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    A.N. This is a new story I’m writing, and I’m not abandoning Static Electricity. This idea popped up in my head one day and refused to come out, so here it is.

    Experiment 44293. That was the only name she had ever known. It probably wasn’t the only name that she had ever been called, but she couldn’t remember much about her life outside the facility. She suspected that the scientists had something to do with that.

    Experiment 44293 was a Riolu. She looked like a normal Riolu on the outside. And for the most part she was normal. On the inside though… What Riolu could say that they can only remember captivity? Not even captivity inside a Pokéball. No, this captivity was much worse.

    She could only remember being inside a jail cell. The miserable, terrible jail cell. Some nights she dreamed that she was free, dreamed of something green and soft under her feet. But she could only remember the jail cell’s hard stone floors, and metal walls.

    Experiment 44293 thought that she had a family. She had to have, right? But what could have happened to them? Were they captured like her? Or were they free? If they were free did they remember her? If they were free did they care?

    She had no idea how long she had spent inside this facility. She didn’t know how old she was. She just wanted to be free. She remembered a period where she would cry, cry for the family that she never knew. Cry for the freedom that she never had. Of course, they soon beat that out of her. They punished her cruelly.

    Experiment 44293 was used to routine. Most days she would be left in her cell to do nothing. As a result, she spent a lot of time thinking. Some days were the experiment days, and they were the ones that she dreaded. They injected fluids into her, and measured her aura levels. She detested these days.

    For a short period of time, she shared a cell with a Lucario. He had taught her about aura, and the things that she could do with it. She hadn’t learnt much when he was taken away. She didn’t know where to, or what for. She could use aura sight, but that was it.

    Of course, she’d tried to escape. She tried everything that she could think of. But it was to no avail. Every time she dug a hole it just got fixed while she was gone. One time she’d actually managed to get out of her cell. She’d crept out while the human opened the door to bring her food. She hadn’t gone far before they noticed.

    But she had a glimpse of something. A door, possibly. It wasn’t like the door to her cell. The door she’d glimpsed had weird shapes on a green sign. She assumed that they were in the human language, which she couldn’t read. The glimpse of another colour than grey gave her so much hope, though. So she started to plan. Plan an escape from this horrible place.


    Experiment 44293 looked down at her paws. Today was the day. If she’d planned it right, she would escape today. ‘If.’ The word echoed in the small space, devoid of furniture. She slept on the floor, usually. All she had to do was wait. Wait until they brought her food.

    Experiment 44293 hoped that food was better in other places. It had to be. Anything had to be better than this. She always got the same meal, once per day. A disgusting green blob. It tasted terrible, to her at least. She couldn’t wait to get out.

    She closed her eyes. This was the first time she’d tried it since the Lucario left. She remembered asking him if he was her father. He answered that he’d never had children. This made her feel slightly sad at the time, but she didn’t show it much. This was no place for emotion.

    Experiment 44293 looked around with the aura sight. She couldn’t sense any aura. Yet. She’d hoped that there would be cells near her, with other Pokémon. But there weren’t any cells in the range of her aura vision. She sat down in a meditative position and waited.


    She didn’t know how long she waited. There was no way to pass time. Her aura sight was growing weaker. She assumed that that was what happened when she used it for too long. Suddenly, she saw it. A faint blob on the edge of her aura vision. It was very different to both her and the Lucario’s aura signature. She immediately knew what it was. It was a human, which meant that it was time to escape.

    Experiment 44293 waited until he came in. The humans that fed her never spoke. She didn’t know whether it was because they didn’t want to speak, or whether they were forced to be silent. It didn’t matter. She was ready.

    As soon as the human came in she raced out the door. She had never tried to go this fast before; there wasn’t enough room in her cell. But there was certainly room in this corridor. She didn’t see any other humans, for which she was thankful. She thought that she could hear cheering, but whether that was other Pokémon or her imagination, she didn’t know.

    Experiment 44293 didn’t look back. She only kept her gaze on that door with the glowing green thing above it. She felt an immense feeling of elation. Soon, she would be free. But as she reached the door she realised something. She had no way to open it.

    Her spirits fell. She wouldn’t escape after all. But it seemed like luck was on her side. Suddenly, as if by deus ex machina it opened. A human’s expression became one of shock as he got rammed into by 20 kilograms of Riolu.

    She managed to get through the door. And what she saw when she got out! Underneath her feet was something green that felt so soft on her paws. Above her was a bright blue ceiling with a bright light that hurt her eyes when she looked at it. She was free!

    Experiment 44293 didn’t stop running until she collapsed from exhaustion.

