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    The Sorceress Who Vanquishes The Shadows
    Chapter One: The Disappearance Of The SS Libra


    The day our quest to Snag and purify all the Shadow Pokémon Cipher made began, my brother Michael and I were doing what we always did: battle practice.

    Using the Battle Sim System, I commanded a Salamance while my brother commanded a Metagross. It was a tough battle, but eventually, I managed to pull ahead with Salamance’s Earthquake. Granted, Sludge Bomb did a fair amount of damage, but thankfully, I pulled through and beat the Metagross my brother commanded.

    The world turned black around us, but that’s what was supposed to happen. However, the black world reminded me of of a very weird dream I had last night— there was a Pokémon cargo ship, the SS Libra, sailing peacefully through the ocean to its destination, the stars shining brightly overhead. However, it was suddenly seized by a wicked looking black and gray colored Lugia and carried away, dropping the sailors it carried into the ocean, leaving no trace that it was ever there in the first place.

    “Alright Michael, Medea,” I heard the voice of our battle coach, breaking me out of my ponderings about the dream and what it could mean. “This will do for today!”

    I shrugged as we reappeared in the real world in the Pokémon HQ lab which belonged Professor Krane, the one who, in addition to Mom and our father, had started this lab. “I could have done a few more. But whatever.”

    I was ignored— I rarely wanted to stop battle practice because I hardly got a chance to do much of any real battling; there weren’t many Trainers around the lab, and those that did frequent usually weren’t strong enough to give me a challenge. That was likely because I was always training with my Pokémon, a Growlithe I called Kyouka. It meant mirror flower in the old tongue, and I named her that because when Dad first gave her to me, first gave me the Pokéball that our birth father had apparently captured her in, she was holding a flower in her mouth. When she came out, the first thing she saw was a mirror. Having never seen one before, naturally, she stared at herself for a while. Noticing the flower in her mouth, which was being reflected in the mirror, the name just kind of stuck. So, ever since then she'd been Kyouka the Mirror Flower.

    “Yes, sir! That was a well-played battle. Michael, Medea, your battle skills have improved by an amazing amount.” The battle coach praised us, making me roll my eyes; it was just a Battle Sim. “I mean, it was impressive the way you handled those big Pokémon with aplomb. You both took command of them as if they were the same as your Eevee and Growlithe. Don’t you two think it’s time that you consider raising other Pokémon beside your Eevee and Growlithe?”

    I shrugged. “Oh, I probably will soon. What about you, Michael? Any burning desire to train other Pokémon aside from your Eevee?”

    My brother considered it. “Maybe I will, but I think for now I’m going to focus on training Eevee. What’s the point of having a lot of Pokémon if none of them are trained well?”

    “Good point.” I acknowledged with a nod as we left the Battle Sim room and headed over to the bathrooms to clean up (despite only using Battle Sims, we could and often did work up quite a sweat during our daily battle practices). “Still, awfully hard to go much of anywhere as a Trainer with just one Pokémon, or at least in the Orre region. After all, it would be kind of hard to win a double battle with just one Pokémon, right?”

    “That is a good point.” Michael admitted. “I hadn’t considered that. So I guess I’ll at least find one other Pokémon to train, if only so that I have two for double battles.”

    “So, what now?” I wanted to know.

    “We could go see Mom and Dad.” My brother suggested.

    I considered it. “Good idea.”

    The man we considered our father, Professor Krane, wasn’t actually the man who sired us (yeah, we’d had the talk; that was an hour of my life I could cheerfully forget). However, Michael and I didn’t remember our real father. No one knew what happened to him, but he disappeared eight years ago shortly after what was known as the Shadow Pokémon incident. He and Dad were designing a chamber that could purify Shadow Pokémon, the very same Purify Chamber which was about to be completed. Some thought he was dead, and others thought he just ran off. I doubted the second option, and personally thought that the remnants of Cipher, the criminal organization behind the Shadow Pokémon incident seven years ago, killed him and threw his body somewhere where it wouldn’t be found. Yeah, I know, morbid thoughts for a thirteen year old, but I had kind of been around adults my whole life. There weren’t many kids around the lab, especially not kids mine and Michael’s age. And also, I had dreams— literal dreams when I was sleeping, mind you, not goals— that had forced me grow up faster than I would have ordinarily because of what they contained.

    We casually strolled into Dad’s office, where we were greeted by Dad, who had been speaking with Mom about something. “Hi, Michael, Medea.” He greeted. “Have you finished your training for the morning?”

    I grinned. “Sure did. Morning, Dad.”

    The man we considered our father smiled at us. “And good morning to you too.”

    Mom pulled out a couple of chairs. “Did you two come to pay your morning visit to your father?” Even Mom, who desperately wanted to believe that our birth father was alive and was just somehow unable to come back to us, acknowledged that in every way but blood, Professor Krane was our father. “Sit down. I’ll have some refreshments brought up.” She fixed us with a look. “How long ago was it that you two ate breakfast?”

    As if on cue, our stomachs rumbled. “Whoops.” Michael blushed. “I guess it has been a while.”

    Mom sighed before she pressed a button and asked one of the lab’s chefs to send lunch up to Dad’s office. Turning back to us, she said “I swear, if I had even a single dollar for every time you two go long periods of time without eating because of your battle training, I would have enough money to hire a personal team of engineers to build the Purify Chamber.”

    “Hey!” Michael protested. “We’re not that bad!”

    I snorted. “ I hate to break it to you, dear brother, but we kind of are that bad.”

    My brother opened his mouth to protest, and then shut it after a minute when he realized I had a point. “Fine, I concede. You have a point. Unfortunately.”

    I grinned. “Why thank you.”

    “Oh, yes,” Dad began before we could break out into another one of our famous sibling debates; he knew as well as everyone else that if we did, we’d be here all day. “I heard the Battle Coach singing high praise about you two. I’ve heard that both your battling skills have improved dramatically recently. That’s outstanding.” He chuckled. “I don’t think I’d stand that much of a chance against either of you.”

    Mom let out an exasperated sigh. “I wish that everyone wouldn’t drown them with such gushing praise all the time. My children will become spoiled rotten.”

    “There’s nothing to worry about, Lily,” Dad replied, shaking his head. “Michael and Medea are both wonderful kids, as is Jovi.”

    Jovi was our third-person-talking, kind of awkward younger cousin. She was born about a year before the Shadow Pokémon incident. Her parents died a couple of years ago and Mom took her in (Jovi’s father was Mom’s brother). I personally wasn’t too fond of her because she was always running off somewhere and usually I was the one who had to go after her. Mom usually wanted me to go find her because she thought that since I was a girl, Jovi might be a bit more willing to listen to me than to Michael. In fact, this wasn’t the case at all.

    “By the way,” Mom added with a small frown. “I don’t think I’ve seen Jovi since lunchtime.”

    “And you want us to go find her.” I guessed, trying not to scowl.

    “If you wouldn’t mind.” Mom replied, but despite the wording, I knew we’d be in for a very long lecture if we decided that, yes, in fact, we did mind.

    I sighed. “Fine.” I turned to my brother. “Ten bucks says she’s gone to Kaminko’s again.”

    “Are you sure?” He asked skeptically. “She could have gone somewhere else.”

    “Like where?” I shot back.

    He thought for a moment and sighed. “I hate it when you make sense.”

    “All the more reason to make as much sense as I possibly can.” I retorted cheerfully. The lab’s head chef (whose name I didn’t remember as I saw her so rarely; she and all the lab chefs preferred to do their work using the motto out of sight, but not out of mind) entered the room and left the food on the table.

    “Can we just go find Jovi already?” Michael grumbled.

    “Hold on,” Mom interrupted. “You two haven’t had your lunch yet, and you’re not going anywhere until you do. Is that clear?”

    “Yes, ma’am.” We chorused, Michael more reluctantly than me.

    “Oh, I almost forgot.” Dad added. “I left you each a PDA in your rooms. You should go check them out when you’re done with your lunch.”

    A look from Mom stopped me from shoveling it all into my mouth as fast as I could. Dad insisted upon custom building our PDAs himself, and it seemed that they were finally done. He had told us numerous times that they would have extra features, although what those actually were he hadn’t told us. He always told us that it was a surprise, and we’d find out when he was done. And now that they were finally done, we could finally see what features he’d added.

    “What sort of extra features did you add?” I asked eagerly.

    Dad rolled his eyes. “Medea, Medea, Medea,” He sighed, shaking his head. “How many times have I told you it’s a surprise? It would ruin the surprise if I just told you.”

    I stuck my tongue out at him. “I hate you.” I deadpanned.

    “Of course you do.” He agreed with a cheerful smile.

    “Can’t you at least pretend to believe me?” I complained.

    “Now where would the fun in that be?” My father retorted, still smiling cheerfully.

    I sighed. “Never mind.” I finished my lunch and then hurried downstairs to my room to find the PDA Dad left for me. I found it relatively quickly, since Dad hadn’t made any effort to hide it, instead leaving it on my desk.

    Picking it up, I saw that I already had an email— from Dad. Somehow, I wasn’t at all surprised that he had already sent an email to my PDA and probably to Michael’s as well. If I knew Dad, and I definitely did, he sent roughly the same email to us both. Opening it, I saw that it was an email about Jovi, suggesting I go and talk to her friend Adon, who she had been playing hide and seek with before she disappeared. So, sighing, I made my way up to where I figured Adon would be hiding—he always hid in one of five spots, no matter how many times he’d been caught or how long the game went on. I didn’t know why he didn’t just find new hiding spots, but that was beside the point. Sure enough, I found him in the first place I looked, and asked him if he’d seen Jovi.

    He had, as it turned out. They’d been playing hide and seek, and it was Jovi’s turn to be ‘It’ currently, but she went off somewhere. Sure enough, she’d gone to Dr. Kaminko’s lab. Wonderful. I hated going to that creepy place that seemed like it was perpetually getting stormed on. It was a miracle that the place hadn’t gotten struck by lightning and caught fire, that something hadn’t exploded and burned the place down.

    As I exited the room where Adon was hiding, one of the scientists came walking up, mentioning that the lounge was noisy, so he was going to go see what the commotion was about. Apparently the news just came on, which meant that something big might have happened. I had a bad feeling about this.

    I frowned, letting Kyouka out. “Hey, Kyouka,” I began, trying not to let my nervousness show. "There's something going on in the lounge. Care to check it out?"

    Kyouka barked an affirmative. "Yeah, let's."

    You see, somehow, I could talk to Pokémon. I didn't know how for why, but I could. I could somehow understand all Pokémon. I preferred that gift to the other one I had: being able to see the past in my dreams. I know it might sound like a nice ability in theory, being able to see things that happened before I was born, but I couldn't control it. On top of that, I often had terrible nightmares about all things that a thirteen year old girl shouldn't know about. I saw history exactly as it was, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

    Shaking myself out of those thoughts, I hurried to the lounge where the news had just come on. As the broadcaster woman mentioned the SS Libra, my heart sank. I had hoped that my dream last night was just a dream, but as usual, no such luck. It all fit now: the strangely colored Lugia, the men in the helicopters flying alongside it, and the other strange dreams I'd been having lately. This had to be the start of something sinister. And I just knew that somehow, one way or another, Michael and I would be caught in the middle of it.
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    The Sorceress Who Vanquishes The Shadows
    Chapter Two: To Dr. Kaminko’s Lab To Find Jovi


    Michael looked at me, concerned, noticing my pale face and refusal to take my eyes off the screen. “Medea? You just got really pale all the sudden. Are you alright?”

    “It all makes sense now.” I murmured. “Everything I saw in my dreams.”

    My twin grimaced. “Another True Dream?”

    My ability, for whatever reason, had been given a name. It had been dubbed ‘True Dreaming’ because I saw the truth of the past in my dreams. Well, Dad had been the one to start the name. And then I guess everyone else just kind of picked up the name. It wasn’t like I kept my ability a secret or anything. I didn’t really go flaunting it around because most of my dreams weren’t pleasant and I lacked the ability to control what I dreamed, but I didn’t really do everything I possibly could to keep it a secret either.

    I shrugged, eyes still glued to the TV screen in the hopes that it would tell me more. “Yeah, I dreamed about a strangely colored Lugia and a group of men in helicopters abducting the SS Libra. Instead of the usual white and blue, it was black and gray with blood red eyes. It shot some sort of beam out of its mouth and lifted up the ship, causing the sailors to fall out of it.” I sighed. “I had hoped it was just a dream, but apparently not. I think that Lugia might have been a Shadow Pokémon, you know, like from Dad’s stories.”

    My twin looked at me skeptically. “Are you sure? That guy Wes Snagged and Purified all of them, remember? Cipher and Team Snaggem are gone. And the thing shot a beam from its mouth? That sounds pretty farfetched to me. Are you sure it wasn’t just a dream?”

    Face going from pale to flushed in two seconds, I whirled around to face him. “My dreams don’t lie!” I hissed. “Of course it wasn’t just a dream! When have I ever had just a normal dream?! What I saw was the truth no matter how much you won’t accept it!”

    “Your dreams haven’t lied.” He corrected. “Just because you haven’t had a normal dream yet doesn’t mean that you can’t. I think you’re just being paranoid. Everyone knows that the Shadow Pokémon incident seven years ago was the last of Cipher. You should know this with how much of a self-proclaimed history geek you are.”

    I bared my teeth in what I hoped was a passable imitation of Kyouka’s best snarl. “My dreams don’t lie!” I repeated, my voice having now risen to a shout. “Even if that was the end of Cipher, that doesn’t mean that they couldn’t come back! It’s not like the technology for it was lost. Just anyone who would have the knowledge to use it. Just because you’re too scared to accept the truth of my dreams doesn’t mean that I am. Get this through your thick skull— Cipher is back. I don’t know if that message will make it passed all that hair of yours and through your thick skull, but you’d better hope it does, because when they show up, I’m going to say I told you so.”

    “That’s enough, Medea.” Mom’s sharp voice broke through my ranting. Turning, I saw that she was standing at the doorway, likely coming to see what all the commotion was about and why everyone was so enthralled in the news report. “I agree with Michael. Just because your dreams haven’t lied doesn’t mean that they can’t. It’s not very likely that Cipher is back; after all, all of their highest ranking members were put in various maximum security prisons seven years ago. Cipher has not returned, so please don’t say that they have.”

    I threw my hands up in the air. “Unbelievable!” I growled, stalking out of the room, tossing an “I’m going to find Jovi, be back in a while” over my shoulder as I did.

    Hey, slow down!” Kyouka protested as I stalked through the halls of the lab. “I know you’re mad at Aunt Lily and Michael-nii-san, but you don’t have to take it out on me! Seriously, if you want me along, you’re gonna have to slow down a little!

    I sighed. “Sorry, Kyouka-chan.” I apologized, doing as she requested, slowing my pace to a walk rather than the fast paced stalking of a moment before. “But Mom and Michael never believe me when I tell them I’ve had another True Dream. I have a nightmare? Just a dream, they tell me, nothing to worry about. And then we get proof that it was real and that it was something to worry about. Except they never believe me! I always try to tell them that they should be a little more willing to believe my dreams, because they don’t lie, but they never do. Even though it’s been proven time and again that my dreams don’t lie, they still won’t believe me.” I sighed. “I’m just happy that Dad believes me, at least.” Walking out the automatic doors to the lab’s outside, I hurried over to where the various modes of transportation were kept and grabbed Michael’s scooter. Starting it, I made my way to the perpetually storming lab where Jovi likely was hanging out, probably pestering the old scientist again. “Let’s just get this over with.” I muttered, approaching the front door. But just as I was about to climb the steps and knock on the door, I heard a voice all out

    “Wait! Who goes there?!” But before I could open my mouth to explain to Chobin, Dr. Kaminko’s aid, that I wasn’t a burglar, he continued with his assumption. “You must be a burglar! Chobin will put you straight! Don’t you move!” I sighed. Did we always have to go through this, every single time Michael or I came here? “Chobin is the name! And Chobin is the number one assistant to Dr. Kaminko! Chobin is the only assistant, so Chobin has to be the number one assistant!”

    Talk about messed up logic.” Kyouka deadpanned as the third-person talking aide to the old doctor who Jovi was probably pestering at this very moment sent out a Sunkern.

    “Indeed.” I snorted. “Well, nothing to it, I suppose. Kyouka, get moving.”

    The usual plan, then?

    I raised an eyebrow. “Duh.”

    Good point. Shall I start with Ember?

    “Nah,” I shook my head. “I’ve got a better idea: go with Flame Charge.”

    Our usual plan: start with Sunny Day to power up attacks, then use whichever attack we figured was the best idea. We used the same strategy against opponents (not that there were many in the first place, just the occasional visiting Trainer and the very few Trainers at the Lab) and it worked fairly well. So Kyouka used Sunny Day to— temporarily— clear away the storm clouds and bring bright sunlight to the usually stormy place. With it powering up her Flame Charge, Sunkern never stood a chance.

    Naturally, it fainted and Chobin had to recall it into its Pokéball.

    “You’ve made Chobin angry now!” The diminutive aid yelled. “Even though Chobin lost, you’re still not going past Chobin!” He glared at me before he seemed to take a good look at me; it was kind of hard to tell with his big swirly glasses. “Huh? Closer observation reveals that the subject is a child. Ergo, the subject is not a burglar! Ahaha! Chobin wishes you spoke up right away! You’re Medea? Chobin apologizes for jumping to the wrong conclusion.”

    I sighed. “I think you need new glasses, Chobin-san.” I told him. “Every time I come here we always go through this. And you never give me a chance to explain myself.” But before I could say anything else, the doors opened and Jovi ran out. She wanted to know what I was doing here, at which I raised an eyebrow. “What else would I be doing here?” I deadpanned. “Mom sent me to drag your sorry butt home. I hope you get grounded big time for this. How many times has she told you not to run off?”

    Jovi opened her mouth to protest. “But—”

    I grabbed her by the arm. “No buts.” I growled. “You’d better be thankful Mom made that rule about not knocking you out and throwing you over my shoulder, because believe me, if I could, I definitely would. Now let’s go. You have five minutes to collect anything and everything you might have brought here, and after that, we’re going home. Okay?”

    “Yes, Medea.” Jovi muttered sullenly. Perhaps because I had been forced by my often violent True Dreams to grow up so quickly, Jovi’s happy-go-lucky, sunshine and rainbows, unicorns and glitter attitude irritated me to no end. I didn’t know how to deal with a normal eight year old, because I’d never been a normal eight year old. By the time I was six years old, I was already well aware of how cruel the world was and how very messed up the human race could be. Chobin ushered me inside and showed me some video (which I ignored) about some of Dr. Kaminko’s inventions, which were as useless as they were stupid. After that, I checked my watch to discover that Jovi’s five minutes were up. I calmly walked into the room where Dr. Kaminko was working on a design for what would likely be another invention that would be as useless as it would be stupid. Jovi looked over his shoulder as best she could. I motioned for Kyouka to follow me and walked over to Jovi.

    “Jovi, your five minutes are up.” I told her. “If you’ve gotten everything you brought, then stop bothering Dr. Kaminko and come with me.” Reluctantly, she did so, and I led the way out of the house without making sure she was following me; if she knew what was good for her, she’d follow me. "Believe me, I will be speaking to Mom about this. Not only did you waltz out of the lab without telling anyone where you were going, but you also went— on your own— to a place with two men who, had they been men of a few less scruples, could have very well kidnapped you, held you hostage for ransom, and done all sorts of other unpleasant things to you.”

    Jovi paled as I fastened the scooter’s seatbelt around her waist, taking a brief moment to read the email I’d gotten from Dad asking me to come back to the Lab as soon as possible. “They wouldn’t do that!” The blue haired girl protested. “Dr. Kaminko and Chobin are nice people!”

