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    Default Artemis:Legend of Joho

    Notes: Well, I hadn't really seen a pokemon story about the middle ages before and I figured I try for one. Now Idk if it's a good idea or not,but I went for it anyway. I was thinking about that lucario movie one night and I remebered something about pokemon and war stuff like that so I wanted to try it seeing if it would be fun. I haven't had much writing experience so bare with me lol.

    This story takes place long before the Pokemon countries we know of now existed, in the time period of Middle Ages.

    Artemis:Legend of Joho

    Chapter 1: The Start.

    A young boy ran, he could hear screams and fighting behind him. The sun was just setting and his village was burning behind him. Wasn't very big village, just a small place with maybe 50 families who built their homes on the riverbed. The boy ran and ran, but it didn't seem like his feet were taking him anywhere then,bam, a fire ball slamed next to him sending him flying. A man with rusted colored armor walked up and towered over the boy,laughing as he drew his sword. His face stained with soot and grim smile on his face he leaned in and whispered to the boy.

    "Are you scared of monsters?" The man's smile grew larger as he saw tears silently roll down the young boys face as he nodded. "Then you're really gonna love this...Charizard." A gaint red dragon landed next to the man, smoke pouring through his mought. "Fire blast." The Charizard sucked in air and built a fire ball deep in his stomch. His chest buffed out and its eyes lit up with hatred. Right as he was about to release the fire from his mouth to roast the boy a chill quickly filled the air and the Charizard was frozen where it stood.

    The man's smile quickly fell, he watched an icy blue cat like monster stand infront of the child growling. "What th-" The man lifted his sword and swung it at the cat-monster, but before it hit the little blue cat another sword deflected it. The little boy stared at the man whom just tried to kill him then he looked over at the cat and another man standing beside the cat.

    "Artemis." The man who owned the Charizard muttered under his breath. "What brings you here?"

    "My father received reports of a large group of Kan soldiers coming toawrds the outer villages. He sent Glaceon and I to check to see if the reports were true..and I see that they are." Artemis nudged the boy wioth his foot for him to get up and so the boy did. "Boy, go to the nearest town and tell them what has happened here and tell them to send word to the King that the Kingdom of Kan has attacked your village"

    The boy wiped his tears and nodded,he then turned and ran off. "Artemis, my boy, you know that child shall not get far...I'll have my men kill him before the sun fully sets." Said the man from Kan.

    "General Kon, you underestimate the me,and the child and you clearly to much of your men. Do you really think my father would be stupid enough to send his son to see if an army were on its way to attack only?" Artemis smirked and waved his sword slightly. "My men are with in minutes away from me and when they see the boy one of them will take him on to my father."

    Kon smiled as if the news pleased him. "Looks as if Charizard is melting.." The ice that froze Charizard started to break. It the shattered and Charizard let loose its fire blast in the air. "I'll kill you and your Glaceon then attack your men with a surprise air assult and as Charizard's reward I'll let him feast on the boy." Kon swung his sword,but it was yet again deflected by Artemis. Kon the started to swing in a frenzy of violent slices through the air. But each swing was matched with a block by Artemis. "You fight well boy..but how good do you fight with a dragon breathing down your back?" The Charizard huffed smoke out of its nose and took a step towards Artemis,but Glaceon quickly stepped in its way.

    Charizard smirked and swung its tail trying to slap Glaceon away so it may help its comander. Glaceon jumped over the tail and let out a swift attack right in Charizards face. The gaint dragon stumbled back and let out slight whine,its vision was now blurred. Not knowing what figure was his opponet he let out random heat waves trying to hit someone. One heat wave almost hit Artemis and Kon,but another hit Glaceon seriously hurting him.

    Distracted by seeing Glaceon take a fire attack right in its side,Artemis's sword was smacked away and he was knocked over by a smack in the forehead with the hilt of Kon's sword. Kon spoke with a chuckle in his voice,"You foolish little prince,you shouldn't get disracted when your tools are damaged." Kon smiled as he watched Artemis scrabble to his feet,but before he was up fully Kon kicked him back down. "What a great way to start out a war, destorying a peacful village making it a awful pile of burning ash and killing a future king aswell." Kon lifted his sword with the blade pointing down towards Artemis. "This will be stuff of legends boy." With those words Kon brought his sword down sending the blade into Artemis's chest.