    A.N. Here’s the first chapter of Experiment 44293. I had several other names in mind, but they were all taken. Anyway, I hope that you enjoyed. Until next time, this is Wizpig1231, signing out.

    I'm back! Revamped! The madness never ends!

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    A.N. Extremely sorry for the long gap between chapters, I had a bit of writer’s block, but I hope that you enjoy this chapter regardless. Without further ado, let’s begin.
    Disclaimer: I do not own Pokémon, or anything related to it.

    Experiment 44293 woke up. Where was she? It didn’t feel like her cold metal cell. It felt… comfortable, an unusual sensation for her. The events of the previous day came rushing back to her. She was in the place outside of the facility. She remembered running out here, which explained the soreness of her limbs, which were not used to exertion of this level. She supposed that she had collapsed after that effort. Though the question remained: how much time had passed since she had made her escape?

    Of course, there was still the possibility the scientists and other people in her prison would find her, but she hoped not. Though if she had run in a straight line, then collapsed… She mentally connected the dots, realising that she wouldn’t be hard to find.

    She needed to get moving right away if she wanted to be safe. Her first comfortable sleep in as long as she could remember had energised her. Experiment 44293 quickly stood up and resumed running, this time in another direction.

    After she felt near exhaustion she stopped running and rested until she felt that she could run again. She then started running in a different direction.

    [insert page break here]

    Experiment 44293 repeated the process many times, until she felt a feeling in her stomach.

    ‘I need food,’ she thought.

    Food. She hoped that the food out here was different to the food that she had had back in the facility. She started looking around for food, until she realised that she didn’t know what to look for, apart from what she had at the facility, and she hoped that that wouldn’t be here because it was disgusting, and besides, she couldn’t see any of it anyway.

    Experiment 44293 decided to go and look for some other Pokémon, as they would probably know where some food was. She wandered through the forest for a very short time before finding one.

    She later found out that it was a Ledyba, but at the time she didn’t know what it was. She just saw a small orange creature on a tree. She decided to ask it if it knew where any food was.

    ‘It probably will,’ she thought. After all, it would be hard to live without any food. She had found this out after refusing to eat her food for a few days when she was in the facility. It just made her want it more, to a point where when she finally decided to eat something, she almost enjoyed the food that she ate.

    Experiment 44293 opened her mouth to say something, to get the Ledyba’s attention. She tried to say, ‘Hello,’ just to let it know that she was there. All that came out of her mouth was a raspy sound. She realised that because she hadn’t spoken for so long, words came out garbled and unable to be understood. The last time she had spoken was to the Lucario that once shared her cell.

    The sound that she managed to make did its job anyway and attracted the Ledyba’s attention. It turned around and faced her.

    “Hello,” it spoke, and Experiment 44293 realised that it was male. “If you don’t mind me asking, what are you and what are you doing here?”

    Experiment 44293 had a problem. Because she couldn’t speak, she had no way of answering the questions, let alone conveying that she wanted food to the bug-type. She pointed to her mouth.

    “Can’t you speak?” the insect asked. At the Riolu’s sad look the Ledyba realised that he was correct and continued. “Well, what do you want? I’m going to say some things that you might want and when I reach the one that you do, just move your head up and down to say yes. Move it side to side for a no, okay?”

    Experiment 44293 took the hint and nodded.

    “Very well, let’s begin. Shelter?”

    Experiment 44293 shook her head.


    That was a difficult one to answer. While she did need water, it wasn’t the only thing that she needed, so she shook her head.


    The Riolu nodded, excited that she had finally gotten through what she needed.

    “Well, I’m not sure what species of Pokémon you are, and if I don’t know, we can’t do the same thing as before. So, looking at you, you look like you’re most likely a fighting or normal type. I know where some food for you is, but you’re going to have to carry me,” the Ledyba told her.

    At the Emotion Pokémon’s questioning look, the bug-type explained, “I would get you to follow me, but you’re too big, and are most likely much faster than me, so if I point you in the right direction, we can go. Just place your paw on this tree and I’ll climb on to it.”

    Now Experiment 44293 understood. She placed her paw on the tree and the Ledyba climbed on. It was a weird sensation that the Riolu felt as the insect crawled up her body, eventually stopping when he was atop her head, though it wasn’t an unpleasant one, so she didn’t complain.

    “Okay, just head this way,” the bug-type told her once he had gotten on top of her head, pointing with one of his six legs.

    Experiment 44293 walked in the direction that the Ledyba had indicated, with him occasionally telling her to turn and walk in a different direction. The Ledyba was a bit surprised at the speed at first, as it was faster than he was used to.

    After about half an hour, Experiment 44293 was panting. She wasn’t used to exercising this much, having being in the facility for as long as she could remember. Add that to the fact that she’d just ran for a long time beforehand and that she was hungry and you get one exhausted Riolu.