    “I’m aware,” I replied calmly, starting the engine. “But that’s not the point. The point is that had things been different they could have, that they could have been not-nice people. Plus, all sorts of things could have happened to you on the way. Believe me, I’ve seen them all.”

    “In your dreams?” Jovi asked hesitantly; my dreams were something of a sore subject because Mom and Michael never believed me.

    I nodded but kept my eyes focused on the road ahead of me. “Yes. I’ve seen all sorts of things that no thirteen year old should know about. I’ve probably seen every battle of every war that the history books know about.”

    “Why is seeing wars bad?” The younger girl wanted to know.

    I sighed. “Jovi, people die in wars.” She said nothing, likely giving me a blank stare. “War can bring out the best or worst in people. I’ve seen both. I’ve seen people do all sorts of nasty things to other people under the guise of some righteous cause. I can’t control my dreams— I can’t choose to see a time of great moral triumph for mankind, or a time when humans invented something that changed how we lived forever. I see wars, I see death. I see all the stuff that I’d never wish on anyone. Not even members of Cipher, no matter how bad as they are. I’m sorry if I seem harsh with you, but I’ve never been like you. My dreams forced me to grow up faster than usual because I can’t control them. I don’t know how to interact with a normal eight year old because I never was a normal eight year old.”

    Subdued, the girl murmured “Jovi is sorry for sneaking out. Jovi won’t do it again.”

    I smiled. “Thank you. But I’m still going to tell Mom, and she’ll still probably ground you for a few weeks at least. So sorry, but don’t think that you’re getting out of that.”

    Jovi sighed. “Aw man!”

    I laughed. “Sorry Jovi, but she’s gotta know. And no matter how much we may have come to an understanding, no matter I might like you more than I did before, I am absolutely not suffering Mom’s wrath for you. If I won't suffer it for Michael, I'm sure not suffering it for you. But if you want, to make it up to you, I’ll show you a few things I picked up while I was training Kyouka. And if you think really hard, maybe you could apply it to your Pokémon. And if you get good enough, I’ll battle you.”
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    The Sorceress Who Vanquishes The Shadows
    Chapter Three: The New And Improved Snag Machine


    Just as mine and Jovi’s discussion ended, we reached the Lab. Before I turned off the scooter’s motor, I told my younger cousin “If what I think is coming is really coming, if you’re willing to work hard enough, I’ll give you one of the Pokémon I catch. Depending on how you do with it, I’ll give you more. But you have to promise me you’ll work hard and that you’ll never quit.”

    “Jovi promises!” Jovi swore determinedly. “Jovi will work hard and will never quit!”

    I smiled and turned off the motor. “Okay. Then I’ll give you one of the Pokémon I catch to see how you do with it. I hope you do well because I have a feeling we could use a hand.”

    Mom was waiting for us at the top of the stairs, looking very angry. In fact, she looked borderline furious. Whether at Jovi or me I couldn’t say. Probably both with the way I stormed out of the Lab after she and Michael refused to believe me.

    “Jovi!” Mom began sharply. “What have I told you about wandering away on your own?! You could have been kidnapped, hurt, or worse, killed and we would have no idea! Please don’t do that again!” And Jovi apologized and promised that she wouldn’t, so she got a reduced sentence: grounded for two weeks, and she had to have a minder the whole time unless otherwise specified. And then Mom turned to me. I tensed up a bit, thinking that I was also going to get yelled at for my storming out, but instead, Mom apologized.

    I asked why, and she told me that done a bit of research after my storming out, if only to prove to me once and for all that my dreams really could lie and the Cipher wasn’t back, and apparently there were reports of strange activity in the desert. Conveniently, the activity happened to be right around the area where Cipher’s old lab used to be. And with that little tidbit of information, Mom had been forced to accept that my dreams really didn’t lie, and that Cipher really was back no matter how much she wanted to believe otherwise.

    After we hugged and both apologized for the little spat we had earlier, Mom mentioned that Dad wanted to see me about something. Supposedly it sounded important. I had to wonder what it was. Could it be something to do with the side project he’d been working on lately? He kept saying it was somehow connected to my dreams, but I couldn’t quite figure out how. Extending my senses, I managed to find him quickly, so I hurried to the small side room on the ground floor. Michael and Dad and another scientist— Aidan, I believed his name was, now that I thought about it— were already there, waiting.

    Dad smiled. “Medea, glad to see you. Now that you’re here, I can finally give you both what I’ve been working on recently. As I told you, Medea, it’s directly related to the dreams you’ve been having recently. I wanted to show you the Snag Machine.”

    I had just taken a step forward and nearly tripped when I heard those words. “The Snag Machine?!” I shrieked. “Dad, you don’t mean—”

    “That’s exactly what I mean, Medea.” Dad answered solemnly. “Of course, the two we’ve developed are different: they’ll only Snag Pokémon that the built in readers identify as Shadow Pokémon. Go ahead and try them on.” He took them out of their cases and had us put them on. They fit well; they had been designed for us, that much was clear.

    “You designed these for us, didn’t you, Dad?” Michael guessed.

    Dad nodded, pleased. “I did indeed, Michael, I did indeed.” Aidan then added a new feature to our PDAs— the Shadow Monitor. It would let us check the data of any Shadow Pokémon we had encountered. Dad mentioned he was going to have us practice Snagging by using the Battle Sim System we used for our morning training. He walked out the door and walked out of the room, probably going to take his time on a nice leisurely stroll. Before we could follow him, his assistant Aidan gave us each five Pokéballs. Obviously they weren’t used in the Orre Region, because wild Pokémon hadn’t been seen in Orre for generations, so he and Dad had to import them from the nearest Region, which happened to be Johto.

    Just as he finished explaining this, we heard Dad’s shouts of alarm, and him demanding to know what was going on and who a group of people were. We hurried out of the room, and were informed by the receptionist that a group of strange people just came barging in and took Dad with them. My fists clenched— they were going to pay for trying to kidnap him.

    We ran outside to discover that everyone normally standing outside had been knocked out and a strange vehicle of sorts was parked on the lawn. A big burly guy held a struggling Dad’s arms so that they were pinned behind his back and forced him down the walkway toward the vehicle. Dad demanded that the man let go of him, and demanded to know where they were taking him. I had a feeling I knew who they were. The answer he got was that they were taking him to his ‘new lab’ which, if I was right, would be in the desert.

    “Oi, bozos!” I shouted at them; Michael slapped his forehead in exasperation. “Let him go or else! And believe me, you don’t want to find out what or else is.”

    The one with the yellow on his uniform scoffed. “Please. You’re just a kid. What can you do? Play hero to try to stop us? I’d like to see you try. I don’t show mercy to anyone— not even to little kids!” With that, he sent out a Teddiursa.

    “Michael, Medea!” Dad called out. “The Aura Read is responding! That’s a Shadow Pokémon! Hurry, one of you throw a Pokéball at it!” Michael and I exchanged a quick look, fumbling for our Pokéballs. It was pure luck, I think, that Michael managed to have his out and loaded into his Snag Machine before I managed to. Michael threw it and managed to Snag Teddiursa before the other guy realized what was going on.

    “Kids! What are those machines on your arms?!” Teddiursa’s former Trainer demanded.

    The other Cipher goon started, looking intently at the machines. “Could it be . . . a Snag Machine?! What the heck is that doing here?”

    I smirked. “Wouldn’t you like to know.” Channeling aura to my legs, I vaulted over the two people I assumed were higher-ranking grunts. Then, diverting it a bit to my arm and my fist, I ran at the big burly guy holding Dad and swung at him with a punch intended to break his bones. Unfortunately, he was able to get dodge my strike just before I hit him and hauled Dad into the weird vehicle. To make matters worse, I wasn’t able to stop my forward momentum and I tripped and face-planted, hitting my head on the hard stone walkway. The impact combined with my momentum caused me to black out.

    Thanks to my aura, any head injuries I might have had were healed quickly, but by the time I woke up it was already too late and the Cipher goons and the van-car-truck-thing was already gone, taking Dad with it. Mom helped me back into the lab because I was still a bit dizzy from that fall. My head injury may have been healed, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t going to be even a little bit dizzy for a few minutes.

    Jovi was crying that they took Dad away, and pretty much everyone else looked bummed as well. No surprise. Dad and our father were the inspiration for this project. With our father Arceus-only-knew-where, that left Dad as the main driving force behind the project to build the Purify Chamber. Mom mused that Dad had predicted that someone would make Shadow Pokémon again— and his guess was right on the money. Teddiursa wasn’t the only Shadow Pokémon that was made. That much I think we all knew for certain.

    Aidan thought that once the Purify Chamber was complete we’d be able to Purify and save a lot of Shadow Pokémon at once, but without Dad here, there was nothing they could do. “Professor Krane was crucial to this project. Without him, there’s nothing we can do!”

    “Che. You’re such a wimp, Aidan.” I scoffed. “So what if the driving forces behind the project are gone? So what if Dad was kidnapped by Cipher? So what? Haven’t you learned by now that no matter what happens, Dad always keeps going? Wouldn’t he want you, who are his friends, his co-workers, and his fellow scientists to do the same? Or are you going to sit around, wailing and crying just because he’s gone? Because if you are, you’re so pathetic you shouldn’t even be working here. And you call yourself a scientist. Ha. Don’t make me laugh. You’re not a scientist. You’re just a little boy playing with machines in the body of a grown man. You’re such a wimp.”

    Mom closed her eyes for a moment, took a deep breath, and opened them again. “Let’s complete it! We’ll finish the Purify Chamber ourselves!” She announced. I grinned. Go Mom.

    “Lily? The Director’s not here!” Aidan reminded, obviously wallowing in self-pity. Was he seriously that much of a wimp? Thinking that it was so hopeless just because Dad and our birth father was gone and they were the ones who started the project in the first place? What a wimp. “It’s hopeless. There isn’t any possible way to get it done.”

    “You’re on the verge of finishing!” Mom shot back, fire blazing in her brilliant green eyes. “This isn’t the time to feel sorry for yourself. The Purify Chamber project got this far not just because Professor Krane was here. We got here because we all worked as a team. Having come this far, it would be wrong to stop now. Our pride as scientists is on the line! Let’s finish this project as one! Things will get very busy around here! I’ll go upstairs and see how the data processing is progressing.” And before anyone could have any chance to protest, she left the room. Go Mom.

    Figuring I’d make myself useful, I followed her upstairs and found her speaking with another scientist working on the project, one who was skilled in data.

    “Hi Mom,” I greeted. “Anything you need me to do?”

    “Actually, yes.” Mom admitted. “Could I get you to run an errand to Gateon Port? We ordered a special custom part from the Machine Shop there for the Purify Chamber. As you heard me say, things are going to be very busy around here. I won’t have time to get it. Would you mind going to get it for me? Please?”

    I smiled. “No problem. I need something to take my mind off of Dad’s kidnapping anyway. Geteon Port’s south of here, right?”

    “That’s right. It normally takes about ten minutes on the main roads, but on yours or Michael’s scooter, taking the back roads, it should take about fifteen to twenty minutes depending on the condition of the roads.” Mom confirmed. “I’ll let you go, but please be careful.”

    I nodded. “I will be.” I promised. Jovi, apparently having heard the conversation, burst into the room. She mentioned that she knew where the Parts Shop was, because she had a friend whose house was right next to it. She asked Mom if she could go, because she wanted to help everyone. Mom reluctantly agreed, but if and only if I would be Jovi’s minder for the day. I agreed because I figured this might be a good teaching opportunity for Jovi. “Alright, I’ll do it. We’ve all had a busy day today, so we’ll go tomorrow. Don’t sleep too late, because I will leave without you. Maybe I can see about finding you a Pokémon of your own.”

    While she technically did have her Plusle and Minun, they were more Mom’s Pokémon that played with the younger girl than her actual Pokémon. And they were also being trained as messenger Pokémon, not battlers.

    “Jovi remembers the deal.” My cousin told me. “Jovi will work hard and not disappoint Medea.”

    I smiled. “Get some sleep, Jovi. Tomorrow morning your training really begins.”
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    The Sorceress Who Vanquishes The Shadows
    Chapter Four: Taking A Little Trip To Gateon Port


    I spent the rest of the day training with Kyouka. I made sure that she had all of her attacks mastered, even the new one she’d just learned a few weeks ago, and drilled her in a few new attack plans I’d come up with. Once that was done, I headed to bed.

    The next morning, I woke Jovi up and had her watch mine and Kyouka’s morning training session. Once she stopped doing the yesses and woke up a bit more, my cousin was hooked. I promised her I’d try to find her a Pokémon that fit her, and then I’d help her train it. Jovi was definitely pleased with that idea— so much so that she actually tackled me into a hug.

    After our morning training was done, we headed off to Gateon Port. However, before we left, Aidan mentioned that he was going to try to get stores in Orre to sell Pokéballs. Supposedly there was a man named Duking who had been involved in the last Shadow Pokémon incident seven years ago, who also happened to have potentially discovered spots where wild Pokémon would appear if a Trainer left tasty treats. Aidan apparently planned to use that to convince stores to sell Pokéballs so that he and Dad (when Michael and I eventually rescued him) didn’t have to keep importing them from Johto or other regions.

    Finally, after that little distraction, Jovi and I headed out to Gateon Port.

    “Look, Medea, it’s the sea!” Jovi exclaimed enthusiastically. “It’s so big!”

    I smiled. “Yup, it does cover most of the planet.” I told her. “So where’s the Parts Shop?”

    “It’s over there!” She answered cheerfully. “Hurry!” She ran ahead of me before I could stop her. “This way, this way!” My blue-haired younger cousin ran further ahead and bumped into a big beefy guy with blond hair and a seemingly perpetual scowl.

    “Hey now,” The guy growled. “Where do you think you’re going?” Jovi apologized, telling him that she didn’t bump into him on purpose, but that didn’t appease the blond. Instead his scowl deepened. “Now look what you’ve done! You’ve messed up the happening of Zook, the coolest, baddest, and most happening guy around.” Well, someone certainly was modest. Zook bared his teeth in a snarl. “Sorry doesn’t even begin to cover it!”

    I raised an eyebrow, approaching calmly. “Excuse me, Mr. Zook, but I’m sure that attacking an eight year old is not a good idea. My cousin didn’t mean to bump into you, and although Jovi could and should have watched where she was going, that doesn’t give you the right to attack her.”

    Zook eyed me. “You’re a Trainer.” He deduced. “You’ll be a million times more interesting than the munchkin. I’ll stop you flat with my Shadow Pokémon!” He sent out a Zangoose, which the Aura Reader built into my Snag Machine identified as a Shadow Pokémon. But before I could send out Kyouka to battle, an elderly man’s voice called out

    “That’s quite enough of that.” We turned to see a short elderly man who wore a purple cloak and glasses, and used a cane with he currently held with both hands. “Pokémon are not meant to be used in such a manner. Choose your place and time.” He admonished Zook sternly.

    Zook glared. “Stuff it!” He snarled. “Hey, meddling old coot, take your damn preaching to someone who cares. Or do you want me to pound you too?” In response, the blue-clad man sent out his Alakazam, which used some sort of psychic attack and made the Zangoose faint with just one hit. That was one impressively trained Pokémon. “Y-your power!” Zook gasped. “Where does it come from?!” But then his shocked face morphed into one of pure rage. “You’ve done it now! Don’t think you’re getting away with messing with the great Zook! Remember this!” And Zook then promptly stormed away.

    “Should I give chase?” The smug man in blue asked.

    “No, no,” Mr. Verich answered, shaking his head. “That won’t be necessary, Ardos. He won’t come back. Leave him be.”

    “Yes, sir.” Ardos replied.

    “Let us be on our way.” The elderly man told his two aides. They turned and began to leave, but I called after them.

    “Excuse me, Mr. Verich, Mr. Ardos?” I called. “Thank you for helping my cousin and I. I appreciate it very much.” I bowed to them.

    Mr. Verich chuckled, turning back to face me briefly. “That hardly deserves such gratitude, young lady. We only did what had to be done. Nothing more.” As he looked me straight in the eye, I felt a shiver go down my back for some unexplained reason. Why did I suddenly feel so uneasy around him? But, shaking those thoughts off, I decided I’d hurry up and get that Machine Part that Mom needed for the Purify Chamber.

    “Come on, Jovi.” I called to my younger cousin who was still staring, awestruck, in the direction that Mr. Verich and his two aides had gone. “Let’s go. Mom still needs that Machine Part, remember? We’d better get it for her soon.”

    “Right.” Jovi nodded and led me in the direction of the Parts Shop. As we neared it, a pair of figures came into view: Jovi’s friend Emili and her mother, Acri. Acri wanted to know if Jovi was okay after being harassed by Zook, which, thankfully, she was. Had Mr. Verich not intervened, however, I’m not sure I would have been able to say that. After all, despite all of the training that I did with Kyouka, she didn’t have a lot of battling experience, and so likely wouldn’t have been able to beat that Zangoose. Especially because it was a Shadow Pokémon.

    Jovi replied that, yes, she was fine, and that she was here on an important mission with me. Before she could blurt out for the world to hear that we were getting a part for the Purify Chamber, I smoothly put in that we were here to get a very important, custom part for the machine that the lab was currently working on.

    Taking the hint, Jovi thankfully said nothing. I really didn’t want the whole port to know that the lab was working on something to Purify Shadow Pokémon. Because once they knew, the news would be all over the whole region within days. That was definitely not something I wanted, especially because Cipher could get wind of it and try to invade the lab to destroy it.

    After talking a bit more with Emily and Acri, Jovi and I set off again towards the shop right next to Emili and Acri’s house. We entered the Parts Shop to find that the owner wasn’t there, and that his grandson wasn’t in charge.

    We entered the Parts Shop to find that the owner wasn’t there, and that his grandson wasn’t in charge. Apparently, the owner had gone to see Dr. Kaminko. That’s right, I did remember seeing an elderly man there when I went to get Jovi yesterday.

    I talked to the sailor who was minding the shop until the owner’s grandson got back, and I was rather interested to find out that when he was younger, he traveled all across the world and had studied Eevee extensively because of its unique ability to evolve one of seven different ways into one of seven different types: Water, Fire, Electric, Dark, Psychic, Ice, Grass, or Fairy. Supposedly he’d acquired items that would help Eevee evolve.

    I blinked. “How interesting. My brother has an Eevee. Actually, it was his only Pokémon until yesterday. Do you mind if I call him and have him come here so that he can hear your story?”

    The sailor smiled. “Sure, why not?”

    I grinned. Then, yanking my phone out of my pocket, I dialed Michael’s number. After two rings, he picked up. “Hey Michael, there’s someone you might want to see at Gateon Port.” I told him once he’d answered. “A sailor who has items that will help Eevee evolve. With what we’ve gotten ourselves into, you just might want to consider it.”

    There was a pause on the other end of the line. Clearly, my brother was considering it. Finally, he said “Alright, give me ten minutes and I’ll be there. You’re in the Parts Shop, right?”

    “Right.” I confirmed. “I’ll see you when you get here.” True to his word, Michael was there in ten minutes. I wasn’t sure I wanted to know how fast he’d gotten here, or how mad Mom would be when she found out that he left without her permission— the way he kept glancing over his shoulder every few minutes really gave it away.

    “So, you said you have items that will help Eevee evolve?” Michael asked the old sailor.

    The man nodded. “I do indeed, young man. I have a Sun Shard and Moon Shard, a Fire, Thunder, and Water Stone, Mossy and Ice Rock Fragments, and a Fairy Crystal.”

