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No one will care in 3 and a half more years (which I believe you stated you'd like the PoTW 5th Gen to last) about a moveset for Empoleon, Scizor, or any other OU or Uber Pokemon that you haven't covered. People will have figured out the best/most popular/their favorite movesets on their own. I mean, Swalot? Really? Do yourselves a favor and pick out Pokemon people will want to read about. And this isn't about the number generator. This is about the fact that you don't exclude dumb Pokemon that don't have any redeeming qualities. The last two PoTW to be featured were Swalot and Leavanny. It seems like the articles should have had a disclaimer saying: "These Pokemon cannot take hits or dish them out. They have little redeeming qualities, however. So if you wanna use them, use them."
Have you even read Levanny's Overview on its PoTW?
Why would anyone even consider using it after that severe criticism?http://www.serebii.net/potw-bw/542.shtml
Seriously this is some bull sh*t.
lol, Leavanny is complete garbage. Do you want us to lie and say "if you use Leavanny, and you use one of these sets IT WILL SWEEP". No, if you use the leaf bug it will probably just die on the spot when a Skarmory, Salamence or whatever switches in and kills it.

I do agree we should cover some more interesting Pokemon right now. If we just took Smogon's OU list we would have well over a year's worth of Pokemon to cover. Pokemon remain usable until you drop to the low 200's, this equals four years worth of POTWs.

Then again I'm not spending any of my time writing these. If you disagree, see what Reno says.