    The Ledyba noticed her exhaustion and told her to sit down and take a rest.

    “There’s really not much that I can do for you, aside from going to collect some water,” he explained.

    He wandered off and Experiment 44293 sat on a rock. She looked up at the sky and saw the bright blue that she had been accustomed to this past day turn to a deeper blue with some oranges, pinks, and reds thrown in as well. The bright yellow ball that she had seen was gone and tiny white dots had started appearing. Altogether, she thought, it was beautiful.

    “Red in the morning, trainer’s warning; red at night, rancher’s delight,” a voice recited from beside her.

    She jumped in surprise. The Ledyba had returned. He was holding a leaf with some water in it.

    “Sorry that I couldn’t bring more. I’m too small to bring more, but hopefully it will be enough,” the bug-type told her.

    She nodded her appreciation to the insect. Experiment 44293 raised the leaf up to her mouth, careful not to spill anything and took small sips of the water. It wasn’t long before she’d finished the water. There wasn’t much water, but it was enough to satisfy her thirst.

    “We’d better go to sleep,” the Ledyba told her. “The sun’s going down and we won’t be able to find the food while it’s dark.”

    Experiment 44293 nodded, showing him that she understood. She slumped down against a nearby tree, perfectly content to lie there and go to sleep. She thought through the events that she’d been through this day and how many new things that she’d learned.

    The Ledyba crawled the same tree and settled on a branch. He spoke to her after she’d been lying there for a few minutes.

    “I suppose you’d like to know why I’m helping you. After all, I decided to help you without knowing you first. It’s just that, a while ago, there was a fire in the forest. A lot of Pokémon were killed, including all of my friends and family. Except me. I was lucky enough to be near a pond, which was able to safely shelter me until the fire stopped. This was years ago now, and the forest has since regrown. I was just a child and I was so scared. I was all alone, and there was nobody to help me. After the fire stopped I vowed that I would always help somebody in need, whether I knew them or not. I don’t know why I’m telling you my story, a complete stranger. I don’t even know your name, and I’ve never told anybody before. I just feel like I can trust you. Plus, you’re a good listener. Anyway, that’s my story. I would ask you yours, but there’s no way that you can tell me.”

    The Ledyba finished his story, and fell silent. After a long time, Experiment 44293 managed to fall asleep. She didn’t dream.

    [insert page break here]

    It was the next day. Experiment 44293 woke up from possibly the best sleep she’d ever had. She yawned and looked up at the branch where the Ledyba had slept. He wasn’t there. She panicked for a second before he spoke. The bug-type was over near another tree.

    He asked her a question. “Good morning. Are you ready to continue?”

    She nodded and held out her paw for him to climb up her. He did, and they set off again, following the same routine as the previous day. As Experiment 44293 was more rested, this time they were able to move quicker without the Riolu getting tired.

    It was only about another half an hour before they arrived at their destination. It was an orchard filled with berry trees. Experiment 44293 was in awe.

    Her insect companion spoke. “Well, here we are. Take whatever berries you want.”

    Experiment 44293 eagerly ran over to the trees and started picking berries of all different kinds. Before long she had made a pile in her paws, and started wolfing them down.

    “You eat like you haven’t eaten in years!” the bug-type remarked.

    She had eaten recently, but not much, as the facility never fed her much, and it never tasted this good.

    “Well, I’ve gotten you to some food,” he said after she’d finished, “I understand that you probably want to thank me, but you are unable due to your being mute. Anyway, now that you’re here, I guess you probably don’t need me to stick around anymore so I’ll just leave.”

    He started walking away, and Experiment 44293 was alarmed. He couldn’t leave now, not when she still needed him. She didn’t know anybody else; without him, she would be alone.

    She ran over to him and shook her head vigorously.

    “What’s that?” he asked. “Do you want me to stay?”

    The Riolu nodded again.

    “Do you have anywhere else to go?” the Ledyba asked.

    Experiment 44293 shook her head again.

    “I would like to know why, but for now, I guess I can stay. I don’t have anywhere else to go, so for the time being, I’ll stay,” the bug-type told her.

    She looked very happy, until he said, “It’s also partly because I wouldn’t be able to get back to where I was very quickly without your help.”

    A.N. And that’s Chapter Two, people of the internet. I hope that you enjoyed, and that it made up for the brief hiatus. Until next time, this is Wizpig1231, signing out.

    I'm back! Revamped! The madness never ends!

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    A.N. I’m so sorry for not updating; the chapter was almost finished on Monday, but I’ve been having issues with my laptop, so I couldn’t post it. Anyway, here’s Chapter Three of Experiment 44293. Let’s begin.
    Disclaimer: I DON’T OWN POKÉMON!

