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Thread: How do you watch the Pokémon anime?

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    Default How do you watch the Pokémon anime?

    I personally don't enjoy watching the anime all the way through. I still think the Pokémon anime general is a good show, however I feel like there are so many episodes that it's hard for me to watch it all the way through especially because there are other shows I want to watch too.

    The way I watch the anime is that I find episodes with Pokémon I like or episodes that look interesting to me and watch those instead of watching every episode in order. I actually think the anime is very enjoyable that way. At one point I was not enjoying watching every episode in order but I enjoy only watching certain episodes.

    While I'm not motivated to watch every episode, I still watch all of the movies mainly because of legendary Pokémon and more involved plots. I really like all the movies even though they aren't the best movies in the world.

    How do you watch the anime? Do you watch the entire series or just certain episodes?

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    I only watch certain episodes these days, mostly the episodes that focus on Serena.

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    I usually watch the movies and read about the episodes online. However, on rare occasions I would watch an episode.
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    I watch almost everything.
    I skipped the Iris special though as it never got dubbed and I can't stand her so I wasn't about to watch something with only her in it. That's like the only thing I never watched aside from Pikachu shorts.
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    I've been watching the anime with english subs sense midway through BW.
    Besides that seeing how long it takes for some of the episodes to get dubbed, there is enough time for me to read over discussions on these forums to tell whether or not the episode is filler or not.
    And after that I skip the filler episodes and make sure to only watch the important episodes.
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    I watch them raw when they air, then again when they air on CN dubbed, if I don't sleep through the 7am timeslot. Geez. I've seen every episode and film. I pretty much watch for Team Rocket. If they left the show I would stop watching.

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    I watch it without regard to how they handle the story for the most part. I'm more interested in the characters and how they interact and do things.
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    i watch it oline when the japense version airs. then i whatc it on cartoon network when the dub or mivie airs. if i mis a dub episode on go n kissanime or youtube to whatch it. im not worried about missing okemon at 7 o clock sinse i get up for school at 6:30 just like on saturday.

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