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    This is a spin off to my fic, Carry On, Blissey which focuses on Spiritomb, one of the main characters. You don't have to read the fic to understand what it going on though, but I hope you enjoy the short fic.

    Carry On, Spiritomb

    I had a choice to either fade away or perish trying to achieve something. I had a very common disease called Hyperacidosis Cancerous Kinetic Excessive Deformity Syndrome or simplified as the Hacked Syndrome. I was born a hacked pokemon just like my parents. My main diet was action replay pills and pokesav medicine. As a nurse working in one of the most demanding industries in the planet, to have a disease caused by illegal drugs embarrasses me.

    Even without the disease, since I was young I always felt as if I was different to other ghost pokemon. Most ghosts enjoy playing pranks on others and some even enjoyed sucking souls and even menacing others. As fun as it was, I was never truly satisfied with pranks alone. Both of my parents were hacked pokemon so many were startled of my choice to pursue a career in nursing. I felt like I had a gift in healing and that my knowledge of a disease that very few understand would make a huge difference to the way patients with the disease were being treated. I left university as a qualified nurse and one of the few pokemon in the world that can speak in human tongue. I started working at one of the most busiest hospitals in Sinnoh and befriended Matron Blissey. When I first started at the hospital I expected Matron Blissey to be a pink big ball of fluff with the voice of a delighted angel. It took a matter of seconds before my expectations of her were thrown right out of the window. When Matron Blissey in angry: everyone knows about it. I will never forget the time where she kicked Slaking's butt for nodding off on duty.

    Mood swings aside, Matron Blissey was great at her job and it was obvious that she cared about her patients and wanted to save each and every one of them. I enjoyed working on days but weather it was my demented sounding voice or my jiggered green grin they decided to move me onto nights which I had done for over 14 years. Now I'm back on days again, Matron Blissey and I have the ultimate health saving team.

    I did not like working in the Rock type unit because I believe that the rock type patients are the most difficult to cure. They are very rude and arrogant and think that they are better than everyone else. Their physical defences are excellent and they're wasting valuable beds. The majority of the time, they bring it on themselves. If they didn't annoy trainers so much in the caves there wouldn't be such an horrific wait for other patients at the A&E.

    I got three daughters that I rarely ever see, but I know that my trainer is taking good care of them. The eldest is a fully evolved pokemon that works in a nursing home in Lavender Town. I wonder if she will have her own family one day. I love working at the hospital and find it very awarding, but our Nurse Joy is not what she seems. She is unfortunately a fraud that lets Matron Blissey and I do all the work. But the fact is that she isn't even a real nurse, she's a member of Team Rocket in disguise smuggling drugs for profit. She's exploiting pokemon with the hacked syndrome and using them for profit. It was was only during a staff meeting was when I found out the fake nurse's name was Domino. Both the images of Matron Blissey's anger and phione's deformed foetus are images that will haunt me forever.

    Knowing and successfully predicting when a patient was going to die made me think that I was fully prepared for death. If there was such a place called Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if there was a seat reserved for me as I am technically an abomination of nature. The police had removed and most likely destroyed any illegal drugs, but I found the recipe for her concoction to turn any pokemon into weapon of mass destruction. There were at least a dozen bottles in the chest. I dread to read what sort of ingredients are in the battle. I burned the paper and the smoke raised as the paper turned into little black ashes.

    Domino was gone, but what's stopping any other human employees exploiting the concoction for profit. If this falls into the wrong hands, then it could potentially ruin the reputation of the health system. Illegal drugs were the fuel to my birth. I was born with the hacked syndrome and it's been killing me every day. It was a suicide mission, but a mission worth doing. I got the first bottle and drank the chemical tasting juice. It tasted disgusting, but I knew I had to keep drinking bottle after bottle if I wanted the patients to be safe. A sharp sensation came to my head and the pain only worsened as I started moving. I had to move far away.

    If this works, hopefully my soul will perish before the powerful pokesav drugs kick in. My world became blurry and as soon as I left I had woken up near a river bank. I wasn't sure if it was actually real or if I was hallucinating but a part of me wanted to roll over and jump into the water. Just as I reached the water, apart of my face touched the water, but I didn't feel wet. I wondered where I was and what was happening to me as I yelled.

    Matron Blissey used to work for Team Rocket. The whole medical system was a mess. They wanted me to stop working because of my declining health, but a pokemon that worked for a criminal organisation is fine to gallop about and run the place. I yelled. It wasn't the way I wanted to think but the drugs had controlled my mind, body, heart and soul. I was not allowed to be in Kalos, but Matron Blissey was, it wasn't fair.
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