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    Default The Kanto story: Robert arma's adventures

    Edit: I'm gonna try and, fix and seperate the grammer. But, I'm gonna do it once a day. Cause I don't always have the time, to edit everything.

    Edit: I'm not sure, if any one is reading, or just skimming through these chapters. So I cant tell, if this story is good or not -_-

    chapter listings:
    Chapter 1:
    Chapter 2:
    Chapter 3:
    Chapter 4:
    Chapter 5:
    Chapter 6:
    Chapter 7:
    Chapter 8:
    Chapter 9:
    Chapter 10:
    Chapter 11:
    Chapter 12: Part 1 Part 2

    Rated: G

    Chapter 1: I choose...Eevee?

    Welcome to the world of Pokemon. Where wonderful creatures roam around the world. Adaptin to many changes of nature and life. These creatures are called. "POKEMON" As a flock of Pidgeys started taking their flock to the skys with other flying pokemon with them as they soar through the clear sunny skys.

    While doing so it showed Spearows swooping down and up to the skys along with many others as the scenary then pans to a forest filled with many pokemon. "The creatures that inhabitate these way of life have many types of their kind. They can live in caves, open grass forests and oceans." With that showed more of the pokemon in the woods who are called Primape,Weedle and Caterpies. then all of the sudden everything goes black.

    Then pans out to a Pokemon trainer who is 10 years old. Old enough to have a certificate to go on his pokemon journey and take on the elite four. That Trainer name is. "Robert, Dinner is ready" His mom shouted.

    Robert haves short blue hair as he jumps down from the 2nd bunk of his bed where his brother once sleep before starting his journey last year. Which made Robert alot more impatient to start his.

    You see, He's always been behind his brother shadow ever since they were young. Anything he tries to compete in. Robert get the short end of the deal of always coming in 2nd or 3rd place in anything the two compete in. Which makes him the shadow of his brother.

    His brother was much of almost a over acheiver back then. But not so much any more as he takes things not so seriously now. But ever since he left for his pokemon journey. He declare that he will become the Pokemon champion in the Kanto region.

    While going downstairs Robert then looked at a mirror to check his outfit and hair for tomarrow. his eyes were light green and his outfit consisder of long sleeves shirt with a pokebal symbole near the hem of the shirt with stars trailing behind it.

    His pants are red long sleeves with blue strips near the ankles. As he was sitting down at the table. He saw tht hat rack was holding his black backpack and his official Pokemon league hat.

    he was once told by his mom. That she used to wear that when she was his age. Which is true. She was a remarkable trainer seeing many unknown pokemon that nobody once saw.

    Her pokemon were still with her. As they like to help out aroud the house. But mostly in their pokeball's at the Proffessor Oaks lab. After sitting down the food. she saw her youngest son looking at his gear from the corner of the room. She wished he will take some more time into thinking before going on his Journey. But with all those Pokemon books he bought and a survival guides for beginners. She believes he will do alot better then his brother.

    Which in no doubt she believes that will happen. He always hangs out around the house with her Pokemon. Playing pretending to be in pokemon battles. She was surprise how well he order her pokemons without even having badges or being a Official Pokemon Trainer.

    "Robert I've been talking over with Prof.Oak" She said which kinda startled Robert a bit almost flinging his fork off the table.

    "yeah mom?"

    "Well..Since your 11th birthday is in the next 3 months..How about you take your Pokemon journey eairly?", she had to smile as Robert mouth was wide open dropping his fork on the plate with his eyes buged out and wide from the propersition his mother just gave him. "haha..Will that look be a yes or a no?", she ask with a chuckle.

    Which Robert got out of his chair cheering jumping up and down as he quickly hug his mother, and scarf down his food quickly while taking his orange juice drinking anything down that was left as he ran upstairs getting things ready.

    "Well..Thats a yes then", she said chuckling to herself..But quickly got a down looked. Prof.Oak also told her that he only have the 3 starters early in the morning. Which is bad. Cause Robert likes to sleep in when his insomia's bad. Then started to hear stomping around upstairs as he prepares his stuff for his journey.

    Which his mom wanted make sure he was packing only stuff he needs. When she open the door. She saw him putting in cloths and getting potions out of his PC that he was saving up ever since he's been getting his allowence.

    Then saw him pack few books in his bag, which she figure is his survival guides. Yeah thats very important to have. Also a how to cook book. Which she was worry..She didn't think of that for his journey. "Well..I can certaintly say..He's very prepare", So she softly close the door as she lets him get ready.

    After coming downstairs she heard her T.V go to a news channel. "We are here now at the Celedon Gym, Where a Trainer from Pallet town is going to try and get his 4th gym badge." On the screen showed her other son. Danny making this battle look easy with his Fire type charmelon and Ghost Type haunter. Which their very strong againts Grass types.

