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What was Arty's connection with Kurumiru, what i mean is why did they touch heads?
It's a way of greeting Kurumiru. Pikachu, Kibago and Iris did it as well. Satoshi tried to do it but Kurumiru headbutted him :P. After he caught it, they were able to do the touching heads thing right.

-As of episode 18, Satoshi has seven Pokemon. Let's note that he has seven Pokemon. In episode freaking 18. This hasn't happened since Kanto's seven mons by episode 14. And it looks like this could be a rotation situation. Finally he's doing it. Unfortunately, we don't know which Pokemon was Oak'ed Araragi'd (outside of Zuruggu and Mijumaru) so that'll be the main speculation for a while.

-As for the episode itself. Fun times with Arty. While he was indeed fabulous, it was much more in the crazy, eccentric fabulous other than Dento's fabulous. Surprisingly, Dento did recognize Arty after he said he was the Huin Gym Leader (so...Leaders do know each other?). So much for the "Kurumiru is Arty's" theory when his Hahakomori came out.

-Yeah Kurumiru was really, really awesome in this. Between beating the crap out of Pikachu, rejecting Satoshi at first and being Spiderman, it looks like it's one of Satoshi's most expressive Bug Pokemon yet. Let's see where it goes.

-Didn't expect this to be somewhat of an Iris w/ Satoshi episode again. Oh and she wore the pajamas again :P. I was a little sad that Dento didn't get a ton of screentime, but then I remembered he gets his own episode next week. (It's gonna be great)

(I wonder how many people went "TEAM ROCKET?!" when the Koromori showed up. Way to troll writing staff )