    Michael thought long and hard. “I think I’ll take the Mossy Rock Fragment.” He decided. “With my love of being outdoors, it only makes sense for me to have Leafeon.”

    “Since my brother is taking the Fire Stone,” I began as the old sailor gave my brother the Thunder Stone. “Would you mind if I take the Fire Stone? My first Pokémon is a Growlithe. I’m not planning to use it any time soon, but it’ll still be nice for when I eventually do want to evolve Kyouka-chan.”

    The man considered it and then nodded. “That’s fine. I have another. Here you are, young lady. One Fire Stone for a Growlithe Trainer.” He then turned to address Jovi. “And you, little lady? Do you have any Pokémon?”

    Jovi shook her head. “Jovi doesn’t.”

    “But you will soon.” I pointed out. “I just have to find the right one for you.”

    “True.” Jovi admitted.

    “Anyway, we should go find the guy who’s running this place.” Michael told us. “We need that part for Mom, and you know she’ll have our heads if we come back without it.” All three of us shuddered. Oh yes, we knew. All too well. We hurried out to where the moving bridges were to find a young man who was probably the owner’s grandson stepping on the pressure-activated tile that would turn the bridge back toward us. As soon as he reached us, we talked to him and explained that we needed the part Mom had ordered and that his grandfather was off at Dr. Kaminko’s, so he couldn’t get it for us. Slightly aggravated with his grandfather, the older boy whose name I believe someone had said was Perr asked us to wait a few minutes while he got it out of the safe. He asked for our numbers and told us he’d call us when he had it ready for us.

    “Well, then, since we’ve got some time to kill,” I began. “What do you say we go across the bridges or something? We could see the lighthouse.”

    Michael shrugged. “You can, but I’m gonna go challenge that guy over there.” He pointed.

    I rolled my eyes. “Suit yourself. Jovi, you coming?” I asked the blue haired seven year old. “I’m going to so see the lighthouse. It’ll probably be loads more interesting than just watching Michael battle some random guy.”

    “Jovi is coming.” My cousin agreed. We went across the bridges and went to the top of the lighthouse. There we found another Trainer waiting.

    “Well, Jovi, I do believe we’ve just found a perfect training opportunity. Watch closely— I’m about to trounce this woman.”
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    The Sorceress Who Vanquishes The Shadows
    Chapter Five: Heading Home With The Machine Part


    The huge bodybuilder woman sent out a Zubat and a Poochyena. My Aura Reader responded: that Poochyena was a Shadow Pokémon.

    “Well, it seems our lesson has changed a bit.” I murmured. “Watch closely, Jovi. You’re about to learn how to Snag Shadow Pokémon.” I threw Kyouka’s Pokéball up into the air. “Kyouka, get moving.” The Growlithe appeared and took a ready stance, waiting for my command. “Alright, start with Sunny Day, and then add Ember. Make sure you don’t faint that Poochyena. It’s a Shadow, and I’m not about to miss it.”


    Kyouka slowly whittled down its health until it was on its last legs. Then I tossed the Snag Ball. After that, I had her deal with the Zubat. It was slightly difficult, given that there was only one of Kyouka and there were two Pokémon she had to defeat, but thankfully, she managed it.

    After the battle, I talked to an old man standing near the edge of the lighthouse’s viewing platform, looking out over the ocean at something in the distance. He mentioned that there was an island that was always, without fail, covered by storm clouds. That had alarm bells ringing in my head.

    “So the island is always covered by storm clouds? Every single day without fail?” I asked, hoping I could make my voice sound curious rather than suspicious.

    The old man nodded. “That’s right. I’ve come up here every day to watch the sunset, and for the past six or seven months the island has been obscured by storm clouds.”

    I frowned. “How strange. Did it just happen suddenly, or what?”

    “It did.” The man confirmed. “It certainly was strange. If I wasn’t sure that was impossible, I’d swear that something is creating those storm clouds.”

    That was very strange. I knew that according to the old stories Lugia caused forty day storms (or at least I was pretty sure it was forty; I couldn’t remember exactly) whenever it came up. But if it were Lugia, it wouldn’t make sense for the storms to only be around the island. Gateon Port wasn’t that far away from the island. If the storms really were caused by Lugia surfacing, they would probably be affecting Gateon Port as well, but that wasn’t the case. Also, the storms only lasted forty days, which wasn’t even two months. Unless Lugia was repeatedly surfacing— which I doubted— then something or someone was deliberately covering the island in storms. And there was only one group I could think of that would have a reason to do that.

    My phone rang suddenly, so I tore my gaze away from the aforementioned island in the distance. Grabbing it out of my pocket, I saw that Michael was calling.

    “What’s up?” I asked as I flipped my phone open and held it up to my ear.

    “I just got a call from what’s-his-name, Perr, from the Parts Shop. He’s got that part Mom ordered ready for us to take. The only problem is going to be transporting it.”

    “You’re lucky I came prepared for such a situation.” I teased. “I’ve got a scroll with me, so I could put the thing in the scroll and not have to worry about dropping it. Shall we go pick it up, O Unprepared Twin of Mine?”

    I swore I could hear his scowl on the other end. “Just because I didn’t remember to bring something like that doesn’t mean I’m unprepared. So shut up.”

    “No,” I said simply. “I won’t.” Michael grumbled a bit and then hung up. I grinned and turned to Jovi. “I think someone’s a little grouchy today. Mom probably was going to make him stay and help out around the lab instead of letting him go outside and battle and train.”

    Jovi grinned wickedly. “He’s in trouble.” She sang.

    I laughed. “You got that right.” I agreed. “Come on, let’s go get that part for Mom, and then we can haul Michael’s sorry butt home for Mom to deal with.” We took the elevator down from the observation platform and headed to the Parts Shop, where we found a very grouchy Michael waiting for us. I bet Mom made him stay and help around the lab rather than letting him to outside, which would be the ultimate torture for him.

    Michael was one of those people who couldn’t stand being indoors for long. I wasn’t sure why, but he’d been that way as long as I could remember.

    “About time you showed up.” Michael grumbled.

    I rolled my eyes. “Are you cranky because Mom was going to make you stay inside the whole day or something? Because if you are, there’s no need to take it out on me. Or Jovi. Just because we happened to volunteer for Mom’s errand before you did doesn’t mean that you can get grouchy with us for it.”

    My twin merely scowled. “Humph. Let’s just go get that da—”

    “Michael, language!” I snapped. “Mom will have our heads when she finds out we used that kind of language around Jovi!” Personally, I didn’t see the big deal. But Mom was insistent that Jovi not hear that kind of language until she was older.

    “Right.” He shuddered. “I’m sorry, you’re right of course. Well we need to get that stupid part for Mom and then get back home so we can give it to her.”

    “And just so you know,” I added. “I’m not covering for you. I know I was the one that called you,” I added when he opened his mouth to protest. “But you were the one that decided to sneak out and come here against Mom’s orders. Not me. So too bad, but I’m not incurring Mom’s wrath just because you decided to sneak out. Sorry.”

    Michael scowled but didn’t argue. “Fine. Alright, let’s go.” We entered the Parts Shop and talked to Perr, who gave us the part Mom had ordered.

    “Here you go.” He said and set it on the counter. “Be careful, it’s heavy.”

    I grinned. “I have just the thing to fix that. Lift it up for a moment, please?”

    Raising an eyebrow, Perr did so. “Alright. But what would that solve?”

    Smirking, I set the scroll down under the part and had Perr set it back down. Then I channeled a bit of my Aura into it, and the Machine Part promptly disappeared into the scroll. I grinned. “That’s what it’ll solve. See? The wonders of Aura.”

    The shop owner’s grandson blinked in amazement. “That’s incredible. That big heavy part is really in that little scroll?”

    “Sure is.” I gloated.

    The young man chuckled. “Nice. Well, you’re all set. You’re good to take this part back to Professor Krane.” My face fell. Noticing it, the red hat wearing teenager asked “What’s with the long face? Did something happen to him?”

    I sighed. “Yeah, you could say that.” I replied and told him the story of what had happened only yesterday, carefully neglecting to mention that Michael had Snagged Teddiursa.

    “Professor Krane was abducted by some goons with Shadow Pokémon?!” Perr gasped. “I’ve been through something like that before, but who would’ve thought it’d happen again?” He shook his head. “Well I hope the Professor is found and brought home safely.”

    I smiled. “Thank you.” With that, we returned home to deliver the Machine Part to Mom. We were met by Aidan on the steps. He gave us a few memos that Dad had written, which would give us a bit of basic information about Shadow Pokémon and a few other things.

    That little distraction out of the way, Jovi and I made our way upstairs to see Mom.

    Mom did not look happy to see Michael. At all. “Have a nice trip, Michael?” Her voice was sickly-sweet. “I hope you know that I was going to let you go after you did one more chore. However, now, I think you should stay inside the whole day tomorrow as punishment for sneaking out. You’re thirteen. You should know better than to go somewhere without telling me where you’re going. If you had just asked me, I would have let you.”

    Michael hung his head. “Sorry, Mom. But I was going stir crazy, and you didn’t show any signs of letting me go outside and be out there where I need to be, so I thought you weren’t going to at all today. So I snuck out. Punish me as you will. At least I got an evolution item for Eevee.”

    Mom raised an eyebrow. “ . . . I’ll get the whole story of what happened while you three were gone later.” She decided. “For now, the part I asked you to retrieve?”

    I produced the sealing scroll from my pocket and handed it to her. “Here you go. I don’t think it’s a good idea to unseal it yet. I was warned that it was heavy.” Nodding, Mom took the scroll and led the way down to the Purify Chamber where she directed the engineers on the team in the installation of the part. However, the Chamber wouldn’t be fully operational until just a few more finishing touches were put on it. She asked about Michael’s Teddiursa and I informed her that now Michael had two Shadow Pokémon (he told me about the Ledyba he Snagged on the way home) and I had a Shadow Poochyena. Mom was surprised, of course, but not fazed by it at all. She told us to go to Agate Village where we would find a man named Eagun who was once a legendary Trainer. He was Wes’ companion Rui’s grandfather and had instructed the famous former Team Snaggem member on Purification. He would be able to do the same for us. Therefore, Mom was going to contact him and let him know that we would be coming soon.

    “So, you think we should go?” Michael asked that night as the pair of us were getting ready for bed. “I mean, I don’t know if Teddiursa is ready to open his heart yet.”

    I shrugged. “Dunno. Couldn’t hurt. He’s gotta be getting close, though, right?”

    “Probably.” My twin agreed. “Alright, then. Tomorrow we head off to Agate Village, and by that point Teddiursa just might be ready to open his heart. And if not, I’ll battle until he is.” He paused. “Hey, you’re training Jovi, right?” I nodded. “Well maybe we should bring her with us. It would be good experience for her, even if she doesn’t have a Pokémon of her own yet. By the way, are you really planning to give her a Shadow Pokémon?”

    I shrugged. “Well, I don’t see why not. The kid may only be eight, but she’s got heart, and she’s willing to do what it takes. And that’s all that really matters, right?”

    “I guess.” He said doubtfully. “But I’m leaving her training up to you. Thanks but I think I’ll let you handle this. You seem to be better with her than me.”

    I grinned. “It’s because I’m a girl, duh.” I teased, and then smirked. “Look out, Agate Village, ’cause tomorrow, the Snagging Siblings are coming for you.”
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    The Sorceress Who Vanquishes The Shadows
    Chapter Six: Off To Agate Village To Meet Eagun


    As I had the previous morning, I woke Jovi up early in the morning and had her watch my morning training. This time, it was a bit different considering that now I had both Kyouka and Poochyena, who I had dubbed Nyx— after the Greek Primordial goddess of the night in the old stories— as well as Kyouka. However, it was definitely a good training session.

    After the training session was done, I recalled Kyouka and Nyx and had Jovi help me work out a few of the kinks in my new double battling style with both Kyouka and Nyx. Little by little, I was going to make her participate a bit more in the training sessions. After a quick breakfast, I had her fasten herself to my scooter and then Michael, Jovi and I headed out to Agate Village.

    Soon enough, the green village that was home to retired Trainers came into view.

    “This looks like it.” I observed. “Jovi, check the GPS for me, would you?”

    “Okay.” My trainee agreed. Unzipping my backpack, she pulled out the GPS and looked at it. “This is it.” She announced after a moment. “That’s Agate Village.”

    I grinned. “Great. Alright, let’s go.” We made our way up the hill— having to stop a few times for Jovi to catch her breath because she didn’t have the same endurance as a seven year old that Michael and I did as thirteen year olds— and knocked on the door to Eagun’s house. A woman called for us to come in, so we did so. I took the lead, bowing politely to her. “Good morning, ma’am. We’re Michael and Medea, and I believe our mother sent word of us coming to use the Relic Stone to your husband. I don’t know whether or not she mentioned that our cousin and my trainee Jovi would be coming with us.”

    Eagun’s wife thought for a moment. “Yes, I believe she did mention something about that. Welcome to Agate Village. My husband is out at the moment, but he should be here soon.”

    And then as if on cue, the once and former legendary Trainer burst into the room, shouting about how everything was all ready for when their visitors arrived. And then he seemed to notice us and he startled. He obviously hadn’t seen us there.

    “Good morning, sir.” I greeted, cheekily waving a hand. “Nice to meet you. I’m Medea. Both Michael and I have Shadow Pokémon, and as soon as I find one that would be a good fit for Jovi, she’ll have one as well. Possibly more if I can convince Dad to give her a Snag Machine.”

    Eagun frowned. “But your cousin is only eight years old.”

    I raised an eyebrow. “Yeah, your point? That doesn’t make her any less capable. She just needs the right team and a little bit of training, and she’d be an excellent Trainer. Why do you think I’ve started training her?”

    Eagun turned to his wife for support, but she merely looked at him. “Sorry, dear, but this matter is out of our hands. If Medea wants to give her cousin a Shadow Pokémon, then who are we to interfere? It’s not our decision. Let it be.”

    Eagun sighed. “Yes, dear.” He grumbled. “Very well.” He looked at the three of us. “As you know, to Purify a Shadow Pokémon, it must first open its heart to a Trainer. While there are several ways to do this, battling is, in my opinion, the best of all. The best place to do that here in Agate Village would be the Relic Forest, which is home to the Relic Stone. I will go ahead to the Relic Stone and I shall await you there.” And with that, he walked out of the house, and presumably down toward the Relic Stone. I wondered what exactly he was doing.

    We were met with a man who seemed to be guarding the entrance to the Relic Forest. He glared at us, looking at us rather suspiciously, before his face brightened. “Ah, you must be the Medea and Michael Eagun was talking about. And,” He looked at Jovi. “Medea’s trainee Jovi?”

    Jovi nodded. “Yes, Jovi is Medea’s trainee.”

    “Anyway, I’ve heard that you battle to open the hearts of Shadow Pokémon. The Relic Stone is through this cave.” He stepped aside. “Don’t give up!”

    I rolled my eyes. “If we were going to give up, I don’t think any of us would be here.”

    Michael elbowed me in the side. “Medea,” He hissed. “Be polite.”

    I rolled my eyes. “Not likely.” I retorted.

    As Jovi giggled, Michael sighed and rolled his eyes in exasperation, muttering under his breath about twins that needed to stop being rude to authority figures, ending with “And I swear you’re going to be the death of me one of these days.” I ignored him. It wasn’t like I cared whether or not I was rude to authority figures. The only authority figures I wasn’t rude to were Mom and Dad, and well, they were Mom and Dad. Enough said.

    I knew that Mom wanted me to be more polite to people, but I didn’t really care. If someone hadn’t earned my respect, then I wasn’t going to be nice to them.

    Simple as that.

    We made our way into the forest, and immediately were challenged to a battle by one of the Trainers who Eagun had apparently recruited for us to battle so that our Shadow Pokémon could open their hearts to us. In revenge for trying to make me be polite to Eagun, I made Michael go first. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out to be a very good revenge after all, considering that he wanted to go first anyway. Damn it.

    Michael breezed through the first battle using Teddiursa and Ledyba— he decided not to use Eevee, for once, because Teddiursa and Ledyba needed to battle so that they could open their hearts. Obviously Teddiursa was closer than Ledyba, but the ladybug-like Pokémon would be fairly close when we were done with this run of battles.

    Unfortunately, next was my turn.

    The other Trainer, who introduced herself as Jols, sent out a Corphish and a Snubull. And as for me, only having two Pokémon, I didn’t have much choice about who I sent out.

    I sighed, but all the same, reluctantly tossed Nyx and Kyouka’s Pokéballs up into the air. “Nothing to it, I suppose. Kyouka, Nyx, get moving.”

    Got it.” Kyouka acknowledged.

    Affirmative, Captain!” Nyx barked. Interesting.

    “Alright, Kyouka, start things off with Sunny Day, and then use Flame Charge on Snubull. Nyx, use Shadow Blitz on Corphish.” I ordered. “And then switch targets and repeat the process.”

    Right.” Both canine-like Pokémon responded.

    Kyouka started things off with a Sunny Day and then used it to power a Flame Charge which smashed into Snubull while Nyx rushed headlong at the crab-like Water Type. Then, just as I’d ordered, they switched targets. Of course Kyouka’s Fire Type attacks weren’t very effective on Corphish, but it still managed to knock the crab-like Pokémon out well enough. Being a Shadow Pokémon, Nyx’s attack quite handily knocked the bulldog-like Snubull out.

    Jols sent out a Lotad after that, and Nyx and Kyouka double-teamed it, attacking it without me needing to give the command. And that was victory to the True Dreamer.

    Michael took the next battle against an old woman, and I took the last against an old man. While I personally didn’t see the point of all these battles, if I had to do it to get to the Relic Stone, I supposed that I would battle everyone so that I could Purify Nyx when she was ready. Finally, we reached the end of the cave, and who else did we find waiting for us but Eagun himself? Did he intend to battle us as well?


    “Michael, Medea, Jovi, welcome.” The former Legendary Trainer greeted. “Your Shadow Pokémon should be ready to open their hearts after the battles you have waged getting here. Now I shall be your opponent. I would like for both of you to use one of your Shadow Pokémon against me in a Tag Battle, if you please.” Michael and I looked at eachother, deciding we didn’t have much of a choice and nodded. “And here is my partner. The one Pokémon I caught as my first and has stayed with me ever since.”

    He sent out his Pikachu, commanding it to hold back against us, and with that, mine and Michael’s Tag Battle against the Legendary Trainer Eagun began.
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    The Sorceress Who Vanquishes The Shadows
    Chapter Seven: Swearing An Oath By The Relic Stone


    Michael sent out his Ledyba and I sent in Nyx. Eagun started things off by ordering his Pikachu to attack. I was pretty sure we couldn’t beat Eagun or his Pokémon— even if he had been out of practice for longer than I’d been alive, discounting his one battle with the Cipher agent who had headed up the attack on Agate Village, of course, he still was once a Legendary Trainer. And that wasn’t a title given to just anyone. But that didn’t mean that I couldn’t damn well try.

    “Okay, Nyx,” I called. “Let’s start things off with a Shadow Blitz!”

    Right.” The small Dark Type barked, Shadow Energy enveloping her as she rushed towards the Electric rodent who was probably loads stronger. Hopefully we could pull this off.

    “Ledyba, use Shadow Blitz!” Michael added, and Ledyba too rushed forward.

    I smacked my head. “Oh, that was a brilliant idea.” I deadpanned, pausing briefly to smack my idiot brother upside the head. “Idiot. You do remember what Types Ledyba and Pikachu, and what Pikachu’s abilities are, don’t you?” I added when he opened his mouth to protest.