    The pain was over powering and Artemis gasped for air as his vision became blurred. As his eyes shut he could hear the distant laugh from Kon as he beat Glaceon,and then...silence. He was sort of at peace with his self walking in the dark with a distant light up ahead,but then he remember all the people he was leaving. How could he let it end this way? How could he have just lied there on the ground and let Kon stab him so easily?

    Artemis stopped walking and stared at the light up ahead, he once heard that people near death saw a bright light and that if they went into it they would in fact die. He thought that maybe if he turned around he would come back to life or there is a possibility that he would be stuck in limbo forever. So with out another thought he charged towards the light,if he died,he died and if he didn't then it means that he is suppose to live to fight for his future kingdom. As Artemis got closer to the light he could hear voices,some familiar some not and then he was there. But before he stepped into it he stopped and stared into it,it's brightness was hardly bearable,but staring out into it was like staring at the void of an endless white sea, amazing and beautiful. Artemis then took a breath and jumped in the void.

    Artemis shot up gasping for air,he quickly looked around to see if he had died or back amoung the living. He was in a room,candle on a table with medical tools, a bowl of water next to him with a wet cloth in the bowl. Artemis himself sat in a bed with gauze wrapped around his torso, he couldn't believe it he was alive. Artemis looked down at his hands the felt his chest to check his wound. Some one then stepped in the doorway and stopped in awe. "H-He lives! Nurse go tell my father Artemis is alive!" Said a young girl no older than thirteen. She was dressed like royalty,which she was, and she held a small little baby blue Poliwag in her arms.

    "Coral." Artemis said his sister's name like he hadn't seen her in years. Coral ran to her bother and sat down next to him. Artemis then placed his hand on her face and wiped the tears of joy off her cheeks. He then ran his fingers through her gloden wavy locks, it was just like his and their fathers. Artemis then pulled her closer and kissed her forehead.

    "Coral, ho-how long have I been out?" Artemis asked.

    Coral's eyes shifted and then she looked up at Artemis. "Nearly two weeks now. The doctors said you would be dead by tonight, I was coming to say my final words to you." A tear ran across her face. "...Artemis,Father has...he has changed since they brought back to the castle. He has been,distant and dark,I was fearing that everything was taking a turn for the worse. He was starting to scare me and Orion hasn't spoken a word since he saw you lying on the bed."

    The look on Artemis's face was grim,"And Glaceon...what of him?" Coral bit her lip and tears began to stream down her face now.

    "Art-Artemis, he wasn't at the battlefeild when are men arrived. We believe him to be dead." Said a voice coming from the doorway, Artemis looked up and there stood Orion. He unlike his siblings and father had red curly hair like his mother, he wasn't dressed like royalty, he dress more like a peasant. He still had the face of a child, but he was close to sixteen now. "I can't stay long, I must head off to a small outer land,Sabure..Fathers orders."

    Artemis shot out of bed. "What!" He almost yelled in outrage. "There is nothing,but crime and scum of the earth there. Why on earth would Father send you to a place like Sabure?"

    Orion turned his head. "Need not worry Artemis, I am bring a small band of fighter/friends with me,we'll be going to find intel on the enemy. Crime bosses tend to keep track of things like that...accroding to Father anyway."

    Artemis shook his head in disagreement, "And these fighters...not much older than you I'm guessing?"

    "Most of them are young yes,but Bruno will also be going to watch over us." Orion acted as if he wanted to leave the room that he couldn't stand to see his brother alive. "We need know about the deals the Kingdom of Kan is make with the crimebosses and is we can make a better one."

    Artemis started to walk past Orion, "I'll be going with you." Orion quickly grabbed Artemis's arm and pulled him back. They stood eye to eye, Artemis yanked his arm away and they stared at one another. Coral and poliwag were in the corner watching the whole thing to see who would break the silence first.

    "This is my mission brother,you are in no health to be traveling for several days to go in a waste land such as Sabure." Orion then stormed out of the room before Artemis could get in another word.

    Artemis looked over at his crying sister in the corner and the poliwag who was trying to make her stop crying. "You just woke up! You and Orion shouldn't be arguing you should be hugging and telling each other that you love one another! That you are happy to be alive and he is happy you are alive!" Coral then ran out the room and Poliwag followed.

    Artemis busted in the throne room and looked around. His father was no where to be found, only souls to be in the room were to gaurds standing beside the throne. "Prince Artemis, we heard of you awakening,but we didn't think you'd be this well."

    Artemis waved his hand like he was waving off the comment,"Tell me where my Father is.."

    One of the gaurds spoke,"He was in town when we received the new of you being awake,he shall be here shortly."

