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Thread: The PBR Battle Salon!

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    Mostly due to 4th gen being the current game for ds battle in 3d, Mondays during the year there will be pokemon tournaments streamed by me. On mondays and maybe sundays, The streaming website it (our non profit organization) If this somehow gets locked please check out twitch. it has all of our info. Today's tournament (monday) will be at 1pm est. Thanks again!

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    I am very interested in pbr battles i just got back into pokemon and made a new fm and need to battle with them please message me on my wall so we can battle : )
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    All of the credit goes to Wolf did a great job and are very pateint..THNKS

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    Casual battling. No uber clause, no sleeping clause, etc. Anything and everything allowed. Anything goes. CASUAL. NOT COMPETITIVE. Dont expect me to have max EV and iv pokemon, because I don't care enough to have them. Let's just have fun!

    FC: 4039-3425-4448

    PM me/reply with quote if you're interested.

    ^^^Lol ubers don't suck

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