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    Default RMT - Black in-game

    I’m using the newly leaked English names. They’re posted in the order that they are obtained in-game. The team has a focus on offense and I am unashamed at having gone for cool looking Pokémon (not a cute one in sight!). I also want to run the HMs on the team (i.e. no slot wasted with a HM slave). The natures are what I hope to find in-game.

    Samurott (Water) #503 aka Diakenki.
    Nature = Modest preferred, Timid or Calm (and poss. Bold if I get frustrated w. soft resets).

    Water Gun > Shell Blade > TM13 Ice Beam or TM12 Taunt
    HM03 Surf
    Revenge > Dragon Tail
    Substitute or Swords Dance (I haven’t decided yet)

    IMO the best of the starters and with good Sp. Att. is an obvious choice for Surf.

    Excadrill (Ground/Steel) #530 aka Doryuzu
    Nature = Adamant preferred over Jolly.
    Ability = either Sand Rush or Sand Force both are good.

    Mud Slap > Dig > Earthquake
    Metal Claw or Sandstorm
    Rock Slide
    Cut (HM Slave use) or Sandstorm

    Excadrill does not get any powerful Steel attacking moves - Metal Claw (pwr =50) is the only option!

    Scrafty Dark/Fighting #560 (Unova #066) aka Zuruzukin
    Nature = Adamant (Mild or Rash less preferred, Jolly is pointless)
    Ability = Moxie preferred over Shed Skin.

    Low Kick > Brick Break
    Payback > Crunch
    TM46 Thief
    HM04 Strength

    Low speed, but I like the type combo

    Sigilyph (Flying/Psychic) #561 aka Shinbora
    Nature = Modest or Timid
    Ability = Magic Guard preferred but Miracle Skin also OK

    Psybeam > Psychic or TM03 Pyscho Schock
    Air Cutter > Air Slash or Hypnosis
    TM13 Ice Beam
    HM02 Fly

    I was going to go with 567 Archeos (aka Aakeosu) as my Flying type until I saw its [dis]ability.

    Galvantula (Bug/Electric) #596 aka Denchura
    Nature = Modest or Timid
    Ability = Compound eyes (increases Thunder’s accuracy) not Tension

    Bug Bite > Signal Beam > Bug Buzz
    ElecNet > Discharge > TM24 Thunderbolt or TM25 Thunder
    Energy Ball
    TM06 Toxic

    NB - Thunderbolt is not available until well after E4 (Route 17). Very good type combo. IMO clearly the best electric type in BW (the others all have issues such as being Physical Attackers with crummy moves). Will use a Blitzle in the interim until Galavatia is obtainable.

    Haxorus (Dragon) #612 aka Ononokus
    Nature = Adamant or Jolly
    Ability = Mold Breaker (not Rivalry)

    Dual Chop > Dragon Claw or possibly Outrage (@ Lum Berry)
    False Swipe (Legendary Catcher ...)
    Dragon Dance > Swords Dance
    Taunt or Shadow Claw (can't decide yet)

    This generation’s Garchomp. Cool and a must have for me.

    What do you think?
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