    “Duh.” Michael rolled his eyes. “What kind of idiot do you take me for? Ledyba’s a bug and flying type and Pikachu’s an electric type. Pikachu’s abilities are Lightningrod and . . .” He trailed off with a sigh. “Static. Wow, I sure am stupid.”

    I snorted. “I could’ve told you that. Oh, wait,” I grinned. “I already did.” Eagun chuckled and Jovi giggled. Both seemed amused by my comeback.

    “That was an excellent comeback, Medea.” Eagun praised before we all returned our attention to the battle. I signaled to Michael that he should have Ledyba distract Pikachu because I had a plan up my sleeves. If I was right, and I was pretty sure I was, we didn’t really need to beat Eagun and his Pikachu. Only land a decisive blow. After all, the Mouse Pokémon had been Eagun’s main heavy hitter when he was in his prime. There was little chance of beating it, and Eagun knew this. So he probably just wanted us to land a decisive blow.

    That was why I signaled to Michael to have Ledyba distract Pikachu while I had Nyx sneak around the back. As a Dark Type, Nyx was quite a bit more suited to sneaking than Ledyba was. Dark Types, from what I remembered of Dad’s lessons, were naturally sneaky which made them great spies and also good Pokémon to use hit and fade tactics, striking from the shadows and disappearing into them again before the opponent could hit them. That was how I planned to train Nyx: as a stealth expert. I just needed a good Pokémon to play decoy. Kyouka wasn’t really suited to the job, because her job was to take out her opponent before they knew what hit them, so I needed a good Pokémon to act as a decoy for Nyx, and one to act as a cover for Kyouka. I planned to train all of my Pokémon in pairs depending on what their job was.

    “Closer,” I whispered. “Closer . . . closer . . .” Finally, Nyx was in position. “Alright Nyx, hit it with the strongest Shadow Blitz you can muster!”

    Yes, Captain!” Nyx barked, barreling into the Mouse Pokémon with every ounce of strength she could possibly muster. Michael gave the command for Ledyba to do the same, which it did, and then Eagun called a halt to the battle.

    “That will be enough.” The once and former Legendary Trainer announced. “Good work, both of you. As I’m sure you have already realized, Medea, I merely wanted you to land a decisive blow on Pikachu. At your current level of strength, it would be nearly impossible to actually defeat us, even with both of you working together. However, nonetheless, it was an enjoyable battle and you both did splendidly. Your Shadow Pokémon should now be ready to open their hearts. Well done.” Pikachu added its agreement, and then the two of them stepped aside to allow us to use the Relic Stone.

    “You can go first, Medea.” Michael invited.

    I shook my head. “No, you go ahead. There’s something I want to do and I think it’s better if I do it in private. If you don’t mind, Eagun-san.” I added to the old Trainer.

    “That will be fine, Medea. Would you like me to take Jovi back with me, or do you want her to stay with you?” The old Trainer asked, indicating my blue haired cousin.

    I shrugged. “Up to her. If she wants to, she can stay. I warn you, though,” I turned to her. “I intend to make an oath and it’s not one I’d want you swearing, because the consequences would be pretty nasty if you break it.”

    “Jovi will go with Michael and Eagun-san.” Jovi decided. “But Medea has to tell Jovi what the oath is later. Jovi will keep it a secret.”

    I nodded, smiling. “Alright, I’ll tell you. But you have to keep it a secret.”

    “Jovi will.” She promised. Michael had Ledyba go over to the Relic Stone and let Teddiursa out and had it do the same. Reaching out with my aura, I could actually feel the darkness in their own auras fading, being destroyed by Celebi’s power in the Relic Stone.

    I whistled. “Damn. Talk about power.” The others turned to look at me with odd looks. “What? Aura power, remember?” While I could actually use Aura, I’d never had any formal training with it, so I couldn’t exactly be considered an Aura Guardian. I wanted to be one, planned to swear as one, but I wasn’t technically a true Aura Guardian. I had never had any formal training with a master, so unfortunately I wasn’t one. Aura Guardians were thought to have died out ages ago.

    “You have the power of Aura, Medea?” Eagun inquired. “Does that make you an Aura Guardian in training, then?” He knew I was obviously too young to be a full Guardian.

    I shook my head. “No, I wish. Unfortunately, everything I’ve learned is self-taught. I’ve never met anyone else with the powers of Aura, much less a master Guardian, so unfortunately, I’m just a kid with Aura powers as much as I would like to be a Guardian. I’m pretty sure that the rules state that I have to have learned something under a Guardian master to be considered a Guardian myself. So, no, I’m not a Guardian.”

    “Perhaps if you continue to capture and purify Shadow Pokémon I could look into finding a Guardian for you to learn under.” The old Legendary Trainer proposed.

    I raised an eyebrow. “Well I was going to do that anyway, that would definitely be helpful. As I said, everything that I’ve learned so far has been self-taught. I’m not even sure if the way I’ve been using my Aura is the way it’s supposed to be used because I’ve never met anyone else with the gift, much less a real Guardian.”

    “Well, then,” Eagun decided. “Perhaps if you come back to Agate Village every so often and tell me of your progress, I can tell you of mine in finding a Guardian to teach you.” He extended his hand. “Do we have a deal, Medea?”

    I nodded. “We have a deal, Eagun-san.” I agreed. I took his hand and shook it, sealing the deal. Now I was more motivated than ever to catch all the Shadow Pokémon. Of course I would have done it anyway because it was the right thing to do, but now that there was a chance of actually studying under a real Guardian, I had to do this.

    “Then I shall start looking for a Guardian mentor for you as soon as possible.” The once and former Legendary Trainer informed me. “However, for now I shall leave you to your oath.”
    And with that, he, Michael, and Jovi left me alone in the clearing with no one but Kyouka.

    Letting Nyx out, I explained what I had in mind. Looking at the Relic Stone, Nyx agreed. I didn’t have her touch it just yet, because I didn’t want her to be purified before making the oath.

    So I created a small blade of wind to make a small cut on my palm and on Nyx and Kyouka’s paws. Then pressing them together, we made our oath.

    “I am an Aura Guardian of Orre. From this day on, I dedicate myself to the protection of humans and Pokémon alike. I shall not swerve in my duty. I will defend my brother and sister Guardians in times of peace and in times of battle. I am the eyes in the night, the silence within the wind. I am the hands through fire, the shield that guards the innocent. I shall seek to wear no crown, nor win any glory. All these things I do swear upon my honor as an Aura Guardian of Orre, until my days on this earth cease to be. This is my life. This is my vow. By Reshiram, the Vast White Dragon of Truth, I do swear.”
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    The Sorceress Who Vanquishes The Shadows
    Chapter Eight: Back To The Lab With A New Plan


    A green glow surrounded Kyouka, Nyx, and I. Both light and darkness flowed into me, and into Nyx and Kyouka. The reason I didn’t want Nyx to be purified before we made our oath was because I thought that doing it while she was still a Shadow, sharing blood with Kyouka and I, might give her a slight resistance to Shadow attacks once she was purified, something she would lose under normal circumstances.

    I planned to have all of the Pokémon I caught swear this oath, and if they didn’t want to, that was fine; I’d just find them another Trainer who would appreciate their reluctance to swear such a binding oath.

    The whole reason I wanted them to swear said oath was because I didn’t think it was enough to just share blood. I was worried that if we just shared blood and didn’t swear the oath, the madness might pass onto me or one of my Pokémon.

    I knew that there had to be madness present in a Shadow Pokémon’s blood because that was how Reverse Mode was triggered.

    What the power of the Relic Stone did was remove the taint and the madness from a Pokémon’s blood, and that was how a Shadow Pokémon was purified. The Time Flute, which summoned Celebi, which he former Team Snaggem member Wes had used, did the same thing as the Relic Stone.

    I just sat there for a while, contemplating what it meant that I had essentially pledged as an Aura Guardian that I would defeat Cipher, and all the evil in the world.

    And I hadn’t been smote by Arceus-sama, or Reshiram-sama, for daring to swear such an oath. For swearing an oath as an Aura Guardian when I had never even had any training as one.

    Did that mean that even, perhaps, though I had never trained as an Aura Guardian, they recognized me as one? Well, at the very least, they didn’t seem to mind that I swore as a Guardian, even though I wasn’t one despite having Aura powers. I hoped that Eagun-sama could find a teacher for me soon, because there was only so much I could do with my limited, self-taught skills.

    I was probably going to need more than that if I was going to need something more if I was going to face down Cipher and end their reign of terror, and put an end to their making of Shadow Pokémon, once and for all.

    And I would— as a Guardian, I could do no less.

    And even though I wasn’t really a Guardian, I still wanted to be one, and the first step towards being a Guardian was acting like one, thinking like one.
    Not just using a Guardian’s powers, but truly behaving like one, living by their rules. The ones that I knew of anyway. I couldn’t be expected to know every last rule they ever had. They were, after all, a very secretive order.

    Not just any random person on the street knew their inner workings. And well, why would they? They were peace keepers. If anyone knew how they worked, it wouldn’t be hard for would be terrorists and tyrants to infiltrate them and wipe them out completely. Considering how few there were rumored to be now, it was possible that there might not even be a hundred left; up until maybe a hundred years ago (and that’s a generous estimate) Aura and the Guardians were actually looked upon with fear, regarded as something bad. Unfortunately, that meant that it was also possible that there wasn’t one who could teach me. And wouldn’t that just bite? All this time hoping to be a real Guardian and there’s no one to teach me.

    Sitting there for a moment longer, I finally stood up, recalling Nyx and Kyouka. Then I made my way out of the forest and back to Eagun-sama’s house, bandaging my hand as I walked.

    “Welcome back, Medea-san.” Eagun-sama greeted as soon as I opened the door, not even looking u from what I was doing. “Did your oath go as planned?”

    Smiling, I held up my bandaged hand. “It sure did.” I replied. “I swore my oath as a Guardian and by Reshiram with Arceus-sama as my witness, and it seemed like it took.”

    “Wonderful.” Belluh-san said warmly. “Not many thirteen year olds could have made such an oath and not be struck down, or actually have the oath become binding. Well done, Medea.”

    I blushed. “Thank you, Belluh-san. I knew the chances of it actually being made a binding oath were pretty slim, but I went ahead and did it anyway, ’cause I wanted to swear an oath that reflected what we’re doing.”

    “This is cause for celebration.” Eagun-sama announced. “You’ve both purified your first Shadow Pokémon without incident. Still, one cannot be too happy, not with the knowledge of Professor Krane’s abduction. You see, he was a frequent visitor to Agate up to several years ago. He was conducting extensive research into the Relic Stone you see.”

    “Huh.” I said. “So that’s where he kept making all those trips to. He never would say.”

    “Indeed. He said it was for an entirely new purifying system that he and a friend came up with.” The former Legendary Trainer nodded before he sighed. “I do wonder where the kidnappers have taken Professor Krane. It must be worrisome for you as well.”

    That’s an understatement. I thought but decided not to voice it because the man was going to look for a teacher for me to learn Aura from.

    Instead I said “Yeah, it definitely is.”

    “About the situation, dear,” Belluh-san suddenly spoke up, turning to look at her husband. “Should you mention what Vander saw?”

    “Hm? Ah, yes, I did mean to tell you what Vander saw.” Her husband agreed, nodding. “We have a friend by the name of Vander who is an Area Leader for Mount Battle.” The former Legendary Trainer paused briefly. “I presume that you all know what Mount Battle is?”

    “Jovi doesn’t know.” Jovi spoke up. I wasn’t surprised— Jovi wasn’t technically old enough to have her own Pokémon yet, so it makes sense that she wouldn’t know.

    “Well, it’s like this,” I began “There’s a mountain not that far away that someone had the idea to turn into a training area. They drilled through it, and created one hundred battling stations, if you will, each one with a new Trainer, divided up into ten Areas.”

    “The strongest trainer at the end of each Area is called the Area Leader.” Michael added. “And once you beat them, you get a reward. Beat all one hundred Trainers and you get something that’s supposed to be really, really good. But as far as I know, only Wes, the guy who stopped the last Shadow Pokémon incident right before you were born, has ever actually done that so I have no idea what that reward actually is.”

    “Oh. Jovi gets it now.”

    “As I was saying, Vander claims to have seen sinister looking people out in the desert, where few people dare to tread.” Eagun-san continued. “You should go and speak to him and hear what he has to say. Do either of you have a map?”

    I shrugged my backpack off of my left shoulder and swung it around so that the back faced me. “I should have a GPS in here somewhere.” I rummaged around in it.

    “Jovi put it in the smaller pocket.” Jovi provided helpfully.

    I blushed. “Thanks Jovi.”

    “Medea is welcome.” My trainee replied cheerfully as I pulled out the GPS.

    “Will this work?” I handed it to Eagun-sama.

    “Well . . .” He fiddled with it for a few minutes.

    Belluh-san rolled her eyes. “Give it here, dear.” She told her husband. “I’ll figure out where Mount Battle is on this— what did you call it, GPS?”

    I nodded. “It’s short for Global Positioning System. It has a map of the whole Orre Region on it. No need for paper with this thing.”

    “I see.” The old woman fooled with it for a few seconds and was able to find it. “Here, to the north.” She pointed it out. “This is where Mount Battle is. You should go there and visit Vander, and hear what he has to say.”

    “Thank you.” I said gratefully. “We’ll definitely go speak to him. If I’m right, Vander-san just might tell us that Cipher is using their old lab again.”

    Eagun-sama frowned. “You truly believe that Cipher is using their lab in the desert again?”

    “I’m sure of it.” I told him. “Why else would people who look suspicious go into the desert, which coincidentally happens to be the place where Cipher’s old, abandoned lab used to be?”

    “You raise an interesting point, Medea.” Belluh-san admitted. “However, I will pray that this is not the case. If Cipher truly is using their old lab to create Shadow Pokémon, this could very well bring about the rise of another Shadow Pokémon incident.”

    “I think it’s a little late for that.” Michael spoke up. “They’ve already made a few. I think it’s safe to say they won’t stop with just a few. If they’ve got enough manpower to actually attack the Lab without being afraid of getting caught, they might have made more than just a few already. It’s really possible, you gotta admit.”

    “That is true.” Eagun-sama acknowledged. “However, it has been a long day for all of us. I suggest you return to your home and get a fresh start in the morning.”

    My stomach rumbled suddenly, and I blushed. “Sorry. Yeah, that does sound like a good idea.”

    Michal smirked. “Lovely.”

    I swatted at him. “Go s— just go away, stupid brother.” I hastily corrected myself— Mom would have my head for using language like ‘go suck dragon eggs’ or the even more vulgar form which, yes, I had been about to tell my brother in front of Jovi. In fact, she’d have my head in general for using that kind of language in the first place, whether around Jovi or not. Mom didn’t think that a thirteen year old girl should know that language at all and forget about using it. Boy would I be in trouble if she knew I said something like that.

    “No, I won’t.” Michael said simply, smirking at me because he knew full well what I had been about to tell him and why I corrected myself.

    I brandished a fist at him. “Just wait. I’ll make you pay for that. Now are we going home or not? Because I would like to go to sleep sometime tonight.”

    “Whatever.” My brother rolled his eyes. “Anyway, thanks for all of your help, Eagun-sama, Belluh-san. We’ll be sure to come back and tell you about our progress. And of course, until the Purify Chamber is done we’ll have to come here to the Relic Stone to Purify any Shadow Pokémon that we manage to Snag. So you’ll definitely see us again.”

    “And I will begin looking for a teacher for you, Medea-san, tomorrow morning.” Eagun-san promised. “I will attempt to send an email when I find one, but you should still come to check in every so often. I have never been the best with fancy new electronic devices.”

    I smiled. “Alright, sir, I will.” I turned to my moronic brother and younger cousin. “Come on. It’s time to go home. Mom’s definitely gonna be happy when she hears about this.”

    Michael grinned. “Yeah, she will be. So happy that maybe you can talk her into lessening Jovi’s groundation time.” He teased, poking me, and got his hand swatted away for his trouble.

    I snorted. “Not a chance. If I won’t stick my neck out for you, moronic twin, I’m certainly not sticking it out for Jovi. No offence, Jovi.” I added in our younger cousin’s direction.
    Jovi shook her head. “Jovi gets it.” She told me. “Mommy’s scary when she’s mad.”

    “That,” I rolled my eyes. “Is an understatement.” I looked at Michael. “Now come on, before it gets dark. We’d better go home and tell Mom about everything, and get a good night’s sleep. We’ll head to Mount Battle first thing in the morning.”

    And with that, we hurried out of Eagun-sama’s house and down to where we had parked our scooters. I helped Jovi fasten her seatbelt and I hurriedly fastened mine, then I started the motor and headed home.

    Today had been a long day and tomorrow might be even longer.

    Because tomorrow we took on Mount Battle.
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    The Sorceress Who Vanquishes The Shadows
    Chapter Nine: Pressing Onward To Mount Battle


    The ride home from Agate village seemed to drag on forever, and at times I swore it took days. As it was, it took several hours and it was dark when we got home.

    It was pretty late, and everyone but Mom was already in bed.

    Mom was waiting for us at the kitchen table, and it was clear that if we waited much longer, she’d be sleeping at the table. It wouldn’t be the first time it had happened— usually she was up waiting for Dad. This time, she was waiting for us.

    “Mom?” I shook her gently. “Mom, if you don’t go to bed now you’ll be sleeping in the chair and you’ll be grouch when you wake up tomorrow, and Dad will scold you for it when he gets back.” I tried to remind her, but I was just met with a sleepy “Okay.”

    “Um, Mom,” Michael tried. “If you go to bed now, we’ll be sure to tell you all about everything that happened in Agate Village tomorrow.”

    But again this was just met with a sleepy “Okay.”

    I rolled my eyes. “Well this isn’t working. Fine.” I took a huge deep breath in. “Lily Blume Hana, get up this instant, or so help me I’ll lock you out of the work areas for the whole day tomorrow, and don’t think I’m bluffing.”

    Mom’s eyes shot open. “I’m up!” She cried before she realized that it was just the three of us. “That was a dirty trick, Medea.” She all but growled.

    I raised an eyebrow. “It got you to wake up, didn’t it?” I retorted calmly. “You need to go to bed, Mom. Or you’ll be cranky all day tomorrow. Go to bed and we’ll tell you everything in the morning. Would you even remember what we told you if we told you now?” I added as she opened her mouth to protest.

    She scowled at me. “Fine, I’m going.”

    I grinned. “You’ll thank me for this in the morning.” I assured her cheekily.

    “We’ll see about that.” She stomped off back to her bedroom and I allowed myself a smirk.

    Mom: zero, Medea: one. Victory to the sorceress.

    To this day, I’m not really sure why mine and Michael’s birth father decided to name me after the infamous Princess of Colchis, Medea, the Witch of Betrayal who murdered her own children out of spite for the hero Jason who left her for a younger woman, the but apparently he said that I would bring honor to the name whatever that was supposed to mean. Personally, I was of the opinion that one of two things could be true: one, he could see into the future like I could see into the past, or two: he was drunk. Personally, I wasn’t sure which one I was leaning more towards being true, though I supposed it could have been both. I would never know, unfortunately, because in all likelihood our birth father was dead.

    I slowly made my way through the lab, barely remembering to change into my pajamas before I collapsed, suddenly feeling the oath I made earlier. Letting my mind wander, I wondered whether or not I should tell Mom about my oath. I would definitely tell her about the fact that Eagun-san was going to look for an Aura teacher for me, but I wasn’t sure whether or not to tell her about my oath. She probably wouldn’t be very happy when she learned I swore such a binding oath that could have potentially killed me. But I couldn’t just keep it a secret from her. She’d find out sooner or later, and when she did, she’d be furious if she found out that I tired to hide it from her. So I reluctantly decided to tell her.