    It had been a few weeks since the day she had escaped. Life had settled into a routine. Wake up, eat, drink in the mornings. Afterwards, Experiment 44293 exercised. She went for a run through the woods, making sure that she knew her way back.

    Experiment 44293 did this simply because she enjoyed running. It was the first thing she had done outside the facility that she could remember, and she associated the joy of escaping with the joy of running. Simply put, running reminded her of the ecstasy of escaping.

    The Ledyba that she had met, had told her everything he knew, or wanted to tell her, because being mute, she was a good listener. The Riolu knew almost everything about the bug-type, and still regretted not being able to tell him anything about her.

    Experiment 44293 wasn’t sure if she would be mute vocally for life. The Lucario that she had met in the facility had told her that Lucario could communicate using aura, with both Pokémon and humans. She hoped that when she evolved she would be able to teach herself how to do this. It was very frustrating not being able to communicate.

    The Riolu hadn’t seen any Pokémon while running, but maybe that was because she wasn’t paying attention to her surroundings, except for dodging trees. The Ledyba had told her that most Pokémon cleared out of the forest after the fire. The only Pokémon she saw other than him were flying-types up above the trees.

    Her new life was very different to her old one, but still, she enjoyed it, and that was all that mattered.


    One day, after picking some berries for the Ledyba and herself, Experiment 44293 went for a run. It was only meant to be a short run, but what it resulted in was something much bigger.

    The Riolu decided to go somewhere different than usual this day, and after running for a few minutes, she heard a crack of leaves from up ahead. Several more cracks followed and they were getting closer to her. Not knowing what the source of them was, and hoping that it wasn’t people from the facility, she flattened herself behind a tree and waited.

    Experiment 44293 heard voices.

    “It looks like that person at the entrance was right, Josh, there’s no Pokémon around here,” the voice came.

    “No,” came another voice. “I heard noises coming from over here.”

    The Riolu risked a peek to see who was speaking and was shocked when she saw a human girl and a horse that seemed to be on fire.

    She panicked, and sprinted back to the orchard, hearing the horse-like creature shout, “There it is!”

    Experiment 44293, heard the footsteps behind her, and ran as fast as she could go. When she arrived, she saw the Ledyba eating the berries that she’d picked. She started gesticulating wildly, trying to make him see what she meant.

    “What?” the bug-type asked in confusion. “I don’t know what you mean.”

    The Riolu continued trying to get her point across, when the pair heard footsteps.

    “So this is where all of the Pokémon are!” the girl exclaimed.

    “Josh, go!” she shouted, and the equine creature jumped forward.

    “Use Flamethrower on that Riolu, then Stomp on the Ledyba,” the girl commanded.

    The Ponyta opened its mouth, and a stream of fire came streaming out, aimed right at Experiment 44293. It hit her and she felt immense pain, she was burning, she was on fire, it hurt so much, ‘Make it stop, someone make it stop,’ she screamed inside her head.

    The flames stopped, and she collapsed on the ground, unconscious. She didn’t notice a red and white sphere hitting her leg and sucking her inside.


    Experiment 44293 awoke in a void. There was nothing, only blackness. Where was she? She remembered the fire, the burning, the pain, the agony, then… nothing. All of a sudden she had ended up here.

    ‘Am I dead?” she wondered to herself.

    If she was dead, this wasn’t at all what she had expected to happen when she died. The Ledyba had spoken of a paradise that everyone went to when they died, not an empty black void.

    She couldn’t see her body. She couldn’t see anything. Experiment 44293 wasn’t sure if she even had a body any more.

    She screamed inside her head, ‘Let me out, take me away from this horrible place.’

    She continued in this fashion until she grew tired. She knew that nobody could hear her, and realised that it was pointless to try and shout, especially as she was mute. Which led her to another question. Did sound travel in this strange place? Since she was mute, she had no idea.

    Most readers would probably like to know that, like space, the place that she was in was a vacuum. The reader should probably already know that sound doesn’t travel in a vacuum, because sound requires oxygen, or air, and there is no air in a vacuum, so in the vast emptiness of space, no one can here you scream.

    Now the reader may be asking themselves: If there is no air in a vacuum, how is Experiment 44293 still alive? After all, you need to breathe air to survive. The simple answer is, that the normal rules that govern our world, and the world in which this story takes place, do not apply in the place that our protagonist is in.

    The Riolu is in a Pokéball, which the reader probably already inferred, but I’d like to just point it out, in case they didn’t realise. In the universe of this story, Pokéballs are pocket dimensions of nothingness. The average humans have no idea of what is inside of Pokéballs, the only ones that know are the developers of Pokéballs, Silph Co and the other Pokéball makers, as well as rare Pokémon interpreters.

