brock added.

    “Fine,” She scoffed, “I guess I’ll just beat him awake.” she threw him from the couch to the floor and kicked him in the ribs.

    “AHHHHHH!” Ash screamed from the ground as he clutched his hands to his left side, “WHAT IN THE?? WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!”

    “You wouldn’t wake up,” Misty yelled back at him, “We are going to miss breakfast if you don’t get up and get ready!”

    “Why didn’t you guys just yell at me?”

    “We tried,” Riley managed to say, between his gasps for air, he was chocking on his own laughter, “You’re a pretty heavy sleeper, dude.” he and Brock were losing it, they could hardly move because of their reaction to Ash’s pain.

    “Its not funny guys!” Ash whined, looking for sympathy.

    “You’re right Ash,” Brock calmed, as did Riley.

    “Thank you,” Ash accepted the statement as a apology.

    “It’s hilarious!” Brock chimed back in, as he and Riley fell into another fit of laughter. Misty giggled, and Ash sweat dropped, realizing that he had set himself up for that humiliation.

    “Hey Misty,” Brock began a question, after he had finished his laughing spell, “Where is Dawn?”

    “Down stairs saving us a table,” She replied, “Now get your lazy butt up and get dressed Ash!”

    “Yeah Ketchum!” Riley joked, as Ash gave him a glare.

    They managed to get down to the diner just before breakfast closed, and sat an ate for at least an hour, it was nearly noon when they finished.

    “Ahhhhhh,” Riley sighed in satisfaction, “feels good to have a late start for once.”

    “Yeah,” Brock added, “I feel totally rested.”

    “OKAY!” Dawn excitedly cheered, “It’s shopping time, Misty!”

    “Alright Dawn,” Misty replied as she lifted her mug to her lips, “Just let me finish my coff-” Before she could finish Dawn was dragging her out of the place, cup in hand. She managed to set it on the counter just as she slid out the door. The guys all sweat dropped, they didn’t understand shopping.

    “Well, looks like we are going to the trainers club?” Riley questioned, already knowing the answer, but just looking for agreement.

    “Yes, Sir!” Ash excitedly replied, “Cant wait to battle again!”

    “Hate to break it to ya Ash,” Brock began to break the poor kid’s spirit, “they only allow open battling on the weekend, its Monday, which means it’s a league day.”

    “Dang!” Ash pounded the table.

    “At least we will get to see some good battles,” Riley chimed in, letting his optimism shine, as always.

    They left the diner and headed down the sidewalk for the club, awaiting all the excitement that the place entailed.

    __________________________________________________ ____________________________

    The girls had found a small dress shop on the edge of town.

    “Why are we looking at dresses again Dawn?” Misty questioned.

    “Because we are going to be heading into some big cities,” Dawn began to explain, “ and we are gonna need something to wear for those nights out on the town!”

    “I see,” Misty rolled her eyes.

    “So,” Dawn began, “What’s the story on Riley?”

    “You’re seriously interested in him, aren’t you.” Misty was surprised.

    “No, I just don’t know much about him,” Dawn continued, “and I wanna be able to relate to him, so its not so awkward.”

    “I see”

    “Yep!” Dawn smiled, as misty began to tell some things about Riley, not very important things, but enough to keep Dawn interested, but she was careful not to lead Dawn to bring up Lyra. As she knew that she couldn’t think up a lie to cover Riley’s secret.

    __________________________________________________ ____________________________

    “Wow,” Ash gleamed, “Great stuff.” the guys stood along the wall that encircled the four battling arenas.

    “NEXT UP,” an announcer came up over the loud speaker, “JAMES FENNIMORE OF CELADON CITY, AND ADAM SILVERSHINE OF THE JOHTO REGION.”

    “What!?” Riley exclaimed, “HEY ADAM!” he yelled out to the red haired boy standing on the battlefield.

    “Now that sounds like,” Adam thought to himself, he turned to face the sidelines, “RILEY! Holy cow! What are you doing here?”

    “We will talk later!,” Riley yelled back, “You have a battle!”

    “Oh yeah! Wish me luck!”

