A/N: This was a Dare by Sweet May; I hope it's shippy enough!

The Star on my Spark (MasaruShipping - Hanbei & Kanbei)

Hanbei just looked out of the Balcony of Ignis’ Castle, writing something in his hand. His Pikachu just lazy slept on his head, not bothering him at all. He gave a weak cough, and continued to write. Hanbei was never really sickly, but when he was, he was normally bedridden for days. His lord Hideyoshi had him stand guard at the castle, something that was rare, and was such a responsibility. The twenty-two year old just continued his serious demeanor, something that was rare for the normally childish, lazy strategist.

He adjusted his light blue, almost periwinkle sleeves so they didn’t fall onto his hands, something that annoyed him when he wrote poetry. He heard wild starly pass by as a gentle breeze started to pass by, leading to a peace being created. His Pikachu acted as a heator, the soft snoring and the soft but static fur on its little body always kept Hanbei warn enough. He missed Kanbei, the other more serious and cold strategist and his partner in crime. They were invading Cragspur about now, thanks to the easy messaging system for Ransei.

He heard the tatami door slide open, and almost instantly he turned his head. He was careful not to send his Pikachu flying into one of the nation’s many hot springs, something he did rarely, but never the less, it has happened before. Out came Nene, Hideyoshi’s wife.

“What are you writing Hanbei? It better not be anything naughty, or Mama will have to give you a spanking.” She asked him in her normal sweet, but accusing tone. She always acted as a mother for them, which soothed him.

“I missed someone, so I thought I’d write a Haiku about them. I have nothing better to do, so why not?” Hanbei replied to her, and then wheezed. The sickness had already taken a turn for the worse, but he felt he would pull through again. His Pikachu woke up and lept into his lap, and then curled up, making a slight Chu noise as it fell asleep again.

“Who’s it for? Mama Nene wants to see it!” She exclaimed excitingly as she sat down next to him, making his herbal tea. Hanbei sighed, and continued to write

“I don’t want to tell you… I want it to be a surprise, because if I do pass, at least they’ll know… So that means no peaking either!” He exclaimed to her as he coughed more, but still wrote never the less. He could crack jokes even at his weakest moments. Nene finished making the tea and gave him the cup, but her movements suggested disappointment; knowing he should have reworded that, he reluctantly gave Nene the Haiku.

After a while, she gave him a slight playful punch, and gave a little releaved giggle. Hanbei looked at her confused, and then started to realize what she was saying. He started to blush, and he wanted to just curl up into a ball with his Pikachu and sleep forever.

“So you do like him… I don’t mind at all, but Hide… You know how he is.” Nene replied to him as she adjusted her blue scarf as it hit Hanbei in the face. Her ninja armor has revealing, but that’s just how Nene was. She was very revealing, but she knew when to hide things. Hanbei just blushed as he bit his clothing, not wanting to listen to her. He never really wrote poetry, and more or less romantic poetry. He sipped his tea after another coughing fit. The day just passed along then, the two sitting there silently as all of Hanbei’s feelings raced through his head.

Right when he finished his Haiku, his Pikachu perked up, and how it screamed almost seemed like “Hanbei, don’t go!” He felt a sharp pain sear through his heart, and he spasms, fading away into darkness, a trail of tears flying away from his eyes as he could only think of Kanbei.

Life is too short, and the one I love… won’t ever to get to know…

Nene instantly caught him, but could tell it was his time. She started to prepare everything, a melancholic feeling enveloping her. She laid down the Haiku in a gold-embroidered envelope with black silk woven into it. She then saw a small note fall from her ‘son’s’ robes. She read it, and did what it said, fulfilling his last wishes.

/) (\

Kanbei was standing in his study, the war finally ended, he sat down, exhausted. Normally Hanbei greeted him, and Nene was not her usual self, so something wasn’t right. He then saw a little note and an envelope on his desk. He picked up the note, and recognized Hanbei’s sloppy writing…

Such typical of him… He always does this when I’m home when he can’t be home. He gives me a note that he went with Nene to get Ponigiri or something, but Nene was here, and she looked depressed. Oh well, it’s good to have quiet here, Lampent and I can plan in piece.

Silently picking up the note, he started to read it. He really didn’t care about Hanbei much, well, he didn’t really care about anyone much. He only wanted piece under his lord’s rule, and it has happened.
All sparks are extinguished

He kept on reading, not really minding. Hanbei was going off about something that seemed unimportant, and Kanbei really thought it was unimportant. He was talking about his sickness and his boredom, typical of him. Though, Kanbei felt a foreign feeling when he read on. He identified it as sadness, was he sad that his friend left him alone in the world? No, that wasn’t it, he was use to death. He then felt another foreign feeling, something that was also new. He identified it as love, something so foreign to him, but something that was… warming him.

He went to pick up the envelope, and pulled out a Haiku. It was written by Hanbei, but it wasn’t his usual sloppy handwriting, it was nice, the curves and angularity of the symbols were perfect.

He must have worked all day on this… but why?

He read it, over and over again. It was so simple, but it warmed him… Like a parting gift is supposed to be… He finally put the Haiku into the envelope, a single tear running down his ashen face. He got up to leave.
He got up to see Hanbei one last time.

But I guess… the one spark that didn’t need extinguishing has been… Such is life.

His Lampent stayed behind, picking up the note, and let it fly away into the wind… So that it would never be seen again, but also for the world to learn that sometimes simple poetry could tie people together.

/) (\


I guess if you’re reading this I’ve died. This sickness has veered for the worse, and I’m afraid that I won’t live to see the region united by lord Hideyoshi. I wish you could be here on my deathbed, but I know you wouldn’t be able to. So I just wanted to say… I’ve always liked you more than a friend or a work partner… You always were the spark that guided me, that I was a star that was sparked by you, the star on my spark. So I guess, I always am watching… from above. Take care of Pikachu for me, and I know you won’t grieve, but remember, have fun with life every once in a while…