    The reason that most humans are unaware of the conditions inside of the Pokéballs is because the few Pokémon that can communicate with humans are rarely kept in Pokéballs and because the government quickly shuts down any form of knowledge of the inside of a Pokéball down, as they fear of protests for Pokémon rights, which would completely shut down the economy and the governing system of their world.

    The reader is probably sick of the scientific explanations and would like to get back to the plot of the story, so they can.

    Experiment 44293 had no idea how much time she had been there. Had she been in there for seconds? Days? Weeks? Centuries? She made a mental note to be more careful with time from now on.

    ‘Does time even pass in here?’ she wondered.

    Indeed it was a valid question, one that no one had no way of knowing. Since she didn’t know what she would do now, the Riolu just decided to wait. Waiting seemed like a good option. If she just waited in there, someone would come for her, she was sure of it. All she had to do was wait.


    After a while of waiting (she didn’t know how long) Experiment 44293 felt a strange pulling sensation. She was curious, as it was the first thing that she had felt in this strange void. She found the pulling impossible to resist, and let herself go with it, back into the real world.

    The Riolu found herself in a human building, but it was unlike the one other that she had been in before. This one was colourful and contained various other humans and Pokémon. Most Pokémon were lying on soft beds and getting their wounds tended to. Experiment 44293 wondered what could have made this many Pokémon get hurt.

    She herself was lying on a bed, and it was the softest thing that she had ever felt. She would have sighed in contention, apart from the fact that she was mute. The Riolu listened and heard voices. One was the girl from before and the other was an unfamiliar one.

    “She’s awake,” the unfamiliar one spoke and Experiment 44293 learnt that it belonged to a female.

    The girl from the forest came into the room, accompanied by a woman with pink hair, wearing a white hat with a red cross on it, who the Riolu guessed must have been the source of the unfamiliar voice from a few seconds ago.

    “Hello,” the girl says softly. “My name is Kate. I’m going to be your new trainer.”

    Experiment 44293 was confused by this statement, as she didn’t know what a trainer was.

    The confusion must have shown on her face, as Kate continued, “A trainer is a human that helps Pokémon become stronger by fighting them against other Pokémon in battles.”

    The Riolu’s face went wide with shock. She didn’t want to fight.

    “Don’t worry,” Kate spoke hurriedly, “It’s not as bad as it sounds. You and the other Pokémon won’t get hurt. It’s more of a chance to get more powerful.”

    That sounded more appealing to Experiment 44293. If she got more powerful, maybe she’d finally be able to communicate with someone. Then it hit her. Where was the Ledyba? She remembered getting set on fire, then being in the void, then waking up here.

    While she was panicking, the adult woman said to Kate, “Now, I did a scan of all of her vital features, and she’s completely healthy, apart from some scars, and looking a bit underfed. But there’s something strange about those scars; they don’t look like they were made by a Pokémon attack. I think that she may have had previous owners who abused her, but the fact that you could capture her suggests that her previous owners didn’t keep her in a Pokéball, or released her.”

    “Thank you Nurse Joy,” Kate told her sincerely.

    “That’s okay Kate,” the Pokémon doctor replied. She turned to leave, but then spoke, “Oh, I almost forgot. Something happened to her voice box, and I can’t repair it. She’s mute.”

    That seemed to surprise Kate, though Experiment 44293 didn’t know why. The nurse turned around and left.

    “So, I know now that you’re mute, so we won’t be able to communicate and find out what happened that gave you those scars. Can you please nod or shake your head in response to my questions?” Kate told the Riolu.

    At Experiment 44293’s nod, she continued, “Have you ever been in a Pokéball before?”

    She shook her head, now knowing what the device that had put her in the void was called.

    “I thought not, as you looked confused when you came out. Have you had previous owners?”

    Experiment 44293 shook her head again.

    “Are you wild?”

    The Riolu shook her head, knowing that this must confuse Kate.

    “Well, I have no idea where you came from, so it’s time for Plan B,” the human girl spoke.

    Kate grabbed a Pokéball from her belt and released a familiar Ledyba. Experiment 44293 guessed that her friend had already been introduced to Kate, as he didn’t react to seeing the human.

    “Okay, Riolu, just so you know, I can understand Pokéspeak,” Kate told Experiment 44293.

    At the Riolu’s questioning look she elaborated, “My brother was training to be an Aura Guardian and taught me how to use aura to understand Pokéspeak.”

    “So,” Kate spoke to the Ledyba. “You two were together when I found you, so I’m assuming that you know each other?”

