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    I like this pokemon very much. It gives the game an extra spin to it

    Here is my set:

    Zoroark @ choice scarf
    Ev's: 252 sp attack, 152 (52) attack, 106 (206) speed
    - U-turn
    - foul play/night burst
    - flametrower
    - focus blast/grass knot

    Zoroak, the illusionist. His movesets are as important as the pokemon you choose that zoroark is going to look like. I prefer pokemon like espeon,skarmory,natorei,... . In general, defensive pokemon; because they force the oponent to switch into an offensive pokemon (or let a offensive pokemon attack). I like this because the mostly don't have much defences so you have more chance of sweeping.
    I like zoroark to be a little bit of a mixed sweeped since his physical attack isn't that bad and it gives him much more diversity to count pokemon. Also U-turn and choice skarf is a deadly combination. But his special attack stays it's strong point so I personly like to maximize the special attack stat.
    Grass knot mainly is for swamperts, wich are difficult to counter without grassknot, but to be honest I prefer focus blast since swampert aren't so many seen in 5th gen OU lately. You may find foul play a weard move to go for, but actually it can be really handy. I uses the opponents attacking stat so it is perfect to use when you are able to switch in into a dragon dancing gyarados or a sword dancing dragon-pokemon. But the move stays really tricky, because it also can happen that the opponent switches into a defending pokemon with barely any attack. If you prefer to choose night burst over foul play I suggest of putting more EV's on speed since you only have one physical move then.
    For the Ev's, I suggest of keeping the special attack at it's maximum because it stays the strongest point of zoroark. Also his speed is quit high so with the combination with choise skarf it doesn't need so much speed anyway.
    The last thing I want to say it that this moveset isn't a solid as other ones. You should really let the moveset depend on the pokemon that zoroark is projecting and think about what the opponent should do when he falls for it, and to what he would switch into or wich attack it is going to use

    So that was it. Hope you like the moveset

    Ps: wow fforgot to send the rest of the text

    More to come
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