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Thread: The Kanto story: Robert arma's adventures

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    This was a good read, though I think you seriously should consider a beta reader. I was going to go through chapter by chapter and leave comments and reviews to help you out with grammar but I sadly don't have the time. Rest assured I did read it, though, and aside from the errors you've definitely got a worthy story on your hands. Like I said, though, from now on I'd suggest getting a dedicated beta reader to help you out before posting chapters and also to go through your previous works and help you edit them. Knowing they're not up to snuff grammatically isn't good when you don't do anything about it, know what I mean? Regardless, your characters are fun and quirky and I'm liking the way your story is progressing. c: Keep it up, Trainer Robert! I look forward to reading more and if you have a PM list I'd absolutely love to be added to it hahahah.
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    Thanks Dawn_hero ^^ Although, I don't know what PM listing means, but I would like it for you to in one ^_^.

    I just need to know, how it works XD Glad you enjoy the story. Pokemon is a very new territory for me. I'm more used to writing Megaman Battle Network stories : ). Either way, glad you enjoy it XD

    Though I don't really have a beta reader. Not sure who would want to, beta read this...

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    I still haven't found any one to beta read this yet. But if any one is up for it. I'll gladly appreciate it. Sorry for not posting in a long time XD Been busy with life and stuff. Any way, here ya go!

    Chapter 15: Thunder badge on the S.S Anne

    The four kids were all looked up, at the marvelous size of the boat, seeing how big and wide it was, with Robert, Shadow, Yellow and Green. Looking up with their heads back, with their hands over their forehead, blocking out the sun glare at them, as it was shining brightly near the tip, of the funnels.

    Green whistle out a long blow. Then spoke up for everyone, and said whats on their mind. "Its bigger than our houses, together!" She said, with a chuckle, while the other 3 just nodded along with her, and looked forward, seeing a sailor. Accepting and greeting, what looked like, rich people and family's. Hearing the wingull's doing their cries, and flew around the funnels, at the top of the boat.

    The water was splashing up and down, against the docks, while the ocean breeze was, softly blowing a cross the 4 trainers, with Yellow and Green holding onto their hats, at the same time, Robert was holding onto his back pack. Since it became, lighter over their journey. Now underestimating, their hual and items, that they were losing alot of items. Which he understand, why Yellow wanted him to shop. When they got here.

    Once the breeze died down, they walked up in the line, chit chatting to each other. Robert and Shadow, talking about Pokemon evolution and tips on battling, while Green and Yellow was happily, talking about daily things and wondering what kind of people are on this boat, when they reached to the sailor.

    He just let out a boastful laughter, at the trainers. Making them glare at him, probably thinking less about them, of how they wouldn't be able to get on. Without the expensive tickets, that cost like forturnes. Before he continue his taunting and teasing, all 4 raise their hands with a smirk on their faces. Showing their tickets to the sailor, who was slowing down his laughter and went into a nervous chuckle.

    "Sorry to waste your time! Come on in!" He said in a panick, while sweating bullets, with the four trainers playfully, stuck their noses up in the air. Walking past him, then thank him for letting them in. Which he blinked at this, raising his hand up to his hair, blushing and chuckling. Thanking the trainers for their kindness and allowed them inside the boat.

    Once they left he turned around, with a smile on his face, with more people coming and taking the trainers advice, while thanking the sailor, when he will let them inside. "Boy, and I thought civierly was dead", he thought to himself, with his smile getting bigger and bigger.

    Looking up to the sky, seeing the bird Pokemon started flying away, from the boat's funnels, seeing dark clouds comign by. Which he raise a hand over his forehead, getting a bit worried. About a storm that is coming. "Well, long it doesn't effect the party, then everything should be okay!" he said outloud, which everyone looked up and nodded in agreemeant

    Once the four trainers were inside, they couldn't believe the decor of the inside was fantastic! Red floor carpets, hanging lights of fine diamonds, pantins and expensive looking marble tables, that had cup holders here and there. Along with sented candles that werent lit, but looked warm, from probably being used last night.

    They were just walking down the halls, along with people with fancy clothing, and strong looking Pokemon with them, while some were standing in the halls, chit chatting to each other. While bowing to the Trainers, which surprised them alot, since they weren't dress for the occausion. Then saw, that almost every signle one of them, were Pokemon trainers, while some, were breeders and contestants. While some were just owners, of Pokemon and treating them like pets. Making Yellow smile huge, wandering off from the others.

    She likes people, who tend and care their Pokemon, and treating them as equals. Of course, the trainers, who had the pokemon out. Were smiling and happily talking with her. Seeing how much Yellow was getting into their conversation, Shadow turn to the other two. Speaking out and saying to the two, that they should take this time, to wander about on the ship.

    Making Green and Robert agree to this idea, seeing how induce Yellow was, in the conversation she was having. Was making these two, wanting to find someone on board, to talk too also. Of course wasn't so hard for Green to get into a conversation, after seeing some Nurse Joys and other people, that looked like Doctors. Were all gathered in one hall, in turn making her jog up to them and ask advice about being a traveling Pokemon doctor.

    Robert just grin wide seeing Green, able to talk to someone who would know about, healing and curing Pokemon when their injured. Then he looked over to Shadow, who was talking to People, that looked a little foreign, and saw the sign that was standing, next to the door way. Said, 'Johto travelers welcome'.