    “Yes,” he told the Pokémon trainer. “I met her one day, exhausted and hungry. I never knew where she had come from, or what type of Pokémon she was. I led her to the berry orchard, and decided to stay there with her for a while.”

    “Okay, I don’t know how else I’m going to find out, until you evolve and you can communicate with aura. If only my brother was still here…” she trailed off.

    “Anyway, I want to address one final matter,” Kate told the two. “I don’t want to keep calling you Ledyba and Riolu, so I’m going to give you some names. You can tell me whether you like them or not, okay?”

    They both nodded, so she turned to the Ledyba and asked, “How’s Larry?”

    “That’s fine with me,” the newly-named bug-type answered.

    “Okay, and for you,” Kate spoke turning to the Riolu. “How about Rio?”

    Experiment 44293 nodded, ecstatic to finally have something to call herself. Now, she finally had friends. Now, all was well.

    A.N. Hope you enjoyed. Until next time, this is Wizpig1231, signing out.

    I'm back! Revamped! The madness never ends!

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    A.N. Sorry that this was a bit late, but regardless, here’s Chapter Four of Experiment 44293.
    Disclaimer: I’m going to stop doing these, as I’m sure you’ve realised by now that I don’t own Pokémon.

    Rio. That was now her name. The only actual name that she’d ever known. She didn’t suppose that Experiment 44293 counted. It was what the scientists had called her, but not a name that was in any way similar to any name that she’d heard out here in the real world.

    It seemed fitting: Rio the Riolu. That was why she had agreed with Kate’s choice of name for her, because it fit. It was nice to have a name, that others recognised, instead of just being called ‘Experiment 44293,’ ‘you’ or ‘Riolu.’

    It had been a few hours since she’d been named, and she hadn’t been back in the Pokéball yet. Kate had tried to put her in, but when she told Rio that she was going to, the Riolu shook her head furiously. So Kate had let her stay out.

    Kate told Rio that at the age of ten, a child had the option of going on a Pokémon journey. She declined at first, instead waiting a few years before leaving. There were eight gyms in each region, each specialising in a certain type. Defeating a gym would grant the victor a badge, and collecting all eight badges would allow the trainer to take part in an annual tournament, where the winner could battle the elite four, four amazingly powerful trainers. Defeating them would grant the trainer the title of the champion of their region and they would have access to immense fame and fortune.

    At present, Kate had collected three badges and had five Pokémon, counting her and Larry. She had Josh the Ponyta, who Rio had met, Silver the Skarmory and Isabelle the Marshtomp, who was her starter. As Kate could understand Pokémon, she was able to call her Pokémon by their actual names.

    The badges that Kate had collected were the Boulder Badge, from Pewter City, the Earth Badge, from Viridian City and the Rainbow Badge, from Celadon City. These were a rock type gym, dominated by Isabelle, a ground type gym, won by Silver, and a grass type gym, conquered by Josh.

    Kate had apparently found Larry and Rio in a forest between Celadon and Cerulean cities. They were heading to Cerulean and had decided to take a shortcut through a forest. They would have gone through Saffron City, but the guards wouldn’t let them through, because they were thirsty. Kate had sprinted to Cerulean after capturing the two friends and taken them to the local Pokémon Centre, where Rio had woken up.


    They were currently walking to the gym. It looked to Rio to be a giant building with a white Pokémon on the front. They walked in and Kate asked for a battle with the gym leader. The woman at the reception led her to a battlefield, which was a pool of water with a few floating platforms in it.

    Another young woman was standing at the other end.

    She spoke, “Hi. My name’s Misty, gym leader of Cerulean City. As you can probably tell, my speciality is the water type. Now, how many badges do you have?”

    “Three,” Kate replied.

    “Okay, let’s begin. This will be a 3 vs 3 battle between the gym leader Misty Waterflower and the challenger…” Misty trailed off.

    “Kate Cameron,” she supplied.

    “Send out your first Pokémon,” Misty spoke.

    “Go, Silver,” Kate spoke, throwing a Pokéball.

    “Misty calls: Starmie!” the gym leader called, also throwing a Pokéball.

    The creature coming out of Kate’s Pokéball was a grey bird-like creature that Rio supposed was a Skarmory. It had a grey beak and yellow eyes, with wings made of steel. It started flapping its wings with audible, heavy wingbeats and the Riolu wondered how it could stay up in the air.

    The being that came out of Misty’s Pokéball was a purple star-shaped Pokémon. It had a red gem in its centre. This was a Starmie and was a dual water-psychic type.

    Kate told Silver to stay in the air, where it would be harder for Misty’s Pokémon to hit it.

    “That won’t work,” the gym leader told her promptly. “Starmie, Water Pulse.”

