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Thread: Super special awasom team of noobness

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    I just want to say I'm not that great team builder, and give advice on team build while rating my team.Also I don't like useing any other pokemon besides UU and mono type teams, so when you sudjest a pokemon please try to put in a UU pokemon or lower. I won't mind changing a pokemon in for a OU but I don't want to have an OU team. I also rarely use legendaries. Pokemon with a * by their name means i absolutly want them to stay.

    The Team

    Shell Armor
    *Stelth Rock
    *Iron Defence

    Sitrus Berry
    Atk 252, HP 200, Def 50, Spe 6
    *Force Palm
    *Seismic Toss
    *Close Combat

    Focus Band
    Atk 252, Spe 252, HP 4
    *Grass Knot
    *Seed Bomb

    Left overs
    Natral Cure
    Sp. Atk 252, Spe 252, Def 4
    *Ice Beam
    *Rapid spin
    *Hydro Pump

    Sitrus Berry
    Clear Body
    Sp.Def 252, Def 200 Sp. Atk 28, Atk 28
    *Ice Beam
    *Thunder Wave

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    Your team's colors are oddly pretty, but since you didn't add any descriptions at all to your Pokemon I have to close this. If you want it re-opened just send me the descriptions, and I'll update the thread, unlock it for you.

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