    Tilting his head a bit, he wondered if Shadow came from Johto. Though wasn't quite sure about that, so he just shruged his shoulders and continue his way. Following the halls, to the main ball room. Seeing the size of the room, that stretches very far and wide. With dinning tables, cover with white table cloths and silver wear. That were place carefully on them.

    Letting out a whistle, he walk towards one of the tables and sat down on chair. Seeing that both Trainers and Nobles, were chatting about and giving each other advices. While some were showing their pokemon to each other. While some were, complimenting how wel groom they were.

    Robert just let out a small smile and looked down a bit. He wasn't really into these type of ball rooms or interaction about grooming. Heck, he got curious about the topic and released Eevee from his pokeball, which the light went to the floor and appear the brown fur Pokemon. Looking up to Robert with its black perl eyes.

    "Hey Eevee! How ya doing?" Robert asked with a smile and chuckle, seeing how the brown Pokemon jump up onto his lap and lick his chin. Giving out a happy squeak, then notch its ears, with its eyes following Robert's hand. That glided a cross the brown pokemon fur. Making the little guy close its eyes, liking the soft petting from its trainer. While letting out a little squeak, from Robert accendently, rubbing its one ear.

    "Oh sorry. Forgot about that little patch of fur eevee." He told his pokemon with concern. Seeing the pokemon shaking its head, trying to tell its trainer that it was alright. After a while, hanging around with Eevee. Robert couldn't help but feel like someone was watching him, from behind. So looking over his shoulders, he was surprise to see a little girl, with long blue hair that reaches to her back.

    Along with what seems to be a noble dress. Staring at him and Eevee, with a gaze that says. "Nice to meet you and is that your pokemon"

    Robert smiled at the little girl, whom smiled back and walked up to the Eevee. Petting it slowly. "Is this your Eevee?" The little girl asked. Which Robert could probably tell, she is about 6 to 7 years old. Nodding to the girl and setting the pokemon down to the floor, while kneeling at the same time.

    "Yup, he's my first ever Pokemon and friend", Robert explain. Seeing the girl crouching down as well. Laughing at the playful Eevee, who was hopping back from her and then stepping in front of her. Trying to get her to play with him.

    "That's cool...I can't wait, till I start my journey as well. When did you start?" She asked, with her gaze turning to the boy. Who looked up in thought, trying to remember what time and month he did left.

    "Umm...Around about a month ago. Though I started a little late", He said embarrase about starting his journey at 11 years old. But knowing his mom, she would wanted him to be prepare then going out to the world. With no knowledge at all. Looking back to the girl, her eyes were wide in surprised and smiled big with actually breaking out of her noble stature.

    "Really!? You don't need to be exhactly ten years old. To start your journey??" She asked, with hopeful looking eyes. Which Robert just nodded and got tackle down by his Eevee, who was fuming about being ignored. Causing the girl to laugh at that action.

    "Y...Yeah, ow", Robert started, while rubbing his stomach and glareing at Eevee, who was trying to pretend to whistle. Then looked back to the girl. "You thinking of starting late? If so, then thats a good thing. Can get easily prepare", he explain. While the girl was so focus on him and wanting to know things about being a trainer.

    "OH How rude of me!" She said suddenly, getting up and curtsey to Robert. "Name's Dawn Berlits, of the Berlits family", She finished, with Robert chuckling and bow to her in a playful manner.

    "Well Dawn, my name is Robert arma. So what are you doing here on the S.S Anne?" He asked, while straighting himself back up. While Dawn, pointed towards a man. That was speaking with Lt.Surge.

    "My dad and I, are traveling a cross diffrent regions. Right now, Kanto is our last stop. Then we are going to head back to Sinnoh", she reply, while smiling up to him and at the same time raising an arm up for a hand shake. "Well, I better get going. Nice to meet someone like you Robert", she said, while getting her eyes back to that. Noble stature, making Robert to rub the back of his head. Shaking hands with her.

    "Of course! If you ever do become a trainer and if I am ever in Sinnoh. We should have a pokemon battle!" He said happily, with Eevee squeaking at the response. Causing the girl to laugh again and said good bye to the Pokemon and Trainer, while running back to her dad. Excitedly telling him about how, she met her first Pokemon trainer.

    "Heh, we only been seperated for a short time and your already influence kids to become a pokemon trainer", Said Green, who walked up to the boy, along with Shadow and Yellow. Who all sat down at the table, with happy smiles. Which Robert figured they had a good time with the people.

    "Actually, to be honest. She kinda came up to us. She definatly, took a liking to Eevee. So no doubt she wanted to become a trainer, once she gotten older." He explain, which all three nodded. Seeing how Eevee was having a good time, they decided to release their pokemon as well.

    Shadows houndoom, Yellows Beautifly and Green's Warturtle. Which Robert was surprised to see that her Squirtle evolved.

    "Wow! Ruby..." Stop mid sentence, seeing her glareing at him. Which he raise both hands up in defense. "Sorry! Green", which she nodded and smiled. "Any way. Hey Warturtle! How it going?" He asked the water type Pokemon. Who was smiling and saying it's name to Robert, trying it best to explain, how hard much hard work it have done over the month. While, giving a peace symbole with its claws. Letting Robert know that it is doing, its best to protect Green any way it could.