    The water-psychic type created a stream of water and filled the whole room with it. The trainers were protected by Barrier walls created by a Golduck on the side-lines. Thankfully, Silver had managed to stay out of the range of the water, but it was rising, and he was nearly touching the ceiling. The Starmie was staying at the bottom of the water.

    Fortunately, Kate found a solution: “Silver,” she yelled, “Land on one of those floating platforms.”

    She had noticed the platforms were rising as well as the water level. Silver found the closest one and landed atop it. Misty’s Pokémon started swimming to the top.

    “Silver, come back!” Kate spoke, as the Golduck lowered the Barrier a small bit so as to allow Kate’s Pokéball beam to reach the steel-flying type.

    “Go, Rio!” Kate spoke, then realising that there was no way to get her our into the battlefield.

    “Misty?” she asked the gym leader. “Do you have a way to get my Pokémon on to the platforms?”

    “Oh, uh, yeah,” the water type specialist spoke.

    She pulled a lever, and a noise sounded. The water level started draining, until it reached the level that it was at the beginning of the battle, when Misty pulled the lever again, and it stopped.

    “Thanks,” the young trainer spoke sincerely. “Now, go Rio!”

    Rio looked worriedly at her trainer. She’d never battled in her life! How was she expected to learn now?

    “Don’t worry, you’ll be fine,” Kate reassured. “I’ll tell you what to do, okay?”

    At the Riolu’s nod, she continued, “Jump onto one of the platforms.”

    Rio ran forward, and jumped onto the platform. It sank down a little, scaring her for a second, but then rose back up again.

    “Okay, Rio,” Kate commanded. “Jump across the platforms until you get to the Starmie.”

    The Riolu followed her orders and ended up right next to the Starmie. The Starmie presently managed to use the same trick as before and raise the water level again.

    “Just stay on that platform, Rio,” her trainer called. “It can’t hit you from there.”

    The water level continued to rise, and Rio began panicking. When it was about two meters away from the ceiling, Kate shouted instructions.

    “Close your eyes and think of your aura. If you can use aura sight do that as well, but mainly try to manifest your aura into a physical form. Surround your paws with aura, then try to keep it there.”

    Rio did so, and nodded when Kate asked, “Can you see the roof?”

    The Riolu barely fit standing on the platform and Kate yelled, “Now slam your paw into the ceiling!”

    She slammed it, not knowing what her trainer was doing but afraid to question orders, and a chunk of the ceiling fell off. Rio had now effectively learned Force Palm. The Riolu dove out of the way and jumped to a different platform, just before the chunk capsized the one that she was previously on.

    “Okay, do it again, and keep repeating,” the young trainer called.

    Rio did so until there was only one platform left. She jumped to it and punched the ceiling. Plaster fell everywhere as Kate returned the Emotion Pokémon to her Pokéball, before sending her back out in the trainer’s box.

    ‘That was exhilarating,’ Rio thought, and found that, contrary to what she had believed, she had enjoyed battling.

    “Well there goes the roof,” Misty sighed as Kate sent Silver back out.

    Indeed, the roof was almost completely destroyed. Rio guessed Kate’s plan as the Skarmory flew up to the now-exposed sky.

    “Silver, use Hurricane!” Kate ordered.

    He flapped his wings, and the water was swept around, splashing against the Starmie with incredible force. He then flew down into the centre of the Hurricane, where there was no water. Inside the eye of his Hurricane, Silver shed his wet feathers, which fell down to the bottom of the pool. Silver used the Hurricane to pull Starmie up to him. Then, the steel-flying type used Steel Wing. Again. And again. And again.

    This continued for a minute before Misty ordered them to stop. The water fell into the pool, and was drained back to the level of the pool. The Golduck’s Barriers dissipated.

    A clearly knocked-out Starmie floated up to the surface and Misty swiftly recalled it, sending out her next Pokémon, a Poliwag. It began swimming around underwater.

    Silver began to try to do the same trick as with the Starmie, and used Hurricane again. This time however, there wasn’t enough water, so he stopped attempting. Rio noticed that he was having difficulty flying after shedding most of his feathers.

    Kate called out a plan to the Skarmory, “Use Sand attack, then Gust to spread it through the water.”

    He complied, sending sand all through the water. Realising, Misty ordered the Poliwag to stay still. Which was the wrong thing to do, as Silver came diving down at it with a Drill Peck. The attack hit and a light flashed from the bottom of the pool.

    When it faded, Silver was shown fainted, as he had been defeated by the Poliwhirl that had used Water Gun when it evolved.

    “Okay,” Kate said a bit uneasily, recalling Silver. She threw her next Pokéball and shouted, “Go Isabelle!”

