Want to organize a battle with other Pokemon Battle Revolution players?
Here's your chance!

Please make your information clear, battlers. Things you'll need to keep in mind:
  • Your PBR friend code should be included in your post.
  • If you want to observe any specific, non-Standard rules in your battle, state them clearly and noticeably along with your request! (For reference, see the Standard Competitive Rules below.)
  • Once you answer someone's request for a battle, you can figure out a date and time for your battle by sending PMs or VMs. Please do not make any scheduling posts inside this thread.
  • Follow all the General SPPf Rules.

Okay, have fun and good luck in your battles!

These are the Standard Rules, the most common guidelines for competitive battling. If you or someone else asks for a standard battle, these are the rules you should expect.
(Credit for them goes to the always wonderful Volteon!)


~Sleep Clause
You can't use sleep inducing moves in opponent's Pokémon when there's another Pokémon in his/her team asleep. Yawn can't be used to PseudoHaze (make opponent switch) when there's another Pokémon asleep caused by you. When the asleep Pokémon wakes up or faints, you're free to make another Pokémon of his/her team asleep. Sleeping being caused by Effect Spore or Rest are disconsidered from Sleep Clause.

~Species Clause
You can't use two of the same Pokémon in a team.

~Evasion Clause
You can't use moves that increases your evasion. Avoid the use of Acupressure, it has 1/7 chance to double your evasion.

~OHKO Clause
You are strictly prohibited of using OHKO moves. They are Guillotine, Horn Drill, Fissure and Sheer Cold.

~No Hacks
Don't need to explain, you are prohibited to use any illegally obtained Pokémon. Hacking parents to breed is also unaccepted, but people can't control this just looking at the stats. Hacking Pokémon with "legit stats" is also not allowed.

~No Ubers
Uber Pokémon are Pokemon with such impressive power that most Pokemon just can't counter them in battle. Since these are "Standard Rules" you have to use the "Standard Pokémon" as defined by Smogon's tiering system.
The current uber list:
Deoxys - Attack
Deoxys - Defence

~No Hax Items
These are all the items that relies on luck to activate. These items are:
Brightpowder, Focus Band, King's Rock, Lax Incense, Quick Claw, Razor Claw, Razor Fang and Scope Lens.
Scope Lens and Razor Claw are considered Hax items, but they are the only ones that are frequently accepted in Wi-Fi.

~No Disconnecting
You can't turn off your Wii or move away from signal range to end a battle. People can have weak connections, so don't always fight with the people if he/she disconnected. Not exactly a rule, but an ethical code of conduct.


Volteon has also compiled a list of common variations on the standard battling guidelines.

~Double Battle
Introduced in third generation, battle with four Pokémon in the arena, two from one side, two from opponent's. Very different style with a wider range of decisions you have to make in one turn.

~IV Battle
While breeding, if you want to know accurately what your Pokémon's IVs are, this is what you should do. Set a battle to level 100, write down the stats and calculate until you got the Pokémon you were looking for.

~Roulette Battle
A battle that you use all your competitive Pokémon. First of all, you must be honest while doing a Roulette Battle (Actually, you should in all battles, but this gets special care). Before asking/answering to a Roulette Battle you should organize all your competitive Pokémon in your box(es) in a random order, but without spaces. Both battlers count how many Pokémon they have and the player randomly chooses six numbers from the total his opponent said. The number corresponds to the position the Pokémon is in the box and the player has to use those Pokémon in the battle, the first number your opponent wrote also corresponds to the first Pokémon you'll send in the battle. Then it's just a standard battle! Meaning you can't bring Uber Pokémon, you can't use hax items, you can't sleep two opponent's Pokémon, etc. All standard rules included, unless your opponent provides his own rules.

~UU Battle*
A battle following all official standard rules, but using the UU tier and below. All Pokemon in the BL tiers and higher are disallowed from entry.

~Uber Battle*
Another battle following all official standard rules, but using the Uber tier and below. That means all Pokemon from all tiers may enter the battle.

~Monotype Battle
Another variation from a standard battle. Your entire team must have one type in common among all Pokémon. Double types are allowed, the only thing required is that one of the Pokémon's type has to match with the rest of the team's type.

~Everything goes battle
A battle people who are not into the competitive play use. It means that no rules are applied, hence, everything is allowed.


*The most commonly accepted tier list can be found here. Thanks to the folks of Smogon for the evaluations.