    It wasn’t long after that decision that I fell asleep, and almost didn’t wake up on time that next morning. I sighed and shook my head. Mornings can seriously just go suck dragon eggs. I thought, thankful that Mom wasn’t a mind reader. I might have been getting up early to train Kyouka, and more recently Nyx, for years, but that didn’t mean I liked it.

    That was why I usually let myself sleep in on Sundays.

    So I reluctantly dragged my sorry sleepy behind out of bed and went to go wake Jovi up so she could watch me train and help out if she felt like it.

    I was admittedly surprised to find my younger cousin already up and waiting for me, and was even more surprised when she asked five million questions about Pokémon training, questions I was only too happy to answer. Especially because some of them actually made me think. In just two days, Jovi had become a rather brilliant future trainer and a pretty good freaking student.

    After Jovi and I got done with our morning training, we headed into the kitchen for breakfast where Mom was waiting for us.

    “Morning, Mom.” I greeted. “Sleep well?”

    “That was still a dirty trick, but yes, I did.” She leveled me with a glare before she sighed. “Alright, Medea, I suppose I do have to thank you. First last and only time you’ll hear me say that.”

    I shrugged. “Once is good enough for me. Anyway, when Michael gets up, you want me to tell you about everything that happened yesterday?”

    “Of course.” Was Mom’s immediate answer. “You might want to go wake him up soon, though. You know how he is.”

    I rolled my eyes. “Yeah. All too well.” Michael was even less of a morning person than me, and could, and would, sleep the day away if Mom, Dad and I let him. I made a Shadow Clone to go wake him up and he was down within five minutes.

    “Alright, you three,” Mom began as Michael sat down. “Talk.”

    “Yes, Mom.” Michael and I chorused.

    So we took turns explaining what happened, and when I got to my oath, Mom was surprised, and a little annoyed, but mostly proud. She also looked pretty relieved that Eagun-sama was going to see about finding a teacher for me. So far, I’d just been bumbling my way through it, trying to figure out how a Guardian used their Aura, often times blowing myself up in the process. Every time I tried to use something like an Aura Sphere, it blew up in my face. So I could definitely see why Mom was relived at the thought of me finally having a proper teacher.

    “I have to say, I’m impressed, Medea.” Mom mentioned when we finished. “Not a lot of thirteen year olds could make an oath like you did and actually have it be made binding, if they didn’t get killed for daring to make it in the first place. Arceus-sama and Reshiram-sama must have sensed your conviction.”

    I shrugged. “I guess so.” I agreed before I remembered something. “Oh yeah, Eagun-sama mentioned that Vander, Area Leader of Mount Battle’s Area One, saw something strange in the desert. We were going to go see him and hear what he had to say, if that’s okay with you.”

    “It’s alright with me.” Mom agreed. “Are you taking Jovi with you?”

    “If she wants to come. Do you want to come Jovi?” I asked.

    “Jovi wants to come.” Jovi informed me.

    “Then we better get going.” Michael said. “If we don’t want to be back late again, we better hurry up. So come on and let’s go already.”

    I rolled my eyes. “I’m coming, O Impatient Brother of Doom.” Telling Mom we’d see her later and promising not to be back so late, we got on our scooters and headed to Mount Battle. Like yesterday when we went to Agate Village, Jovi was in charge of the GPS.

    When we got there, I was surprised to see Mr. Verich’s red aide, who I privately had started calling Mister Red. He seemed a bit surprised to see us as well.

    “Well, well,” He said. “Didn’t we meet at Gateon Port?”

    I smiled. “We did indeed, sir.”

    “So we did. Have you come to train?” He wanted to know.

    “Yes, we have.” Michael replied, like me, figuring that revealing our true intentions to a total stranger probably wasn’t a good idea.

    “This is an excellent place for people to train.” Mister Red murmured, turning to face the mountain. “I’ve trained here myself. Back then, I only sought to become more powerful. I didn’t need any other reason. As a result, I attained this status. But now I’ve taken to questioning my motive for gaining power.” He turned back to us. “I wonder why I am fighting for. I ponder if I am putting my Pokémon under cruel stress.” He looked at us intently, his penetrating stare somehow managing to come through his sunglasses. “That is why I urge you to look into yourselves. Ask yourselves why you want to become stronger before you take that path.”

    And with that, he walked off, leaving us all clueless.

    We walked inside and went up to the receptionist. “Welcome to Mount Battle.” She greeted. “Would you care to take our challenge for training? You battle ’till you’re knocked out! Unfortunately, we’re not open to the public right now. The facilities are closed for training novice Trainers.” Good thing we weren’t actually hear to train.

    “We’re not actually here to train, though.” Michael told her. “We’re here to see Vander, the Area Leader of Area One. We came here on the advice of Eagun-sama of Agate Village.”

    “Ah, I see. Actually, Vander is in charge of the rookie training session. He’s inside right now. If you’re in a hurry, you may enter through here.” The receptionist stepped aside allowing us to enter Mount Battle. Almost as soon as we stepped onto the first platform, we were challenged to a battle by the woman who I guessed was the Zone One Trainer. I wasn’t sure if that was the official name or not, but that was what I was going with. Anyway, or the hell of it, I decided I’d go first. If only because I wanted Jovi to take notes about what she felt I did well and what I could have done better. If she was going to be my student, I wanted her honest critique.

    It wasn’t a very hard battle, considering it was only the very first Trainer in Mount Battle, but I was sure that I still made at least one mistake.

    After beating her and hearing what Jovi had to say, we continued on, battling the next Trainer who seemed just as freaked out. Michael beat him soundly, and then we continued onto the next Zone where we would find Vander.

    “That’s right.” A man’s voice was saying. “In a Double Battle, it’s important that you understand the attributes and abilities of two Pokémon together.”

    “Okay, Vander.” The other person, a young boy around the same age as Michael and I, replied eagerly. “That makes sense!”

    Vander seemed to spot us out of the corner of his eye and turned to face us. “Oh? Are you knockout battle challengers?” He questioned. “I hate to disappoint you, but we’re not running the challenge right now. We’re in training, you see.”

    “Well, we’re not actually here for the knockout challenge.” I told him. “We actually came on the advice of Eagun-sama, the Elder of Agate Village. We came to hear about the desert.”

    “Oh, I see.” Vander nodded. “I understand. I’ll be happy to give you my account. But before I do that, I have a little request.”

    “What kind of request?” I asked.

    “Well, just on appearance, you both appear to be outstanding Trainers. I’m certain my eyes aren’t deceiving me.” The Area One Leader began. “So here’s my request: to finish up my novice Trainer’s session, I’d like one of you to treat him to a battle.”

    I shrugged. “Alright, I’ll do it. Nyx and Kyouka could use the experience anyway.”

    “Thank you for training with me.” The rookie Trainer, who introduced himself as Bardo, said gratefully and sent out a Spoink and Doduo.

    “Nyx, Kyouka, front and center.” I barked, tossing the balls up into the air as my only two Pokémon appeared in flashes of white light. “Nyx, start by Biting the Spoink.” She had regained the move during our training session this morning. “Kyouka, you start with Sunny Day and then hit the Duduo with an Ember.”

    “Right.” They acknowledged. Nyx immediately shot forward and used Bite on the Spoink, while Kyouka used Sunny Day and then fired off series a powered up Embers at the Duduo. After that, I had them switch targets and repeat the process, and that was enough to faint the two opposing Pokémon. Recalling his Pokémon, Bardo sank to the ground, muttering something about how he felt like he’d failed his school graduation exam or something.

    Vander smiled at me as I recalled Kyouka and Nyx. “Yes, just as I thought.” He nodded. “That was a well-played battle. Why, it made me want to jump in the fray and join in too. Anyway, we should talk, but this isn’t the place for that. Let’s go back to the reception.” We made our way back down the mountain, what little of it we’d climbed, and Vander led us back out to the waiting area. “Now, then, there’s a Cipher research facility in the desert south of there. It’s been there since the Shadow Pokémon Incident seven years ago. It seemed to be abandoned for a long time, but recently I’ve seen some shady characters coming and going.”

    “Jovi, pull out the GPS, please?” I requested of my trainee.

    “Okay.” Jovi agreed and pulled it out of my backpack, handing it to Vander.

    “Thank you. Here’s about where the lab is.” He marked it on the map. “I do wonder if this has anything to do with Professor Krane’s situation. After all, that was one of Cipher’s major bases of operation during the last Shadow Pokémon Incident.”

    I frowned thoughtfully. “You know,” I said thoughtfully. “I hadn’t thought of that. But now that you mention it, there could be a chance. We’ll definitely have to check it out. Thank you for the info, Vander-san. I believe we officially know where we’re headed next.”

    “Yeah,” Michael agreed, nodding determinedly. “We go to that Cipher lab and we rescue Dad!”
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    The Sorceress Who Vanquishes The Shadows
    Chapter Ten: Storming The Cipher Lab In The Desert


    With that little bit of information, we went back home to the lab to tell Mom about what we had learned. When we told her Vander-san’s suspicions, she agreed that it just might be where Cipher was keeping Dad. Which meant that we had to go there and find out for ourselves. So we did a bit of light training for the next few days to make sure we were ready, and then we made our way to the lab where Dad was probably being kept after making a pit stop at the nearest Pokémart to get Pokéballs, which they now sold since there were reports of wild Pokémon popping up in the region.
    As soon as we got there, we saw the truck-thing that made off with Dad.

    But before we could check it out, a group of oddly dressed people (with their helmets on I couldn’t tell whether they were men or women) filed out of the building and lined up. They were dressed in red, yellow, blue, green, brown, and purple versions of the usual Cipher grunt uniform. I had to wonder if that represented a type.

    “We are sextuplets!” One of them proclaimed. “We are! We are! We strike terror throughout the land! For we are the Hexagon Brothers!” Oh . . . kay. I was officially weirded out. I looked at Michael, hoping I wasn’t the only one who was completely weirded out here, and sure enough, Michael had the same expression on his face. “Sound off!” The red brother continued, turning towards the next in line, the blue suited brother.

    “One!” Blue announced.

    “Two!” Brown added.

    “Three!” Yellow continued.

    “Four!” Purple shouted.

    “Five!” Green finished.

    There was a blissful moment of silence before the red brother figured out they had only gotten to five. “Wait, five? That’s it, five? Aren’t we missing someone?”

    “That’s ridiculously impossible.” Green scoffed. “Let me try this time.” I bit back a sigh. I had a feeling we were going to be here for a while. Just wonderful. “Count off!”






    And they got the same results as last time, making them sure someone was missing, but figuring that he would return soon enough. I shook my head. Morons. I made a mental note never to argue with these morons— they’d drag me down to their level and beat me with experience. Because that was what idiots did when you argued with them.

    And then they figured out we were there. Well about time.

    “Hey, you brats!” One of them shouted. “This is no kiddy playground.”

    “Wow, really?” I couldn’t help but snark back. “I thought this was the most awesome playground ever.” I snorted. “Duh. Imbeciles.”

    The red brother snarled at me as I quickly signed my plan to Michael. Over the past few days Mom made it a point to teach us USL (Unovan Sign Language, which our father taught her) so we could communicate silently, pounding into our heads everything she could in a few days.

    I would take on the red brother, because if I was right, he trained Fire Types and Kyouka’s ability was Flash Fire. Michael would take the blue brother, because his team wasn’t weak to water at all, as well as the brown brother because Ledyba had an advantage over Ground Types. From there, it depended on who finished their battle first, though I was kind of hoping for the yellow brother, who I suspected trained Electric Types.

    I brazenly walked up to Red Boy and challenged him to a battle, and he was only too happy to oblige considering how much I pissed him off. I sent out Kyouka and Nyx and explained my plan in USL, which Mom had pounded into their heads as well.

    They were quick to carry it out and quickly take out the all of the non-Shadow Pokémon until finally, Red Boy sent out his Shadow, a Houndour. I seemed to have a talent for getting fire and Dark Types, didn’t I? Kyouka was a pure Fire Type, and Nyx a pure Dark Type, and now Houndour was a Fire and Dark Type. Not that I was complaining. Houndoom would be a really good Pokémon to have on my team. So yeah, not complaining.

    “Let’s see how you deal with this.” Red Boy boasted, smirking, clearly referring to his Shadow Houndour. His smirk fell, however, when Nyx and Kyouka rammed into it with their own respective attacks, which did a fair bit of damage.

    I grinned. “Gladly.” I loaded a Snag Ball into my Snag Machine and quickly tossed it at Shadow Houndour. “Shake,” I muttered, crossing my fingers. “Shake,” Please no more shakes. Don’t break out. “Shake,” I focused all my attention on the ball and finally, it stopped shaking.

    Mission accomplished, Captain.” Nyx announced as she darted forward to grab the Pokéball. “One Pokéball for the Captain.

    I smiled. “Thank you, Nyx. You’ve done well. Steak dinner for you tonight.”

    No fair!” Kyouka protested. “I helped too, and I did just as much work as she did!

    I rolled my eyes. “Get me the next Pokéball and you get steak dinner tonight too.”

    So all I have to do is grab the next Pokéball, right?” My first Pokémon confirmed, and I nodded. “Then it’s steak dinner for me tonight, because I’m definitely going to get that next Ball.”

    I chuckled. “Alright then.” I checked on Michael, who was still battling the green brother, so I moved onto the yellow brother and challenged him. He probably trained Electric Types, and currently, two out of my three Pokémon were weak to Water, and Nyx was only neutral to it. “Hey, Yellow Boy, fight me. Unless you’re scared.” I challenged him.

    “I’m not scared of anything!” Yellow Boy snarled. “I’ll battle you, and when I win, you better be prepared to hand over all of your Pokémon.”

    I snorted. “Not happening, because you’re not winning.” I retorted. “Nyx and Kyouka, front and center.” I tossed the balls up into the air. “Just like last time, you two. Kyouka, get that ball and it’s steak dinner for you tonight too.”

    “With that kind of incentive, how could I not get it?” Kyouka gave me a Growlithe grin.

    I bit my lip as Yellow Boy sent out an Electrike and a Chinchou. Chinchou may have been an Electric Type, but it was also a Water Type. I’d have to be careful.

    “Be careful Kyouka.” I called. “Chinchou is part Water, so avoid its Water attacks at all costs.”

    Right.” She acknowledged. The first thing she did, without my prompting, no less, was use Sunny Day to weaken any potential Water Type attacks Chinchou might throw at us. Then she took advantage of it and hit the dual Water/Electric Type with an Ember and then slammed it with a Tackle. Soon after, Nyx rushed over at used Bite on it, effectively knocking it out.

    “You know, just for that little display of teamwork there,” I began, smiling at my two Pokémon. “I’m tempted to tell Mom you two deserve something even better than steak dinner.”

    Cue drool from both canine-like Pokémon.

    “We’ll have to do that again.” They decided. I snorted; they would.

    “Alright, but back to the battle. Remember, we’ve still got a Shadow to Snag.” I reminded as Yellow Boy sound out Mareep. My Aura Reader responded, and the lens slid across my eye, signaling that it was a Shadow Pokémon. After letting the two weaken it a bit, which took kind of a while because they had to scale down show much force they used so as not to faint it, I quickly loaded a Pokéball into my Snag Machine and tossed it. It shook once, twice, thrice, and finally, it dinged, and Kyouka raced to grab it for me; she really wanted that steak dinner. I smiled. This was good, because now I had something to deal with any pesky Water Types.

    I looked over at Michael, who had just finished battling the last of the Hexagon Brothers, and nodded. Now it was time that we stormed the main lab, where our first true test awaited.

    We made our way into the lab proper, and thankfully there was a healing machine and a PC and it looked like the PC didn’t require a password.

    I was quick to take advantage of the healing machine, because my team had taken a bit of a beating, and then there was my two newest members.

    Michael did the same, and then we made our way deeper into the lab where a woman (or at least I think it was a woman; kind of hard to tell) dropped from the ceiling. Figuring that now would be a pretty good time to test out my two newest team members, I tossed their balls up into the air. “Pluto, Juno, front and center.”

    “I guess I’m Pluto, then?” Houndour guessed.

    I grinned. “Someone knows her mythology.” I commented. “Yep. And Mareep is Juno. I know that Juno wears a goat skin cloak, but I figure that it’s close enough. Anyway, if you two do well, I’ll give you steak dinner, Pluto, and Juno, you get a salad bar for dinner.”

    With that kind of motivation, there’s no way I’ll do anything less.” Juno commented.

    Juno immediately hit Duskull with a Thundershock. Pluto followed by Shadow Blitzing the Skitty. Then, without my prompting, they switched targets and switched things up— Juno rushed in and Shadow Blitzed Skitty, while Pluto Smog-ed Duskull, which took them down for the count.

    I recalled them, healed them for good measure, and headed further into the lab.

    As soon as we exited the elevator, we came to a fork and decided to go left. This led us to what appeared to be some sort of lounge area. There was a man in a lab coat there, who, upon noticing us, challenged us to a battle.

    Michael stepped forward to take him on, and as soon as the scientist lost, he ran off to alert Lovrina, who I assumed was the boss of the area, likely an Admin.

    Pretty soon, the area’s boss would know we were here. This could either be a good thing, or a bad thing. I mentally decided that I would make it a good thing. Because Dad was depending on us to rescue him, and there was absolutely no way we were going to leave without him.

    I’m going to make sure of it.
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    The Sorceress Who Vanquishes The Shadows
    Chapter Eleven: An Unusual Vision Brought By Aura


    After briefly worrying about the fact that the lab’s Admin knew we were here, or would soon at any rate, Michael, Jovi and I pressed on. There was an elevator in the room that led to somewhere else in the lab, but it needed an ID card, so we had to backtrack. We battled a grunt along the way, but she wasn’t really anything noteworthy because she didn’t have any Shadow Pokémon. From there, we made our way down the stairs to a research room, and heard a man muttering about getting someone to spill the beans about his purification research, because while the person he was talking about was the leading expert on purification, if he didn’t talk, their project was going nowhere. I figured he was talking about Dad— who else would be the leading expert on purification? Not anyone that I knew. It was at that point that he noticed we were here and challenged us to a battle.

    I stepped up to take the challenge, but it was when he sent out a Lileep and an Anorith that I realized that while I may now have a team member who could deal with Water Types, I didn’t have any that could deal with Ground and Rock Types. So I decided I’d have to be very, very careful about what I did. That and find a Pokémon to deal with Rock and Ground Types soon.

    I used Nyx and Kyouka again, because while Kyouka was as weak to Rock as Pluto was (both were two times weak), Kyouka had more battling experience, and there was a chance that either one of the Fossil Pokémon could have a Fighting Type move. Using Juno, an Electric Type, against a Rock Type was just asking for trouble. And I wasn’t about to let one of my Pokémon getting hurt, or worse, because I didn’t plan well enough. It would be a difficult battle, but I could come out relatively unscathed if I used my head.

    I had to really think about every move I had Kyouka and Nyx make, but in the end, we were able to come out on top, and thank Arceus-sama for that.

    Michael, Jovi and I continued on our way when a woman dropped from the ceiling. In the hopes that she would have a Shadow Pokémon I could add to my team, one which could hopefully take on Rock Types, I decided that I would take the challenge.

    I took care of the Swinub and Duskull rather quickly with Nyx and Pluto and then was a bit surprised when she sent out a Spinarak. As soon as she did, my Aura Reader began responding— Spinarak was a Shadow Pokémon. One I was going to add to my team.

