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Thread: Pewter Gym - The Biggest Crisis Ever! (DPSP2)

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    Absoulutely ridiculous side-episode... I mean Latias for Nurse Joy... WTF?

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    Nibi Gym - The Greatest Crisis Ever!

    Good Points:
    • Takeshi's pictures with his past traveling companions, gotta love that.

    • Jiro and Joi's battle was actually pretty good, Jiro is a beast to almost beat a Latias. Not to mention it scored several direct hits against Latias and he used Megahorn due to the super-effective power of it. The fact he managed to cause more damage and his attacks were more effective than Pikachu's against Latios, coupled with the fact he's one of the few characters in this series who can go toe to toe with a Legendary makes me view him as one of the stronger Kanto leaders.

    • I guess Takeshi's parents were good, tbh, I don't really care about solely comedic actions.

    • Takeshi's Paradise and the animation were just beautiful ;__;

    • Usokkie VS. Lucky, sure it was comedy. It was refreshing to see a move like Minimize and Mero-mero not being overpowered. I definitely think the battle should have been much longer, DoubleSlap really ate away that much of Usokkie's health for Takeshi to say that ._. and Flail looked very pathetic compared to when it was used against Muskippa when it evolved? ._. It's one of my favorites of the DP Pokemon so it kinda sucked it went down so easily to Egg Bomb and DoubleSlap.

    • The siblings managed to be entertaining especially when they connected Usokkie's infatuation to Takeshi's own behavior.

    Bad Points:
    • More Gureggru and Lucky please, especially the latter given I feel she was an integral part in Takeshi choosing to be a Pokemon Doctor.

    *Even though we've seen the "Nibi Gym in peril." plot before, I was pretty engrossed with Takeshi's Special from start to finish. I think him not doing relatively anything in DP for the later half makes you appreciate him more in this episode.

    Overall, neither Takeshi nor Hikari are terribly interesting enough to carry a Special on their own, at least in Hikari's case. But overall I'd say the Takeshi Special was great and the Hikari one was average.
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    I'm sure that this will be dubbed...

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    Unexpected Joy san become an inspector and she actually owns a Latias! Takeshi's parents are quite irresponsible in my opinion because they think of setting up another business if the gym really shut down rather than trying to save the gym. Fortunately Nibi gym can still continue to run.

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