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Thread: The Human Species (PG-13)

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    Chapter 35

    Suppressed Personality Cyon

    Suddenly, Lucario was aware of himself once more. It had not been a natural awakening, but more of a forceful smash back into reality, as if two alarm clocks tied around his brain had simultaneously gone off.

    He was still in the cave, still lying on the ground. A worried Mew was floating above him, hanging upside down in midair so that she could face him directly.

    "You lost consciousness," Mew said softly before blinking, "What happened?"

    Lucario looked at her for a moment, still coming to terms with his abrupt awakening and wondering why his head felt so heavy. As he erected himself into a sitting position, the cause for his highly encumbered mind came back to him as he started moving away from Mew with a scared expression.

    It had been far too vivid to be a dream, and much too detailed to be an imagination. He had been relishing in victory over the gym leader Falkner, before going on a very first 'date' with a young Rukario… Just thinking about it made him shudder all over.

    … Why? Why did his own memories feel so distant and unfamiliar? And why had there been anything regarding a young Rukario?

    "I noticed severe brain activity…" Mew spoke up, but Lucario's troubled expression made her wonder if maybe she should have kept quiet for the duration.

    "Nothing much… Just had a terrible nightmare…" Lucario muttered defiantly while forcing the past away to focus on his current situation, "… It was something about you telling me you weren't going to make me human."

    "It is out of my hands…" Mew sighed sadly, never having expected such lamentation to be born from her saving his life, "There is nothing anyone can do about it."

    "That can't be," Lucario said while slowly shaking his head, "Not after everything I've done… Not after all this time…"

    He noticed that his own voice had a hint of bitterness he had never heard before. It brought back the strange sensation of hearing an unfamiliar voice escape his mouth, just like the time he had first woken up as a Lucario, crawling out of that grave so very long ago.

    Having spent so much time within the body of a Pokémon had made him forget what his original voice even sounded like. Closing his eyes, he realized that it was far from the only thing he had forgotten, as he tried to visualize the peculiar memory flashes he had just experienced.

    Defeating Falkner, the gym leader… Mew's story pointed towards the fact that he was actually Ethan, could that have been something he had done and simply forgotten about? But the vision of going on a date with a young Rukario… She had kept insisting that he had been her love Cyon, with plenty of hard evidence to back it up. Perhaps the Lucario's body he was now housing had once belonged to Cyon?

    But in that case, why did he have memories from both Ethan and Cyon?

    And why did neither of them feel like his own?

    "Damn it, Mew!" Lucario burst out angrily as to shout down out his own thoughts before they could lead him to a very dark place, "I've had it with you Pokémon! I'm going to be a regular human again, with or without you!"

    "Why are you so miserable as a Pokémon?" Mew asked with a bewildered tone to her voice, getting to be annoyed at Lucario's stubbornness.

    "Are you kidding me!?" Lucario growled loudly while rising to his full height, "When I'm not busy living in the wilderness and eating soil for dinner, some goddamn trainer is killing me!"

    "A human trainer, mind you!" Mew snapped back as she too rose to her full height, but as the effect was rather disappointing she instead floated a bit higher with her psychic powers to match Lucario, "Pokémon are not to blame for that!"

    "He could've been my friend if not for this body!" Lucario kept going while angrily tugging at his bushy chest hair, the pain not even making itself noticeable in the turmoil of his mind, "Hell, if I really was Ethan, that means I was praised, hailed and treated like a damn king just for being human!"

    "Those were results of your actions, not your form," Mew explained calmly, before regretting her words as he suddenly gave her a nasty glare. She realized that she actually had no idea what Lucario had been doing since becoming a Pokémon.

    "Well, excuse me for only saving the world once!" Lucario muttered with a snide tone before pointing to himself, "Geez, I can't wait to selflessly help someone out again, just look at what I got out of it the first time!"

    "You got a second chance at life!" Mew replied quickly, deciding to take a more aggressive role in their dialogue to see if she could reach out to him more easily that way, "Do not waste it!"

    "That's out of my hands, and you know it!" Lucario answered with equal aggressions before pulling down his ears to his sides in frustration, "I'm screwed! I'm a bloody monster, struggling just to sustain a miserable existence! I… I can't live like this!"

    "Of course you can!" Mew countered while subconsciously making herself float a little higher, "There are millions of Pokémon around the world, all living happy and fulfilling lives! If they can do it, so can you!"

    "No, I can't, because, here's a shocker, I'M NOT A GODDAMN POKÉMON!" Lucario burst out once more as he let go of his ears, letting them return to their normal position as his face contorted in rage, "I AM ETHAN!"

    Again, the unfamiliarity of the term rang in his head. Claiming a name and life he did not even remember… It felt even less acceptable than his current form as a Pokémon. But still, the strange inner journey from earlier had shown him pieces from the life of a Pokémon trainer… But there were no guarantees it had simply not been his mind playing tricks on him.

    Besides, he had also gotten to experience the very familiar sensation of being a Lucario in those visions, and encountered a Rukario even younger than the picture he of her he had been shown in Snowpoint City. How was that possible? He thought about it for a while before he suddenly came to a conclusion, so frightening it immediately took all the air out of his lungs.

    "I…" he wheezed, his face aghast as he looked down on his body, suddenly very aware of the long ears he had manipulated earlier, "I am… Cyon…!?"

    The unfamiliarity of his words once more came upon him, but the relief he had been expecting did not, for at this point he had almost hoped that would have turned out to be the case. As things stood now, he was neither Ethan nor Cyon, or possibly both, with nothing to show for it but useless visions.

    "Bloody hell…" he growled while clenching his fists and closing his eyes in frustration, his mind suddenly feeling very heavy, "… What the hell am I…?"

    "You are Lucario," Mew said calmly, Lucario having completely forgotten about her presence. Somehow, her indifference to the whole situation only served to fuel his anger.

    "… No!" Lucario burst out while helplessly flailing his arms about in denial, "I'm not a goddamn Pokémon! I'm human! I'm-"

    "You are a Pokémon who used to be human," Mew interrupted with a voice as calm as before, her blue eyes glittering in serenity, "Simple as that."

    "SIMPLE!? Mew…" Lucario groaned as he put his shaking hands to his head, thinking of a way to explain to both Mew and himself what was happening, "… I'm living two realities at once! I'm Ethan, and I'm also Cyon! But at the same time, I'm neither!"

    "That is because you are Lucario, and nothing else," Mew said sternly while nodding in a display of assurance, "What you were a year ago… Even what you were one second ago… Does nothing to determine what you are right now."

    "… What the hell are you talking about!?" Lucario yelled out in confusion, already having his own inner struggle to handle and not paying much attention to her words.

    "You cannot change the past, but your actions of the present are what shape your future…" Mew muttered with disdain, Lucario's obvious lack of attention causing something to flare up in her as she suddenly screamed, "… But if you wish to wallow in self-pity instead of growing a pair and seeing what lies ahead, SO BE IT!"

    Lucario staggered and looked up, completely taken aback by the unexpected loudness of her voice. A voice that had always seemed so soft and harmless had suddenly gained such a mean tone, and Lucario could not help but stare in bewilderment as she glared at him with eyes suddenly set on fire.

    As her words sunk in, memories of when he himself had said something of similar nature to a pitiful Astrid came upon him. Memories of events, which unlike the earlier visions had definitively been his. Those memories held within them thoughts which had also been his, at least before finding out his quest for humanity would not succeed.

    The quest that he had been enduring for so long, having turned out to be fruitless… Traveling across the world, fighting for his survival more than once… All of it for nothing. A complete failure. Even so, he had been faced with failure more than once. Every time he had fought on defiantly…

    … But… Why? Was it all so that he could continue trying to become human again? If so, what was this familiar feeling rising up within him, telling him to keep pushing forward despite now knowing there was no hope for him to regain his old body?

    Could it have been his survival instincts acting up? In that case, why he had he been so eager to risk his life by even going on this quest in the first place? Surely he would have been far safer fleeing and hiding somewhere, instead of openly defying all the champion trainers he had encountered.

    Perhaps… It was simply who he was.

    Who he was. Not Ethan, not Cyon, not even Lucario. The mind and will currently thinking this, possessing the body under his command… It was the only him he knew to be true.

    Mew was right. Whoever he had once been; a human within the body of a Pokémon… Ethan or Cyon… It did not matter anymore. He still wished to become human, but if that was no longer an option…

    "… You're right…" Lucario said quietly after a long period of thinking, noticing that his entire body had started shaking for some reason, "I… I'll never get used to being a Pokémon, but between crying over it like a girl and taking it like a man, my choice's already set."

    Mew sighed, and closed her eyes for a moment. When they opened, they were of the serene blue that Lucario had known up until now, making him wonder what exactly had just taken place behind her eyelids.

    "Do you accept the situation?" Mew asked, a hint of relief apparent in her voice.

    "… Yeah…" Lucario lied, the weight that had attached itself to his mind still as present as ever. Despite what he had just said, could he truly live the life of a Pokémon? Food was going to taste horrible, living in the wilderness was going to suck and he would never, ever find a girl to be with… But when all was said and done, it would still a step up from being dead.

    He would still be hunted by Pokémon trainers. Eventually, he would be captured and forced to serve at some kid's beck and call, if not killed for some sadist's amusement. He knew neither option was one he would enjoy very much. He was about to point this out to Mew in order to reinforce his argument, when he suddenly realized that he was backing the wrong end of the argument. Why was he insisting that his life was going to suck while she was denying it, anyway? If she could have a positive outlook on things, why couldn't he?

    So far becoming human again had seemed to be the solution to all his problems, but could there possibly be another way? If he could find some kind of food he liked, without collapsing his digestive system… Some real-estate in a quiet area where no neighbors would look too carefully into who or what was living there… Maybe even a nice girl crazy enough to like a furred monster such as himself…?

    On top of the priority list would be to do something about the champions hunting him down, however. He would either have to become much stronger, or find a way to get them to stop chasing him. Maybe if they knew he had once been Ethan, they would treat him with more respect? Oh, but how would he tell them…? And how would they believe him…? And what was to stop a jerk like Brendan from killing him out of spite over some long-gone rivalry…?

    Lucario thought to himself for a while, noticing a term popping up over and over again in his mind and interrupting his thinking. He knew there was only one way to get rid of it.

    "… Growing a pair…?" Lucario repeated, looking curiously at Mew as the strangely foreign sensation of a smile came upon his lips. As the weight from his mind slowly lifted itself, he suddenly noticed that he was feeling very hungry, and turned his head to look around the cave to see if there was anything that he could eat nearby.

    "Um, yes," Mew said with a nod, surprised to see that this is what Lucario had been thinking about all this time, "I overheard someone using that expression, once. I believe it is referring to increasing the size of both your brain halves."

    "Nah," Lucario snickered with a sardonic smile, "It's referring to testicles."

    "Eh…?" Mew exclaimed with an expression of minor confusion, before it turned into one of full bewilderment, "E-Eh!?"

    "Got to admit - Didn't think you had it in you," Lucario said before starting to laugh. Mew became more and more embarrassed as she tried to explain herself, the two of them bickering back and forth as the sun began falling in the distance, far outside of the cavern's walls…

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    Erm, you double posted the last chapter. But lol, Mew and her unfamiliarity with human expressions.

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    I have been a silent reader for the longest time now, and I wish to be one no longer! I love this fic!

    As I have said countless times before on here: I am a sucker for a good PMD fic. This story, it takes the greatness of a Mystery Dungeon fic and combines it with the classicalness (not sure if that is a word) of a Journey/Adventure fic. I really cannot describe what this story is it is that good.

    I have also read your other stories, Evolution's Gate, and Forever Legendary (that is the name right?), they are also very well written.

    I feel that I am mearly repeating what other have said before me about your work, so I will end this post.

    I eagerly await the next chapter.

    Knightfall signing off...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ga'Hooleone View Post
    Erm, you double posted the last chapter. But lol, Mew and her unfamiliarity with human expressions.
    Yeah, got some kind of "Maintenance" error when I posted the first one, so I tried it again...

    Quote Originally Posted by knightfall View Post
    I have been a silent reader for the longest time now, and I wish to be one no longer! I love this fic!

    As I have said countless times before on here: I am a sucker for a good PMD fic. This story, it takes the greatness of a Mystery Dungeon fic and combines it with the classicalness (not sure if that is a word) of a Journey/Adventure fic. I really cannot describe what this story is it is that good.

    I have also read your other stories, Evolution's Gate, and Forever Legendary (that is the name right?), they are also very well written.

    I feel that I am mearly repeating what other have said before me about your work, so I will end this post.

    I eagerly await the next chapter.

    Knightfall signing off...
    Cool! This story (much like Pokecenters) runs on love and good will, so comments like yours is what keeps it going!

    Did you read Mew's Christmas Carol, too? It's canon, you know, and parts of it might even become relevant soon!

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    If you wish for a simple statement of my thoughts and not the ramblings of a tired, person. I urge you to skip to the bottom.

    All right, confession time!
    Mew's Christmas Carol was in fact the first one I read, shortly after you posted it actually. I was a guest silently stalking the Forums at the time.

    I am also guilty of waiting until the next chapter came out, still a silent reader. And I am also guilty of reading about the need for replies/reviews here and doing nothing about that.
    Its true! Its all true! The reading, the peanut, the Patrick! (Spongebob reference, just ignore it)
    The verdict: Guilty as charged.
    The sentance: Become a member of Serebii and post here.

    And so I have.
    Simplified statement: This is a great piece of literature, and this deserves my respect. Not very many works on here have that privillage.

    I will continue to post here every so often.

    Knightfall signing off...

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    All right, that's what I wanna hear! Always feel free to bail if the story starts sucking, but as things are I'm just going to make it better and better!

    Glad to see that at least someone read Mew's Christmas Carol. I'd love to write a sequel for it this holiday called Mewtwo's Christmas Carol (you know, "MewTWO" as in "Part TWO"), but as things are I'm guessing no one would read that one, either. People must've been so traumatized by the Grinch that those kinds of stories scare 'em away!