    The young prince closed his eyes and sighed, he then turned around and was about to walk out the doors when his father and a fat Empoleon walked in followed by a elder man dressed like a king. "Son!" Spoke the man. "You do live!" The king then hugged Artemis tightly. He then looked in his son's eyes and patted him on his back. "I knew you'd pull through ole boy." He said with a chuckle.

    "Yes Father, I am alive and well...I have come to talk not of my recovery,but of my brother's mission to the outer land of Sabure." Artemis took a step back. "I don't believe it is the best to send them being the age that they are."

    The king's grin was wiped off and nothing left,but a cold stare. "That is not your place...when you wear this crown then it will be you to decided who does what and goes where."

    Artemis stood his ground though,"Father, I demand that I go with them by your orders..and if not I shall go anyway."

    The king looked down ath the ground pondering his son's demand, he then began to walk to his thrown. Once there he placed his hand on his chin and begann scratching it. "Son, you know the rules of interfering with a mission..." He watched Artemis nod and then smirked, "You have your mothers will and determination, very shall go with your brother." At the same time he said this Orion walked in.

    His face was filled with anger and he gritted his teeth,"Very to have you on MY mission." Orion forced himself to deal with what his father decided,He wasn't allowed to speak out against orders like Artemis was due to him being the second born son and not the next to be king. He then looked at his father shook his head. "I was going to tell you my men are ready,but now with Artemis joining in we will have to wait for him."

    Artemis shook his head,"No I won't be long..few things in a bag and some medicine." And soon they were off to Sabure.

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    I noticed that you didn't get any comments, so I decided to give you one. The idea of putting a story in a Dark Ages style setting was really good. The only thing I have to comment on is your extreme risk of a Mary-Stu protagonist. First, he's a prince. Second, he just got his way when arguing with the king, with barely any opposition. Third..., I couldn't think of a number three. The fact that his Glaceon managed to freeze a Charizard is also making me a little concerned over realism. Aside from that, I didn't notice any spelling errors, which was a good thing. I really liked the chapter, and the entire death sequence was very interesting... although I'm going to question how high the survival rate is after being unconcious for two weeks before the invention of modern medicine...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rediamond View Post
    I noticed that you didn't get any comments, so I decided to give you one. The idea of putting a story in a Dark Ages style setting was really good. The only thing I have to comment on is your extreme risk of a Mary-Stu protagonist. First, he's a prince. Second, he just got his way when arguing with the king, with barely any opposition. Third..., I couldn't think of a number three. The fact that his Glaceon managed to freeze a Charizard is also making me a little concerned over realism. Aside from that, I didn't notice any spelling errors, which was a good thing. I really liked the chapter, and the entire death sequence was very interesting... although I'm going to question how high the survival rate is after being unconcious for two weeks before the invention of modern medicine...
    Thank you for my first comment. So um, how do I keep him from being Mary-stu exactly? I'm not even sure what that really means,guessing something on the lines of a goody two shoes? The survival rate was a long shot, I had orignally planned for it to be only 3 days,but went with two weeks for reasons I don't really know. And I didn't really like the fact that his recovery after waking up was so quick...I might do something about that in later chapters. But again think you for the comment and I hope more will comment on this.

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    No, a Mary-Sue or Gary-Stu is a character who is perfect has has little to no flaws. I agree with most of what Rediamond said, so all I can say is give your main character some flaws to have him not be a Gary-Stu

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    Oh ok..I can do that I guess. Don't think it should be too hard to give him some flaws.

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    Default Chapter 2: Sabure

    Chapter 2: Sabure

    Artemis didn't take long like he said and not to long after departure he began to think,unlike his fellow members in the group he didn't have a pokemon any longer,and he hadn't really thought about it until he was too far from their village to turn back and get one. Ofcorse he could always catch one in the wild,but him getting it to obey him/befriend it by the time they reached Sabure would be a long shot. He then began to think about Orion not telling him to grab a pokemon..perhaps his brother was trying to put him in danger in case they were to land in trouble? Artemis shook the thought from his head, his brother would do alot of things to him,but to say he'd go that far would be wrong of him.

    As the walked through the forest Artemis looked at all the green and lush plants around him. Sabure would be nothing like this place, sandy and dry. Poverty stricken place where theives ran around with out worry of being brought to justice. He had only been to that place once and he wished he would never have to go to such a place again,but he couldn't just watch his brother go on a mission like this with out him. He felt the need to protect his little baby brother,a silent promise to his mother on her death bed.

