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What may make it plausible is that Iris had a pretty big role in 'saving' Zuruggu in this episode. Iris was the one that cured Zuruggu's poison and she got jack for that.. Ash couldn't do a damn thing, so I'm not very pleased with the complete progression of how it bonded with Ash.
Iris did the same with Pansage. Sure it's a different scenario in that Pansage was already Dento's but still, she has the skills to make medicine to heal pokemon so she'll do it. It shouldn't really mean anything besides that.

That being said, I did like the episode, just the fact that Iris saved Zuruggu while Ash couldn't is just a plain smack in the face in my opinion to the sentiment and request that Ash got when he got the damn egg.

'Please take good care of the pokemon in this egg'

Next thing you know he's relying on other people's skills to do so.. I'm sorry, but Ash doesn't really deserve Zuruggu now does he? And don't give me that crap akin to 'well he defended it the second time'. If it weren't for Iris saving it the first time, and Ash maybe keeping an eye on his newborn, then there wouldn't have been a second time.

So all of you people who said that 'Ash should get it, because he got the egg as a gift' should look at themselves with this in mind. He didn't only get it as a gift, he got it with a request, and he failed to fulfill that request the moment it hatched.

How is Ash worthy of keeping it?
Sorry, but I'd think it'd be a smack in the face if Iris got Scraggy instead. It was given to Ash so he should keep it since in natural circumstances, we'd all await to see what new pokemon he'll get. We're not waiting for this episode to see if Iris will get it. Besides Togepi (who was in no official ownership as an egg btw), all the eggs that were given stayed with their trainer. Scraggy shouldn't be any different.

And other than healing other people's pokemon, Iris hasn't done anything with her own pokemon since BW started. I'd rather see Ash get Scraggy so we could see it train along with the rest of his team. Right now, Iris is too focused on Axew and with two baby pokemon...yeah doesn't really make sense. She also has to focus on getting Excadrill to listen to her too so getting a third pokemon (that doesn't battle well either) is not gonna help her training.

Also, you're really discrediting Ash and all his pokemon's efforts to defend Scraggy? That was probably the best moment of the episode and that shouldn't count? And just because Ash couldn't make medicine for his pokemon (like he usually couldn't), that automatically means he shouldn't get it? Um...we have about 175+ episodes left for BW, he has all that time to take care of Scraggy and to train it. I don't see how one instance is an auto failure and he's undeserving. I honestly believe that we wouldn't even think of Scraggy going to Iris or Ash being undeserving of his own egg pokemon if we hadn't seen those sketches (that don't mean anything anyway). Since Scraggy's now Ash's, it should stay on his team. It makes more sense that way.

Ash can focus on his baby pokemon, while Iris focuses on hers and they can help each other train so their baby pokemon can be stronger and we can see a Scraggy/Axew rematch except at their evolved states maybe. With this episode recognizing that Ash and Iris both have baby pokemon, I think it'd be great to see them work together to train their pokemon and with that said, maybe Iris will come to respect Ash more and not call him a child as much in the future.

So I could see something like that and now that we know Ash has Scraggy from this episode, I really don't see why this whole Iris/Scraggy thing has to be pressed on.