    Once every one was all settle and getting food deliver to them. The three of them, were surprise how much attention Robert was getting. Ranging from children wanting to play with his Eevee, towards asking what its like to be a trainer. While some of the adults, were coming to him for aid. Of what they should do, if the said children who came up to him. Wanted to be a Pokemon trainer.

    The boy was swamp and could not believe that neither, Shadow, Yellow or Green. Help him out of this situation! Its bad enough, that he is shy around people. But trying to give advice to the parents?! Now thats a difficult chore in itself. Thankfully Lt.Surge saved the boy from any embarrasement.

    "Heh...Thanks Lt.Surge! Don't know how long, I would've been able to answer all their questions", Robert said, with a tired look. Seeing the Gym leader laughing and patting his shoulder.

    "No problem, so any way? You ready for that Pokemon battle?" He asked with a smirk. Seeing how eager the young trainer is. With the other three, just quietly enjoying their food and meal.

    Few minutes later ...

    Everyone was now standing around, out on the deck. With the sea winds blowing and softly pushing the waves up and down a bit. Both trainers and Nobles were on the upper decks, watching the Gym battle that was about to take place, on the S.S Anne. Which will be the very first Gym battle on a boat.

    Robert standing on the end of where Lt.Surge is standing. His vision was slowly getting dim and re-focus again. With the ship tilting up and down. Making Robert get a little motion sickness. Shaking his head to get rid of the feeling, blinked his eyes and re-focus what was ahead. Though he just couldn't shake the feeling of getting sick.

    "Alright! Lets go Raichu!" Shouted Lt.Surge, throwing the pokeball forward. Bursting open and shot out a beam of light, revealing Raichu standing tall and proud. With its paws cross in front of its chest.

    "Raiichu! chu, chu!" It cried out, while pumping its paw to a 'come on' motion. Which Robert smirk at this, while his hand shakingly, grab one of his pokeball. While slowly shaking his head trying to focus on the battle, that was sappouse to take place right now.

    "Okay! Eevee, I choose you!" He shouted, while almost throwing the ball off balance. Once it landed onto the floor, it quickly burst open and revealed Eevee, with a determine look and ready for battle.

    "Hey?" Shadow suddenly asked to Yellow and Green, which the girls shift their eyes at the older teen.

    "Yes...We see it too Shadow", Green said. Making Yellow looking back to the girl with confusion. While following her arm that was pointing towards Robert. To let her see the condition he was in. "I knew this was a bad idea...Robert gets easily motion sickness on boats. But hey, knowing him. He will be able to fight against it", Green said, shrugging her shoulders a bit. While going back to continue watching the battle.

    While Yellow stare back at Robert and gulped a bit. Consisdering that it was both her and Lt.Surges idea, to have him battle on the S.S Anne on his birthday. Well one thing for sure, this is definatly a bad predictament on both ends.

    Even Lt.Surge was seeing this. Raising one eye brow at the same time. Noticing how Robert, was shaking a bit. But will constantly shake him self out of it. "Well kid...I hope you know what your doing", he thought to himself while thrusting his arm forward. "Raichu, show the little baby Pokemon what we can do! Go use quick attack!" He commended.

    Which the Pokemon nodded and dashed forward with a beam of light behind it. While Eevee, move back in shock and waited for its command. "Eevee! Agility and then use swift" He tried to command, but quickly grab onto the side railings, trying to keep balance.

    Eevee, lower one brow at the slow command, but manage to dodge just in time. By quickly side stepping, with agility. Then spin around in a circle. Shooting multiple stars that was about to make contact to Raichu.

    "Raichu, thunderbolt!" Shouted Lt.Surge, which the mouse pokemon. Pump its paws ands shot out a powerful electric move, that was cutting through swift and mde contact to Eevee, causing the brown Pokemon to go flying and crashing into a wall. Which some of the spectators wince at this.

    "Eevee! You al..Alright!" Robert slured a bit, trying to get the dizzy feeling out of him. Seeing the brown Pokemon slowly getting up and shaking its head. While getting back into it's battle stance, though got thwack by a mega punch. From Raichu whom appear right in front of Eevee, while thrusting its fist a cross the Pokemon cheek.

    "Follow up with Thunder!" Lt.Surge commended, while Robert move his head to Lt.Surge and back to Eevee, who was struggling to get back up from the mega punch.

    "Eevee! Defend by using Shadow Ball!" Which surprised every one on the ship and Lt.Surge.

    "Ah, smart move", Shadow suddenly said, while chuckling slightly. Leaving Green and Yellow to looked at him. "You see, Thunder can break through anything. Because of how powerful it is. But! Shadow ball is also, made of pure energy. Which if the two collide", he left it hanging. While moving both hands apart to emphasize the end result.

    "It will cancel out each other...But?" Yellow suddenly said, while watching Eevee charge up the shadow ball. "Will Eevee, survive the explosion?" She asked, which the two trainers pale a bit and look at the battle. She was right, Eevee already recieve alot of damage from Thunderbolt and Mega Punch.