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    Well I started to reread the story cuz I felt like it, and I picked up on some very interesting things

    Quote Originally Posted by ShadedSkies View Post
    “Wait, wait, wait…” Lucario said slowly and held out his arms in a stopping motion, “You mean to tell me there are no weapons in this world? You know, that humans use?”
    “… Why would they need that? They can catch and train Pokémon just fine!” Zerobi explained while desperately trying to understand what her partner was talking about, “Sure, some fight and stuff… But I’ve never heard of a human actually defeating a Pokémon.”
    "… Hmm… Yeah, I see your point" Lucario mumbled before scratching his head, "In a world of monsters, I doubt bullets would be good against anything weaker than a bear."
    Hmm there seems to be more to this story than meets the eye. In this chapter Lucario is revealed to have knowledge of things outside of the pokemon world. Also I also found this in the same chapter.

    Quote Originally Posted by ShadedSkies View Post

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    … Hmm? Oh look, it’s… It’s a Lucario! Wait a minute… Proper colors… No spikes… Am I seeing myself in third person? How is that even possible!?


    Did you say something? Speak up!

    “… R…”

    Wait, am I the one talking? What am I, anyway? I’m over there, yet I’m seeing myself from over h… I… I’m human? YES! I’M HUMAN AGAIN!

    “… Ru-u-uuu… K-k-k-K-k…”

    Alright, you can quiet down now… It’s starting to hurt my head.

    “ … RuUUuu… KaAAaa… RiIIIiii…”

    I said, SHUT UP! Stop it!

    “ RUUUUU…”

    ARGH! C’mon, stop it! You’re… You’re tearing me apart!



    Could this be Cyon and Ethan? Who is Lucario? I can't wait til next chapter
    Reread Chapter 10 people

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    That's indeed foreshadowing, two of very, very many found in this story. All will be answered in due time!

    But if you want something to think about... Perhaps by now in the story, you've actually heard of a human defeating a Pokemon...?

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    Let us have a preview!

    Ah, black and pink. Is there a less fitting combination of colors? The answer is... Maybe not.

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    Chapter 36

    Lonely Legend Mew

    Lucario screamed with all his might as he fell back from Mew, suffering unlike anything felt before spreading throughout his body. Mew's cold eyes were fixed upon him as he began writhing around in an agonizing display, vainly trying to escape the turmoil as he quickly removed the unwelcome intruder from his body. Turning from his back and falling on his face, he began furiously licking the rocky floor below him in search for some reprieve from the haunting flavor searing his tongue.

    "That was…" Lucario gasped with his tongue outstretched, "The worst… Taste… Ever…"

    "Truly?" Mew asked with a surprised expression, looking down at her half-chewed meal, "But I infused with large amounts of l-cysteine, as well as ammonia to remove potential bacteria… Both fairly common human culinary techniques!"

    "You just told me of how you altered the goddamn laws of physics when fighting Deoxys," Lucario said angrily while rising to his feet, every word tasting like sweet sugar in his mouth, "How the hell can you NOT make good food? It should be so easy!"

    "I have never cooked anything before!" Mew replied in her defense, going over the formula again in her head and wondering what went wrong.

    "And you never will again, if I can help it!" Lucario responded quickly before picking up the indefinable piece of food and holding it out at arm's length, "Seriously, taste this, it's unbearable!"

    "No!" Mew burst out as she floated back a little, "I cannot!"

    "You must!" Lucario shouted in return with a sinister smile forming on his face, rushing against her while thrusting the somewhat bread-like substance at her mouth, "It's the only way you'll learn! It's your work, after all - Embrace it!"

    "No, I mean, I truly cannot!" Mew pleaded as she turned her head away from the vague snack, "I have never eaten anything before, either!"

    Lucario slowed down his assault, letting his arms and the failed source of nourishment fall to his side.

    "… Huh?" he exclaimed with a confused stare.

    "I break down and absorb nutrients, minerals and moisture from surrounding sources," Mew explained before giving off a frown, "Eating and digesting is rather disgusting."

    "After tasting this, I'd be inclined to agree with you!" Lucario said cheerfully while scratching his chin, "Hmm, no wonder it was so bad… I mean, really? You've never tasted anything?"

    "… Well, once…" Mew admitted slowly before letting a painful sigh escape her lips, "… It was not a pleasant experience…"

    "No kidding. The foot's all this deserves…" Lucario muttered and kicked at the horrendously misshapen food, pleased to see the solid consistency making it fly off far away into the reaches of the cave, "… Real food tastes good, though. Have you really never eaten anything good?"

    "I… To be honest, I have not exactly tried," Mew said while tilting her head to the side, "What change in a substance would a taste make? It seems rather uninteresting."

    "Bah! That's just not right!" Lucario snapped at her, "Nothing beats a real, fulfilling meal! Try it, you're going to love it!"

    "While I would prefer not to…" Mew replied as her frown returned, reviled at the thought of ingesting foreign material into her body, "… How would that be possible? Are you skilled enough to create real food?"

    "Well, no… Actually, I'm trying to find something edible, myself…" Lucario muttered to himself, before suddenly lighting up as he was hit by an idea, "… That's it!"

    Mew remained silent as she curiously looked at him, quietly imploding the food she had made a few feet away as to not leave behind any trace of their stay. Leaving a clue for trainers to discover was bad enough, but to let them find such an embarrassing failure…

    "Imagine it, Mew! You and me, searching the world for the ultimate taste!" Lucario said triumphantly with a smile on his face. While it was initially meant as a joke, the more he thought of it the better of an idea it sounded. He needed to find some kind of food he did not despise, it would give him another quest to focus on, and with Mew nearby he would have a much better chance of defeating any enemies that might creep up on him.

    "I think I will pass on that," Mew replied, not being able to suppress a light giggle over Lucario's silly display, as he felt a bit disappointed.

    "Hey, after that story you told me of how you saved my life, I figure I at least owe you lunch," Lucario said with a shrug, hiding his disappointment at her response, "At least. Actually…"

    Lucario became quiet once more, thinking hard to himself. He actually already knew what he was going to say, so this was mostly a display to make Mew curious once more.

    "… Aha. Now I get it," Lucario said out loud after a few seconds, "You thought you could trick me, eh? Well, forget it!"

    "What do you mean?" Mew asked, unsure of whether this was yet another silly display or a genuine concern.

    "You told me of how you saved my life, so that I can be indebted to you!" Lucario said accusingly, realizing that this was yet another quest he would be fine with, "Fine, I'm at your beck and call, princess."

    "E-Eh?" Mew stammered confusedly, not sure of what to say. Again, Lucario's much too determined face made it impossible to take him seriously, as she giggled once more.

    "I must say…" she said while giving him a smile of her own in return, "… You are taking news I have given you rather well."

    "They're good news, right?" Lucario replied before rising to his full height, "You told me I was the goddamn Ethan, the greatest trainer that ever lived!"

    "Forget not that what made him 'the greatest' was his knowledge and experience with Pokémon…" Mew pointed out, "… Which you now lack."

    "Uh…" Lucario mumbled to himself before raising his voice in determination, "… Still, it means that I have the potential to be the best at it! I'll just relearn everything!"

    "And how many years will that take?" Mew asked quickly.

    "Hey, do you want me to get all depressed, again?" Lucario replied with an angry tone, "Because I can totally do that, if you want!"

    "No, of course not!" Mew said with a more startled voice than she herself had expected, and breathed out deeply before continuing, "I am just… Curious as to what you have in mind for the future."

    The two of them remained silent for a while, Lucario thinking hard and not just for display this time. Most of his planning hinged on the fact that he would be leaving his encounter with Mew as a human, or at the very least with a new quest to undertake.

    "… What are my possibilities?" Lucario asked, trying to hide the sarcasm in his voice.

    "Anything," Mew answered directly, "You are free to do as you please."

    "Oh really?" Lucario muttered as he crossed his arms, "Can I reclaim my life as Ethan?"

    "That might be difficult…" Mew whispered as she imagined what Lucario would look like in common jeans and a brown cloak, to her own surprise finding it more plausible than she had first thought, "… But if you try really hard, I am certain you will succeed!"

    "Hmm…" Lucario mumbled, realizing that no human mask could cover up his extended snout, "Never mind, scratch that. What else is there for me to do?"

    "That is not for me to say," Mew said and started shaking her head as Lucario turned his gaze towards her, "Do what you wish. There is no true meaning to life, if that is what you are wondering."

    "Except, you know, going with it and having fun…" Lucario said and realized just how much he was digressing, "… Well, this sucks. I thought freedom to do what I wanted to would be more fun."

    "Take it from me - It is not," Mew replied with a pained sigh, "Too many choices lead to anguish over which one to pick, and whatever you choose you end up worrying if you chose the wrong one…"

    Once more they became quiet, just looking at each other. The silence was starting to make Lucario uncomfortable, as if the entire world had come to a halt just to wait for him to make up his mind.

    "What were you doing here, anyway?" he asked, "Waiting for Celebi?"

    "Yes," Mew answered with a nod, "From our perspective, the planets of the Vertex system are to be aligned in a few days' time, and we promised to meet here for the great occasion."

    "The great…" Lucario said with amazement, "Wait, what's going to happen?"

    "Happen?" Mew asked with a confused look on her face, "What do you mean?"

    "What do you mean, 'what do you mean'?" Lucario repeated angrily, "What's going to happen when the planets align?"

    "Nothing," Mew said while giving off a blank stare, "We just want to see it. You rarely see planets aligned. It is rather exciting!"

    "… Seriously? Oh man… You two need to get out more often," Lucario groaned before remembering their status of being hunted by everyone in the world, "Figuratively speaking, of course…"

    Lucario wondered what he was going to do. Currently he was fine with conversing with Mew, but as soon as one of them left he would be alone in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do, and thousands of dangerous things out for his skin. Should he be planning for the coming strife instead of chatting casually with her? This train of thoughts was immediately interrupted as he stared at Mew, and suddenly became aware of something.

    "Okay, Mew, you're the most sophisticated being I've ever met…" Lucario groaned while smacking his forehead and bashfully averting his eyes, "Why the hell are YOU not wearing clothing?"

    "You mean those unnatural garments humans use to protect themselves from the elements?" Mew responded with an uninterested tone, "I have no need for such encumberment."

    "Don't you care that you're showing everyone your… You know…" Lucario muttered, far from foreign to dirty words but feeling she would not be too appreciative of them, "… Everything?"

    "Very few people and Pokémon ever see me, so whatever my appearance may be matters little," Mew replied, failing to hide the fact that she was sounding more bothered this time as she subtly turned to the side.

    "… Well, I'm seeing you now, and I'm telling you to put on some pants!" Lucario yelled while pointing accusingly at her.

    "Seems there is only one pair around," Mew said with a faintly amused voice while looking at Lucario's waist, "Would you care to part with them?"

    "That's literally the only way this situation could get any more awkward…" Lucario groaned, more than willing to drop the subject and reminding himself to never look directly at it.

    "I… I am a bit uncomfortable with this conversation," Mew said slowly, apparently sharing his thoughts and suddenly feeling very aware of herself.

    "Oh, really?" Lucario asked sarcastically while looking over the small legendary with squinted eyes, "No kidding. How old are you, anyway?"

    "I am twenty years old," Mew replied without missing a beat, making Lucario coil back in surprise.

    "R-Really?" he stammered with shock, "I mean, going by your intelligence I'd say you're years ahead, but going by your size I'd say you were still a little kid!"

    "My species has a very long lifespan, so that might very well be true," Mew said, imagining herself as the size of Giratina. She did not see it as fitting her all that well.

    "Huh…" Lucario muttered slowly, "So… You mean that you'll grow bigger, later?"

    "Not within your lifetime, I am afraid," Mew giggled before realizing how inconsiderate she was acting and composed herself, "… Should I survive that long, that is…"

    "Well… You're strong, right?" Lucario asked, thinking back to her story about their encounter with Deoxys, "You mean, like, because diseases and stuff? Come on, what're the odds of that happening?"

    "… Well…" Mew sighed to herself, letting her sparkling eyes fall to the ground, "… My mother died an infant. As did her mother. As did almost everyone since my species was first introduced…"

    "What!?" Lucario burst out in shock, somewhat surprised at his own strong reaction, "That's horrible! How'd they die?"

    "… Well…" Mew said as she looked down and started fidgeting around in midair, "It is a subject I would rather not talk about."

    "Aw, come on!" Lucario insisted, "How am I going to protect you if I don't know what it's against?"

    "… Protect me?" Mew asked, curiously raising her head towards him, "What do you mean?"

    "Apparently I owe you my life, and… Well, you seem like a nice… Thing," Lucario said, tripping over every word as he tried to make sense out of what he wished to mediate, "I won't just let you die, if that's what you're wondering. I'll do what I can to protect you!"

    "You should start by ceasing that line of thinking, then," Mew responded quietly with an extremely sardonic smile, quickly doing away with the appreciation she involuntarily felt, "When my species give birth, our psychic powers are transferred to our baby. That is the cause of death."

    "Ah…" Lucario answered understandingly, missing any deeper meanings of what she had just said as he was busy wondering if he was starting to sound too desperate for a new quest, "You mean, losing your powers makes you easy prey?"

    "No… Although accomplished psychics, we Mew are physically extremely weak," Mew explained with a quiet sigh, "Should I be left without my powers, I doubt I would even have the strength to contract my diaphragm to breathe."

    The sigh stopped halfway through as Mew became aware of what she was doing. It was not her lungs that had forced the air out of her, but a complicated series of psychic contractions her subconscious had guided. The sigh was in no way a natural reaction, but merely something she had gotten used to doing in an attempt to seem more like a normal living creature to everyone else… And perhaps even herself.

    "That means… You're on lifesupport?" Lucario said after having thought through her words.

    "… If you must call it that, yes…" Mew huffed with a shred of annoyance, "It is not quite that bad. The lack of physical activity is what gives me such a long lifespan."