    The Marshtomp came out and Rio saw her for the first time. She was a light blue creature, somewhat fish-like, but not really, mainly because of her legs.

    “Use Muddy Water!” Kate shouted as she landed at the bottom of the pool. A wave of mud came forwards towards the Poliwhirl, which tried to dodge it. It wasn’t quite used to its new body, however, and was enveloped by the mud. The mud ended up covering its eyes, which Misty noticed.

    “Poliwa- I mean Poliwhirl,” Misty commanded. “I’ll be your eyes, just listen to my directions.”

    Isabelle ran on the bottom of the pool towards the Poliwhirl and used a Mud Shot.

    “Jump!” Misty shouted.

    Unfortunately, the Poliwhirl wasn’t quite sure how to jump, and got hit by the endless stream of mud. When Isabelle had exhausted her reserves, she stopped, revealing a fainted Poliwhirl.

    “Return,” Misty spoke, returning it to its Pokéball. “That evolution probably hindered it a bit, but for my final Pokémon, I call: Seadra!”

    A seahorse-like Pokémon came out of the Pokéball that Misty hurled which squirted ink as soon as it landed in the water to block Isabelle’s vision.

    Rio thought that she could see the Marshtomp sigh, then counter the ink with a Water Gun, which created a stream of water that shot through the ink, spreading the ink out. In retaliation, the Seadra shot out even more ink.

    The two streams of liquid battled against each other for a small while, before Kate ordered Isabelle to switch to a Mud Shot. She tried to do so, however; in the split second it took her to switch, the Seadra managed to get a stream of ink onto the water-ground type’s face, blinding her.

    This enabled the Seadra to attack without Isabelle knowing where it was, putting the Marshtomp at a major disadvantage. Misty’s Pokémon moved over to Kate’s and started a continuous Bubblebeam while constantly moving around so that Isabelle couldn’t follow the bubbles, but still making sure that the attack hit.

    Eventually it was too much for the Marshtomp and Isabelle was knocked out, and in that moment Rio knew that it was all up to her now.

    “Can you swim?” Kate whispered tentatively to the Riolu.

    Rio shook her head.

    “Okay then,” Kate sighed. “I forf-“

    She was interrupted by the sight of Rio frantically shaking her head.

    “What do you want me to do?” Kate asked incredulously. “Teach you mid-match?”

    The Riolu nodded.

    “Okay, I’ll try,” Kate told the fighting type. “Go Rio!” she announced, as the Riolu jumped out into the water.

    “Start kicking your legs!” the young trainer shouted as Rio entered the water.

    This seemed to keep her above the water, and the Riolu marvelled at how weird it felt being half-submerged.

    “Lie on your stomach and keep kicking!” Kate commanded.

    Rio did so and reached the wall. She looked at her trainer, a questioning look on her face.

    “Use Force Palm on the wall!” her trainer commanded.

    The fighting type did so, and a stream of water came out of the gym onto the grass outside creating mud.

    “What counts as a ring out in this?” Kate asked Misty.

    “Basically anything that exits the arena… oh,” the water type specialist realised, then yelled, “Seadra, stay in the arena.”

    This however was proving more and more difficult for the Seadra as all of the water was exiting the gym. It was also making Rio have to rely on kicking less and less, and soon enough, she could stand on the bottom of the pool.

    The Seadra was forced to hop out of the water to avoid a ring out. Eventually, all of the water drained out of the gym and there was one very vulnerable Seadra left.

    “Rio, run over and use Force Palm on it!” Kate ordered.

    The Riolu complied, but it seemed that the Seadra was not out of tricks, as during the first Force Palm it squirted ink over Rio’s eyes. At first, the fighting type panicked, only seeing black, but then heard Kate’s reassuring voice telling her to use Aura Sight.

    Rio did so and noticed the Seadra trying to hop away. She ran over and used Force Palm. It tried to hop away again and Rio followed without difficulty and used Force Palm. This continued until Kate told Rio to stop, as the Seadra was knocked out.

    The Riolu ran over to her trainer, who used a cloth to wipe the ink out of her eyes. Rio looked around at the gym. It was a mess. The roof was completely gone, and there was a big hole in the wall. Worst of all, it had started to rain.

    Kate walked over to the gym leader who threw a badge at her and told her: “Get out. Your prize money is going into the repair bill of this place. This is going to cost a fortune.”

    A.N. Here’s Chapter Four of Experiment 44293. What the Starmie was trying to do was fill the gym with water, so as to get Silver trapped underwater, and then spam Water Pulse. Anyway, I hope that you enjoyed and until next time, this is Wizpig1231, signing out.

    I'm back! Revamped! The madness never ends!

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