    "Now fire it up into the air Eevee!" He smirk to himself, knowing that Thunder gets shoot up into the air and then suddenly arch itself, towards the opponet. Which exhactly what just happen. Once Raichu let out a roar and discharging the electricity from it's cheeks, that cover around it's body to re-route it all over. Then fired it up into the air at the same time. Eevee fired off his Shadow ball at the same time.

    Which both attacks made contact. Before it could even arch itself. Shocking every one around them. Making Green and Yellow jump up onto their feet with excitment. Especially Green who was analysing the scene that took place. "Now I see it, like Shadow said! If Eevee's shadow ball were to be fired into the air. Which will cancel out the Thunder attack, but Robert made Eevee shoot up into the air. Before it could arch itself!" She said excitedly.

    Making Shadow and Yellow widen their eyes and looked towards the clouded battle field. smiling at the outcome of how it went. It all turned into what Robert wanted, but now the bad thing is. Both teams, can't see each other.

    "Eevee! Run up the wall with agility and jump off at the same time, using swift attack!" Robert shouted, which made his friends to blink their eyes. This command was way to advance.

    "Robert! Thats way to advance, Eevee won't probably have enou-", Before Green was able to finish her sentence, they all saw the brown Pokemon. Dashing out of the cloud and running up the wall with incredible speed. Then more shockingly, perform the command with out a hitch and fire off swift. Into the dust cloud, causing the cloud to split open, with a surprise Raichi. Who recieve the attack at full force.

    "Now, follow up with Iron tai-" Robert said, but quickly went to his knees, before he could finish his command. Which this gave Raichu enough time to recover and upper cut into Eevee with a Mega punch. Causing the pokemon to scream out in pain and come crashing down into the deck.

    Making some of the spectators to gasp. Dawn who was watching with her Butler, tug onto his pants and looked up to him. Seeing him starring back down. "Will...Will Eevee be alright?" She asked. With wavering eyes, getting really worried about the little Pokemon. Which the butler chiuckle.

    "Don't worry young Dawn. All Pokemon will have to do this, when they battle each other. They can easily get heal at the Pokemon Center...But right now", he stop for a bit. To take a look at the struggling Pokemon. Who was growling and glareing at the Mouse Pokemon, with slight breathing. "If this were to keep up, that Trainer is going to lose..." He answer honestly, making Dawn to look at Robert. Who was struggling to keep, the motion sickness.

    "I don't think its his fault. Looks like he doesn't fair well with boats", Dawn said. Which the butler nodded, seeing the condition the trainer was in.

    Robert he was finally up on his feet. Quickly looked where Eevee was and saw how badly bruise it was. "Eevee! Agility!" He shouted. Which the pokemon nodded and dashed forward with a hop.

    "Alright Robert...Lets see how well, you fair in a bad situation..." Shadow thought to himself. Seeing the action between the two Pokemon. Raichu trying its best to shock Eevee, with its thunder bolt. Which were missing its target. Eevee will constantly, hop left and right. Every time that a thunderbolt will be fired and miss. Richosheing off from the floor boards. In turn, making some of the spectators and trainers, to cover their eyes when. One of the bolts will fire straight up.

    "Alright Eevee, quick attack off the wall and follow up with Iron tail!" Robert shouted, which Eevee nodded and jump onto the wall and shoot it self from the wall and rocketed towards a shock Raichu.

    "Raichu, don't let him get the chance! Use thunderbolt!" Lt.Surge commanded, but widden his eyes, seeing Raichu pumping its arms. But no electricity coming out of its cheeks. "Thunder shock!" again. Nothing came up. While this was happening, Eevee wag his tail hard. Forming and making it turn into iron. Lt.Surge seeing this, quickly swipe his arm down shouting a new command that was Mega punch.

    Thrusting its paw forward. Both moves made contact. Causing Eevee to move back a bit and Raichu's paw keeps going up. Which Eevee quickly moved its body again and landed a direct hit to Raichu. Whom moved back from the impact and holding its stomach. Sure it wasn't effective, since electric type aren't weak against.

    "Quick Shadow Ball!" Robert quickly said, while quickly covering his mouth and turning around and facing off the deck. Which some of the spectators wince a bit and quickly look back to the little Pokemon who was charging up a shadow ball. high above it's head. Lt.Surge taking this his chance, while Robert is being distracted.

    "Raichu! Hurry and use quick attack!" He shouted, which the mouse Pokemon did and charge straight towards Eevee. With every one leaning over the railings wondering, who will get the last hit. Yellow and Green were holding on to each other, chattering their teeth together, anxious to see who will deliver the final blow. While Shadow was bitting his nails like a type writer.

    Eevee, seeing his trainer not focusing on the battle. Knew he was leaving it up all to him. Quickly slamming his head down, knowing it wouldn't fire it off in time, before Raichu strike. Once the move explouded from touching the ground. Causing a huge wind to blow every where, which got Robert's attention.

    Every one was on the edge. Waiting, waiting for the cloud to disappear. Hoping to see who ever came out of the move. When the ocean breeze blew by, clearing away the cloud of smoke. showed Raichu standing there in soot. With its eyes blinking and puff out a smoke cloud from it's mouth. Falling backwards with swirls on its eyes. Everyone blinking at this and move their attention to a coward Eevee. Who was covering its eyes with both ears, shivering and shaking. Thinking to it self, "I'm dead, I'm dead, dead,dead. I lost...I'm..." Suddenly getting out of its thoughts .