    "More like, it's what's gonna kill you any day now!" Lucario burst out with a squeamish voice, never quite having gotten over just how pathetically weak the tiny pink kitten looked, "No physical strength at all? What if you encounter, say, a Dark-type?"

    "Oh, do not worry yourself over that…" Mew said as she smiled, "I have the Aura Sphere to help me out in situations of that manner."

    Lucario opened his mouth in what Mew assumed was to be a retort. Instead he fell silent as his mouth was left agape and a look of utter disgust quickly spread across his face.

    "… What the hell!?" Lucario shouted with irritation, "How come everyone knows how to use the Aura Sphere but me!?"

    "Surely you cannot be unable to…" Mew said cheerfully, her smile quickly fading as Lucario glared at her, "But… You are a Lucario. The aura-Pokémon!"

    "The closest thing I've had to a tutor had some kind of traumatic experience regarding them," Lucario muttered, thinking back to his short stay at Zerobi's so-called home, "And my own experimentation has hurt me more than my enemies!"

    "… I suppose that makes sense…" Mew admitted as she thought to herself for a few moments, "Tell me… Do you even know what the aura is?"

    "… Uuuhhh…" Lucario exclaimed slowly while thinking hard, "… Blue fire?"

    Mew was unable to keep herself from giggling, one of the few basic instincts she had yet to find a way on how to stop herself from doing.

    "I-I suppose my explanation regarding mitochondria would be a little too complicated, then…" she said, hoping she did not sound too high and mighty.
    "Mitochondria?" Lucario repeated as a faint memory of the word came to life, the cobwebs from the deepest reaches from his mind untangling themselves, "Yeah… Yeah, I remember something like that from school."

    "… THAT you understood…?" Mew said in abrupt shock as she suddenly remembered Ethan's similar reaction when she used the Trick Room, "Hmm… Seems that we are full of surprises for one another…"

    "I don't remember them looking like blue fire, though," Lucario muttered while scratching his head, "Something like that would've been interesting enough to keep me awake during class."

    "The 'blue fire' is the burst of energy created from the mitochondria self-destructing," Mew began explaining to see how much of it Lucario would understand, "It is an order only those in great synchronization with their inner bodies can give."

    "Wait…" Lucario said while holding his hands up in front of him, "… You mean, they explode? But… They're microscopic!"

    "A couple of thousand explode at the same time, depending on the size of your attack," Mew continued, glad to see Lucario still following her explanations.

    "MAN!" Lucario shouted as a chilling tingle spread through his body, "No wonder that **** hurts like hell!"

    "Actually, that is probably from your surrounding nerves being affected by the explosion," Mew corrected him while getting a bit worried over the aspects of someone trying to learn how to use the aura without any guidance, "… Which is why making the self-destruction occur OUTSIDE of your body is a must!"

    "Ah…" Lucario said with a hint of guilt, thinking back to all those times when he had ignited his arm or even his entire body with the attack, "It doesn't really work as a regular fire or explosion though, does it? What, uh, kind of damage does it do?"

    "It works at a cellular level, so it will penetrate and burn through even the toughest defenses," Mew said as the unwelcome memory of Deoxys leaped to her mind, "… Occasionally a Psychic with great skill can reflect it, but apart form that it is impossible to defend against, and very difficult to dodge."

    "Oh, I'm so learning how to use that," Lucario said with a determined smile as he punched his fists together, "Sparing myself the agony of showing it to you, I'll just explain it - What I can do now is make aura randomly shoot out of parts of my body, hurting me and anyone nearby in return."

    "In other words, the 'Amoeba' state," Mew said with a nod, glad to share made-up terms born from her own musings.

    "Amoeba…" Lucario repeated slowly, thinking back to his long and boring days at school, "Creatures with only one cell, right?"

    "More like 'a sentient cell'," Mew corrected him, "Your current aura ability is like that, thousands of tiny cells each individually attacking your opponent."

    Lucario nodded as he listened, very eager to learn. So far his only means of attacking had been to punch and kick things, which was proving ineffective against enemies possessing strong ranged attacks and peculiar body structures. If the aura could be used to damage his enemies as badly as it damaged himself every time he tried using it, it sounded too good to be true.

    "To create an aura sphere…" Mew continued as she closed her eyes cupped her hands together, "… You need to get them to form together, to create a larger being."

    "Just like us, eh?" Lucario said with a sardonic smile as Mew unclasped her hands, showing a tiny tornado of blue fire swirling between them roughly in the shape of a ball. Lucario felt a bit envious as Mew did not seem at all harmed by this display that would probably make his fingers ache for days afterwards. Still, it was nothing in comparison to the magnificent display he had been given from…

    "Hey, by the way, I met another Lucario not long ago that created some kind of massive beam of aura," Lucario said as Mew suddenly perked up, letting the blue fire in her hands dissipate, "She called it 'Aura Storm', I think."

    "Aura Storm…" Mew repeated as she gave off a worried look.

    "You've heard of it?" Lucario asked eagerly, suddenly even more interested in learning.

    "I thought I invented it!" Mew burst out in genuine surprise, "Someone actually used it? Tell me, how did their body hold up?"

    "… Not well," Lucario mumbled as he crossed his arms, not wanting to let anything deter him from his newfound interest, "Nothing compared to her opponents' bodies, of course. What the hell was that?"

    "The aura storm is like the aura sphere, but on a much grander scale," Mew explained, the worried tone never quite leaving her voice, "In short, you are ordering every single mitochondrion in your body to constantly shoot out aura for an extended period of time."

    "That's…" Lucario whispered to himself, realizing that it sounded rather similar to the "failed" aura attack he had been using all this time.

    "In theory, it is nothing short of suicide," Mew continued with a distressed expression, "A very painful one, at that. I cannot fathom why anyone would actually use it…"

    "Hey… When all you've got is the aura, you'd better make the most of it, eh?" Lucario said with a shrug before the dangers of the great attack finally started to creep up on him, "Still… Suicide? It's that bad?"

    "What do you think happens when you destroy your mitochondria like that?" Mew asked and followed with a short pause to let Lucario think, "No matter how well you master using the aura, you should only be using it in great moderation."

    "Moderation…" Lucario repeated as he was about to ask Mew why she had shown him the ball of blue fire earlier, before a much more dire worry struck him, "… Oh, ****! I've been using it non-stop to sense other auras for, like, months!"

    "Hee hee…" Mew giggled lightly to herself, "Worry not. That manner of usage is harmless."

    "Anyway, you're wrong about the suicide part," Lucario said as he knew he had one more worry to settle down, "She… That Lucario, I mean, was still alive by the end of it."

    "Most likely only temporarily, I am afraid. Are you aware of her status now?" Mew asked with a serious gaze, "Her cellular energy sources have been drastically reduced! Even if she does survive, she will be crippled for the rest of her life!"

    Lucario uncrossed his arms and opened his mouth as if to say something, but closed it again and looked at Mew with a face of feigned anger.

    "… Mew…" Lucario muttered disappointedly, "You. Are. Such. A. Pessimist!"

    "P-Pessimist!?" Mew stammered, taken aback but swiftly recovering her demeanor, "I am being a realist!"

    "That's no excuse for jumping to conclusions like that," Lucario kept going while shaking his head, "You weren't even there. I might've just screwed up with my explanation, or something."

    This time Mew opened her mouth, but closed it again rather quickly as she noticed a hint of concern hidden behind Lucario's act. Her focus on the objective side of things had made her forget the subjective, and she knew she had no right to determine the death of someone she had never even met.

    "Yes," Mew said quietly with a nod, still convinced of the fate of anyone successfully using the Aura Storm, "Perhaps that is the case."

    "… Mew," Lucario said after a moment of silence, his face having turned both grim and serious and not as a simple charade this time, "I need to learn how to use the aura. Will you teach me?"

    "I cannot," Mew replied while shaking her head, knowing that her important duty would need to come before anything else, "It will take much time, and I have other matters to attend to. As joyful as this reunion has been, I am afraid-"

    "What other matters?" Lucario cut her off, raising a calm hand in her direction.

    "… You are aware of the human species' systematic hunting of powerful Pokémon, no?" Mew asked, deciding to take things from the start.

    "AWARE of it!?" Lucario shouted with a hurt tone in his voice as he pointed to himself, "You think all these scars just made themselves!?"

    "… Hmm…" Mew mumbled, seeing that his scar tissue was far too old to have been caused recently but paying it no further mind, "I… Believe you will not have to worry about that for much longer, at least."

    "Why?" Lucario asked bluntly, "Again, what other matters?"

    "We Legendaries are preparing for a gathering where we will discuss the current state of things," Mew explained, hoping that Lucario would be clever enough not to go around and blab about it to just anyone, "… As well as remedy our problem with the human species, of course."

    "You…" Lucaio said quietly as he felt his heart suddenly pounding harder, the very similar words of Zoroark's ringing in his ears, "… You're not gonna overthrow them, or anything… Right?"

    "O-Of course not! We are all peace-loving creatures!" Mew burst out while waving her hands back and forth, the mere thought of abusing her powers making her exasperated, "We are simply looking for a way to end this madness before it escalates!"

    "You mean, BEFORE innocent guys like me almost get killed for no reason?" Lucario snickered while scratching his shoulder and feeling a wave of relief wash over him, "So, what's your role in all this? Chairman?"

    "I am the one given the task of alerting the others as to the whereabouts of our gathering, so we are able to assemble properly," Mew explained proudly.

    "You're…" Lucario mumbled as her words came to make sense in his head, "… You're a bloody delivery boy!?"

    "No, I am fem…" Mew continued explaining before looking at him with a confused expression, "… Wait, what do you mean?"

    "Uh, nothing," Lucario said, smiling as he held back yet another snicker, "Just thought you'd have, y'know, a more important role, or something. You did save the world, after all."

    "Few of the other legendaries are as mobile as I am, and none as good at hiding from humanity," Mew said, finding it strange that she was actually explaining what had always been so obvious to her and everyone she knew, "The other legendaries are spread all over the world. Myself and a few others are the only ones able to do this."

    "Couldn't you just give them a call?" Lucario asked before leaning in closer, "You know… Using a phone?"

    Mew blinked.

    "A…" she said, not sure that Lucario had been using phonetics correctly, "… What?"

    "Goddamn it, you don't know what a phone is!?" Lucario growled as he clenched his fists in anger, the memory of Celebi and Zerobi's similar reaction instantly coming to mind, "You're actually going to travel around the world just to talk to them!?"

    "Is there a better way?" Mew asked bluntly, bewildered at Lucario's display of rage.

    "Yeah, there's a better…" Lucario continued before remembering how the last time he had told someone about the magic of a phone, Celebi had wanted him to construct one out of nuts and berries. He forcibly calmed himself down and looked down at the ground, wondering how on earth someone so capable of everything of would be so bad at technology… And cooking.

    However, realizing that even someone like Mew had flaws gave Lucario a small spot of hope. Not a sense of superiority, but rather a reason for his existence. He knew all too well that being a human transformed into a Pokémon came with many downsides… But perhaps there were advantages, too? If even the so-called legendary Pokémon such as Celebi and Mew had no idea what a simple phone was, they must really have no concept of human culture.

    Still, it wasn't like he knew how to build a phone. He thought it might be worth learning. At the very least it would be something for him to do, better than just wandering around and getting captured. However, on top of the priority list would be learning how to use the aura, so he could fend for himself in the wild. Mew had turned out to be great at teaching him so far, if only he could convince her to keep doing it…

    Much like before, his thinking was interrupted by the growl of his stomach. After the brief cataclysm of taste he had experienced earlier, Lucario was sure that his digestive system would never again be the same. Apparently, that was still not an excuse as to stop eating altogether.

    "How bothersome," Mew suddenly said. He did not know whether she was referring to her lack of cooking skills or the fact that she did never needed to eat. Probably the latter, seeing how she was looking at Lucario's stomach with great curiosity as he suddenly felt very naked beneath her gaze.

    "Dying's worse," Lucario said bluntly, fearing what was to come next.

    "There is a patch of berries growing by the foot of this mountain," Mew said, giggling to herself as the spreading panic on Lucario's did not go unnoticed, "… I could fetch some, if you are interested…"

    "Thanks. I'll, uh, eat them raw, please," Lucario said slowly with a sigh. No matter how badly berries tasted, it was still miles above anything those tiny, pink and highly lethal hands could conjure up. Mew began to float away deeper into the cave, leaving Lucario alone with his thoughts. However, as she disappeared from his sight, he was suddenly overcome by the strangest feeling that this would be the last time he ever saw her…
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    Not much happening in this chapter action-wise, but more information about Mew and the other Legendaries was revealed.

    That's funny, because in the story I'm writting, I have my main character absolutely fail at cooking maybe even more then Mew.

    Ahh we finally learn the secert and intricate ways of aura.
    Aura Storm= cellular suicide, good to know actually, this might get me out of a self created obsticle in the plotline of my fic.
    Mind if I use the basic principle of it in my fic?

    In the second-to-last paragraph, is should be: Mew said, giggling to herself... You forgot the "o" in "to".

    Why? Why does there have to be obvious foreshadowing at the end of the chapter? Now something horrible is going to happen to Mew (or Ethan/Lucario).

    Anyway. Great chapter, keep it up.

    Knightfall signing off...
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    Something's going to happen to Mew? I hope not.

    BTW, SS, I'm :.:Exterminator X:.: on Marriland, check part two of this comment there.
    I am the epic. Obey me, or you will suffer my wrath.

    so i herd u liek mudkipz?

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    Very nice chapter
    I actually like the foreshadowing it makes me want to read more
    Dang I love this fanfic
    I'll be waiting for the next chapter

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    No chapter for The Human Species this week, for it is the first anniversary of Forever Legendary! Thought I'd add a little something to that story for exchange, go read it here:

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    Ooooh yeah, New Year's coming up, which means that we'll be hitting the first anniversary of this story! Now, because of the lame turnout for the other anniversaries, I'm going for the most basic of celebrations - Posting one chapter each week until the big day, one of which being a Christmas special! Let's get started right away, we've got a lot of stuff to go through...

