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Thread: Tired of being disrespected

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    Default Tired of being disrespected

    I'm tired of this certain mod (not going to say any names - just the one who has been a total racist) and I'm getting fed up with getting infractions that are definitely not worthy. If you go to my profile & look at the moderator who has been giving me disrespectful infractions for being an italian, then he needs to be laid off his duties for also calling me a dago. He has been giving me infractions that deserve to be looked & viewed at.

    Who can I contact at & who is the owner of the Serebii forum?

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    There is a reason this forum exists.

    As for the owner of this forum, correct me if I am wrong but if I had to guess, I'd say Serebii is the owner.

    But that's just an educated guess, so don't go quoting that around

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