    Moved one ear away from its right eyes and took a peak. Seeing that Raichu haves fainted and on the ground. Letting out groans of its defeat. Then Eevee quickly got picked up by his excited trainer, who toss Eevee up in the air and caught him hugging it close. "You did it Eevee! You won!" He shouted, which every one was clapping and cheering. All of them were proud to witness a great Gym battle. That was spectactular and amazing sight to see. Especially on a cruise.

    Yellow, Green and Shadow walked up to the trainer excitedly, congratulating Eevee with its victory. While patting Roberts back. Which then his entire face turned green and hand over Eevee to Yellow, while running towards the edge of the dock. Making his friends, flinch and wince a bit seeing this. While Lt.Surge was patting his partners head, which Raichu was smiling up to its trainer. "Heh, Not every day you get to challenge 2 great Trainers. In 2 days huh Raichu?" He asked, smililng at the mouse Pokemon.

    Dawn who watch this nodded to herself and looked up to her butler. "I have decided, that once my 10th birthday comes. I want to be a Pokemon trainer." She said, with determination in her eyes. The butler was about to oppose from the suggestion, but one look in her eyes towards the trainer. Made him realise this battle and meeting with him. Encourage her final decission.

    "Alright Ms.Berlits, we will have to check it over with your mother and father though ok?" He said with a big smile. Which made her smile and nodded. Looking back to the trainers below, trying to make Robert feel better.

    Outside the S.S Anne...

    "Here ya go! The Thunder badge!" Lt.Surge announced, handing the badge on to the open palm of Robert's hand. Who gave a meek smile from the motion sickness and nodded. Once they were done with their good byes and getting directions of where to head next. They headed off.

    " Hey!" Yellow suddenly yelled, running up to a sign that was a bit ahead of them. Which the others caught up to her and saw her reading a sign. "There's an amusement Park, just a few routes ahead! We should go there and celebrate Green and Robert's victory!" she exclaim, clapping her hands together, getting smiles from others. Agreeing with the idea and headed off, with Yellow pulling both Green and Robert. Causing the two to get drag on the ground. Shouting to Yellow to slow down and calm down. While Shadow just laugh his head off from the scene.

    "Aw man. This journey is definatly worth going. Though...", he suddenly harden his gaze. Staring at the three young trainers. "What will become of them? Once they make it to the Pokemon league..." He silently wonder, remember how some times. Leagues make friends turn onto each other and betray their friendship. Knowing how Yellow was keeping a secret from the two, it looked like it will be heading to that direction.

    But for now...He will just follow them and watch how this all turn out. He is just having to much fun with the trainers. With the amusment park for their next destination. What fun things await for them? While I still haven't gotten a pieace of cake!

    To be continue...
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    Chapter 16: Yellow vs Green. Who will stay and who will go!?

    Its been a long journey for our trainers. But they manage to pulled through the most difficult and the most harshest of times. Now, their going to get some relaxation by...

    "Yahoo! The carnival, carnival!" Shouted Yellow, happily spinning around. Then quickly started moving from left to right, with her hands over her fore head. While squealing a bit and bouncing a bit. Getting really impatient. Seeing all the diffrent kind of rides. From ferris wheel, merry go rounds, bumper cars, roller coasters and tons of diffrent attractions and games.

    Robert, Shadow and Green were all just standing there and watching the excited girl. Just prance around and looking over at signs and diffrent games that were place. Leaving the three to just sweat drop and laugh nervously at the young blonde.

    "Boy she sure gets excited", explain Shadow, by looking towards Green and Robert. Who both nodded and Robert looking up with a pointer finger.

    "Well, back then when she was a kid. She useually gets sick when a field trip comes. So she some times, misses out on alot of things.", he said. Turning his gaze at Yellow. Deciding to walked ahead of the other two, which he was suddenly pulled in by Yellow and carried off to the ticket stand. With him yelling to her to stop.

    Green and Shadow follow right behind them. With Green letting out a hum and crossing her arms a bit. Closing one eye and tilting her head a bit. "Some thing wrong Green?" Asked Shadow, he looked at the brunette girl.

    "I know I'm forgetting some thing...Especially between these two. Some thing out of character" She said, leaving a hand under her chin. Getting into a deep thought, causing Shadow to raise an eye brow and turn his attention at the two young trainers. Whom came back with tickets for every one.

    Every body that was there, were having tons of fun and enjoying them selfs. By playing games at the stands, that were shooting water into a Squirtles face. Which who ever fills the balloon up with water first and blow it up wins. While some of the games, have you toss rings and hope that one of them lands on top of the bottles. Some shooting a ball into a hoop and many more.

    Seeing the looks Yellow and Robert were giving, Shadow just had to smile. Seeing the boy finally relaxing, from intense training and the battle he had recently. Plus the miss hap of motion sickness. Its no wonder, these two will be excited.

    "Lets go on that ride!" Yellow and Robert both shouted, pointing at 2 diffrent rides at once, causing Green to pump her arm high into the air and shouted.