    Chapter 37

    Polarized Duo Mewcario

    "Hey, Mew," Lucario said after swallowing down the last berry, "Just when you were about to leave now, I got the strangest feeling that I weren't going to see you again."

    "Really?" Mew asked, subtly bobbing her head to the side, "Did you think I was going to simply abandon you?"

    "No, no," Lucario mumbled while waving his arms dismissively, "I just had a feeling."

    "Do you normally let random sensations dictate your judgment?" Mew asked with a serious tone, "It would be physically impossible for you to predict whether or not I would stay."

    Lucario muttered something nasty, wondering why Mew had turned sour all of a sudden. He had been the one complaining about the disgusting berries, after all. It is not like she had cooked them or anything… The fact that he was still breathing was proof of that.

    "… Hey," Lucario said loudly after a long time of thinking, "You're trying to get humans to stop catching Pokémon?"

    "No," Mew answered, although secretly she wished for nothing more, "Just… Trying to make things the way they were before. As things are, all strong wild Pokémon will vanish… Or even worse, rebel…"

    "Sounds like a human-Pokémon hybrid might come in handy for something like that!" Lucario said cheerfully as he pointed to himself, not wanting to stall things any further, "Count me in!"

    "Afraid not," Mew responded quickly without even giving it a second thought, "I must act swiftly, and carrying you with me would slow me down too much."

    "I can walk on my own, thank you very much…" Lucario huffed with annoyance.

    "… That would take even longer…" Mew whispered sadly.

    Things became quiet again, Mew wondering if feeding Lucario had been such a good idea. The first time he had gone completely ballistic, and this time he had simply gone sour. She knew that normal creatures can go for several weeks without eating and still survive, had she committed some kind of taboo by overfeeding him?

    "It is not just on my account," Mew said, feeling the need to defend herself, "I was just about to inform Celebi about the meeting when you arrived instead."

    "Oh, yeah…" Lucario muttered to himself as he thought back to the green fairy, "She's the one that sent me here to find you."

    "Good!" Mew exclaimed happily, glad to finally get some good news, "I really do need to tell her about all this! Do you know where she is now?"

    "… Uuhhh…" Lucario muttered while scratching his head, "… Not quite…"

    Mew drooped once again, feeling down. She had yet to tell Celebi anything about Deoxys, Ethan or anything that had happened recently, and talking to Lucario about it had not been the same. Her mind was constantly turning to Celebi because of the lingering sensation emanating from the Pokémon sitting in her cave.

    "From my perspective, she might as well be in your pants…" Mew said quietly while looking over at a confused Lucario, "Should I erase her aura from them?"

    "… Nah, you never know when it might come in handy," Lucario responded after he figured out what she was referring to. He himself had no idea as to when such a thing would come in useful, and simply liked the idea that his pants were magical.

    "In that case, should I add my aura to them?" Mew asked, trying to helpful, "Like you said, it 'might come in handry'."

    "Handy," Lucario corrected her before tugging a little at his dirty and damaged clothing, "And, uh, honestly, I've been thinking about ditching these for something else, so unless you want your presence recognized in a landfill somewhere…"

    "A new pair of Lucario-pants?" Mew asked with a confused expression, "Where would you find that?"

    "… You don't know how to sow, do you?" Lucario asked in return, realizing that he had forgotten to ask Rukario where she had gotten her snazzy pair.

    "In principle, but if you are asking me to make some new pants for you…" Mew said as she silently turned her head away, "… I could not."

    "Really?" Lucario said with a snicker and a shrug, "All-powerful and all-knowing, yet a simple cloth is out of your reach?"
    "No, not that, just…" Mew continued as she turned her head even further away, "… It would be too embarrassing."

    "… You're NAKED, and you find PANTS embarrassing?" Lucario said while slapping his forehead, "Hoo boy. I guess underwear's out of the question, then."

    Mew continued looking away, Lucario wondering why she was doing that. For a moment, he thought he could hear the faintest of snickers come from her direction, but dismissed it as part of his imagination.

    "… If it helps…" Lucario said, realizing that Mew probably was not up to date on current events, "Celebi was just reunited with her sister."

    "No, she was not," Mew replied as she shook her head and then turned it towards him again, "Zerobi has been dead for years."

    "People keep saying that," Lucario said bitterly while shrugging his shoulders, "Doesn't change the fact that I spent at least a month traveling with her."

    "You…" Mew said slowly while examining Lucario for signs of nervosity, "… Are you being honest?"

    "Truly," Lucario replied as coolly as possible, "Celebi was overjoyed. Zerobi… Uh, annoyed, I'd say, but happy nonetheless."

    "But… Those are splendid news!" Mew suddenly burst out as her eyes lit up, "Celebi has always dreamed of having a sister, and… That means, she must have… That is it! I know where they are!"

    Lucario was about to say something, but was interrupted as Mew turned her tail and left the cavern at an amazing speed. He stood there for a few seconds, wonder if he had been ditched, when she returned just as quickly as she had left. Although she was still hovering in midair, her usual stillness had been replaced by short, excited motions in every conceivable direction.

    "There is no time to waste!" Mew said with determination as she stared straight into his eyes, "I must reach the designated location before they leave!"

    "Hey, as long as you're happy…" Lucario mumbled in response, feeling both annoyed and disappointed at how things were turning out, "… I'm-going-to-teach-you-how-to-use-the-aura-happy?"

    "Are you trying to guilt me into becoming your trainer?" Mew asked bluntly, her excited midair movement slowing down a bit.

    "… Is it working?" Lucario asked hopefully in return, "I mean, according to your story, I saved your life… Heck, I saved the entire world… Is a little tutoring too much to ask?"

    "I… I suppose not…" Mew admitted and sunk a bit, finally starting to feel bad over leaving Lucario, "But I really cannot…"

    "Come on! Otherwise, this whole thing has been nothing but a waste!" Lucario persisted as he put his hands together in a praying gesture, "Oh, great legendary Mew! Bestow your wisdom upon me!"

    "I… I want to help you…" Mew replied slowly as she was visibly brooding, becoming more and more inclined with helping Lucario because of his pleading, "But… But…"

    "What's the problem?" Lucario asked, unclasping his hands and crossing his arms instead.

    "… I… I have never traveled together with one such as yourself…" Mew explained with disdain, "I do not eat. I rarely sleep. It simply would not work."

    "What do you mean? I'm all down for the whole 'not eating' thing," Lucario said while shrugging and snickering at the same time, "Besides, I sleep very little, anyway. You snooze, you get captured!"

    "Even so, we would have to travel to the most southern point of Kanto! It is not a distance you can simply walk!" Mew said harshly, before her most recent discovery came to mind once more, "… Although, I suppose that if Celebi is truly where I think she is, we would be able to make it in time for the gathering, anyway…"

    "Yeah!" Lucario said cheerfully, happy to see that there was a chance after all, "Besides, I walk fast! My friends used to call me 'the nonchalant runner'!"

    "Lucario, listen to me! This is impossible!" Mew insisted, her concerns piling up at the thought of actually going along with something so unthinkable, "You travel by ground in plain sight; if I were to do the same, I would be spotted right away!"

    "That is…" Lucario said while raising a finger, "… Unless…"

    "… Unless?" Mew repeated, wondering what he had in mind.

    Suddenly, a very old idea came upon Lucario once more. He could not help but smile as he remembered the aged Zubat he had encountered, and the short-lived planning regarding their adventurous journey he had made. He knew that he had gotten the idea from his first encounter with Zerobi, and decided to show Mew what he was thinking about.

    Mew looked at him with confusion, seeing the fighting-type make a strangely familiar gesture with his arms and torso. It took her a few moments to realize what he was referring to, and when she did…

    "Y-You…" she stammered with a shocked expression, "You cannot be serious…"

    "It would work, no?" Lucario exclaimed with a big smile plastered on his face, "Come on, Mew, you always said you wanted to get to know us humans better! This is the best chance you'll ever get!"

    "… You have amnesia!" Mew snapped back, running desperate and having to resort to name-calling.

    "On the contrary… I remember everything about being human," Lucario refuted while shaking his head, "Just nothing about Pokémon… Something I'd appreciate it if you could fill me in on."

    "But… But…" Mew repeated slowly, finally having run out of any counterarguments. She was still feeling very reluctant to the idea, especially after realizing their method of transportation. But even so, the once unthinkable idea was beginning to seem possible… Even plausible. Unable to justify to herself why she would deny the man that had saved the world with his sacrifice a simple favor now that it was in her power, she finally conceded.

    "… Until unforeseen circumstances prevents me from allowing it…" Mew said slowly after thinking things through for quite a long time, "… You may accompany me."

    "And you'll teach me how to use the aura?" Lucario asked, thinking that to be the most important part of the deal.

    "I will teach you how to use the aura," Mew answered, sinking down a little. As worried as she was regarding this deal, she started wondering if maybe she was reacting over nothing. She had never tried anything like it before, and if everything goes smoothly it might even turn out to be a valuable experience… Or at least a fun one.

    "Hey!" Lucario suddenly said, as if reading her thoughts, "In return, why don't I train you?"

    "T-Train me?" Mew stammered frightfully, realizing that by offering Lucario a finger he had proceeded to chew her whole hand off, "Absolutely not! I have not spent my entire life in hiding from trainers just to-"

    "No no no, I mean, physical training!" Lucario replied while waving his arms around before flexing his muscles, "You're worried about how your body would hold up without your psychic powers, right? The only remedy for that is good ol' fashioned training!"

    "Oh," Mew exclaimed as she calmed down, ashamed at having jumped to conclusions but still feeling interested, "… You can help me do that?"

    "Of course! I've been training all my life!" Lucario said while pointing to himself and flexing again, wondering why the hell he was showing what he would normally seduce a hot girl with to what was essentially a small piece of pink fuzz with a tail. Mew seemed impressed, though.

    "But… My body is not like yours," Mew said while looking down at herself, feeling a bit sad over her physical condition, "What manner of physical training can I manage?"

    "We can start with pushu… I mean, situ…" Lucario said, stopping himself short each time he examined Mew's body structure, "… Let's, uh, start with standups, OK?"

    "Those sounds difficult," Mew admitted carefully, "What are they?"

    "It's a secret skill, passed down from generation to generation," Lucario said, trying to sound wiser but ending up only sounding older, "It is… The art of keeping one's balance with nothing but one's two legs."

    Mew sighed out of annoyance, the implications of his words not having gone unnoticed. She began planning on how to tease him in return when it was she who was teaching him. She still had no idea how that was going to work, but so far she had been able to teach him a few things without any complications.

    "Don't worry - I'll think of something, and then you don't have to die like…" Lucario started before realizing what he was about to say, "… Oh. Sorry."

    "Actually… That is really thoughtful of you," Mew said in return while feeling a strange wave of relief wash over her, "I did not think…"

    "Didn't think what?" Lucario asked, glad to see he had not ruined anything by speaking before thinking.

    "Well… I mean, you came all this way, only to have me end your dreams of becoming human again," Mew explained while looking at him with sincere eyes, "I did not think you would care that much about me."

    Lucario straightened himself up, his face suddenly turning serious as he looked at Mew.

    "You know, while I wouldn't normally just let someone die, you I actually like…" Lucario said determinately before raising his thumb, "Consider yourself safer than safe when I'm around!"

    Mew stared at him for a few moments, before starting to giggle at his silly display. However, earnestly she was happy to hear that someone actually liked her, much too happy to be able to fully grasp in this very moment.

    "So… That whole us-being-in-a-hurry thing?" Lucario said as a thought hit him, "We'll have plenty of time to talk once we get moving."

    "Oh, yes!" Mew exclaimed as she spun around in midair to scan the area of the cave, making sure there would be nothing remaining to alert others of their presence, "Are you prepared?"

    "Well, sure, but if we're going to hide you…" Lucario said while crossing his arms, "Do you know where we can find one of those?"

    "No," Mew responded quickly, "But I can easily make one."

    "You mean by sowing, or by, like, forcibly altering the atoms of something?" Lucario asked, even though he already knew the answer.

    "It will be harmless," Mew assured him, "And should not prove to be a problem unless you are planning on eating it."

    "… How much worse than that thing you made earlier could it possibly taste?" Lucario asked, this time not knowing but very much fearing the answer.

    "We will soon find out," Mew answered with a tinge of sarcasm in her voice, "Hurry up and pack your things, because we are leaving the moment it is complete."

    "Done," Lucario said bluntly, suddenly missing the backpack he had lost with its warm sleeping bag and cold bottle of water.

    "Also done," Mew chimed in as she looked at Lucario, giving her a blank stare in return.

    "I created it outside," she explained without batting an eye, "It is on its way here."

    "Right," Lucario replied, somewhat taken aback at how quickly things were moving along, "So… We're leaving, then? Hope you know the way, because I think I left my map on another continent."

    Mew did not answer as she soared out of the cave, Lucario gulping loudly as he hoped she was simply being preoccupied with finishing their travelling equipment. He began walking after her, each step reluctant as he knew he was leaving the only place in this world he would ever be able to refer to as a "safe haven".

    Soon he would be out in the big world once more, struggling and fighting to survive. He had been doing that a lot lately. Only this time, there was no purpose to it. No hope in sight. All dreaming aside, this was most likely to be the rest of his life. Sure, Mew was currently with him, but would they even make it to Celebi, Zerobi or the meeting of the Legendaries? Would Mew simply abandon him as soon as something did not work out between them? The future had never seemed so unclear before, and at the same time never had as many possibilities, either.

    Following Mew outside, he was greeted by a moonlit night and finally noticed just how tired he was. The many weeks of rest following the battle against Blue did little to alter his daily rhythm, and as night fell his eyes were beginning to droop.

    He saw Mew floating above the object that would be accompanying them for the trip, looking very excited for some reason. Realizing that she actually had no plans of sleeping before this night was over, and with the problems of the future feeling very distant when compared to his current situation, Lucario knew the only way he was getting through this journey would be with one step at a time.

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    Betcha don't know what that is! Betcha betcha betcha don't!

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    Now the adventure truely begins! I've always wanted to say that, and the time seemed right after that chapter.