    "..I do hope Robert doesn't have to fight him along his journey..Knowing those two..they will go at each others throat" With that she quickly turn off the T.V hearing Robert coming down as he gave his mother a unexpected hug which she hug him back. "You will make a fine Trainer" She said as she pull out of the hug.

    "I'll show them that I am not just my brothers shadow any longer!" He said as he then quickly went to get clean in the shower and head upstairs saying good night to his mom.

    Once he was upstairs, his mom then walked over to the phone as she started dialing a number as she waits for the person to picked.

    "hello?" The voice said at the other end.

    "Ah yes..Prof.Oak? This is miss Arma"

    "Ah..How are things doing over there?", Prof.Oak asked once the Phone screen appeared showing him holding the phone also.

    "Well..I decided that Robert will go on his journey tomarrow..and wanted to make sure that..well..if you could Save Squittle for him?"

    "Hmm..I saw the news too huh..Yeah Danny is doing great with the Charmander I gave him..But you got to remember that I can't keep that request. Also knowing hes his younger brother he will probably choose Charmander.", Which annoyed Roberts mom to hear that from Oak.

    She too didn't like how everyone treats Robert like a shadow too. Even when the two had the same hobbie. He will always lose againts his brother. Even on his race Track. Robert came into First PLACE! And yet everyone still went over to cheer up Danny which Robert was a bit confuse when that happen. But ignored it when his friend came and cheer him on. Even his best friend Yellow came over to congratulate him.

    "Prof.Oak..If you won't mind..Dont treat my youngest son like a Shadow", She said with a death glare at Oak who was sweating nervously.

    "SO sorry..Forgot about their history togethere" He said chuckling nervously. "Any way..If he can get up before 7am. He might have time to choose his pokemon. If he doesn't..well..he will have to wait another 3 months before I get new arrivals", He said with a sad tone. He didn't like keeping Trainers waiting for a starter pokemon. He always carrys about 32 of them in his lab. But they always disappear less then a hour.

    "Wait..Oak..Don't you still have that one Pokemon you got from Bill?", Robert's mom said with a Smile as Oak blink twice and then smiled with a aw impression.

    "OF course! I Totoally forgotten!. Well then I'll get it ready just for him!", He said after saying good bye the line close and Robert's mom hung the phone up and lean on the wall.

    "Well..This should be a intresting journey..I can see it now..Robert vs Danny for the place of becoming champions", She said giggling as she pets her Butterfree once it landed on her shoulder. "Think he will be a great Trainer Butterfree?", Which it responded back with a nod as it landed on her head. "Free.Freee!", It said cheerfully. "Well good night butterfree. We don't want to miss Robert and his starter pokemon!", She said turning off all the lights and headed for bed.

    The next morning..Well early noon.

    All you heard was crashing and pounding in the house. Which was Robert trying to find all his stuff. He was having a bad morning. first he woke up falling out of the bed. Then trying to get his stuff together after seeing one of moms pokemon going through his backpack. Which was a Rattata. Man does he dislike that pokemon. Then came downstairs seeing his mom have overslept and having made breakfeast yet. Could say these two are alike. One thin they both share..Sleeping in late.

    After breakfeast Robert was trying not to trip over any of the pokemon in the house. As he accendently step on a Raichu's tail which in turn ended up with a Thunderbolt flying every where causing all of the pokemon to go in a frenzy, while diffrent color of lights were being shown through the window as you hear Robert and his mom screaming. Once everything stop flashing you could see smoke coming out of the house from all the commotion.

    Then Robert came bursting out of the front door running down the straight way to Prof.Oak lab. with his bag hangin from his arm as he trys to put on his jacket as it trails behind him. After getting his right arm through the sleeve, he then started making short hops trying to put on his blue and black sneekers. "Man of all time to start out late and having a bad time. Hi Yellow, bye Yellow", He said quickly to her which she was at her favorite fishing spot waving back to him as he ran off.

    Then as he was up the hill he then trip and started rolling down the hill with all his stuff flying every where as teh villagers then ran out of the way making sure they wouldn't get hit. Once he reach the bottom he then landed in the river with all his stuff flying into water as Robert just groans in a misrable tone.

    Couple minute later Robert was now heading towards the lab with his entire cloths soaking wet dripping onto the path he was walking on. Once he made it to the Lab. He then quickly open the door to see 3 trainers already grabbing the Pokeball's. Which he was upset. But knew some of these Trainers. They were his friend from school. Well except two..Atleast the Girl he knew..Her name was Ruby. sporting a Blue sleeves shirt and a red skirt. With a white hat. her hair was long and reached her back. She turn around and saw Robert standing there soaking wet as he spits out water like a fountain.

    "Robert..What happen to you?", She ask as he walks up to her as he grab his hat, and Aqueeze out the water outside the window.

    "Lets..just say a bad morning.", He reply back as then She giggle seeing a Maril was on his leg.