    "Thats it! Thanks you two...Uh oh", she suddenly said while blinking her eyes and caused Shadow to do the same and looked over at them. Then back up a bit, seeing that Yellow and Robert were glareing at each other with leering eyes. Sending off very high level of threat to each other.

    Robert pointed at a ride that was slow and good for relaxing. While Yellow was pointing at the roller coaster and other fast and thrilling rides. In other words, they chose the exhact polar oppasites of what one wanted to ride on.

    Putting her fists on her waist, she lean forward with annoyence in her voice. "Come on! You always want to go on the slow and puthetic rides!" Yellow announced, gritting her teeth at the boy. Who crossed his arms and lean forward with his head.

    "Well! You always want to go on fast and dangerous rides!" He proclaim, causing Green to slump forward and let out a huge breath of air. Making Shadow chuckle a bit with his shoulders moving up and down. looking at Green, pointing at the two.

    "Is this what you meant? Their personality is...", he started snapping his fingers, trying to ge tthe word out. Which Green finished for him.

    "Out of character? Yeah", she replyed. Resting a hand over her head. Rubbing where the hat was and shook her head. "The first time, Yellow actually came with us. To an amusement park, Robert and Yellow will always choose seperate rides. Which causes them too...Well", then motion her head towards the two.

    Who were now yelling at each other at the top of their lungs, Yellow stomping her foot, while Robert haves his arms down against his sides. Causing both Green and Shadow to just stare at the arguing trainers. Shouting out nonsence to each other at the same time. Saying how their prefer rides are more better than the others.

    "Shouldn't we stop them?" Asked Shadow, which Green shift her eye towards him and drop her head and walked forward. Noise from the two getting louder. Once she got to them and looking at the two kids. Getting a tick mark on her head, while slowly raising her fist up a bit.

    "KNOCK IT OFF YOU TWO!" She screamed, hitting them both over the heads, causing Yellow and Robert to quickly crouched down low, rubbing their heads from the two large bumps that were showing. Yellow wincing and turning her head towards Green.

    "Green...What did you do that for!?" She asked, while standing back up. Softly touching the bump with a hiss at the same time. Robert getting up and glareing at Green with annoyence.

    "Yeah! We were having a discussion here!"

    "NO! You weren't! You two are screaming and yelling at each other. For which rides to go on...seesh", she stop mid sentence. While scratching the side of her cheek and tapping her foot. With Shadow finally joining in with the conversation.

    "Why do you two act like this any way?" Shadow asked, which caused Yellow and Robert to blink and stare at each other. Then suddenly glare and humph at each other, both of their arms cross and looking away at each other.

    "Why?! Because we all know, that fast rides are really dangerous!" Robert Pro-claimed, closing his eyes.

    "Because slow rides are really lame and boring!" Pro-claim Yellow, moving her head to the side, not accepting Roberts pressence. Green gritting her teeth and leering at the two, although Shadow saw that her gaze was mostly towards Yellows direction. Making the older boy to question this a bit.

    "Alright then!" He suddenly announced, causing every one to look at the boy with questioning looks. Raising his hand up near his face and winked at the others. "Then we shall ride both fast and slow rides, so this way we can please both parties! How does that sound!" He exclaim, while smiling at the three. Green nodding a bit, while Yellow and Robert groaning about its a waste of time.

    Once they headed out to the rides. They started with the slower rides. Which were like bumper cars, mirror mazes and merry go rounds. Although Robert, Green and Shadow were enjoying them selfs. Yellow was fast asleep on the merry go round, getting frustraited and shouting out in the mirror maze and purposly letting her bumper car get bump. Not enjoying any of the rides they went on, or attractions they enjoyed.

    Though rides like tea cups, or small roller coaster. Everyone was sort of fair on it, but still Yellow just let out a yawn and didn't bother with the rides. Once they were done, riding the slow ones that Robert wanted to go on. Yellow and him went back into screaming and yelling at each other, after she made a comment saying that those were baby rides. Which Green and Shadow just sat down at a picnic table, glareing at the two trainers. Wondering when this will ever stop.

    Once the group finally got them to settle down, thanks to Greens monsterous punches to the trainers head. Causing both of them to fall on the ground and shaking in fear, at the girl who was towering over them. Before she could say anything though, Yellow suddenly jump up and squeal saying its time for the fast rides. Robert's face just pale at this, while getting pulled to the rides.

    Yellow have proved to them, that on the outside. She is a caring and soft girl. But deep inside...Shes a thriller girl! She went on to any rides that were incredibly fast and some that were spinning at high speed, along with rides that will bring you so high up and suddenly drop you down in a bungie like motion. Even Roller coasters. The girl was definatly one for excitment and thrills, shockingly surprising Green alot.

    After they were all done with the rides, all of them minus Yellow. Who went to get some food for every one. Were waiting outside of the bathroom...Poor Robert, his face was turning all diffrent shades of green and colors. From each ride they took for Yellow. The boy was litterly falling down to his knees and bumping into every thing that came his way, from being too dizzy to even walk.

    Thankfully, Green called off any more rides until he was back to standing on his own two feet. Shadow was definatly surprised how terrify Robert was, the boy wouldn't even let go of the railings in the line and took all 3 of them. To just pull him off, while breaking the railings in half.