    So Mew and Lucario are heading out into the world in an attempt to reach some place in south Kanto where the Legendaries are meeting. Why Mew has to reach it before the meeting we can only guess.

    Aura training in exchange for strength training, looks like an equal trade, and soon Lucario can use Aura without burning half his arm off. (hopefully)

    At least nothing bad has happened to Mew yet, so that cliffhanger was just to mess with us, wasn't it?

    Anyways great chapter as usual, can't wait until the innevitable revolution between Pokemon and humans. Should be worth the wait.

    'Till next chapter,

    Edit: Ohh, Ohhh, I know what it is, I know what it is! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! PICK MEEEEEEE!
    Fine, be that's only a Luner Wing anyways.

    Edit 2: By the way, check my sig. I just added your fic to my version of the Hall of Fame.

    Knightfall signing off...
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    Cresselia's Lunar Wing?

    Cool, they get meet that defensive behemoth of ye olde 4th Gen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by knightfall View Post
    At least nothing bad has happened to Mew yet, so that cliffhanger was just to mess with us, wasn't it?
    Totally. I think every story I've ever read in my life has characters with "a bad feeling" and "premonitions", and I've even heard people in real life use those terms. It's so stupid, I just had to poke fun at it...

    Quote Originally Posted by knightfall View Post
    Edit 2: By the way, check my sig. I just added your fic to my version of the Hall of Fame.
    I'm honored! If the series had an official T-shirt, you'd get one!

    Quote Originally Posted by Ga'Hooleone View Post
    Cresselia's Lunar Wing?

    Cool, they get meet that defensive behemoth of ye olde 4th Gen.
    Man, if the 4th gen is ye olde, what does that make me? Ye ancient? Also, right. Next chapter goes up tomorrow or the day after. Full speed ahead!

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    Chapter 38

    (Epilogue of Episode VII)

    As Lucario's eyes slowly opened up, he could not help but notice that he was still not seeing anything. The world was shrouded in the same darkness his eyelids had provided, and it took his scrambled mind a few moments to reboot and let him remember exactly where he was. Looking around the cave he and Mew had taken shelter in, he saw that unlike before there was no longer any light seeping in from outside. He knew now without a doubt that night had fallen, and that his daily rhythm had become screwed up beyond belief. Not that it was necessarily a bad thing - Mew had preferred that they travel by night, so if they had to stop for sleep at some point it would have to be during daytime.

    He thought about Mew and looked around the cave, seeing nothing but faint outlines of how the walls were formed in the darkness. Still not sensing her aura in the least, he prepared his toes for getting stubbed on one of the million indents in the ground as he got up and began walking towards where he remembered the exit being.

    A faint light began caressing the walls of the cavern as Lucario made it around a corner, seeing that while it was night outside, the world was bathed in an eerily white glow. By the mouth of the cave he saw Mew, floating motionlessly and staring into the sky, positively shining in the peculiar light.

    "Hey," Lucario said quietly as to not scare her, "What're you doing?"

    "The moon..." Mew responded breathlessly while still looking up, apparently aware of his presence before he had even said anything, "It is so bright, this night."

    "Huh?" Lucario exclaimed, before following Mew's gaze to the lit sky. The moon was no longer a tiny circle hiding somewhere in the heavens, but rather a gigantic orb covering up large parts of the sky. Lucario shuddered as he remembered that he had always hated it when the moon came so close, worrying that it would be pulled in by gravity and crash down on them. Still, those worries were from an earlier point in his life, and he decided to man up and not make a scene about it. Silly superstition would have to take a backseat for the very real dangers he was facing nowadays.

    "You really like looking at the moon, huh?" Lucario asked with a casual voice as he sat down next to her.

    "Yes... It feels like seeing an old friend..." Mew spoke mostly to herself before noticing the strange expression Lucario was giving her, "Is that strange?"

    "... Well... I've traveled far, but no matter where I went the moon would always be there come night," Lucario responded while trying to make sense out of what she had said, "So, I guess it's a familiar face... Just wish it actually did something."

    "It made us talk, did it not?" Mew chimed in with a subtle smile on her face.

    "I guess. You know, now that you mention it..." Lucario said as he thought more about what the moon meant to him, besides scaring him to no end when it was much too close for comfort, "Zerobi and I would often lie around and talk for hours on end while looking at the moon. Could've sworn she was more active at night than during the day."

    "Unsurprising, if she was a Weavile," Mew said, still wondering what kind of Pokémon her best friend's sister had turned out to be. Lucario seemed to hold her in high regard, at least...

    "Sure, but there was also a Zubat who was pretty cool who'd do that," Lucario continued as he thought further and further back through his journey, "And way before that, Ivy..."

    "You seem to have a certain fondness attached to these memories," Mew pointed out as she finally looked at him instead of the sky, "Has your life as a Pokémon really been as terrible as you claim?"

    "Hmm..." Lucario mumbled to himself and could not help but smile as several familiar faces passed through his mind, "... No. I guess not."

    They became quiet as Mew continued staring at the moon. Lucario was about to suggest that maybe they should get moving, but felt that he was still just waking up and would very much prefer a few more moments to regain himself. Besides, Mew was completely transfixed at the glowing sphere in the sky, making him worry that she did not simply like the moon, but had a creepy obsession with it. Neither Zerobi nor Ivy would ever ignore him in favor of some far off satellite...

    "I... Kind of miss everyone," Lucario said slowly as he felt himself hit by a pang of regret, "I wonder... Are they thinking about me?"

    "On a night such as this... I believe that they are more likely to be thinking about the moon," Mew replied, sensing Lucario's anxiety and deciding to face him directly once more.

    "... Yeah..." Lucario exclaimed while reluctantly looking up at the sky, his childhood fears creeping up on him once more, "Thinking about the moon... Could that be something that binds us all together, no matter where we are?"

    "... If you consider that a binding force..." Mew whispered, unable to see how simply having the same thoughts at the same time could create a connection between people far away from each other.

    As the two of them looked up at the prominent celestial body, another duo on a different part of the planet was busy doing the same.

    - - - - - - -

    "It is a natural phenomenon," Celebi explained while settling down on the ground, "The moon is drawn much closer once every month as it passes over Mt. Moon, and-"

    "I know," Zerobi interrupted her before crawling into her sleeping bag, "I used to read about it. The origin of Moon Stones, right?"

    Zerobi instantly regretted interrupting Celebi, as she did not want to cause a greater rift than the one their earlier fight had opened up. The quietness between them was awkward, making her realize that she would need to be the one to start conversation. Seeing how it was her sister she was talking to, she thought it would be a good idea to divulge one of her personal secrets, to maybe strengthen their bond... And make herself forget about the worst of them.

    "You know, when I was small..." Zerobi whispered as her lungs ran out of air much more quickly than usual, "... I was afraid of the dark."

    "So was I," Celebi responded, not wanting to appear judgmental, "But... As a Sneasel, You were able to see in the dark, no?"

    "Well, yes, but it wasn't that," Zerobi said while closing her eyes, "It's that I knew true horrors would never be found in daylight. They would seek the darkness."

    "That was quite assertive of you!" Celebi said happily, relieved to think that foul creatures such as Darkrai would not be able to get to her attentive sister with ease, "So? How did you get over it?"

    "... I began to seek the darkness as well..." Zerobi said harrowingly, realizing that she had become what she feared so much as a child. She exhaled deeply and saw her breath take form in front of her. Like a wild beast, it rushed around for barely a second before silently dissipating into the cool air.

    An impulse to indulge in her pleasures came upon her, once more being rejected as she visualized Celebi's smile in her mind. The familiar sensation she had been given from cutting into the Garchomp and Lucario was still clawing at her, begging her to do something about it. The idea of continuing the rest of her life without it was almost as horrible as the thought of murdering her only family member just for a moment of delight.


    "What is bothering you, dear sister?" Celebi suddenly asked, making Zerobi twitch in fear. Had she been found out? Her sister was a legendary after all, could it be possible that... But if she truly knew, would she dare sleep unguarded mere decimeters away from the sharp objects that would claim her life in an instant?

    "The fact that you actually used the term 'dear sister', dear sister?" Zerobi tried joking about it, despite feeling so low.

    "I can sense that something is wrong," Celebi lied. As powerful a psychic as she was, her dark-type sister was still a complete mystery to her, and it was eating away at her like nothing else. She had delved into the very fabrics of life, analyzing everything from below the skies and above the earth, and yet her only sister that she has been seeking her entire life was still unknown to her. Perhaps this way, she could find out more about what makes her sister the way she is...

    "... It's in the past," Zerobi responded slowly, still not sure as to where this conversation was going, but certain that she needed it to stop, "You know... I did stupid things to some people way back... Wish I hadn't."

    "Should we seek them out so that you can apologize?" Celebi asked, thinking that this might be a good opportunity to find out more about Zerobi through her friends.

    "That might be a problem, seeing how they're all dead..." Zerobi said with a hint of aggression in her voice, thinking that perhaps this would get her sister to back off.

    "In that case, it is truly unnecessary for them to still be bothering you," Celebi continued both undaunted and surprisingly cheerful, "Remember, dead Pokémon do not cry!"

    "... No..." Zerobi said slowly as she pulled her legs closer to her chest, exhaling deeply once more. The wind caught a hold of her breath, sending it flying away from her face before it had time to fully disappear. She watched it move higher, rising towards the moon before vanishing.

    "Dead Pokémon..." she whispered slowly, "Cry forever..."

    - - - - - - -

    "This night..." Eve whispered as she peered outside, her eyes automatically fastening on the great glowing orb in the sky.

    "Yeah," Snivy replied, not looking but hearing the strong wind smashing against the window, "Just like back then. I remember, despite being thoroughly intoxicated."

    "It's funny..." Eve whispered again.

    "... What?" Snivy responded, faintly remembering something about her embarrassing him in front of his peers that night and wondering if she was referring to that in some convoluted way.

    "If not for Evolution's Gate, and what happened..." Eve said as she stared longingly at the few clouds passing above them, "We would never have met."

    "True," Snivy muttered as he fell back into the bed, "Still the most terrible thing that has ever happened."

    "Yes..." Eve continued, still in half a daze from simply being so tired yet being unable to sleep due to her troubled mind, "But knowing what we know now... If we could go back and change things... If that meant us never coming together..."

    "Please, Eve," Snivy said while waving his arm around dismissively, "I love you, but unlike the possibility where I would be able to somehow prevent my pestering sister from ever being born, there's no question about it."

    "I know that!" Eve replied quickly as she spun around to face him, "Just... If you were able to go back in time and change one thing, what would it be?"

    "... Hmpf. If I could change the past in order to alter the present..." Snivy said cockily before a very familiar sardonic smile spread across his face, "... I would aim to change the future, instead."

    They looked at each other for a moment, before Eve turned around and continued looking at the sky. The lack of attention started annoying Snivy a bit as he sat up, only to immediately fall back into bed again.

    "I don't like it when you get gloomy like this," he muttered with a tinge of jealousy in his voice, "Remind me to put the curtains up before we go to bed tomorrow."

    "Sorry," Eve said with a smile as she turned away from the window, "I'm just so glad that we're here together, even after all that's happened."

    "Me too," Snivy mumbled before closing his eyes, "Now, let's sleep."

    - - - - - - -

    "Finally," Zoroark said, sighing out loud as he leaned back in his chair, "Go on, give me the report."

    "Oh..." an unexpectedly meek voice came from behind him, "It's me. Astrid."

    Zoroark turned around halfway and glanced lazily at the strange Eeveelution behind him, looking at him with innocent eyes. Zoroark still had problems telling the physical condition of the unique Pokémon, but could deduct from past experience what the problem was.

    "Shouldn't you be sleeping?" he asked bluntly, scratching his head and only now noticing that he had developed a subtle headache at some point during his work, "Bad dreams?"

    "Oh? N-No..." Astrid stammered while fidgeting around, remembering that he had been advised in the past not to show himself in public. Even so, being cooped up underground for so long had led him to miss the nightly skies quite a bit, and had figured that a little peek would not hurt... As long as no one knew about it, of course.

    "Shouldn't you be the one sleeping, Zoroark?" Astrid asked casually, impressed at his own ability to seamlessly change the subject.

    "While there's work to do?" Zoroark asked in return while giving off a short shrug and looking down at his workspace. Archaic mission logs... Tactically useless information regarding their opponents... An old magazine he'd found lying at the outskirts of their base of operation... Nothing of any genuine importance.

    "Oh..." Astrid said quietly, wondering if maybe he could be of any help, "What kind of work?"

    "Uh..." Zoroark mumbled in return, trying to think of something smart to say, "Just revisiting some old mission logs. When it comes to a delicate operation like this, keeping in touch with the past is very important."

    "Oh..." Astrid repeated before giving off a curious expression, "More important than sleep?"

    Zoroark sighed tiredly once more, unable to tell if Astrid was being unusually astute or, like him, simply in the mood to waste time. In his exhausted mind, he slowly realized that despite outward appearances, the two of them might have more in common than he had first thought.

    "Astrid," Zoroark said before turning around to face Astrid directly, "You've also had quite a traumatic past. How do you make yourself fall asleep?"

    "Huh?" Astrid exclaimed confusedly, "I just lie down, close my eyes, and... You know..."

    "Really?" Zoroark asked with an impressed tone, "No bad memories or fear of nightmares keeping you awake?"

    "Oh... Well, there is that," Astrid admitted as he pushed the image of Zerobi out of his mind, "But I just think about something else instead! Like, a time before all that happened! Happy times!"

    "Happy times..." Zoroark repeated with a tinge of disdain in his voice. Bitterness struck him as he realized that even a heavily traumatized outcast of society was more content with life than he was. He gazed at the miniature clock by his workspace. 01:52. 56 hours straight without any sleep, which meant he should be collapsing from exhaustion any time now. A part of him actually looked forward to finally being given a moment of rest, but another part knew exactly what his sleep would entail...