    "And whos your friend?", She ask as Oak and the other two trainer laughed too. Robert looked down and saw the Maril as its eyes were big in a cute way saying. "Maril!", It said smiling at Robert then he shook it off. As it bounced off the floor and got up trying its best to get his tiny arms to push its self up. Instead use the bulb on its Tail to bounce itself up. "Marill Ma!", It said happily as it jumps out of the window.

    "Now as you three saw. That was a water type pokemon name. Marill Who haha..I have to say liked hanging onto Robert leg. Which its pretty intresting how he did that without a pokeball huh?", He said as Ruby and the boy with a red coat shook their heads yes.

    "Its believe that sometimes, there are trainer who befriend any pokemon without having to battle it or capture it with a Pokeball.", Then the boy with the red hat raise his hand.

    "So..Does that mean Robert can get pokemon with no pokeball? "Or even not being a official Trainer!? Thats so cool", He said excitedly.

    Robert knew Oak was messing with them..But after he thought it about it. When he was younger. He was able to befriend any pokemon that was around him. But only small ones..not huge ones. But shook it off as he sees the boy with spikey brown hair looking at him and turns away.

    "It is also believe that they will become good friends with other trainers too. Right grandpa", Which Robert blink in surprise. He knew this kid now was Blue.

    "Thats right Blue. So now that all 3 of you have your Pokemon. Here are your pokedex's", He said hanging out red devices as one of each grab onto them. He then waved good bye to them as they left. Ruby quickly stop and spoke to Robert. "Good luck on your journey too Robert"

    She said before leaving the building. Robert waved too and sigh in depression. But before he could leave. Oak stop him. "Hey wait Robert. I didn't give you your pokemon yet!" Oak said with a shock to see Robert reaction as he quickly turn around.

    "Really?! You saved a Squrttle!?", He said which Oak was surprise to hear Squrttles name.

    "Smart..Use a Water type againts a Fire type..He's definitly not a brother who copies his older sibling", Oak said chuckling to himself. "Its the poke ball in the middle of the stand.", With that he started to push a couple of buttons as then the center opened up.

    Robert then slowly walked up to it as he softly grips the ball. "You mean?", He ask in disbaleaf that this was actually happening. To ge this very first Pokemon and finaly start his journey.

    "Thats right. In that Pokeball. Is a Pokemon that will be your starter. But its not like the normal 3 starters", He said which smiled seeing how excited Robert was now. Then Robert picked up the ball and stretch out his arm and gave it a good toss.

    "I choose you!", He shouted as the ball flew half way as it then open up shooting out a white light as it landed on the counter as it started to form into what looked like creature.

    Once it was cleared enough. A brown and white fur pokemon appear with big long ears as its brown big eyes open up and looked up as it squeak. "Ereek?", It said scratching its ear. Robert was overly excited as he couldn't believe it that this was his starter.

    "WOW!? Its..a..a..What is it!?", He said holding it up as it lick his nose lightly while Robert smiled.

    "Thats a Evee. A Special Pokemon that Bill and I was researching on..You see it can evolve into 5 diffrent forms that we know so far." Then he panicked as Evee decided to crunch onto Roberts nose causing him to flail about shouting.

    "get it off get it OFF!", Robert said shouting in pain as Evee was swinging every where.

    After that fiasco. everything calmed down as Robert walked out the door with Evee walking beside him. Which was apologetic to his new Trainer. Prof.Oak explain to him that Evee hasn't been out of its pokeball over night so it was restless. Robert decided that Evee will always be outside with him. So this way it won't be lonely in its ball. Once outside he saw his mom and their neighbors around cheering for him as he was ready to start his journey.

    "Hey mom..This is my new Pokemon!", He said stepping to the side as Evee then jump up to his mom's arm.

    "Wow..A Evee. Thats great dear. Do you know what type Evee is", Which furiated Robert how his mom always puts him through. What type is that pokemon deal..

    "Evee is a normal type pokemon. It is effective againts Fighting types. Also cannot damage ghost types while ghost type move can't hurt normal types", He said in annoyence as Evee then jump down and turns around to face at the people who was here for the both of them. "well then..I guess this is it then.", she said trying not to cry.

    "Don't worry mom. I'll be okay! Come on Evee lets go!", He said running as every one including oak cheer him off as he ran outside of Pallet town.

    "I do hope he will be okay." his mom said. "Don't worry. He has a heart of a Trainer..He will do fine", Oak said.

    "Yeah..but its not that..I mean.When he comes and meet his brother..They will be competitive to see who will be stronger", she said as then Robert trip over the same mountain again as they heard a splash. "I'm also going to miss Robert's comedian personallity here", She said as Robert came back into view and started walking towards the entrance fo pallet town and left to start his pokemon journey.


    I will only post chapter 1 for now, since its like 5am in the morning>_< I really need to stop, posting on any forum at crack of dawn.

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