Right, so a lot of you have been moaning about the process we use to select Pokémon.

Please allow me to explain. Barring the first few Pokémon (up until March 20th), the selection is completely random barring special events like movies in July and game releases. As such, several Pokémon are struck out of the random selector for this reason.

Based on the posts, you all want to do the best and brightest Pokémon as soon as possible. While yes, I'm sure this would be popular, you need to remember that the Pokémon of the Week has to last at least 3 and a half more years and if we were to do all of them now, there would be very little decent to cover later. We need to spread them about.

Even if we were to do a poll, the more popular ones would always be done right away leaving us with nothing but crap towards the end once again.

I understand that you lot can be frustrated by this, but try to see things in the longterm rather than the present.