    "Yes. I suppose that could work," he said, trying to think of a way to get rid of Astrid while he still had the power to do so, "I'll try it as soon as I've taken care of the report, and then-"

    "Wait..." Astrid interrupted him, something Zoroark would never have let happen if not for his tired state, "You've also been trauma-matic?"

    "... Traumatized?" Zoroark interpreted with a quiet snicker and decided to lie, "No, no. You're thinking of yourself or that Dragonite that came by earlier. Go back to sleep, I've got to finish this by tomorrow..."

    Zoroark turned around again and started rummaging through his things in an attempt to look busy. Thinking of the Dragonite and her issues made him subconsciously pull out his old notes regarding the legendary trio, complete with full biographies and potential weaknesses. From what he had found out, there was no shortage of traumatic experiences among those three either, between the Gallade's infamously poor parents, the death of Pikablu's entire family and everything that had happened to Kabutops.

    Quietly, Zoroark wondered if at the very least a forgotten relic of an ancient era was as unfit for this world as he was.

    - - - - - - -

    "Again with the moon?" Pikablu asked, wondering once more if maybe he shouldn't have taken the longer trip to stay with the Gallade.

    "Yes..." Kabutops responded while standing completely frozen with his head turned sideways upwards, "The moon... The sky... They are the only things remaining from my childhood."

    Pikablu wondered what kind of terrible childhood one would have to have to only have the moon as a symbol of nostalgia, but already knew the answer as he looked at his old friend. To think that the same guy he had been joking around with all these years and shared so many drinks with was actually ancient...

    "I remember first breaking the surface... Falling on my back so I could gaze upon it better..." Kabutops reminisced while budging even in the strong wind, "The incredible vastness... I felt so small..."

    "If you were anything like your kids back then, you WERE small," Pikablu chuckled, remembering when he was able to carry Kabuta and her brother in the palm of his hands and suddenly felt a pang of nostalgia himself, "But... Did you really have leisure time back then? You told me every moment was a struggle just to survive."

    "Yes..." Kabutops answered slowly, finally turning his head away from the sky and facing Pikablu, "Something you should be familiar with."

    "Hmpf," Pikablu scoffed, "If only I could've found relief in simply looking at the moon..."

    "It was... The only solitude I could find," Kabutops continued while fighting off the urge to once more lose himself in the great void above, "So quiet. So peaceful. I dreamed of growing wings so I could reach it."

    "Hey now, why the hell are you getting all sappy with me!?" Pikablu growled, knowing that this was not what he had in mind when he had decided to hang out with one of the guys and once more cursing himself for not having chosen the Gallade, "Who do you think I am, Astrid? Let's talk about that hot piece of *** we saw yesterday!"

    "That kind of behavior is the reason why you are sleeping with me tonight," Kabutops said, probably smiling somewhere underneath his armored shell, "Any hopes of Anne forgiving you soon?"

    "Bah! She should let me live a little!" Pikablu groaned while angrily crossing his arms, "I'm starting to think she liked me better when I was suicidal!"

    "... Indeed, you have changed..." Kabutops nodded before once more turning his head to the skies, "You are starting to become more and more like the Gallade, every day..."

    "H-HEY!" Pikablu burst out with a hurt tone while pointing at him, "You take that back, right now! At least I still care about people, damn it!"

    - - - - - - -

    "I'm sure he's all right..." the Charmeleon muttered, wishing to move on to a different subject. He had long since realized that he was powerless in his struggle to soothe her mind, and could only keep it apart from her aching thoughts as much as possible.

    "How could he be?" Ivy asked while glaring at the moon with a weak yet defiant expression, "We might as well have sentenced him to death, chasing him away like that. All because of that stupid prophecy..."

    "Accurate or not, you did what you thought was best for everyone," the Charmeleon tried comforting her, "That took a lot of inner strength."

    "I placed all my faith in the elder, and gave none to Lucario..." Ivy continued talking while seemingly ignoring his words, "What kind of friend am I?

    The Charmeleon sighed. He knew that there was no slowing her down after she had been stirred up like this. Whoever this Lucario had been, he hoped the Pokémon was aware of just how much pain he was causing the sweet Ivy.

    "He was right..." she whispered sadly to herself, "I'm a monster..."

    "Come now, that is the worst lie I've ever heard," The Charmeleon said with a reassuring voice, "Everyone makes mistakes. A monster would have placed true malice behind its actions."

    "Like that mattered to him!" Ivy snapped at him before realizing her misguided aggravations and slouched down, "Oh, you don't understand... The look in his eyes... Sadness... Regret... Complete helplessness..."

    But the Charmeleon knew those eyes all too well. He was staring into a pair of them right now.

    - - - - - - -

    "It... It is not as peculiar as you might think," Mew said with a shaky voice as she turned her gaze back to the earth, sensing more of Lucario's anxiety and fearing that his opinion of her might be sinking, "Enjoying the moon, that is."

    "Hey, I'm not pointing any fingers," Lucario said with a casual nod. The only thing bothering him about this scene was the massive body of doom looming above them, not even a light year away from bringing about the apocalypse.

    "... I told you about the fate of my mother..." Mew whispered while facing Lucario.

    "Oh yeah," he responded with a shrug, "Sorry about that."

    "Worry not. My mother was fully aware of what would happen, and had assigned me a godmother..." Mew said as she suddenly lowered her voice, "... The moon reminds me so much of her..."

    "Big and round, eh? Sounds like a typical stepmother, all right!" Lucario snickered, but stopped himself as he saw a pained expression develop on Mew's face.

    "Sorry, again," Lucario apologized, not exactly sure of why. He had been stepping on toes left and right and not cared about it ever since he became a Pokémon, why would this be any different? He did not know why, but something about Mew had begun to still his brash nature.

    It was not out of gratefulness from her saving his life; he had been treating Zerobi all the same right from the start. He knew it could have nothing to do with pity, either, thinking back to all the times he had made Rukario cry without any plans of stopping anytime soon. It was not even out of fear of pissing off one of the most powerful creatures in all existence; everyone from Brendan to Zoroark had only served to fuel his ire and caused him to tease them even more.

    Rather, it was that despite being one of the most powerful creatures in all existence, she seemed so fragile. It was as if she would shatter if he was to go at her without holding back. But even so, why would he suddenly care about something like that...?

    "She is dead," Mew suddenly said, before quickly slapping her hands to her mouth in shock, "Sorry, I should not have said that. She is not truly dead, but... Gone, rather."

    Lucario looked at her strangely, too confused by his own feelings to say anything. Mew still got the message.

    "She is occupied with a very important mission, and as such cannot be with me," Mew explained, trying to sound as clinical as possible and not let her true emotion show, because the last thing she wanted was to force the poor sap whose life she had irrevocably altered to pity her.

    "Oh," Lucario said flatly, "When will she be back?"

    "... Well, she will not," Mew replied before noticing that she had subconsciously sunk down, and straightened herself up, "Perhaps I should explain more thoroughly. Tell me, do you know anything about Darkrai?"

    "Uh..." Lucario muttered as he went through the seemingly millions of meaningless names for Pokémon he had heard throughout his journey, "... No?"

    "Darkrai is an ancient Pokémon that has caused trouble throughout history," Mew explained in a shortened way so Lucario would at least get the gist of it,"My godmother Cresselia took it upon herself to hunt him down and bring him to justice."

    "Sounds valiant enough," Lucario said, "But she'll be back after getting him, right? Unless she... You know... Heroic sacrifice?"

    "It... Is not quite that simple," Mew continued explaining, "Darkrai is a very dangerous opponent who can twist your mind and use your emotions against you. In order to combat this, Cresselia..."

    Suddenly, a vision passed through Mew's head. Feelings of joy coursed through her as her loving godmother came to see her, bathing her in the beautiful smile she had come to love so much. She kissed her on the forehead like usual before turning away, nodding towards Lugia in a secret signal. What did it mean? The sensation on the forehead was fleeting, and the next time-

    "... Did what?" Lucario asked, snapping Mew out of her memories.

    "... She went into training..." Mew whispered slowly as she began losing her breath, "... And systematically destroyed all of her emotions."

    Another vision. Feelings of joy coursed through her as her loving godmother came to see her, but something was amiss. She leaned forward to receive her usual kiss, but was left hanging. Looking up, she saw her loving godmother staring down at her, a peculiar shapeless form where her smile had once been. She sat frozen as her godmother leaned towards her, before coldly turning away from her. What did it mean? She cried all night after that, as Lugia explained-

    "You can do that?" Lucario once more interrupted her thoughts, sounding surprisingly interested, "Like, just, take away your feelings of hunger? And pain?"

    "Do not even think about it," Mew said sternly, "She is incapable of caring for another being ever again. It is a fate worse than death, and if only there had been some other way to finish Darkrai..."

    "Did it work?" Lucario asked before figuring out a more likely scenario, "Or, you know, WILL it work?"

    "... No," Mew replied bluntly and closed her eyes in sadness, "Darkrai takes pleasure in the misery of others. So, after Cresselia had sentenced herself to a personal hell in order to defeat him, he made a point of avoiding her... Forever. Forcing her to endlessly wander the globe as a lost soul without a purpose in life..."

    The two of them became quiet for a while; Mew too distraught to continue and Lucario letting it all sink in.

    "... Man, first your mother, and now your godmother? I'm..." Lucario started, visibly cringing as he tried to stop himself from saying the last word, "... Sorry."

    "Please, do not be," Mew said, sad to see that she had gotten him to pity her after all, "I am fine, this was all very long ago. Rather, I am grateful to always have the moon as a reminder of how she used to be, once upon a time."

    Lucario looked back at the moon, its fearful form covering the sky. For some reason, it did not intimidate him as much anymore. The celestial body's calming effect on Mew was starting to rub off on him. Not because he cared anything about Cresselia, but because she did, and he cared about her.

    "... Anyway, I came out here to tell you that I'm ready to go," Lucario said after a long period of silence. Mew nodded as she fetched their tool of transportation while he stood up and stretched his legs, knowing that as long and tough as this journey was going to be, at least he would have great company along for it.
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    Sorry I couldn't respond earlier, hectic weekend and such.

    Overall, this chapter was rather laid back.

    (Leo) "Congrats on stating the obvious."

    Yes, yes. I have a problem in doing that.

    Now, even though it was a action empty chapter, we gained some insight into Mew's life, and the thoughts of some characters that we haven't seen in a while.

    This chapter was needed to give the fic a "breather" to prepare for the next arc of this fic.

    I'm intriged about Lucario's past with Ivy, and what really happened with the prophecy.
    I'm guessing, since this is kinda a Mystery Dungeon fic, that the prophecy there talking about is the Ninetales Legend from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red/Blue. (Am I right?)
    That WAS the Legend that got the hero(you) and your partner chased from town, and eventually hunted down to be killed.

    That sounds A LOT like what happened to Lucario, just saying.

    Moving on. That was sad what happened to Cresselia.
    (Again, with the refrences to the Mystery Dungeon games, with Cresselia hunting Darkrai.)

    Bonus points for including a Charmeleon.

    Anyways, cannot wait for the next chapter, and thanks for the imaginary T-shirt!

    'Til next chapter,

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    Happy Holiday! Let's get going with the Christmas celebrations, I've posted this week's chapter as a one-shot, which you can find in this thread:

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    Chapter 39

    Epilogue of Year 10

    "… And then, I spun around and kicked the lizard RIGHT in the head! Or at least where I assumed his head to be, kind of hard to tell when your whole body's a tai-"

    "Please, stop for a moment!"

    "What? I'll eventually get to your parts, Mew."

    "Not that, Lucario. I must say, this story is simply magnificent! I wish to record it!"

    "... You've... You've got a recorder?"

    "Well, no... But you do!"

    "I... What!?"

    "Your aura sensing abilities should remember the appearance and attributes of the many people and Pokemon you have encountered thus far."

    "Uh... I can sense them, yeah, but... How does that help? You're gonna read my mind, or something?"

    "No, but I can channel the impressions of your aura into something else! See, the DNA that lies within every cell in our bodies contains genetic information regarding-"

    "Ugh, whatever. Skip the explanation and just do it."

    "If you say so... In that case, let us begin!"



    "Whoa! What the hell just happened to the cave's wall!?"

    "I needed a platform to transport the memory into. Can you see?"

    "... If you disregard all the cracks... Hey, yeah... It's me!"

    "This is your default aura sensor setting, where you only sense yourself!"

    "But, uh… In this picture, I've got spikes sticking out of my hands and chest."

    "That is because this is your original form, Lucario. The aura cannot sense wounds, and only sees you pristine."

    "… Bah, they should've regrown, then… Imagine how much butt I would've kicked with spikes on my hands!"

    "But you would have been unable to hug anyone."

    "Yeah, that too! Man, I got totally ripped off!"

    "Lucario, the Lonesome Wanderer... In any case, now I want you to think of someone else's aura."

    "What do you mean?"

    "For instance... That small penguin you said you met in a cave."

    "... Hmm... So, like, I just focus on her aura...?"

    "... Looks more intimidating than I had imagined."

    "That's Suicune. Sorry, I guess that aura left a bigger impression on me."

    "Yes, I do recognize the legendary dog... I only met him once before he became captured, however..."

    "Oh? What was he like, back then?"

    "Intelligent. Serene. Quiet."

    "No kidding. He didn't talk even once when I met him."

    "Perhaps that was his way of carrying out his orders without hesitation?"

    "You mean his orders to hunt down an innocent... Pokemon... Guy... Who's me?"

    "Suicune, the Serene Chaser... I wonder how your meeting would have turned out if not for the human commanding him?"

    "... That guy... Alright, I've got a new aura, get ready for another picture!"

    "Is that Brendan?"

    "Whoa, he looks young! He's like a little kid!"

    "Seems like that is how his own aura recognizes him. A child at heart, perhaps?"

    "Like hell! He's a bloodthirsty, sadistic piece of crap! Hunted me down for no reason!"



    "Just thinking... Perhaps Ethan and Brendan were bitter rivals?"

    "I... I mean, that's possible, but he doesn't know I'm Ethan!"