    As the day streached on the light began to fade and night fall began to take over. Orion stopped and took his traveling bag off,"Alright, this seems like a good place to set up camp for the night." Orion looked over at Bruno, "You and Granbull should go collect fire wood."

    "Yes sir." Bruno and Granbull then walked off in serach for fire wood.

    He then looked at his poke-partner,Golduck. "Go find a clean river or pond for drinking/bathing water." The Golduck nodded and ran off in the forrest. "The rest of us should set up camp."

    It didn't take long after camp was set up Golduck came back and showed some members of the group where a small flowing stream was, then Bruno and his Grandbull came back with fire wood. Shortly after, they had a fire going and started roasting some berries they had brought with them. And once everyone was finished eating they were off to sleep.

    Artemis's lied there wide awake,he had been out of it for two weeks who would blame him for not sleeping? He took a deep breath and slight pain shot across his chest. He winced and grabbed his chest,but it faded and he felt fine again. He could hear Hoot-hoot and noctowl in the trees hooting away. The stars were out and the moon was creast. It was so beautiful,Artemis just stared out in to the endless night sky,before he knew it the sun was rising and Orion started to move around in his sleep. It wouldn't be long before he was up and woke everyone with him.

    Artemis sat up from where he was laying and took a deep breath. He decided to go ahead down to the little stream Golduck show them last night and wash up before anyone else got down there. As he made his way to the stream another pain shot across his chest, but this time it was stronger, it nearly brought him to his knees most likely would have if he had not proped himself up against a tree. His breathing slowed and his eyes were shut. He won't tyo let out a cry in pain, but he didn't,his brother would have heard and then it would get nothing,but worse from there. After about a minute the pain passed and he went on towards the stream.

    Once to the river, he stripped and started taking his bath. When he was finished he stood there examing his wound in the reflection of the stream. It looked bad,yet he would tell no one of how it looked and the pian it was causing him. Artemis got out and got the low part of himself dressed before the pian struck again,this time he let out a little noise. He the heard someone walk up and stop infront of him. The pain faded and Artemis looked up,not knowing what to do, there his wound was exposed and he showed that it was causing him pain. Now what was he to do?

    Bruno stared at the wound,"Artemis,you shouldn't have come,that wound will be the death of you."

    Artemis picked up his shirt and put it on. "Bruno, I had to come..."

    Bruno shook his head. "No you didn't have to just didn't trust your fathers judgement and you didn't trust your brother would be able to handly his quest." Bruno placed his stuff on a rock near the river. "That has always been one of you fatel flaws, stuburn and distrusting."

    "I trust people." Artemis said in protest.

    "Barely.." Bruno sighed and looked at the stream. "I'm not going to tell Orion of your condition,but...should you get worse I will have no other choice,but to tell him."Artemis nods and walked off.

    After everyone got up,ate and to a dip in the stream they took off once more towards Sabure. The day went by fairly fast and the night even quicker, Artemis's pain seemed to go away and come back through out the night,and he didn't get in any sleep again. So he thought about how long they had left until they would arrive at Sabure,almost a week it would take from the point they are at.

    The travel seemed sow and the area changed from forest to plain green feild to windy wasteland of sand. Yes, a wasteland of sand, they were on the outskirts of Sabure,it took almost a week and two days, but they finally made it.

    Orion stopped and looked at the group,"Alright men, we are just mintues away from Sabure.Once we get there we are to look for an informent of my Father's..from there I will give further orders." Orion looked at his brother and smirked. "Now when we get in the town we shall split up,Bruno and I will talk to the informent the rest of you go around Sabure and ask around about Kan, but be careful." Orion paused and then went back to talking. "Artemis you may go with the others or come with me..I don't really care what you do." Orion then turned around and led his group into Sabure.

    The heat poured down and the sun was at its highest point in the sky. As soon as they walked in the town the group spilt three men went off one way with all their pokemon and Orion,Bruno and Artemis kept straight. People sat in ally ways holding signs,begging for money. Other people sat in the shade gambling,cursing away when they lost. Some shopkeepers tried to get Orion,Bruno and Artemis to stop,but they kept onwards.

    Artemis watched as people and pokemon were being carried off in cages to be sold as slaves. "Disgusting.." Artemis muttered under his breath.

    "Indeed." Bruno agreed.

    "Maybe we should-"

    "No, we have to stick with our current goal..." Orion cut off Artemis, his voice was cold and distant. "And we can't have to much attention brought on us."