    After the boy finally came out from the restoroom, holding his stomach and groaning. Mumbling how he hated Yellows taste of getting thrills. Said girl came back with every ones order and her holding cheese fries. Caused Robert's face to turn green again and ran back to the restroom.

    Green getting a bit annoyed, grab Yellow by the arm and started pulling her away from the amusement park. With Yellow trying to walk back to Shadow and tugging her arm. Trying to break free from her grip. "Geeze Green, you have a grip there", Yellow exclaim, trying to break free.

    Green shaking her head a bit, looked over towards Shadow. "Shadow! Make sure Robert eats and look after him...While I have a private chat with Yellow here...", she explained why glareing at the girl. Whom blinked her eyes in confusion and wonder what Green wanted with her.

    Couple minutes have passed, since they left the amuzement park. With Green looking around her and starring at the trees, that were rustling and blowing gently against the wind. While looking behind her and Yellow. With her brown hair rising a bit and gently rested on her back. Then nodded with closed eyes, letting go of Yellows arm.

    Walk off couple good distance from Yellow. By having her arms out in a 'T' formation. Counting her steps in her head. Spinning around, to face Yellow whom. Tilt her head in confusion. Then back up a bit, seeing the glare that was being sent to her. Green's hat casting a shadow over her fore head a bit.

    Thrusting her arm forward, pointing at the blonde hair girl.

    "Yellow!" She called out, causing the girl to flinch a bit from the tone of her voice. "I want you to stop journeying with Robert now!" She announced, causing Yellow to raise an eye brow a bit. Scratching the back of her head.

    "Umm...Why? Robert, Shadow and I are getting through things okay...I don't really need to see why I shoul-" Yellow started explained, causing Green to face palm her self and shook her head. Looking up to the sky and breathing out a sigh.

    "You just don't get it do you Yellow?" She asked, sliding her hand back down to her side. Resting it on her hip for sappurt and saw Yellow. Just shrug her shoulders at Green. Whom sweat drop and let out a small chuckle. Remembering her mother telling her, to always finish her sentences when talking. "I mean...Whos the strongest in your group so far Yellow?" She asked. Knowing how the girl felt about people comparing her strength with others.

    "Well...Umm...I would say number wise...Shadow, but he only shown one Pokemon. So we don't know how strong he really is...", she explain while holding up one finger. Then raise another one. "2nd will probably be Robert", before she could finish her sentence. Green interrupted her.

    "Exhactly! Your the weakest in the group right? Always staying behind the side lines. Letting them take care of the more dangerous stuff. Am I right?" She said, grinning a bit, but blink her eyes, seeing Yellow once again. Shrug her shoulders and nodding her head a bit. "okay...Something I miss?" She thought to her self.

    "I do my best to help out possible I can...I wouldn't say I'm well..."

    "un-realiable? Useless?" Green finished for her, getting a bit nerved. Though seeing Yellow glaring back at her. Definatly threw her for a loop.

    "Never have I...!"

    "Lets face it Yellow! You always let some one else do battle for you. Never once, aiding them in the time of need...", she exclaim, while grabbing her pokeball. Looking at Yellow whom harden her gaze at Green.

    "What are you trying to do Green? You were never like this when we were kids...", taking a step forward. She let out a shakey breath and had to know something. "Green? Why are you being like this?" She asked, with concern in her voice. Watching Green just grit her teeth a bit, throwing her pokeball forward. Releasing her Warturtle out of its pokeball, with dark blue skin. With wave symbole ears on the side of its head, its brown and yellow shell. Covering the rest of its body, pumping its arms up and down shouted.


    Yellow taking a step back a bit, surprised that Green was sending out her Pokemon for a battle. "Green? Wh..Why are you doing this!?" She called out, slowly moving her hand to her pokeballs. Seeing Green just looking down to the ground, her hair fore shadowing her face. Neglecting any one to see her emotion. Shoulders shaking up and down.

    "Because...Robert shouldn't have to walk and travel with some one who is weak..." She whisper out. Causing Yellow to slightly widen her eyes a bit. Seeing Green looking up with tears going down her cheeks. Gritting her teeth. "You know how it felt?! To be capture and couldn't do anything to help him, to defeat the enemy!" She shouted, causing Yellow to take a step back in surprised.

    Then blink her eyes, realizing that Green was mentioning the event on Mt.Moon. "You mean?! The incident at Mt.Moon?!" She asked, seeing the confusion going through Green's faced, shaking her head a bit.

    "Robert...Robert didn't tell you what happen?" She asked, her cheeks a little red from letting the tears flow. Pointing to Yellow who nodded her head and explain that. No matter how many times she asked him. He would always tell her, when ever he feels like hes ready to speak. This made Green stare at Yellow for a bit and then towards, her Pokemon whom. Looked back with a smile and giving a thumbs.

    Saying in a way, that Robert kept his promise. Looking down with a slight smile. "He...Kept his promise after all. Heh...Robert haves come along way and if Yellow doesn't know? While trying everything to get it out of him. Then...She must've grown too. But I still won't let Robert, suffer the same fate he did at Mt.Moon!" She thought to herself. "Time to change tatics with this...", She finished, while giving a little smile. Looking up to the blonde hair girl.

    "Alright Yellow, how about a little bet?" She asked, making the blonde girl, lower her gaze a bit and slightly move her head a bit. Her mouth slightly open.