    "I am not sure... They say that true rivalry surpasses everything..."

    "Well, 'they' are retarded. If not for Zerobi, he would've killed me without any hesitation!"

    "Zerobi? I do wish to see what she looks like, would you mind imagining her aura?"

    "... No, I can't. She doesn't have one."

    "... Indeed. What species did you say she was, again?"

    "A Weavile."

    "In that case... Maybe something like this...?"

    "Yeah! Yeah, that's it! How did you do that?"

    "I used my own memory. Hmm, it is not Zerobi, but at least it is a Weavile."

    "You kidding? I can't tell the difference!"

    "How cold."

    "Huh? Whatever, she likes the cold. Man, I still remember where she lived, before it got wrecked by..."

    "... This man?"

    "Huh? No, who the hell is that?"

    "Perhaps it is a younger version of the trainer you met?"

    "... Red? No way! Raikou's the one who... But maybe Red left a bigger impression...?"

    "Look at the picture. There is no 'maybe' about it!"

    "That old coot sees himself like a little kid? That's... Kind of creepy."

    "It is subconscious, something beyond his own control."

    "Still... Eh, he was troublesome. We fled to a nearby town, just to avoid running into him again."

    "You and Zerobi?"

    "Yeah, can't really remember why she tagged with me. All I remember is that lizard she ran into in town..."

    "A Snivy?"

    "That's the one. Way short for a police officer if you ask me, but... Uh, not that there's anything wrong with being short!"


    "A-Anyway! He got Zerobi crying and then tried to kill her, so I kicked the crap out of him."

    "He... Made Zerobi cry? Did he fight her first?"

    "No, he just talked to her. I think they knew each other from before."

    "Old acquaintances?"

    "Probably. She seemed more than happy to see him rendered unconscious, and didn't want to talk about it later."


    "Anyway, that's unimportant. What's important is who arrived next!"

    "Oh, forgive me! I must have made four copies by mistake!"

    "No, that's quite right! These four so-called fighters appeared, and I totally OWNED them!"

    "You mean... You gained possession of them? But I thought you did not remember being a trai-"



    "... Uh, anyway, so, then, like, this female Lucario came out of nowhere, and, like..."

    "Oh my. A shiny?"

    "... Really? That's the first thing you noticed about her?"

    "Well... Shinys are different from us. Their skin and fur has different colors."

    "... That's a very bad way of thinking, Mew. You need to be more understanding."

    "Wh-What? What did I do?"

    "See, despite being a Shiny, Rukario just happened to be just like you and me, with a heart, a mind and-"

    "I did not mean that as a bad thing!"

    "Yeah, sure. Anyway, she was n... C... Honestly, back then she was a real pain in the butt, calling me 'Cyon' and claiming to be her husband right in front of Zerobi."

    "Cyon? Wait, why would you care if it was in front of Zerobi or not?"

    "BECAUSE... It makes me look bad or something, I don't know."

    "... Hmm... Cyon... And this female Lucario claimed to know him from before?"

    "Yeah, I'm thinking the same thing... Maybe Cyon was the name of the Lucario Deoxys killed?"

    "... And whose body you are currently residing within..."

    "Ugh, don't remind me. No offense to this Cyon character, but this is now my body, and I'll do whatever the hell I want with it."

    "You should be more respectful to the dead."

    "... Said the racist..."


    "Nothing! So after that, Zerobi and I wandered for the longest time until we came across a trio of weirdoes..."


    "... Picture?"

    "Sorry, but you are mixing up the aura of all three of them at once. Could you focus solely on one of them, instead?"

    "... Fine. I guess I'll go with..."

    "I recognize this aura... Kabuta, was it?"

    "Yeah. Foulest mouth on this side of the earth."

    "Foul mouth? Preposterous! She was always so well behaved around me and Celebi!"

    "Oh man, are you kidding? The things that came out of that brown shellfish made my toes curl!"

    "... Impossible... Celebi cannot stand foul language..."

    "Seems like you're not so hot about it, either. You think yourself superior for not using them, or something?"

    "No... It is, just... Remember what I told you about death by childbirth?"

    "... No?"

    "How I will die if I ever give birth?"

    "Ah, you mean that? What about it?"

    "Well, simply thinking about terms like those... It puts my life in danger, and so I avoid it as much as possible."


    "... I know, it is stupid, but-"

    "No, I'm just sorry for being so inconsiderate. I didn't know it was that bad."

    "You should not have to censor yourself on my account, so feel free to say what you would like. I will tolerate it."

    "Hey, come on! It's not like I'll implode if I don't say dirty words! Heh, unlike Kabuta..."

    "Speaking of which, the other two that were with her... I hardly even need to ask..."

    "Eh, at least you'll get a nice picture out of it."

    "... Scratch that, seems that we get this guy instead."

    "This one... Tell me, did he give you his name?"

    "Yeah, sure. 'The Gallade', I think."

    "No, that is just the name of his species. Did he give you his own name?"


    "He withholds his own name from everyone, it seems... I wonder what it really is?"

    "Who gives a sh- I mean, who cares? It's not like his name will unlock the secrets of the universe."

    "... Just curious..."

    "Flamboyant. Annoying. Surprisingly good at fighting. I already told you all this, right?"

    "Indeed. Now, do continue, I am very excited to hear the rest!"

    "First, you've got to give me a picture of that gigantic airborne snake..."

    "This... This is Rayquaza!"

    "Yelling his name seems to be the only proper pronunciation..."

    "This is one of the legendary Weather trio! He was under control by a trainer!?"

    "Him and Celebi both. Although, to be fair, he was less reluctant when it came to killing us."

    "... Rayquaza lost his mind long ago. The entire Weather trio did."

    "... Went crazy? Did they try visiting a psychiatrist?"

    "It is complicated, but many centuries ago there existed a Weather trio. Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza."

    "Great, more names for me to remember."

    "They were extremely powerful and took up the role of protecting the earth, but after a visit from Darkrai-"

    "Oh hey, even more names! Yay!"

    "... I take it this story does not interest you?"

    "Exactly. Let's finish my story first, shall we? Also, Rayquaza wasn't all that strong, honestly..."

    "The original Rayquaza is dead. The one you encountered must be his son."

    "Rayquaza Jr? Wait, if that's so, why was HE crazy, too?"

    "... Do you want to hear the whole story, or should we go on with yours?"

    "Mine! Mine! It's about to really pick up, the whole fight against Lucas is filled with all sorts of twists and turns!"

    "He actually was this young when we met him. I was... Half expecting the picture of an old man, to be honest."

    "Lucas... The trainer that dared capture Celebi... I shall remember his face."

    "If you're looking for revenge - Been there, done that."

    "How did you manage to defeat Rayquaza?"

    "... Uh... Well... I mostly just took care of the others, I guess... That yellow dude is the one that defeated Rayquaza."

    "But! I totally tackled Lucas off of Rayquaza, and everyone was, like, 'Oh man! That was awesome!'"

    "... Pikablu... Hmpf."

    "What, you don't like him?"

    "Not very much, no. He is a bad influence when it comes to Celebi, as well as... Well..."

    "... Doesn't surprise me that much, I suppose. You two are like opposites."

    "What do you mean by that?"

    "You're soft spoken, refined and cute. He's not."


    "O-Objectively speaking, of course! I couldn't care less, you're all just animals to me!"


    "I, uh, didn't mean that... I mean..."

    "You would do well in thinking before speaking."

    "No kidding. I rarely do, though. Speaking should be a free action."

    "I personally do not mind. I have seen first hand what kind of person you really are, ignoring what words might leave your mouth."

    "That's an awfully odd way of saying... Oh wait, thinking... Thinking..."


    "... You know, I see where you're coming from. People you know and like might sometimes do and say weird things by mistake, and it's your duty as a friend to forgive them for it."

    "A-Amazing! Such enlightenment just from thinking before speaking!?"

    "Eh, took too long. At any rate, it plays in with what happened at the end of the battle..."

    "Oh, really?"

    "See, Zerobi suddenly went mad and cut my throat."


    "Yeah, I know, luckily Celebi was there to patch me back together."

    "Wh-Why would she do something like that!?"

    "... Well, she's apparently a great healer, and-"

    "Not her, Zerobi!"

    "Huh? Oh, she said something about losing control whenever doused with blood, which she was... Totally saved our asses, though."

    "Blood... Just like her father... But..."

    "She got really scary, though. That previous picture doesn't describe it very well. Could you make a new one, where she looks scary?"


    "Oh, wow. What the hell?"

    "Wait, so you say she went mad after becoming doused with blood..."

    "Yes, that is indeed what I just said."

    "... And she tried to kill you!?"

    "Indeed, continuing with what I just said."

    "Oh, forget it. I will talk to Celebi about this later."

    "Don't worry, she knows. We all forgave her, and everything's nice and dandy."

    "You are surprisingly trusting."

    "Oh, am I, Ms. Super-Shy-Legendary?"

    "Speaking of which, would you mind thinking about Celebi for a moment?"

    "Yeah, that's her... Could've sworn you two already knew each other."

    "Silly Lucario! We have been best friends all our lives! I simply wished to see your impression of her!"

    "Why? Is there a difference?"

    "Look closely."

    "... Hey... The image is warped, somehow..."

    "Her aura would be quite intense for someone like you, I am certain."

    "Aura? Oh yeah, any chance of you recreating her happiness aura? I loved that one!"

    "Her... What?"

    "You know, that thing that made you all joyful inside when near her!"

    "... You mean... L-Love?"

    "WHAT!? NO! She had this radiance of happiness around her, I heard the others talking about it, too!"

    "I... So have I, but I have yet to experience it, myself. It might just be the impact her powers have on less powerful beings."

    "Bah, less powerful... So, can you recreate it?"

    "Probably not."

    "Aw... Damn it! It felt so great, I even slept with her to feel it all night..."


    "Th-That came out wrong! Sorry! She was having a bad dream, and I just helped her get back to sleep!"

    "... What manner of bad dream?"

    "Huh? No idea. She went through a lot, trying to rescue that shellfish alone."


    "Yeah! Kabuta's father! We don't need an image of that one, he looked just like his daughter!"

    "Hmm? No... Not from what I remember. There were distinct differences between them, for sure."

    "Like what?"

    "Their gender, for starters?"

    "Oh. Yeah, I guess I'm bad at telling the differences between Pokemon of the same species. Uh, by the way, what species were they?"

    "Kabutops, extinct since many centuries back... And recently having reemerged, as you have seen firsthand."

    "I don't think that's how extinction works..."

    "I KNOW that is not how extinction works, but such is the case. Personally, I am glad for him and his family!"

    "... That skeleton... Looks just like some kind of urban legend."

    "Funny. That was the only scientific fact remaining from them. Claiming to have seen one alive would be the urban legend!"

    "Not that funny, in other words. I'm pretty sure a lot of people would call YOU an urban legend!"

    "And so they do. If only they all would, so I could get some peace and quiet."

    "Anyway, after I left everyone to go off on my own, I ran into a hotheaded trainer..."

    "Hold on. You left them?"



    "To find you, of course!"

    "... To become human, again?"

    "Precisely. That's a later part of the story, though!"


    "So, as you can see, he was surrounded by a bunch of Zubat, and I met this one Zubat right before who was all class, wish I could've spent more time with her but then this trainer comes out of nowhere and coldcocks me with some flying kid!"

    "... How confusing! Mind explaining it again?"

    "... Eh, wasn't that important, anyway... Long story short, I was captured."

    "C-Captured!? By the trainer!?"

    "Yeah. Pokeballs have no effect on me, so they threw me in some kind of prison while I was unconscious."

    "Pokeballs have no effect on you? I should have known..."

    "Why's that? I'm not too sure ab- Wait, it's because I'm human, right?"

    "Well, rather that your mind is. Pokeballs detect their targets by scanning the Pokemon's brainwaves... Otherwise they would just catch everything that comes into contact with them, including humans."

    "Whoa, they can do that?"

    "Yes, which is why an unconscious Pokemon cannot be captured."

    "By a Pokeball, anyway... So, I was thrown in jail, where I met another Pokemon..."

    "A Dragonair?"

    "Yes. She... I can't remember why, but she had been imprisoned there with me, and badly wanted to get out."

    "What happened?"

    "... They performed some kind of experiment on her... And made her go insane."


    "... In the end I got my revenge on the guy that did it, I suppose, but it still feels bad..."

    "... My single greatest fear..."


    "Every human wishes me captured, for fame and glory... But mostly to be able to conduct experiments on my body and mind."

    "Hmm... Guess I should've asked, but I suppose you hate humanity because of it?"

    "I... Cannot. Their curiosity is one I can understand quite well... I just wish I could give them what they need and still be allowed to roam free."

    "And with your chest cavity intact... Trust me, you do NOT want to be involved with these guys, especially not the one I had to deal with..."

    "... How peculiar..."


    "This one does not recognize himself as a child."

    "Peculiar? More like, normal! Who'd have thought this would be the only sane human around?"

    "Peculiar is when something differs from the norm, which in this case-"

    "Yeah, yeah, spare me the lesson. You're right, you know - There was something strange about him... But I didn't find out until we had escaped."

    "How did you escape?"

    "... Oh yeah. Things were looking pretty bad when I got rescued by another Pokemon. He didn't have an aura, so... Dark type, maybe?"

    "What kind of Pokemon was he?"

    "A, uh... Zoroark?"

    "Zoroark? You must have only heard his name, for there is no Pokemon like that. What did he look like?"

    "Like me, but less rugged. Red fur, and a really large red hairdo that he hid stuff in."

    "Sorry, this was as clear as I could make the picture..."

    "Don't worry. He was a jerk, so I don't really care much for seeing him again."

    "He... Hid objects within his own hair?"

    "Yeah. Vials with paralysis coating for his claws and who knows what else. Probably like fifty combs."

    "How on earth did he manage to break into a human installment undetected?"

    "Hah! Undetected... No, he had a few others with him, including a muscle-head that snapped the chains holding me with his bare hands."

    "An Urasing?"


    "You said... Bear hands?"

