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    Fraaaaaaaaud! I'm getting real tired of your bullcrap!

        Spoiler:- img:

    Fraud's first attack is "Aqua Emission". Written as "激流放射", "Torrent Emmision, spoken as "アクアエミッション", Aqua Emission. Aqua Emission? Sounds like a Water-type version of Flamethrower, considering its Japanese name translates into Flame Emission.

    His second one is "Ground Upper. "Written as "大地昇拳, "Earth Rising Fist", spoken as "グランドアッパー", "Ground Upper".

    The third one is "Lightning Slash". Written as "電撃切裂", "Blitz Ardent Slash", spoken as "ライトニングスラッシュ", "Lightning Slash".

    So, Fraud gets Arcades' powers, which apparently include the ability to use Bursts of multiple types.

    Gee, I wonder what Pokemon that sounds like. Arcades....Arc....something, but I can't put my finger on it.
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