    I had Nyx do the bulk of the attacking and take most of the attacks as well (in the hopes that her sharing blood with Kyouka and I when she was still a Shadow Pokémon actually gave her some sort of resistance to Shadow attacks), and when Spinarak’s health was low enough, I loaded a Snag Ball into my Snag Machine and fired it before its trainer had a chance to figure out that I intended to snag her Shadow Pokémon and recall it before I could Snag it.

    The ball shook once, twice, thrice, and the after a long moment of being still, it dinged. “Capture successful.” I announced, smirking. “Pluto, Nyx, the ball, if you please?”

    Both darted forward, but it was Pluto who reached the ball first. “One Pokéball for the Commander.” She announced as she dropped it into my hand.

    “Thank you.” I smiled at them both. “You’ve both done really well today. I’ll make sure that Mom fixes you up tonight.”

    I clipped the Pokéball onto my belt and we continued on. However, we had just gone up the stairs when I was suddenly hit with a vision, the force of it causing me to drop to my knees and hold my head as it came.

    I saw Dad, Naps, and a young woman who had her hair pulled into a pair of long pigtails.

    “Please, Professor Krane,” The young woman began, her honey-sweet tone sending chills down my spine. “When will you tell me about your Purification study? I do so want to know.” She leaned closer, pressing her bust against Dad as if to try and seduce him into telling her. “That will let me power up my XD001. I so made it myself! Don’t you think that would be fabulous?” She whispered the words in his ear, still trying to seduce him despite the fact that she was something like a decade younger than him, if not even more.

    I nearly gagged, and Dad seemed to have the same idea.

    “You’ve got to be joking!” He scoffed, pushing the young woman away, neither phased by no impressed with her so-called charms. “I would never cooperate with people like you!”

    “Oh, but why?” The young woman protested. “I so don’t get it! Why would you refuse an offer so wonderful as this?” Wonderful my left foot.

    “I don’t care how often you repeat yourself.” Dad replied firmly. “I have no intention of helping your Shadow Pokémon Plan. Artificially slamming shut the hearts of Pokémon . . .” He looked straight at the young woman. “It’s inexcusable. Put a stop to it immediately.”

    “Oh, you!” The pink haired girl pretending to be an adult cried dramatically. “You are so mean and closed minded! You won’t even try to understand how marvelous it is to help my XD001!” She turned back to Naps. “Naps!”

    “Yes, ma’am!” The yellow and white clad Cipher grunt barked. “Sister Lovrina!” Well at least now I had a name to go with a face.

    “This is so your fault! Professor Krane is oh so cross with me because you were so rude when you invited him here!” The newly-named Lovrina snapped. She really sounded like a little girl trying to pretend that she was bigger and meaner than she really was.

    “You can’t be serious!” Naps protested. “Listen to the man already! He’s been saying all along that he won’t help our Shadow Pokémon plan.”

    “I can’t hear you!” Lovrina retorted. “The plan is perfect!” She paused for a minute. “. . . XD001’s condition was just off by a little, tiny bit.”

    Right— a little tiny bit that made it drop a whole ship. I was pretty sure that the XD001 they were talking about was the black Lugia I saw in my dreams. Cipher must have captured an ordinary Lugia and made it a Shadow Pokémon.

    “Being off by a little tiny bit is enough to make it drop a ship?” Naps shot back. “And would you look at the uproar . . .”

    “Naps!” The girl playing woman snarled. “Everything that happened is so all your fault! Every tiny little bit! So . . .” She smirked at the Cipher grunt. “You so do something about it!”

    And with that, the pink haired girl trying to pretend to be a woman turned on her heel and sauntered away. Someone certainly had issues.

    “. . . Naps, was it?” Dad questioned after a moment. “You have my sympathy. It must be a nightmare to have someone like that was your boss.”

    “You put a lid on it!” Naps snapped. “When it comes down to it, it’s so all your fault! Come on! Help us with XD001!”

    “First, we need to talk.” Dad replied calmly, not even batting an eye. “I’ll teach you why it’s such a bad idea to make Shadow Pokémon.”

    That was when the vision ended and I came back to reality, noting that I had dropped to one knee and was now holding my head. I groaned as I stood up. “Wonderful. My aura powers are evolving. I get visions now, too. Joy.” I sighed. “As if my True Dreaming wasn’t enough.”

    “Is Medea okay?” Jovi asked, concerned.

    I smiled at my trainee. “I’m fine, but thanks for asking.” I told her. “I just hope that Eagun-san finds a teacher for me soon. I can barely handle my True Dreams as it is. Anyway, should we get going? The sooner we get through all of these grunts, the sooner we can find Dad and bring him back home where he belongs.”
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    The Sorceress Who Vanquishes The Shadows
    Chapter Twelve: Continuing The Conquest Of The Lab


    I stood up and we continued on our way when a man dropped from the ceiling. I decided that my Pokémon had done enough battling for the time being and let Michael battle him. I watched interestedly as Michael battled the grunt, who eventually sent out a Shadow Pokémon, a Numel. Interesting. Michael was definitely racking up quite a number of Shadow Pokémon.

    We knocked the man out and were about to go on our merry way when I thought of something. “I’m going to try something.” I decided. “He heard me talking about my Aura, and if it gets back to Lovrina, the Admin in charge of this lab, it’ll get back to the big boss. And the last thing I want is for the boss of Cipher to know that I have Aura. Especially that I’m untrained and largely, or completely, self-taught. And I really don’t want them knowing it’s evolving.”

    “I see your point.” Michael winced. “Alright. Go ahead. You gonna try and erase his memories?”

    I nodded. “Yeah. Cipher doesn’t need to know about my True Dreams or my Aura. So this guy’s memories are getting erased before he can go blabbing to Lovrina, who will go blabbing to whoever the boss is.” I knelt down and placed a hand over the guy’s forehead, focusing my Aura on erasing his memories of what I had talked about. I knew that he had heard— he was hanging on the ceiling when I had my vision. Finally, my Aura faded and his memories were erased. Now all I had to do was make sure that no one else heard about my Aura.

    So Jovi, Michael and I made on our way deeper into the lab, continuing down the hall until we got to an elevator, which we took, which led us to another room which had another elevator right beside the one we just came out of.

    “Should we take this one?” Michael questioned, jerking his head at it.

    “Yeah, maybe we should.” I decided. “Who knows, maybe, just maybe, there’ll be something good up there. I doubt that it’s more than just a small room because having two elevators in the same spot and having the second one actually lead somewhere would be too obvious, so if nothing else, we could take a small break and eat lunch or something.”

    “Mom packed us lunch, didn’t she?” My brother remembered, stomach rumbling as if on cue.

    “She did.” Jovi confirmed. “Jovi made sure to put it in Medea’s backpack before we left.”

    “Good thinking.” I praised the girl who was quickly becoming something of a sister to me. “Did Mom give you any instructions regarding the food?”

    Jovi shook her head. “No. Mommy just said that it needs to be eaten before we come home tonight. And if it spoils we’re on our own tomorrow.”

    I snorted. “Why am I not surprised?” I muttered. “Anyway, let’s go. Lunch awaits.”

    We took the elevator up to a very small room (I called it) and noticed a square Pokéball shaped chest. “Is that some sort of item chest?” Michael wondered.

    “Looks like it.” I agreed. “Maybe you should open it and see what’s inside.”

    He went to, and another Cipher grunt dropped from the ceiling. Feeling rather irritated, Michael all but demolished them, knocked them out, dragged them onto the elevator, and dragged them out and left their unconscious from in a corner— in the most uncomfortable position possible. They were going to be very sore when they woke up, and it severed them right for joining Cipher. Besides, they would wake up tired and sore and cranky, but alive. While Michael was doing that, Jovi and I began unpacking our lunch.

    Michael was scowling as he exited the elevator just a few minutes later. “Please tell me lunch is ready.” He grumbled, and his stomach rumbled again to agree with him.

    I chuckled. “It is.” I gestured to the spread Jovi and I had just finished laying out. “Help yourself. Just make sure to leave something for Jovi and I.”

    Michael grabbed a paper plate and began piling a bit of everything on it. Exchanging a grin, Jovi and I quickly began do the same before Michael took it all. We talked a bit while we ate, mainly offering suggestions about what to expect and how to beat Lovrina, the boss of the lab. My suggestion was to make her mad— she clearly had anger issues, and seemed to want to make herself look bigger and more powerful than she really was.

    I shared what I had seen in my vision with them, namely Lovrina’s bratty attitude and how quick she was to blame someone else for what was clearly her mistake or something that was her fault. My siblings definitely agreed that it was a good idea. After all, like Dad always said, a hacked off opponent is never in control. Well his full lesson was actually “An angry opponent is never in control. For your part, you have to be sure that you don’t give any clues about what you’re going to do.” But I was paraphrasing a bit; bite me.

    We finished lunch and packed up— making sure to save what we didn’t eat because Mom would kill us if we didn’t— and pressed on. We fought a few more people, all of them without Shadow Pokémon, until we came to a room with a pair of scientists talking about XD001, a Pokémon that was supposed to be un-Purifiable.

    “Have you heard?” The first man questioned the second. “XD001’s final adjustments are behind schedule at Headquarters. If they can get Krane to give up details about his Purification study, all of XD001’s problems would be solved in one fell swoop.”

    “I think so too.” Agreed the second. “But it sounds like he’s being quite obstinate and tight lipped about the whole thing. I’ve heard Lovrina’s getting incensed over this.” And then they noticed us. Well good for them.

    “Huh? A bunch of kids in the lab?!” The first scientist exclaimed. “Hold still so we can catch you, brats!” And with that, he stepped forward to challenge us. Reaching out with my Aura, I tried to sense if he had any Shadow Pokémon, but didn’t feel anything. I wasn’t sure whether that meant I just didn’t sense anything or he didn’t have a Shadow Pokémon, so I just decided to battle him. He sent out his Pokémon and I sent out mine, and I decided just to give Nyx and Juno their heads for the battle. It was probably a good idea for them to learn to battle without me giving commands in case the battle was too intense to do so.

    As soon as the battle was over, I smiled and knelt down to their level. “Good job, both of you. You did well. Think you can keep it up?”

    Of course.” Juno said as if it should have been obvious.

    Have you been taking stupid potion, Captain?” Nyx added.

    I flicked her for that. “You do want that steak dinner, don’t you?”

    I’ll be good.” She promised meekly.

    “I’m busy.” The scientist muttered. “I’ll let you go today, so go home without any fuss, okay?”

    The second scientist, however, wasn’t having it. “I’m not good at battling, but now’s not the time to be telling you that!” I didn’t sense any Shadow Pokémon from him, either, so I just let Michael handle the battle. “I’ll pretend I never saw you. Scram already!”

    I rolled my eyes. “Shall we?” I asked, making a sweeping gesture with my hand.

    “We shall.” Michael agreed.

    “Jovi is curious to see what other Pokémon Michael and Medea will get.” Jovi chimed in.

    I nodded. “I’m still looking for a good Pokémon for your first. I just haven’t quite found one that I really think would be a good match for you yet.”

    “It’s okay.” Jovi told me. “Jovi understands.”

    We continued on our way, going up an elevator, at one point another Cipher Grunt (excuse me; Peon) dropped from the ceiling. Interestingly enough she— or at least I thought it was a woman— had a Carvanha. Michael seemed like he wanted it, so I let him take it. Besides, it wasn’t like I was particularly interested. Yes, it would help with my Ground Type weakness problem, but I would rather find a Pokémon that was already suited to my style of battling rather than trying to forcefully make the Pokémon match it. And Carvanha didn’t really exactly seem like it did match my style. It would probably be more suited to Michael’s all or nothing attacking style rather than my more subtle style. After beating her, we kept going until we came across another loose lipped pair of scientists.

    This time, they were talking about Cipher’s boss.

    This I had to hear.
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    The Sorceress Who Vanquishes The Shadows
    Chapter Thirteen: Meeting The Cipher Admin Lovrina


    I strained my ears to catch what the scientists were talking about, hoping they could provide us with some useful information— preferably about where Dad was being held. “Whew, I never thought that Cipher’s big man would deign to show up here in person.” Said the first, likely referring to the boss of the whole organization whose name I still didn’t know. “I saw him in real flesh and blood and he’s menacing! The sight of him gave me shivers!”

    “Master Greevil’s supposedly making a tour of all of Cipher’s facilities.” The second explained patiently. “I think he wants to confirm that everything is fine so he can proceed with his plans without ending up with a fiasco like last time.” They must have been referring to when the Shadow Lugia tried to take the SS Libra but dropped it somewhere. The Scientist the Second suddenly looked startled, looking right at the three of us. “What?! Who are you?! You suspicious intruders!”

    “How long were you there?!” Demanded Scientist the First, whirling around to face us. “You may be kids, but we can’t let you walk away from this place in one piece!”

    He stepped up to battle us and Michael decided he wanted to take a quack at him. So he sent out his Leafeon and his new Shadow Baltoy, considering that both the opposing Pokémon were Normal Types, one with the Ability Cute Charm and the other possibly knowing Attract. Considering that Baltoy was technically genderless, I thought this was a good move on Michael’s part. And being part Psychic Type, it would be less affected by Intimidate.

    I watched as Michael quickly took care of the Snubull and Jigglypuff, and then was a bit surprised as Scientist the First sent out a Shadow Shroomish. His Attract strategy was actually a pretty good one— he had Leafeon use Attract to make Shroomish infatuated with Leafeon, and then slowly whittled down its health from there. Scientist the First was not happy when Michael managed to successfully Snag Shroomish, but thankfully didn’t do much other than scowl. “Did you maybe come to rescue Krane?” The lab coat wearing Cipher goon wanted to know. “Don’t bother trying. You don’t know how scary Lovrina— she’s in charge here— can be. She looks cute and all, but she’s nothing short of terrifying! Get out of here while you still can. It’s for your own good!” And with that, he ran away.

    I saw a card of some sort on the table and decided to pick it up, and when I did, it looked like an ID card of some sort. I held it up to the light. “It looks like an ID card. Maybe we can use it to take that locked elevator.” I suggested, remembering the locked elevator we’d come across earlier which we hadn’t been able to access. I wouldn’t be surprised if it led pretty close to where Dad was— it was probably locked for a reason. Michael mentioned that maybe it would lead to where Dad was being kept. I hoped so. So did everyone. We went and healed our Pokémon before we found the locked elevator from earlier and used the ID card to unlock it. It took us to a small room used to record data if the computers were any indication. There was a staircase just a few feet in front of us which in turn probably led to another small room. I had a suspicion that it was the room they were holding Dad in.

    We went up the stairs to find Dad talking to Naps. “You understand, don’t you?” Dad was questioning the Cipher goon. “It’s wrong to turn Pokémon into Shadow Pokémon. Can you see that?” Naps said nothing. “Please, won’t you help us stop this Shadow Pokémon plan? Join us, and help us save the Pokémon!”

    For the longest time, Naps was silent. “. . . Professor Krane,” He said at last. “I understand what you’re trying to say, but I can’t help you.” Suddenly realizing that Jovi, Michael and I were standing behind him, he spun around to face us. “Whoa?! You . . . aren’t you those kids I saw at the Pokémon HQ Lab that time?”

    Dad rubbed his eyes, staring at us. “Michael? Medea?” He gasped, his face lighting up with a wide smile. “It’s really you!” He then noticed Jovi standing next to me. “And what,” He continued sternly. “Is Jovi doing here with you?! Do you know how dangerous it is to bring someone who isn’t even old enough to be a Trainer to a Cipher lab?!”

    “I’m well aware.” I said coolly. “However, nothing bad has happened yet, and since you have been gone, Jovi has learned a lot from me. I gave her the choice to stay home and she came anyway, because she wanted to help you.” Dad just sighed and said we’d talk more later.

    “Are you trying to tell me,” Naps began, and I thought his eye was twitching under his helmet. “That you three came here, all by your lonesome, to rescue Professor Krane, and one of you isn’t even a Trainer yet?!”

    I grinned. “That’s right.” I agreed cheerfully.

    I heard a growl as Naps turned back to Dad. “It’s too bad. I’m still a member of Cipher. I can’t very well let you four go, now, can I? As for you,” He addressed Michael. “You Snagged my Teddiursa from me that time! I’ll give you this: you kids have guts to come here alone. But I’ll fix you good so that you’ll never go anywhere again!” Deciding that now would be a good opportunity to use Arachne, my new Shadow Spinarak, I stepped up to battle the man with the first Shadow Pokémon my brother and I had ever encountered. He sent out a Rhyhorn and a Murkrow first, so I sent out Arachne, telling them to take out the Rhyhorn first, because once it was taken out, I could switch Nyx out for Juno and take care of the Murkrow quickly— before it could knock Arachne out.

    Arachne hit Rhyhorn with a Shadow Rush while Nyx quickly followed with Bite. A couple more repetitions and the Spikes Pokémon was down. He sent out a Beldum as I switched Nyx for Juno, and then a Slakoth once Juno and Arachne knocked Murkrow out. It too was quickly taken out, especially because it typically only did something one out of two times Naps told it to. I wasn’t sure what he expected considering that Slakoth, and its final evolution Slaking, were infamous, notorious even, for loafing around.

    Grinning, I crossed my arms. “So, do you surrender? Will you let us go back without causing a scene?” I doubted it, but I had to ask.

    Naps didn’t give me a direct answer. Instead he said “Professor Krane, you folks don’t have the foggiest notion how big and scary Cipher really is. It’s not smart to resist.” His eyes were hard as he looked directly at Dad. “You can go on about the poor, abused Pokémon, but you should think of your own selves first. That’s my advice.”

    “Good thing we don’t need your advice.” I muttered.

    “Medea!” Dad scolded.

    “What?” I protested. “What should I be polite, he’s our enemy!” Naps paid us no mind as he ran down the stairs, presumably to alert Lovrina. I sighed. “Oh, joy. Looks like we’re going to have to face the overgrown b— err,” I hastily cut myself off, remembering that Jovi was around. “The flat chest brainless pink moron who thinks she’s so much prettier and grown up, and so much more important than she really is. She may be an Admin, but only of a small facility.”

    Dad gave me an amused look at me correcting myself. “So, you three really came here by yourself?” He changed the subject. “That’s incredible! Although you’ll have to tell me why you decided to bring Jovi here. You said you were training her, Medea?”

    I nodded. “It was right before these guys grabbed you that we made an agreement.” I explained. “I told Jovi that if she worked hard and didn’t complain, and stopped running off, that maybe I’d find a Pokémon for her. She’s been a part of our quest, so I couldn’t leave her behind. Oh, I know that Mom probably isn’t happy, but I don’t care.”

    The kid’s actually gotten pretty good at helping out with our training sessions.” Kyouka pointed out from her place beside me. I briefly regarded her with a raised eyebrow, silently asking how she got out of her Pokéball without me noticing.

    “What did she say?” Dad questioned. “And how did she get out of her ball without us noticing?”

    I shrugged. “In reverse order, I don’t know, and she said that Jovi’s gotten good at helping with the morning training sessions that we’ve been doing.” I flashed a grin in Jovi’s direction. “After she stops doing the yesses, that is.”

    Jovi scowled back. “Jovi hasn’t fallen asleep during a morning training session since the second time.” She protested. “And Medea isn’t much better in the mornings!”

    Michael and Dad laughed. “She’s got you there, Medea.” They chorused.

    I scowled at them. “Shut up. Now let’s get out of here.”

    “Right.” Came the three part chorus.

    I led the way down the stairs, Kyouka perched on my right shoulder because the stairs were too narrow for her to walk beside me. After exiting the stairwell, I set Kyouka down so she would walk beside me and we continued the few steps to the elevator. Then we walked through the halls until we were about to get into another elevator, when the Queen Ho Lovrina herself sauntered out of the elevator behind a scientist.