    "Yeah, maybe. I think his name was Connor, but let's stick to Zoroark, shall we? It's not like the others mattered in the long run."

    "But you told me this happened right before you met me. That means the long run has yet to be decided."

    "Listen, I don't care about the others that came to rescue me and I didn't have time to worry about them, because Zoroark's strange antics were keeping my full attention."

    "Apart from launching an assault against a human installation solely to rescue you, what strange antics?"

    "I'll have you know he rescued plenty others, but... See, I'm pretty good at judging people, which is how I knew Zerobi was to be trusted when I first met her and that annoying lizard wasn't. Thing is... I never really got a good idea of who Zoroark really was. Like he was acting the whole time, switching between different personalities whenever necessary."

    "A politician, then?"

    "Ha ha ha! Hey, I guess you can be pretty funny wh-"

    "Funny? But I have heard commoners throughout the ages describing politicians in such manner! I was simply-"

    "OK, OK, no need to explain the joke. So, anyway, they busted me out, and we kicked ludicrous amounts of butt. Seriously, I was, like, 'Too bad you only have one head, because that's less for me to kick!'"


    "He had four arms."

    "What happened after the fighting?"

    "We ran into some of Zoroark's allies, as well as... Wait..."


    "There was... One of the allies were... Oh, yeah, I forgot to tell you about Ivy!"


    "Yeah, that's her. Heh, been a while since I saw her..."

    "Hold on... This aura... It seems familiar!"

    "Huh? No way!"

    "Yes! She was the one who approached me after... After I had buried you."

    "I woke up that soon, huh? See, she was the one who pulled me out of the grave in the first place!"



    "You mean, if I had waited just a few minutes longer, you would have come back to life and I would not have had to lament over my failure all this time!?"

    "... Uhh... No, of course not... She, uh... It must've taken longer than that..."

    "Of all the bad luck... And after all I did... How unfair..."

    "... Anyway! She dug me out of the grave, I was confused about not being human, she let me live with her for a while and then she tried to kill me."

    "Slow down! Why would she do that?"

    "... Sorry, but I really don't want to linger on this part. There was some kind of hoax prophecy regarding me that she needed to prevent, and I got chased out of the village."

    "Prophecies... Such fabrications. What was it about?"

    "Something... Like, if there should ever be a creature that was both human and Pokémon, it would destroy the world."

    "So silly. Commoners sure like to make things up about things they do not understand!"


    "You should hear the things they say about me! They say that my body contains the DNA of every single Pokémon!"


    "It does not!"

    "I know! I mean, no kidding, but… Goddamn, that's a pretty nasty rumor to be spreading."


    "… Since you have to ask, I'll just assume there was a misunderstanding somewhere, and leave it at that."

    "No, what do you mean?"

    "No! We said we weren't going to talk about that stuff! Why are we even on this part of the story, let's go back to where we left off… The staircase!"


    "I mean, what was coming down it. It was that scientist from earlier…"

    "... Who was being controlled by this thing."

    "Controlled? What do you mean?"

    "Like, he controlled him using psychic powers, or something."

    "But... But that is physically impossible!"

    "I think Zoroark said something like that, too. Or, uh was it Pikablu...? Anyway, he said something about the scientist being guided like a puppet. Willingly, too."

    "But... Why?"

    "I don't know. To help him remember that he is, in fact, an adult instead of some snotty kid?"

    "I have told you time and time again, that is a completely natural-"

    "Yeah, yeah. Just shocked about it, that's all. So, we kicked his butt, ran into the woods to hide at an underground base... Or cavern, more like it."

    "There are many of those in the world. I have never seen one from the inside, as they always seem to be occupied."

    "You're not missing much. Normal cavern, with plants that glow. Hmm, well, I guess Astrid liked it, might just be me."


    "Picture-time? Hey, could you make it so that he is wearing a cloak over his entire body?"


    "... Otherwise, we'll be here all night. I don't feel like wasting time on this guy."

    "An Eeveelution?"

    "Yeah. He was with us when Zoroark rescued me, but he was a total coward, so I told him to toughen up."

    "Cowardice is not necessarily a bad attribute."

    "Maybe not, but he was so easy to convince I just couldn't let up. Tricked him into getting me a ride over to your place, too."

    "Oh? So that is when our stories converge?"

    "... Well, not really. I ran into Rukario again."

    "Yes, that's her. Again."

    "Sorry, I wish to keep some manner of consistency."

    "For who? Who's going to be looking at these?"

    "Do go on, I am curious to her as to what happened next."

    "If you say so... She got up my grill about a few things and I... Anyway, we got ambushed by another champion, Blue."

    "... Seen here as a juvenile instead of the old coot he was. Actually, this I can buy, he wasn't acting his age, that's for sure."

    "This is very useful to me. I will be able to identify the most dangerous trainers more easily by recognizing their aura."

    "Don't bother with this one, he was a total pushover. Rukario and I beat up four of his Pokemon all by ourselves, without any problem."

    "Trainers usually carry six, however..."

    "... Yeah. This were going swell until he brought out the Espy-on and Uber-on."

    "Espeon and Umbreon?"

    "Whatever. They were using cheap tactics, and if not for Rukario's Aura Storm I wouldn't be sitting here right now."

    "... I see. Forgive me for not having come to the mountain earlier, I might have been able to help."

    "Would you have helped? You didn't know who we were, after all..."


    "Don't worry, it's not like I was expecting divine intervention, anyway."


    "Yeah! You swooping down and rearranging the laws of physics to defeat our enemies, what else would you call that?"

    "Not 'divine', certainly!"

    "What? You've got a problem with that term?"

    "Well... Yes! There is nothing divine about me, I am simply a Pokemon like all other!"

    "So? What's wrong with being divine?"

    "Because that implies that I am almighty and possess a duty to preserve the world!"

    "Sounds like you, all right..."

    "No, it does not! I choose to protect the world out of my own free will, and struggle with it as much as anyone would! Seeing me as a manner of goddess that could perform any manner of feat with a flick of her finger belittles all of my hard work!"

    "Whoa, clam down! Sorry, I didn't think you'd take such offense to it!"

    "... For as long as I can remember, every commoner has called me divine... Will they not realize the truth until I am already dead...?"



    "... That's... Where my story ends... Or where our stories 'converge', as you said."


    "I know it's difficult, but... Could you show me Deoxys? I cannot remember what he looks like."


    "... This was his original form. The aura cannot show you the other forms he took on."

    "Then why can't you, like with all the others?"


    "… I see. You the whole ordeal made you traumatized."

    "H-How dare you!? I was not traumatized by it!"

    "Hey, that's OK, anyone'd be traumatized by something like-"

    "I said, I was not traumatized!"

    "Whoa, fine! Calm down! Man, you really hate talking about that!"

    "It is the worst thing I have ever experienced by far. I had thought at least one other being would remember the same hellish situation I went through, but it seems he does not remember..."



    "... So, after defeating Blue, something very interesting happened..."


    "... I came across a reeeeeal beauty. Out of this world! I would describe her as 'divine', but apparently that's an insult!"

    "... Stop it."

    "Yeah, that's right, juuuust like that she couldn't stop smiling when she saw me. It was then that I knew without a doubt, it had to be love at first-"


    "Huh? Oh, sorry, just thinking out loud!"

    "Hi hi... You... Stop teasing me! Can you not see that I am supposed to be depressed?"

    "Ha ha! Kind of hard when you're giggling all over the place, isn't it?"

    "Hi hi! You think you are the only one capable of teasing!?"

    "Ha ha! In this cave, yeah! Come on, give me your best shot!"

    "Hi hi! All right! Here is the imprint from your aura back when you were human!"

    "AW, GODDAMN IT! Are you kidding me!?"

    "Looking a little young there, are you not, Mr. Champion?"

    "Now, see, that's not funny! If mom ever finds out about this...!"

    "Oh, I am certain she would be pleased. It seems you were rather cute as a child!"

    "Stop it! Seriously, I'll never live this down! I'll be good, I promise!"

    "Of course you will, or else-"

    "I'll get a spanking? Yeah, real creative, let's drop this whole thing before it gets any worse."

    "... Hmm. Well, it seems that we are almost done with these imprints."

    "Almost? We've reached present date, right?"

    "Yes, but simply placing your human form here will not do. We should include the other part of you as well."

    "Cyon? Won't he look just like I did?"

    "Let me try again, from what I remember when he was still alive..."

    "No spikes. Nice."

    "No eyes, either. Strange..."

    "Nah, it looks like that when I've got them closed... I think? It'd be impossible for me to see."

    "Now that Cyon has been included, I do believe we are done with this."

    "What? But... You forgot the most important one!"

    "You mean... Oh!"

    "Simply divine."

    "Oh, give it a break. It looks the same as the one Celebi showed me many years ago."

    "You did this with Celebi?"

    "Yes. She was the one who came up with the idea for this. Did I not tell you?"

    "No... You didn't. Hmpf."

    "What is wrong?"

    "It's just that... I was kind of hoping this would be our special thing."

    "It is! Celebi's travels were nowhere near as rich in people or exciting as this!"

    "Yeah, sure, but... It'll still just be a ripoff of something else, instead of something original."

    "... How about if I add one final thing to it?"

    "Go ahead, not that there's anything left to tell..."


    "...! Oh wow...!"

    "Like it?"

    "Perfect! Hah, our thinking's got the same wavelength, that's for sure!"

    "Then we are truly finished. Shall we be going, then?"



    "Are you sure you want to be leaving this? What if someone finds it?"

    "In that case, someone may partake of a piece of your incredible journey. Do you mind?"

    "Of course not! But... It might lead people to you...?"

    "It will not. They are simply imprints on a cavern wall."

    "But... That last one? Won't it reveal your, uh, current status to the public?"

    "... Well, I am fine with that."

    "Perhaps it will serve as the beginning for another adventure?"

    "For sure! When we come back, we'll have an even greater story to tell!"

    "Indeed. Grab our manner of transportation, and let us start with it!"


    "Good day."

    "'Sup. Where's Blue?"

    "… Training a new team. Said he had figured out the ultimate combination..."

    "A NEW team!? Hah! That old bag of bones doesn't know when to quit!"


    "The complete opposite of you, might I add. When you were off rotting somewhere, I actually went to make sure our target would still be active!"

    "... You mean... You were the one who-"

    "No, no. He broke out of his own. Sure as hell didn't see that coming, he was strung up like a broken marionette when I saw him."


    "Go on, work on your requiem, pray I succeed and give you enough time to finish it."


    "… Nothing? No witty retort? No ‘you’re wrong and I’m right, now here’s why?’ You really are bygone."

    "… Fine."


    "I will not kill him… But I will find a way to stop him."

    "Hah! Go ahead and try! Just don’t think you’re going to beat me to it!"

    "Welcome, gentlemen. I hope you had a safe journey."



    "As you know, Pokeballs detect their targets by scanning the Pokemon's brainwaves. Otherwise they would just catch everything that comes into contact with them, and even unconscious Pokemon could be c-"

    "Get to the point!"

    "Ah, yes. After much research and hard work, we have managed to manufacture a type of Pokeball that is tuned to one specific species' brainwaves."

    "... What?"

    "In other words, Pokeballs customarily designed to catch exactly one kind of Pokemon. It should work exactly like a Master Ball for this particular species, but will not function against any other."

    "... Interesting..."

    "Here are the ones we have created thus far..."


    "T-That many!?"

    "One for each assigned target. Here's the one for Latios, here's the one for Celebi..."

    "And how do you suppose we use them, besides shoving them up your behind!?"

    "Brendan has a point. No rucksack can hold that large amount of Pokeballs."

    "Of course not. You will have to pick out which targets your will be pursuing, and collect the Pokeball designed for their capture."

    "Like hell we will! You told me you could mass produce Master Balls if I tested your idiotic prototype! I lost my chance at capturing many valuable Pokemon with that useless purple pokeball!"

    "... This... This pink one..."

    "Hey, Red, wake up! You're not gonna take this, are you!?"

    "... Is this the Pokeball designed for Mew?"

    "Yes. Very astute of you."

    "... I will take this one."

    "Red... Was that a flicker of life I just saw in your aging husk...?"

    "... I still have unfinished business. Now, I have the means to finish them, it seems."

    "You mean... A hunt for the Legendaries? Now, that... That's what I call a hunt!"

    "Would you also like a Speci-ball designed for Mew?"

    "Nah, we'll split them up and... Wait... Speci-ball?"

    "Yes. Special balls, created for capturing Specific Species."


    "... Just show me which is which."

    "Of course. One more thing, however... Regarding your previous target..."


    "Sir, if I may ask-"

    "You may not. Do as I say."

    "We already have several tissue samples of the spikeless Lucario, there is absolutely no reason for us to capture him again."

    "But there is."


    "I am telling you to."

    "… I-I understand, sir…"


    "As you wish, sir…"

    "… Hmpf. No reason? If only they knew, Ethan…"

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    This chapter almost tempted me to go and make some popcorn.
    Go slideshows!

    I haven't seen a lot of those pics in a while.

    But the part of the chapter that intriged me the most was unsuprisingly, the ending parts.

    I know that Red and Blue are both going to hunt again, but what of the voice that made the Speci-balls and the voice that's directing the scientists that got Lucario before?

    A hunt for the Legendaries, Red's unfinished business with Mew, and the journey to the place all of the Legands are meeting at, you sure know how to leave a cliffhanger. Not sure if I like that or not...

    Almost forgot! I'm glad that we finally got some more insight into the life Lucario had with Ivy. That prophacy may not be the Ninetales Legand, but its sounds darn close if you ask me.

    Great chpater. Can't wait for the action soon to come.

    Happy Holidays

    'Til the next,

    Knightfall signing off...

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    Quote Originally Posted by knightfall View Post
    I know that Red and Blue are both going to hunt again, but what of the voice that made the Speci-balls and the voice that's directing the scientists that got Lucario before?
    When it comes to end notes, I keep the colors of characters' voices consistent. So, if you ever read the story again, keep an eye out for one of these and maybe you'll figure out who they are!

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