    Artemis didn't like it,but he knew Orion was right. The kept walking until they reached a broken down shop. Piles a broke stuff in the front, a sign that was in different languages, even some Rapidash tied to a post for sale. "Well this is it." Said Bruno.

    They all walked in and to slave girls greeted them with a smile. "Hello how may we service you?" Said one.

    "We have a wide range of girls to choose from,or is there a special one you have in mind?" Said the other.

    Artemis then realized where they we at,"This is a-" Once again cut off,but this time by Bruno.

    "Yes, now be quiet." Bruno then turned to a girl, "No we are here to speak with the owner."

    One girl nods and walks off and the other smiles. "Yes Mr. Young is this way, please follow." She then made her way through doors leading into the back.

    Bruno looked at the boys. "Let's go.." He then followed the girl,Artemis and Orion followed him.

    They walked walked past many doors some closed and some open. Artemis kept his eyes straight foward dispite what he heard and he made sure his brother did the same. This place was dirty,disgusting and disrespectful. They finally reached the end of the long streach of hall, infront of them was a closed door with a the word office writen on it, the girl knocked and opened the door saying,"Mr.Young...visiters."

    "Is there a problem with one of the girls?" Mr. Young asked before he saw Bruno enter, "Ah Bruno,old pal...I trust you are doing well."

    Bruno nods, "I'm doing fine,but this isn't a trip to see old friends.." Artemis and Orion entered and they shut the door behind them.

    "I see, so Arthur sent you for information?" Ask Young.

    "Yes, you see a small village, the one people call New Bark, was attacked by Kan soldiers."

    "Ah yes, I may have heard something about that" Young shifted in his set. "And you want to know if I know anything else about Kan's doings?"

    "Correct." Bruno confirmed.

    "I haven't heard much..I know that they recently sold some slaves, both Pokemon and People to Lee. He would know the most about anything Kan." Young told them.

    Bruno's face grew grim and his eyes glazed over as if he we going into deep thought. "I see"

    Orion stepped up to the table Young was sitting at, "Wait, who is Lee?"

    Young smirked. "Kid, Lee is the crime boss that basicly owns this town and everyone in it." Young closed his eyes and explained further. "She really isn't someone you want to mess with and when dealing with her you must be extra careful or you will either end up dead or being owned by her."

    Orion stepped back behind Bruno, "oh."

    Bruno turned around and made his way towards the door. "Come one boys, and thank you Young."

    They walked out of the broken down building and looked around in the busy streets. "Now what?" asked Artemis.

    "We must go talk to Lee." Bruno said as he walked off, Artemis and Orion followed.

    "What? You heard Young...she dangerous. Let just ask around and see what we can find." Artemis offered as an alternate choice.

    "No, we've gotta ask her it's the fastest way to get info." Said Orion.

    Artemis grabbed Orion's arm and turned him around so they'd be facing eye to eye. "And the most reckless, we should take such a risk when we have no other option."

    "I'm the leader of this group and what I say goes." Said Orion,but Bruno spoke up.

    "I agree with Artemis, we should save her as the last option."

    Orion turned and looked at Bruno. "No, we go now...and that is an order to both of you."

    "Yes sir." said Bruno.

    Artemis shook his head, but said nothing to argue.

    "Now where is Lee?" asked Orion.

    Bruno looked at the sky, "Well I say it's around afternoon, so she should be at the arena."

    "Lead the way." Orion ordered.

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    Default Chapter 3: Enslaved.

    Chapter 3: Enslaved

    Tons of people poured into the arena,Artemis and Orion stayed close to Bruno so they wouldn't get lost in the crowd. The climbed stairs until they reached a a door gaurded by to gaurds dressed in full armor. Bruno tryed to walk past them to get in the private viewing box, but the gaurds stuck their spears in the way.

    "State you business." Ordered a gaurd.

    Bruno looked at him, "My business is with Lee."

    Lee watched as bruno talked to the gaurds, she stood up and walked over to them. "It's okay boys,I find the elder one to be...atrractive."

    The gaurds moved aside and let them in, "So, how may I help you gentlemen?" She was dressed in white and had a crown made out of golden leaves on her dark purple hair.

    "I need to know about Kan." Said Bruno.

    Lee giggled and ran her fingers through Bruno's dark wavy hair, she stared right in his eyes. They were emerald and intense, her laugh made you relaxed as soon as you heard it. "Something like that comes with a price." She smiled sucking him deeper in her charm.

    Bruno then stepped back and threw a sack of money on the ground. "I figured as about a game?"

