Hola y todos.
The name's Chicara, but most know me on the Internet as Coukie.
I enjoy trading and collecting Pokémon greatly, and have had several trade threads in the past.
Please read the rules and wants list before making an offer!


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notice board.

There are currently no notices.


Do not offer "two-for-one" trades, or any variations similar.
Do not trade me hacked Pokémon. I will find out, and if I do not receive a full refund, I will black list you.
All Serebii rules apply.

Voice chat should always be off.
Be punctual. Do not leave me waiting, please.
Be polite.

the exalted.

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the banished.

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Distribution Legend:
The below colors will denote distribution status of each Pokémon. The Pokémon's name will be in one of the colors below.
NR: Non-redistributable. You may not trade it once you receive it.
FR: Fully redistributable. You may trade it as you please.
SR: Semi-redistributable. You may trade it, but the person you trade with may not.

Pokémon Format:
Species @ Item Name | Nickname (if applicable) ( [denotes shininess])
OT: Name | ID No.: ~ | Gender: /
Level: ~ | Nature: ~ | Ability: ~
IVs (if known): HP | ATK | DEF | SP. ATK | SP. DEF | SPE
EVs (if applicable): 1st stat - 2nd stat - 3rd stat - Etc. (if applicable)
Moves: 1st move | 2nd move | 3rd move | 4th move


    Spoiler:- Events.:

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The following EVd Pokemon (similar variations and UT forms are A-OK!)...
    Spoiler:- Wants~: