Yes, they should know by now that NOTHING will stop, hurt, or kill Ash. Nothing. Neither sustaining a back injury, nor being Flamethrowered, electricuted, or frozen, nor falling form great heights, nor being turned to stone, nor anything else will do him harm.!

(not really(all the characters are like that), but I just had to do that )

-Protecting taking an impact on his back. Smart, if your goal is to be paralyzed.
-"acceptable behavior." Hehe. The wording of that makes it sound much funnier than it most likely actually is.
-Returning one badge in response to Ash demanding his badges back. Nice.
-"borrows" things from visitors? Suuure, Joy. It just "borrows" them...
-Snorunt "delivering" Ash's hat to his friends so that they know he's OK...shouldn't that make them worry MORE?(1:He's out in the cold with nothing covering his head(unless his jacket has a hood...) 2:How would they know that Ash was with his hat when Snorunt took it? For all they knew, it could have found his hat in the middle of nowhere with Ash nowhere to be seen) Or am I missing something?