    The battle raged on for a good half hour. Adam was a strong trainer, but so was his opponent. He was able to pull out a last minute victory with his Meganium, the very same one he had stolen from Professor Elm, which ultimately led him to meet Riley.

    “Wow, I cant believe that you guys are here,” Adam said excitedly, “Why exactly are you here?”

    “Giving a friend of ours a tour of the region,” Brock said. Ash and Brock had met Adam in the past, but did not know him near as well as Riley.

    “Fun stuff,” Adam replied.

    “Yeah, I guess,” Ash added.

    They spent the better part of the afternoon watching more battles and remembering the old times, even the bad ones.

    “You wanna come with us on our trip?” Riley questioned Adam.

    “Nah, man,” he declined, “I would, but I gotta stay here to finish out this tournament.”

    “I see, that’s too bad,” Riley understood, Adam was serious about his battling, and he always had been, despite his motives.

    The day was coming to an end and Adam had to go meet with the other trainers in the tournament to find out the brackets, and Ash, Brock and Riley had to go meet the girls for dinner. They went their separate ways, and promised that they would meet up again soon.

    __________________________________________________ ____________________________

    Back at the hotel room, everyone was getting ready for bed. The girls were making their beds, while the guys sat and played cards. The girls walked into the guys room through the door that connected the rooms, to see what they were up to.

    “Really boys?” Misty sarcastically questioned, as she rolled up the sleeves of her blue fleece pajamas, “Poker, this late?”

    “Hey now,” Riley rebutted, he sat at the end of the table opposite to her, wearing a black v-neck and sweat pants, he had his card face on with his hat tipped over his one eye, and a toothpick still from dinner in his mouth, “there’s never a bad time for poker.”

    Ash sat and stared at her, he was wearing the same thing he had worn all day, minus his hoodie. Black tee-shirt, and jeans, it was his style.

    “Ash! Its your turn!” Brock broke him from his gaze.

    “Oh! Yeah!” Ash laid down a card.

    “When did you start wearing shorts Brock?” Dawn chimed in, tying the draw strings of her pink pajama pants.

    “Brought them especially for the trip,” He explained, “Heard it was going to be warm.” Brock was definitely out of the norm, he was wearing a sweater, with green shorts.

    “Count ‘em boys,” Riley snickered slyly, “Straight in spades, ace to 4”

    “Dang!” Ash threw his cards to the table, and headed for the couch.

    “You’re too good Riley,” Brock resented, as he headed for his sleeping bag in the floor, “Looks like you got the bed tonight.”

    “Thanks Brocko!” Riley cheered.

    “You guys bet the bed?” Misty asked, “You guys are ridiculous.”

    “We couldn’t decide how else to settle the argument,” Ash explained.

    “I don’t understand you guys,” Dawn added, “ Misty and I are sharing, speaking of which, why don’t we go to bed, I’m tired.”

    The boys all sweat dropped at the thought of that, Brock and Riley shook out the thought, for their own innocent reasons. Ash, however, sat and stared, stunned by the comment.

    “ASH!” Riley yelled, “Go to bed!”

    “Yeah!” Brock added, “Get your mind out of the gutter!”

    “It never was,” Ash defended himself, as his face changed pink.

    “Yeah,” Riley started as he turned out the light, “Sure it wasn’t.”


    OoooooooooooOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooo! Ash showing his inner juvenile there! That part honestly came as I wrote it, but I think it fit nicely. That was chapter 8 out of I believe 25, so I’m still far away, but I have up to 13 already planned, and 14 just entered the planning stage. Hope you all are enjoying it and hopefully it is getting better as the story picks up. Thanks!

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    Default Sorry to dissapoint

    hey everyone, i feel bad breaking this news, but im officially killing this fic. its not giving me the response i had hoped for, and i just dont have time to keep up with the shcedule that i am on. tr4ust me though i will be back with much better, more interesting, and well thought out and planned fics. untill then, i bid you all farewell.

    P.S. expect to see a return of my characters however!

    on the path to become the greatest
    pokemon researcher...okay in all reality im just completeing a pokedex

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