    “Oh! Hey you!” The scientist exclaimed. “You snuck Krane out?!” He turned to face the Queen Ho. “Lovrina! These children here are the intruders!”

    She looked back and forth between Dad, Michael, and I, clearly guessing that Jovi was too young to be a Trainer and was just along for the ride. “Oh, wait! Wait!” The adult wannabe cried dramatically. “I so have not heard anything about anyone leaving anywhere!”

    “Talk about an alliteration.” Michael muttered.

    “It’s not actually an alliteration. It’s just a mouthful.” Dad corrected, ever the teacher.

    “Professor Krane is going to be very busy, oh so very busy. So please, be nice children and don’t disturb us.” Lovrina continued, her face red as she tried to ignore us. It looked like my guess was fairly accurate: she wanted to make herself seem bigger, prettier, and more important than she actually was. She was something like a mini-boss to put things in game terms, a threat but not a major one, just one stepping stone to beating the ultimate boss.

    “We’re going to the HQ Lab.” Dad replied firmly. “Stand aside, please.”

    “Going back?” Lovrina echoed incredulously. “Seriously! You are so joking! This so happens to be where you work from now on. After all, we need you to keep working on your studies. You so are the key to our plan.” The endless number of so’s was getting annoying. “XD001, the ultimate Shadow Pokémon that can never be purified!”

    “Stop that nonsense!” Dad growled at the pink haired mini-boss. “Do you seriously think that I would help you do something so horrible?!”

    Lovrina stamped her foot, spread her feet and put her hands on her hips. “Oh, that Naps! He so must have made a boo-boo again! I so have to punish him lots! Children,” She turned to Michael and I. “Maybe you can convince Professor Krane. You so should tell him to study our XD001. You seem our plan is to make Shadow Pokémon that can never be Purified. XD001 is only our first prototype. So, when we work out the problems, we can make combat units with XD-series Pokémon. Wouldn’t that be just peachy? But we so need the Professor’s cooperation for our plan. So please, sweeties, can you please ask him nicely to help?”

    “Not a chance.” Michael deadpanned.

    I snorted. “I wouldn’t count on it, Ho.”

    Lovrina’s eye twitched. “What did you just call me?!” She shrieked.

    I grimaced and dug a finger around in my ear. “Sheesh that was loud. I just called you a Ho.”

    “Oh, you two are so nasty!” She cried. “You silly children! You won’t help me with XD001 either? Oh, you’ll be sorry now! But you’ll so understand! A little hurt is so persuasive!”

    She did a wave sort of thing and twirled, then put her hands on her hips and called out a Luvdisc and a Beautifly. I called out Nyx and Juno. To start off with, I had Juno fire off a Thunderbolt at Luvdisc and had Nyx rush in and Bite Beautifly. Luvdisc went down almost immediately, and I was surprised when Nyx suddenly began glowing and changed shape.

    When the light died down, a three foot, three inch intimidating gray and black wolf stood in place of the one foot eight inch wolf cub. I smiled and motioned the new Mightyena over. “Good job, Nyx. Take a break. You just evolved, so I think you should sit this one out. I want you to relearn your body without being in a huge battle. You okay with that?”

    Reluctantly the newly evolved Mightyena nodded. “Alright.” She sighed, walking over to Jovi.

    I fished a brush out of my pocket and tossed it to Jovi, who caught it easily. “Take care of her.”

    “Jovi will.” My sister promised. After that, I sent out Kyouka to take Nyx’s place to deal with the Roselia, and Delcatty, which was a Shadow Pokémon.

    And perhaps, just maybe, the Shadow Pokémon that I would give to Jovi to help her start her team. Looking at it, I thought it might be a good fit for her.
    Making up my mind, I readied a Snag Ball and waited for the perfect moment. Finally, when it was on its last legs, I fired the Snag Ball.

    Once, I counted. Twice, I crossed my fingers. Three times, and . . .

    The Snag Ball finally stopped shaking, and I held my breath for a moment. The ball was still. I picked it up and deposited it in Jovi’s hands. “Here you go, imouto.” I smiled at her. “Your very first Pokémon. Use it well.”
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    The Sorceress Who Vanquishes The Shadows
    Chapter Fourteen: The Meeting And Parting Of A Father

    Jovi’s eyes were wide as she held the Pokéball in her hands. “Really, Medea?” She asked pleadingly. “This is really mine?”

    I nodded, smiling. “You bet it is. You’ve earned it.”

    “Ooh, I hate to say this!” Lovrina fumed. “Little girl, I can’t beat you right now. Master Greevil will be so cross with me, but . . .” She trailed off, shuddering. “But that’s okay.” She brightened suddenly, throwing me for a loop. What was with her? “I’ll let you owe me this one time. But you have to promise you will think about my plan next time. If you see XD001, I’m sure you will so want to help me. I’ll so be waiting for you!” She called cheerfully, sauntering to the elevator.

    “Oi, who are you calling little, you great Hag?” I growled. “I’ve got a bigger rack than you do!”

    That made her stop and look down self-consciously at her chest. “That is so not true!” She snarled. “I’m much prettier than you are!”

    “Think what you want.” I shrugged. “If it lets you sleep at night.”

    Lovrina leveled a fierce scowl in my direction but didn’t say anything as the elevator traveled upward. Jovi looked confused but none of us were about to spell it out to her. With Jovi being eight, none of us quite wanted to suffer Mom’s wrath for telling her why it was important that I had a bigger chest than the Queen Ho mini boss we just dealt with. Mom was quite fearsome when she was angry— all of us had been on the receiving end of her wrath once and swore never again. Yeah, she really was that scary and that fearsome when she got really mad.

    A smile tugging at his lips, Dad turned to me again. “Michael, Medea, you’ve really grown stronger, haven’t you? And Jovi, you’ve grown up quite a bit since the last time I saw you. Really, I’m amazed at how much stronger and more mature all of you have grown since then. Well, I guess we’ll be relying on you— all three of you— even more from now on. Now that we know that Cipher is back, we’ll have to move quickly and come up with ways to stop them. We have to make sure they don’t get too strong. But for now, let’s really go home!”

    Before we did that, though, I had to stop and pick up the disk that was on the floor, thinking it might have some kind of valuable information on it. I gave it to Dad, who promised he’d try to figure out what was on it, and we all made our way home. We decided to make our way home slowly, not taking our scooters because Dad hadn’t exactly been treated well during his time as Cipher’s captive. Instead, we only took them as far as Gateon Port, where we decided to say for a few days, mostly because Dad didn’t want to face everyone looking the way he did. He didn’t want anyone to pity him any more than they already would for what he went through, so he wanted to make sure he was back to one hundred percent before we all went back to the Lab.

    We stayed in Gateon Port for a week, keeping Mom updated on everything, calling her every day to give her the status report. Finally, a week after we stormed the Cipher lab, and a month after Dad was first kidnapped, we made it home. Everyone was busy when we entered the lab, so when we made our way to the kitchen area, Mom was the first to see us. She quickly shot to her feet, fussing over Michael, Jovi and I before she turned her attention to Dad.

    I was pretty surprised when she practically flew over to embrace him. She had bad news, though it affected her the worst. Somehow, after all of these years, our father had found his way back. But he hadn’t come home safe and sound; the man who had sired Michael and I was dying. From what she told us, it was a miracle he hadn’t died before now.

    Mom took us to the infirmary where a man with Michael’s wild red hair and my sapphire blue eyes laid, looking like he was at Death’s Door. He was a sharp contrast to the strong, all but invincible man who had always appeared in Mom’s stories. Yes, I knew she was embellishing— obviously, our father wasn’t really invincible or even close to it. But there was a grain of truth to every story. He was probably pretty strong, possibly even close to a Legendary Trainer.

    “Medea,” The man rasped as the two of us sat down in the chairs next to the bed. “Michael.”

    Hesitantly, we moved closer to his bedside. “Father.” I said, not really wanting to call him ‘Dad’ because I didn’t know him. He disappeared eight years ago, when Michael and I were only five, after all. I didn’t remember him, and I doubted I ever would. Not after this.

    The man in the bed let out a weak chuckle. “Not surprising you found someone else to call Dad. Haven’t been around much, have I?” I wasn’t sure what to say to that, but thankfully, I didn’t have to say anything. “Can’t say I blame you. Been gone for eight years. Not like you’d remember me. Sorry that the only time you ever get to see me is when I’m dying.”

    I tried to force a smile. “Well, at least we’ll have one memory of you, even if it is this.”

    My father snorted. “Don’t try to sugarcoat things, Medea. It’s not your style.”

    “And what would you know about my style?” I demanded; had I been standing up, I would have put my hands on my hips. As it was, I crossed my arms. “You’ve been gone for the past eight years, remember? What would you know about me?”

    He reached up and tapped his head. “Visions.” He said simply. “Dreaming of the future.”

    “You see the future!” I gasped. “That’s how you knew I would bring honor to my name!”

    “Exactly.” He agreed. “I see the future in my dreams just like you see the past. Even when you were five, I knew. I knew you had the ability True Dreaming. And luckily for you, I know how you can control it. I know how you can see something other than wars.”

    “Then you have to tell me.” I pleaded, a tad bit desperately. “I’ll do just about anything not to see wars anymore.” After all I had never seen anything but wars.

    “Alright. What you gotta do is meditate and clear your mind for half an hour every night before you go to sleep. And you don’t have to sit on your behind and count yourself silly.” He added when I scowled at the idea. “Meditate any way you want. Train with your Pokémon, do staff forms, sing, dance, do whatever you want. I always liked doing sword forms.”

    I smiled. “You’re a lot like Michael, you know that?” Michael liked doing sword forms too, namely when he was stressed out or thinking hard about something.
    He smiled and reached up to ruffle my hair, despite how weak he was. I let him, knowing that this would be the last time he would ever get to do so. “’Course I do. I’ve Seen exactly what the pair of you are like. Your trainee too.. Jovi was just barely born when I left. Nice to see her growing up. Shame it’ll be the last time.”

    “Father,” Michael began. “Who did this to you? Was it Cipher?”

    “Sure was.” Our father muttered darkly. “Jerks cornered me and demanded my research on Purification even though Marshall was the brains of the operation. He’s the one who figured everything out; I just built stuff. When I couldn’t tell ’em anything, they roughed me up. Kept me prisoner for a while, roughing me up every now and then in case I knew anything else. Not that I did.” He scowled. “Finally broke out a few weeks ago and made my way here. Boy was I surprised when Lily told me eight years had passed and that my kids were grown up enough to be beating Cipher goons up. Hear you’ve got Aura, Medea.” He added in my direction. “Possible Michael’s got it too, but not as strong. Dunno why you got it so strong. Guess you’re just a freak of nature.” He grinned at me and I rolled my eyes. “Don’t forget that meditation, kid. Might not hurt you to do it too, Michael. Never know what you might find out doing it. Just give it a shot and you might be able to find out something awesome.”

    “Awesome?” Michael repeated. “Like what?”

    Father shrugged. “You never know. Could be anything. Just try it. Who knows. Could even be the cause of your nature obsession.”

    And why was I not surprised that he knew about Michael’s hatred of being forced to stay indoors when he could be outside among the trees and plants? Oh, sure, in winter, Michael’s hatred of being indoors toned down a bit, but in the summer, nothing could keep him inside. Actually, now that he mentioned it, I did wonder if there was something more to Michael’s love of nature and the outdoors. It was absolutely possible that he had some sort of special gift for nature or something and that was why he hated being cooped up indoors in the spring and summer. Given that Michael and I were twins, I wouldn’t be surprised.

    “I will.” My brother promised.

    “And Medea?” Father added.

    “Yes, Father?” I questioned.

    “Use the Ceremony. You know the one.”

    Indeed I did; in a game I had played and watched walkthroughs of on the internet, there was a special ceremony that I planned to do with Jovi so that Delcatty would be more likely to listen.

    It was pretty strong for a beginning Trainer, after all, and it was a Shadow Pokémon. There was no way it would listen to Jovi unless I actually did something special to make it listen. Beating it down and forcing it to listen wouldn’t work— as a Shadow Pokémon, that would only make it stronger. They were born from darkness, and thrived on anything even remotely cruel.
    Hence, I had to do something different.

    Father suddenly seized up.

    Michael and I looked at eachother, and our eyes hardened. Even Joi’s eyes had lost their normal sparkle. “Father,” Michael said seriously. “We swear to you that your sacrifice won’t be in vain. We’ll beat Cipher once and for all. That you can count on.”

    “Then swear it in blood.” Our father ordered.

    Nodding, I called a small amount of Aura to my hand and sharpened it, making it like a blade. Then I ran it across my hand, just hard enough to make it bleed. Michael and Jovi held out their hands so I could do the same thing with theirs. Once they were all bleeding, we pressed them together to stop the blood flow.

    “Upon this blood on our hands do we swear to never let Cipher win.” The three of us intoned, somehow perfectly in unison.

    “Thank you.” Father breathed. “Thank you.” And then he took a great shuddering breath, closed his eyes, and was still.

    The father I had never known was dead, and it was Cipher’s fault.

    Your death won’t be in vain, Father. I swore to myself. We’re going to beat them, and they will. Not. Hurt. Anyone. Else. I stared off into the distance, out of one of the windows as if I could actually see Cipher’s base. I’m going to make sure of it.
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    The Sorceress Who Vanquishes The Shadows
    Chapter Fifteen: In Your Hands, Take This Key


    Jovi, Michael and I took a break from our Shadow Pokémon hunting for a few weeks so that we could help Mom with Father’s funeral arrangements. About two weeks after he died, we had a funeral for him, and in the week after that, we helped Mom sort out all the paperwork regarding his will and various other loose ends.

    But before we went looking for our next destination, I took Jovi on a day trip to Agate Village.

    “Hey Mom?” I called out as Jovi and I entered the house after our usual morning training session. We hadn’t worked with Delcatty just yet, because I had a feeling that would be a bad idea, so Jovi just helped me come up with new strategies for my new Pokémon. She was getting pretty good, actually. She would be a force to be reckoned with once she actually had her own Pokémon that would actually listen to her.

    “Yes, Medea?” Mom replied, suddenly appearing in front of me. I really did have to wonder how in the world she did that. For as long as I could remember, she’d been able to just suddenly appear seemingly out of thin air. And she still hadn’t told me how she did it.

    I nearly jumped but managed to stop myself. “How’d you do that?” I grumbled. “Just appear right in front of me without any warning like that?”

    Mom smirked. “Trade secret.” I scowled harder. “Anyway, what were you going to ask me about? Is it about that disc that you brought back with you from the Shadow Pokémon Lab?”

    I shook my head. “No, although that will probably determine where we go next. I was actually going to ask if I could take Jovi to Agate Village for the day. I wanted to check with Eagun-sama about finding me an Aura teacher, and also do something that will help Jovi bond with Delcatty while I’m there. If it’s alright with you, that is.” I added hastily.

    Mom sighed. “I’m still not sure I like the idea of you giving a Shadow Pokémon to Jovi but since there’s nothing I can do to stop you, and since she’ll follow you if I try to keep her here, feel free. But please, I want you home before dark. Will that be long enough?”

    I thought for a moment, mentally calculating what time it got dark this time of year. “It should be.” I answered. “I’ll let you know if it isn’t.” I held up my cell phone for emphasis.

    “Go ahead, then.” Mom sighed. She didn’t seem happy, but she’d go along with it.

    So Jovi and I set off for Agate Village, leaving as soon as we were ready. Taking the back roads, I speeded quite a bit (I took the back roads so I didn’t run into any police officers, and didn’t get a ticket for speeding even if I was just on my scooter). We made it there in record time. Probably because I was speeding. I knew it was probably a bad idea, but I didn’t care.
    Once we arrived, I parked my scooter and helped Jovi out of her seatbelt.

    I took her up the hill to Eagun-sama’s house, asking him if I could use the Relic Stone.

    He looked surprised but nodded his consent. “Very well. Come and see me when you are finished. I have something I would like to show you.” He told me, and I nodded back.

    “I will.” I promised. “Hey Jovi, come on. It’s time to do that ceremony that I mentioned.”

    “Okay.” My younger sister replied. I led her down to the Relic Stone, and she looked at it, confused. “Jovi is confused.” She told me. “Why exactly do Medea and Jovi need the Relic Stone, and why does this ceremony you mentioned have to be done here?”

    I smiled. “What we’re doing is something called an Inheritance Ceremony. Basically, I’m going to formally, with my Aura, give Delcatty to you. That’ll also make it more likely to listen to you. I don’t have to tell you that as a Shadow Pokémon, a stronger one than any we’ve faced so far, it isn’t very likely to listen without someone doing something. I should warn you, though, that even after we do the ceremony, you’ll still have to earn its trust. Her trust, since I believe Delcatty only has a twenty five percent chance of being male. Anyway, you’ll still have to earn her trust. Ceremony or no ceremony, trust is something that has to be earned. And don’t give up, no matter what happens, because if you give up before you've fully earned her trust, Delcatty will never trust you.”

    “Jovi thought so.” Jovi nodded. “Then how does the ceremony work?”

    “Well,” I began. “First, we’re going to go up to the Relic Stone and place our hands on it.” I gently took her hand and placed it on the Relic Stone, next to mine. The stone glowed briefly. “Okay, now that we have its permission—”

    “Its permission?” Jovi repeated skeptically.

    I rolled my eyes. “Yes, imouto, its permission.” I said patiently. “It’s somewhat sentient— alive— or hadn’t you noticed? Is it any surprise, considering that it has some of Celebi’s power in it? Now that we have the Relic Stone’s permission, you’re going to give me the ball, then I’ll say the words of the Inheritance Ceremony, and give the ball back to you. And then it will be formally and officially yours to keep, and to train. I’ll still have to transfer it to you legally, but that shouldn’t be a problem once I do the ceremony.”

    “If Medea is sure.” The girl I considered my younger sister muttered; she still didn’t seem very convinced about the whole ritual that I was planning to do. Then again, she didn’t have the ability to use Aura like I did. It was no wonder she didn’t believe me— she couldn’t sense it.

    I chuckled. “I know you can’t sense it, but I can. Don’t worry, I’m not trying to play a prank on you. You know that’s not my style. But if it makes you feel better, I swear by Reshiram— he’s the Dragon of Truth— that I’m not trying to pull a prank on you. Guardian honor.”

    “Medea isn’t a Guardian, though.” The blue haired girl pointed out.

    I smiled. “No,” I agreed. “I’m not. Or at least not yet. Any day now Eagun-sama’s going to find me a teacher, and then I won’t have to worry about blowing myself up.”

    Jovi gave me a look that I wouldn’t have thought possible from a nine year old, much less her, at the beginning of our journey, but now I wasn’t even surprised to see it from her. How many times had I given her a similar look during our morning training sessions? “Medea is being optimistic. You know it could be years before Eagun-sama finds you a teacher. Jovi knows how rare Aura Guardians are.”

    I grimaced. “Okay, okay. So yes, I am. But I kind of have to be. Everything I can do I’ve taught myself, you know that. So every time I use Aura, I have to worry about blowing myself up. I have to hold onto hope, because it's better than living in fear. Because if you're always afraid, you'll never do anything. Doing something and failing is better than living really cautiously and essentially failing by default. But enough about that. It’s pretty close to noon, so I think it’s time we started the ceremony.”

    “Right. What do I have to do?”

    “Ball please?” I requested, holding out my hand.

    Jovi reluctantly pulled it out of her pocket and handed it to me. I made a mental note that I would have to buy her a Trainer’s belt soon so she didn’t have to keep her Pokéballs in her pocket, where they could fall out and possibly get lost. “Here.” She said, a bit sullenly.

