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    Default Pokemon OOO

    A crossover between Pokemon & Kamen Rider OOO.

    Kamen Rider OOO: Pokemon World's hero.

    Mewtwo: The Pokemon World's "Ankh"

    Greeed: Evil creatures sealed away feeding on the desires of human & Pokemon alike. They have take on their own human forms based on the world's gym leaders, based on their type.
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    Hi there, and welcome to the fic forum!

    Unfortunately, as our rules state, you must post a chapter or some form of story within fifteen minutes of creating a thread. This is to avoid having threads that don't have a story hang around the story archive. Seeing as it's been an hour since the thread's opened, I'll have to close this, but I encourage you to check out our rules and try again later. (If it helps, a tip: write a portion of your fic on a word processor such as Google Drive first, then copy and paste it to the forums. That way, you'll be starting off the thread with enough material for us to read through.)

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