Wow, that was unexpected 0_0. Interesting idea, though, having Ash sing the title.

At first, Snorunt's voice sounded too strange for me, but now it seems really fitting. I guess it just grew on me, like Grovyle and Swellow. Good thing, too, because I love Snorunt

Icy Wind doesn't freeze, that's something 4Kids overlooked. Should've been Powder Snow. In theory, it makes sense to have Icy Wind freeze, but Powder Snow makes sense and it actually can happen.

If they got the Trainer's Choice wrong today, I would've LMAO. This had t be the easiest one yet.

I loved May's attack on TR, and their stung reactions ^_^

At least Snorunt didn't just join Ash. He actually had to fight it to get it, which is how it should always be.

I can see how Ash and Snorunt developed that bond. There was some rather poignant moments in this episode.

Nurse Joy's voice.....was really off in this episode. I dunno if I'm just noticing it for the first time, or if it was actually messed up in this episode, but whatever the case, it's different than what I remembered.

OMG, the Snorunt vs. Pikachu battle in the end was excellent =D

Oh yeah, and the new Mirror Coat owns. So much cooler than Wobbuffet's old one(not that the old one was bad, just that this one is better).

Overall rating:
8.7 out of 10
Pretty good capture episode. Snorunt has a great personality, and I'm glad that, of all Pokémon, it got to be Ash's newest Team Member.

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