    “Now, hands out.” I showed her how I wanted her to hold out her hands.


    And then I closed my own around the ball holding it just a couple of inches above Jovi’s cupped once, taking a deep breath as I recited the words to the ceremony.

    “In your hands, take this key. So long as you have the makings, then by this simple act of taking, its wielder you will one day be. And you will find me, friend. No ocean will contain you then. No more boarders around, or below, or above, so long as you champion those you love.”
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    The Sorceress Who Vanquishes The Shadows
    Chapter Sixteen: The Third Member Of The Quest


    Just as I was about to put the Pokéball back on Jovi’s hands, I was astonished to see it actually disappear and reappear in Jovi’s hands. Jovi actually gaped, and seemed to be just as astonished as I was. What was going on?

    All the two of us could do was stare at the Pokéball in her hands until finally, a voice spoke up. “Well, Medea-san, that is what happens when an Aura Guardian— even one in training— uses the Inheritance Ceremony to give someone else a Pokémon.”

    I whirled around to see a young man a few years older than Michael and I with spikey black hair dressed in blue clothing and a blue fedora hat. “Who are you?” I demanded, taking a guarded stance, a Rasengan already forming in my hand.

    The man held his hands up in a universal gesture of surrender. “Please, Medea-san, be at ease. I’m the trainer Eagun-sama found for you. He said you were self-trained, and that worried me. So I decided to come and see what I could do for you.”

    I relaxed my guard but didn’t let my Rasengan dissipate, studying him for a few moments, before I finally let it disappear. I held out my hand, palm up, and he placed his on mine, and we let our Aura flow between them— it was the traditional greeting for Aura Guardians. I only knew it because of my recent True Dreams; deciding to take Father’s advice and mediate every night before I went to bed had done wonders for my seeing wars when I slept.

    “Nice to meet you, Master Guardian.” I greeted.

    “Nice to meet you too, Medea-san. I’m surprised you know the traditional greeting.”

    I shrugged. “True Dreams.” I said by way of explanation. “I saw it in my dreams just last night.”

    The Guardian’s eyebrows shot up. “True Dreaming? And you can actually control it? Impressive for one as young as you.”

    I grimaced. “Well, I didn’t used to. I only learned how to control it a few weeks ago thanks to some advice from my formerly missing now dead father. But, yes, I can control it now. By the way, I believe you never game me your name.”

    The Guardian blinked. “That I didn’t. My apologies. My name is Riley.”

    I bowed. “You already know me, but my name is Medea. This is my younger sister and trainee, Jovi. Pleasure to meet you, Riley-san.”

    “You as well.” The Guardian replied. “It seems I found you just in time. You seem to already have made good progress on your sensing abilities, as noted by your ability to sense the power of the Relic Stone, so I will start your training by teaching you the combat oriented aspects for your first lesson. When would be best for you?”

    I considered. “I don’t know. Maybe you could come back to the lab with us and pitch your case to Mom why it would be a good idea to train me. And then we can set up a schedule. I think once or twice a week should be pretty good, what about you?”

    Riley-san nodded. “Ideally, I would train you every day, but I understand that you and your brother have been the ones who have been stealing Shadow Pokémon from Cipher.”

    “That we have. And hopefully, Jovi-imouto will be joining us soon.” I nodded at Jovi who had been silent during the whole exchange. “She’s the one I used the Inheritance Ceremony to give a Pokémon— a Shadow Delcatty to be precise.”

    “And she can control it?” The older Guardian asked, a touch doubtfully.

    I smiled. “I can see why you might be a bit doubtful, but if Jovi works hard enough, then yes, she can control it. I have faith in my sister.”

    “Thank you, Medea.” Jovi said quietly, not seeming to know how to act around Riley-san. Not really surprising, considering that she’d never met an Aura Guardian aside from me before, much less one who was fully trained. And I wasn’t even a real Guardian.

    “Well,” The young man who was apparently my new teacher spoke up after a moment. “We should go back to your home and tell your mother about the situation. She is aware that you are an Aura user, correct?”

    “Yeah, she is. Dad— uh, Professor Krane— was the one who first told her he thought I could be an Aura user, so she found some old artifact that was supposed to test for Aura potential.” I explained. “And I definitely have potential.”

    “The way Mommy tells it, Medea broke the scale.” Jovi piped up, grinning wickedly at me.

    I shot her a scowl. “Pipe down, you.” I grumbled. Jovi just kept grinning at me. Brat.

    So I helped Jovi onto my scooter and Riley-san started up his own scooter, following us back to the lab that we called home. Once there, I took him to see Mom. She was certainly surprised to see him, but once he explained that he was here to make sure it was okay for him teach me to use Aura, she seemed considerably less confused. Thankfully, she gave her blessing, and so lessons were set for every Friday and Saturday.

    Around two weeks later, Dad surprised us with a present: a Snag Machine for Jovi so that she could add to her team without Michael or I having to Snag Pokémon for her and then somehow transfer them to her. Now any Pokémon she wanted would be hers from the start.

    Once he gave Jovi her Snag Machine, and a special license that let her be a Trainer and carry Pokémon a year early, Dad shared with us some of the things he’d learned while he was being held captive at Cipher’s lab.

    First, as we all knew, Cipher wasn’t gone; they went incognito for a while, pretending that they had been defeated while a new leader rallied them again, eventually starting to make Shadow Pokémon again. Second, their new leader’s name was Greevil, the name we had heard from the scientists at the lab. Finally, as Lovrina had hinted at, they were trying to make a Shadow Pokémon that couldn’t be purified.

    Just as Dad finished sharing his information with us, one of the scientists whose name I didn’t know came rushing in and announced that the Purify Chamber was ready. Not that I was actually going to use it. I was going to keep using the Relic Stone and having them swear the same oath that Nyx, Kyouka and I swore. Besides that, I wanted to feel that spiritual connection that I felt whenever I used the Relic Stone.

    But, for Jovi and Michael, who weren’t Guardians, it would work just fine.

    After Michael finished, Dad inquired about the Data Rom we’d picked up at the Cipher Lab in the desert. Mom mentioned that one of the scientists who worked here, Datan, as on it, and asked Michael, Jovi and I to go and see how he was doing. But when we went up to his office, we didn’t see him, which was pretty strange.

    So we went looking around and actually found him outside.

    “Wah! I’m sorry, Professor, I couldn’t decipher it!” The blue haired man cried. “Huh? Oh, it’s just you three. You scared me half to death.”

    “Not sure that’s possible, Datan-san.” I joked. “But what’s this about not being able to decipher something? Was it the Data Rom we picked up at the Cipher Lab?”

    The tech expert sighed and nodded. “The Data Rom you brought back is as heavily protected as a bank vault. It would take one seriously talented person to break through the protections and decode the information on that disk.”

    “A seriously talented person, you say.” Dad commented, walking up.

    How the heck did he do that? I didn’t even sense him. And even with the small amount of training I’d had from Riley-sensei, I should have at least been able to sense him. But somehow, he’d managed to hide his aura from me.

    “Professor! I’m terribly sorry!”

    Smiling, Dad chuckled and shook his head. “It can’t be helped. And if it’s a seriously talented person we need, well, I think I may have a solution.” He looked at the three of us. “Are you three ready to take the next step on your quest?”

    The three of us looked at eachother, and as one, answered “We are.”

    “In that case, could you go to Pyrite Town and deliver the disk to ONBS? Which one of you three is going to be its keeper?” When Michael decided he would, he was handed the disk as Dad went onto explain “ONBS is a TV station, but they’re much more than that. The people who founded it were actually instrumental to breaking Cipher’s conspiracy seven years ago. Please deliver the disk to Nett at ONBS. He’s Secc, the leader of ONBS’s, right hand man. I’m confident that he should be able to find out the contents of the Data Rom. Can you do this for me?”

    I smiled. “Don’t worry, Dad. We’ll make sure that the disk gets delivered to Nett-san safe and sound.” I pulled my GPS out of my backpack and handed it to him. “By any chance, could you show us the coordinates on the GPS’s map?”

    “Not a problem.” Dad showed us where it was and we made plans to leave the next day. Dad gave Secc-san and Nett-san a call to let them know that we would be coming and to expect us.

    That night before I went to bed, after I did my meditation, I did the basic scrying ritual that Riley-sensei had taught me last Saturday to try to see what we could expect from this trip.

    I really wasn’t surprised when I saw Shadow Pokémon.

    Cipher would do anything to keep their plans a secret, so obviously, they would break into the news station to get the Data Rom back. The only thing that Jovi, Michael, and I could really do was make sure we were ready for them.

    And one way or another, we would be.

    Because the future of Orre depended on us.
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    The Sorceress Who Vanquishes The Shadows
    Chapter Seventeen: Orre News Broadcasting Station


    We set out for Pyrite Town the next morning. As we reached the city, we saw a girl who seemed to be a reporter racing off to Aura only knew where and a cameraman frantically chasing after her. I briefly wondered what had her in such a hurry, but it probably didn’t matter.

    We made our way through the Duel Square, Jovi and I deciding not to stop and challenge the people there though Michael did (who handed the Data Rom off me), and as soon as we entered the building, I saw a girl I recognized as Meg, a former member of the Kids Gird which had been vital to stopping Cipher last time around.

    “Welcome to ONBS!” She greeted cheerfully from behind the reception desk. “All visitors are welcome to wander the building and see our network in action. My name is Meg, and I’m the official guide. Pleased to meet you!”

    “Pleased to meet you too.” I said. “Um, could you tell me where we can find Secc? We have something to deliver to him. I believe Professor Krane called about it yesterday?”

    “Oh, of course.” She nodded. “You two must be . . . Medea and Jovi?”

    I smiled. “Yes. I’m Medea, and this is Jovi. My brother, Michael, decided to challenge the people in the Duel Square. He should be here soon enough.”

    “No problem. Secc has his office on the second floor at the end of the hallway.” She told me. “You should be able to find it, but just in case, here.” She handed me a map.

    I thanked her and we went on our way. Michael joined us just as we reached the office. We knocked on the door, and when someone, Secc I assumed, called for us to come in, we filed in, and I pulled the Data Rom out of my pocket.

    “Hi, welcome to ONBS.” The young man greeted. “The name’s Secc. I’m supposed to be in charge here. I’m glad to meet you. Started by kids several years ago during the Shadow Pokémon Incident, a tiny network has grown into what it is today. I operate the place with my partner, Nett. We of all people know how important it is to report the truth. So you have something of Cipher’s that you need decoded?”

    “That’s right.” Jovi piped up. “We found it at the lab where they were had Professor Krane.”

    “The lab?” He echoed. “You mean the one in the desert?”

    “Yeah, that’s the one.” I agreed with a sigh. “They kidnapped Dad— Professor Krane— and tried to force him to give up his knowledge about Shadow Pokémon and Purification. We found this after we rescued him. I’m guessing one of the scientists must have dropped it.”

    “I see.” Secc grimaced. “You’d better take that disk to Nett right away. I’m sure he’ll be able to decipher whatever information may be stored on it.”

    I nodded. “Right.” I looked at the map, but it didn’t show me where Nett’s office was. “So, could you tell me where his office is? I don’t see it on the map.”

    Secc sighed. “I knew we needed to update that map.” He muttered. “Take the elevator up to the roof and you’ll find it there. It’s actually another small building on top of the ONBS building. You can’t miss it.”

    “Thanks.” I said, and we took the elevator up to the roof, only to be stopped by a kid mine and Michael’s age who said that Nett wasn’t seeing anyone now and was reviewing the news stories. I sighed. “He’ll see us. Professor Krane sent an email about us coming yesterday. We have something very important that he needs to see.”

    “Even if you are from the HQ lab, I can’t let you through.” The boy insisted stubbornly. “I’ll get in trouble if I do.”

    “To quote a certain show about a magical school bus: take chances— make mistakes— get messy.” I retorted. “Now will you let us through, or am I going to have to tie you up and force you to let me in? Because I assure you, I will.” I wasn’t really going to, of course, because if I did Riley-sensei would have my head, but he didn’t need to know that. And Riley-sensei would find out. Adult Guardians were freakishly intuitive.

    Alright yes, I hadn’t met any other adult Guardians other than Riley-sensei, but if he was anything to go by, they were all freakishly intuitive. Maybe when I became a full Guardian, I'd be that freakishly intuitive and could freak my siblings out with it.

    “No need for that, Medea-san.” An amused voice said from inside. “Come on in. I’ve been expecting you. It’s alright, Datan. Go ahead and let them in.”

    We went in, and we saw a brown haired man sitting behind a desk and a reddish brown haired man wearing a baseball cap standing next to him.

    “Hello, I’ve been expecting you.” Greeted Nett, the man behind the desk. “You three are Michael, Medea and Jovi, right? I’m Nett.”

    “That’s us.” Jovi agreed. “Nice to meet Nett too.”

    I nodded. “Right.” I replied. “We came here with something, a heavily encrypted disk specifically, that we found at the Cipher Lab several weeks ago.”

    “The Cipher lab in the desert?” The other man questioned. “Oh, sorry, my name’s Bitt. Nett is one of my best friends. He’d say I’m an invaluable partner, but I don’t think so.”

    “Yes, it was the lab in the desert.” I told them before an argument could break out. “Except that’s not where they’re making Shadow Pokémon anymore, unlike last time. I get the feeling that they’re doing it somewhere else on a bigger scale this time.”

    Nett and Bitt both grimaced. “Not good.” They muttered.

    “So, about that disk you brought?” Bitt added.

    I handed it over to Nett, who immediately put it in his computer. He frowned at what he saw. “That’s some heavy encryption.” He muttered. “Good thing I’ve deciphered something like this before.” He shook his head ruefully. “This brings back memories.”

    “From your days as the Kids Grid, right?” I guessed.

    “Yes, but how did you know that?” Nett frowned.

    “True Dreams.” I shrugged. “I can see the past in my dreams. I’ve seen pretty much everything about the last Incident, including the Kids Grid.”

    “Whoa.” Bitt muttered. “Impressive ability.”

    “Only now that I can control it.” I answered. “But, Nett-san, you can decipher that, right?”

    “It’ll take time, but yes, I can.” He answered.

    “Then I’ll leave the disk on your hands.”

    “Thank you. How about in the meantime you go and find Duking at the newly discovered spots where wild Pokémon are supposed to appear?” Nett-san suggested. “If you have a GPS, I can show you where the first spot is.”

    I handed over the GPS and he marked it on the map.

    We went out to the Rock Spot to find Duking-san and a reporter woman. I listened with half an ear to the report and reluctantly participated in the demonstration. We visited the next spot, Michael agreeing to trade Duking-san a Trapinch, Wooper, and Surskit if he found them. When we went to the cave spot, we found Mirror B’s goons waiting there.

    Then Mirror B himself showed up. He offered to let us join his “posse” and said that if we did we’d soon be owning all the Pokémon in the world. I personally thought that he was out of his mind.

    I looked at Jovi and Michael. “Who wants to battle the idiot?” I questioned.

    “I will.” Jovi replied confidently.

    “Imouto, are you sure that’s a good idea?” I asked worriedly. “You only have one Pokémon. He has four. He outnumbers you three to one.”

    “Jovi can handle it.” My little sister insisted.

    I sighed and stepped back. “Alright. Go ahead. Your first battle. Just be warned I’ll be grading you on your decisions.”

    “Got it.” The blue haired girl acknowledged, sending out her Delcatty, which she had named Bastet on my suggestion (Bastet was an ancient goddess that was supposed to have the body of a woman and the head of a lion). We did hit a small hiccup when the Mirror Moron sent out a Shadow Voltorb because Jovi didn’t have any Pokéballs yet, but that was fixed when Michael offered to lend her a Pokéball to Snag it on the condition that he got to keep it.

    Seeing a chance to practice her Snagging skills, Jovi agreed. Besides, a Pokémon that was ready to explode at a moment’s notice wasn’t exactly the best for a Trainer who had just barely started out. But I didn’t really want it, so Michael could have it.

    After Jovi narrowly beat the Mirror Moron with some quick thinking, we made a quick in Agate Village to Purify the Shadow Pokémon I had who were ready to be Purified, and like the others, they swore the same oath that Nyx, Kyouka and I had sworn. The three of us re-swore it with the others, and planned to do so every time a new team member was Purified. After that, we went into the shop, which now sold Pokéballs, and bought a bunch of them for Jovi, since she was technically too young to buy them herself, though not for much longer, considering that her tenth birthday was in just over a month. I knew she was looking forward to that.

    We then headed back to Pyrite Town and back to ONBS. We were shocked by what we saw. The guard at the front had been knocked out near the reception desk and Meg was nowhere to be seen. What in the world had happened here? Was it because of that Data Rom?

    We roused him, and he told us that a group of “shady characters” had broken in and taken Meg hostage. I looked at Michael and Jovi. “You guys thinking what I’m thinking?”

    “Cipher?” They chorused in reply.

    I nodded. “Exactly. Now let’s go. If Cipher’s here, there’re probably Shadow Pokémon here. Which means we’ve got a chance to add to our teams. Ready?”

    “Ready.” They chorused.

    For whatever reason, Cipher had decided to stage an assault on the Orre News Broadcasting Station. And it was up to me, Jovi, and Michael to stop them.

    Which meant that now, with so many counting on us, we couldn’t afford to falter, even for a moment. Freeing the station was up to us.
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    So, reviewing first chapter.

    This beginning is a kinda slow start - whether that's intentional or not, I don't know - but it certainly did set up some intrigue concerning Medea's powers. However, the intrigue could've been set up better. For example, have the fic start with Medea waking up from the Lugia dream suddenly, before she thinks about the event occurring within the dream, rather than her mentioning the dream early on then giving exposition in her abilities. It's a case of "Show, Not Tell", and I'd say that the trait is also shared with her Pokemon understanding abilities - instead of her simply informing the reader, maybe have Micheal say something like "oh, are you gonna go off and chat with Kyouka now?". It feels a lot less blunt, and more fluent in the story.

    I would also say that your writing style needs a little brushing up. The vocabulary could be a little more complex (although that may be a personal nitpick of mine), but there's also a problem that I think I could give some good advice on.

    Every now and then you repeat a certain phrase or write something that sounds extremely similar to an earlier description - for example, you wrote "My brother commanded a Metagross" and then two sentences later said "the Metagross my brother commanded". It feels slightly jarring to see the phrase when you just saw a similar one a couple of sentences ago. In this case, you can actually remove the "my brother commanded" entirely, and the paragraph would still make sense. As a bonus, to avoid repeating the word "Metagross", you can use another word or phrase to describe it, such as "the opposing Pokemon", "the foe" or even simply "my brother's Pokemon". Likewise, the word "pulled" is used in a similar way twice one sentence after the other, which felt repetitive. In this case, you could find another phrase, such as "my Salamence was extremely bulky, so it took the hits like they were nothing". Finally, having the word "commanded" in the same sentence twice doesn't flow well, so it's best to use another synonym word or phrase such as "was taking control of" or "had a ____ by his/my side". This results in the paragraph looking like this:

    Using the Battle Sim System, I had a Salamance by my side while my brother commanded a Metagross. It was a tough battle, but eventually, I managed to pull ahead with Salamance’s Earthquake. Granted, Sludge Bomb did a fair amount of damage, but thankfully, my Salamence was extremely bulky, so it took the hits like they were nothing, and beat the foe."

    The sentence here is already flowing more easily than before now that less words and phrases are being repeated. I hope this advice helps!

    Overall this a start to a fic that is good, but could become great with some tweaking here and there. I look forward to seeing what else you can create in future!

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