    Lee smirked,"Fine,if I win I get to keep the money."

    Bruno nods. "And if I win I keep my money and you tell me what you know."

    Lee agreed and snap her fingers. Two gaurds walked up and placed a table infront of them, the table had checker formation and a bag in the center. Lee picked up the bag and dumped it out on the tbale. "Pick you poison."

    Bruno picked out the black triangles from the pile and lined them up. "Highs,Black."

    "Guess that leaves me with low,whites." Lee took her peices and lined them up in a different style than Bruno's.

    "Mongul formation?" Bruno picked up the dice and rolled them. "I haven't seen that in a while." He then slid a few pieces to different spots.

    "Arbok's den....such a move is too common among con-artist." Lee then took dice and rolled them. She then took four of her pieces and moved then to form an arrow.

    The game went back and forth, Bruno took peices and Lee took peices. Thirty mintues had to pass before Bruno smirked and stood up from where is was sitting. "I believe I won."

    Lee giggled and stood up as well. "I believe you did."

    "No tell me what you know about Kan." Bruno demanded.

    "Well...I know they sold me tons of pokemon and people. They also bought a few larger pokemon of mine for some attack." Lee told them.

    "What pokemon did you sale them?" Bruno asked.

    "Large, awful and powerful pokemon. Some that I personally wouldn't want to be fighting. The were imported pokemon from far off lands.."

    Bruno nods. "I see.." He then truned around and was about to walk off when artemis step past him and asked.

    "What of the pokemon and people they sold to you?"

    "Oh just half dead,almost useless beings from some war raid." Lee said, she watched Artemis's reaction as she disgraced the slaves. She injoyed watching him so she went further. "There was this beautiful Glaceon,would have made a nice fur coat had it not been stained with all that blood. Oh, and there was a Persia-" She was cut off.

    "Wait....a Glaceon?" His heart sunk when he heard her say something about Glaceon.

    "Yes, a rare find in these parts, usually have to have them imported from a distant land or if you were stupid enough take them deep in that cave of ice." Lee knew she had hooked him by the way he was acting. "He was almost dead,but..." She trailed off.

    "But--but what?" Artemis was on the edge.

    "I'll tell..If you play a game with me." Lee said, she knew Artemis wouldn't refuse.

    "It's a deal." He agreed.

    "Artemis wait.." said Orion. "I know Glaceon was your first pokemon and you held a tight bond with him...,but the odds of it being him are slim."

    "Orion, leave it's something I have to do.." Orion shook his head, but backed off.

    Lee picked up one of the dye from her game with bruno and listed the conditions, "I get one dye and you get one dye..highest roll wins. If I win I own you, should you win I tell you what you want to know."

    "And if we end up in a draw?" asked Artemis.

    "Then I tell you what you want..but you become mine. Best two out of three."

    Before Artemis could agree Bruno spoke up, "Artemis...don't do it."

    Artemis ignored Bruno and agreed to the conditions. He picked up the dye and rolled it, three. Dang, that was going to be easy to beat for sure. Lee rolled, five, she smirked as she picked up her dye. Artemis did the same,but this time Lee went first, five. Artemis took a deep breath and rolled, it tumble and spun then finally came to a stop,five. The expression on his face was grim as he picked up his dye once more. He watched Lee do the same, she looked confident, and why would she looked worried? She didn't agree to something so stupid.

    Artemis couldn't believe he just agreed to possible selling his soul, what good would getting knowledge about Glaceon if he couldn't use it. He rolled the dye and it seemed like it took forever to stop,but it finally did. A six, Artemis sat there waiting for Lee to roll, she looked at the dye that had landed before her, it satisfied her to know that should was most likely going to loose ending it with a tie. Making her the actual winner,it was the perfect scam and something she always did,feed on the desperate.

    She lifted her hand and tossed the dye in skid across the ground and bounced off of Artemis's shoe,once it finally stop it had landed on a two. Unbelievable, even though he once..he lost. He then remember what Young had said. "Be careful dealing with Lee, you'd either end up dead or hers."

    Lee picked up both dye, "A deal is a deal, I sold him to a old shopkeeper close to the outskirts." She snapped her fingers and pointed at artemis and the gaurds walked over and grabbed his arms. "Take him to cell block C." The gaurds nodded and dragged him away.

    As he was being dragged away he looked at his brother and said. "Go to Glaceon,buy him back and go home."

    Orion just stared as they dragged Artemis away and Bruno turned and tugged on Orion. "Come, there is no help for him now he is lost."
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