    "What kind of bet?" Yellow slowly asked. Seeing the grin on Green's face, getting a little scheaming.

    "If I win...", she let the sentence hang for a bit. Tapping the bottom of her chin and looking up to the sky. Shifting her eyes down to stare at Yellow. "I will take your place and travel with Robert", she announced. Smiling at Yellow whom step back a bit, not liking where this bet was going.

    "And if I lose?" She asked slowly, got her pokeball ready.

    "If you lose...You have to go back home!" Green announced. Making Yellow harden her stare and wouldn't believe that Green wanted her to go back home, after coming this far in their Journey.

    "Can't believe, I'm actually going to go through with this...Come on out! Beautifly!" Yellow shouted, thrusting the ball forward. After landing onto the ground, it burst open and shot out a beam of light. Once the light disappear, it showed a butterfly looking creature, with blue color orbs for eyes, with rainbow color decorative pattern wings. A curled up thin nose. Is back being grey and the stomach and face, being white color.

    "beauuuutifly!" The pokemon cried out.

    both Pokemon starring each other down, waiting for the first command to be announced. With the girls looking at one another and nodded at the same time. With the wind picking up a bit in speed, softly blowing their hair a bit.

    "Go!" They both called out. Making both Pokemon to charge at each other. Beautifly keeping itself in the sky, knowing that Warrturtle could pulverize it, if it ever got to close to the turtle pokemon. But quickly swerve to the right. Dodging a water gun that nearly, made contact to its stomach.

    Swerving and diving, from the multiple water gun attacks, that were missing every time. Cause Green to grit her teeth a bit, but then looked towards one of the trees and smiled. Looking back to her pokemon, she quickly pointed to the side.

    "Warturtle! Aim at that tree!" She commanded, which the water Pokemon. stop its firing and looked towards the direction that its trainer wanted it to shoot at. Quickly running forward and jump a bit. Lean its head back and bob forward. Shooting out a powerful gush of water gun at the tree bark. Causing it to ricoshet off, in turn causing it to go flying up towards Beautifly.

    Yellow seeing this, panic a bit and tryed to give out a command. Before the attack could hit, but was too late. Beautifly recieve a full blow from the attacked. Soaking the bug pokemon, while pushing it down a bit. Which then Warturtle, quickly turn around and fired off its water gun again at the ground. Propelling it backwards and ram right into Beautifly, sending it flying back up into the air.

    "Beautifly, quick! Before it can land. Use Mega drain!" Yellow cried out, which the Beautifly quickly straighten itself and started glowing green, along with Warturtle. Whom closed its eyes and started grunting in pain. Then small green orbs of light, came flying out of Warturtle and into Beautifly, Which the butterfly Pokemon quickly smiled and dance in the air for a bit.

    "Good, now follow up with silver wind!"

    "Warturtle! Used Withdraw!"

    Each trainer gave out their commands to the pokemon. Which they did as they were told. Beautifly flapping its wings as hard it could. Sending out silver like winds towards the turtle Pokemon. Whom quickly tucked in its head, legs and arms. Into its shell, getting a direct blow from the attack. But only managing to shake and rock the shell a bit. Not making good amount of damage to the water type Pokemon.

    "Alright then" Yellow exclaim, through gritted teeth. "Use string shot and spin Warturtle around!" She called out, which Green moved back in surprised.

    The Butterfly pokemon, stop flapping its wings. While straightening its thin like nose and shot out a white sticky string towards the shell of the Pokemon. Once that happen, Beautifly started to spin around and around and around. Lifting the Warturtle shell off the ground and into the air. Causing it to smack into trees and branches.

    "Wartutrtle! Break out by using Bite!" Green called out, which the Pokemon took its head out of the shell, closed its one eye and open its mouth wide as possible. Chomping down and breaking the thread that was stuck on its shell. By doing this, it went flying into a good distance, flipping its self over. Landing and sliding to a stop, quickly looked up to the Beautifly. Who was having trouble stopping, fired off its water gun at the Bug Pokemon.

    Making a direct hit and pushed it up into the tree bark that was behind the bug Pokemon.

    "Beautifly! You okay!?" Yellow called out to her pokemon, seeing it struggle to get back up from the ground. " If I keep this up. Green will win this match. But...How am I sappouse to beat Warturtle...Think Yellow, think!" She thought to herself, looking around the surroundings. Looking at all the trees and bushes that were around them. Widen her eyes a bit, seeing a small thread hanging off from a branch. Then smiled and looked towards Beautifly who finally manage to get back into the air, slowly at first.

    "Better give up Yellow. Using Beautifly to battle against Warturtle, was a bad choice", she explain. Seeing how Yellow was trying to come up with a stragety to fight back. "This is what happens...To those who arent prepare or are weak to even defend them selfs!" She shouted, while thrusting her arm forward, with determination in her eyes. "Warturtle, use Skull bash!" Green called out, which Warturtle, started to gather alot of strength. Slowly lowering its head. Yellow sweating and gritting her teeth at this, she knew how powerful this move was.

    "Heh. I've train all day and night. To teach Warturtle this move", Green started to explain, while moving a open palm to her side. Chuckling a bit, "To be honest, it was very difficult to accomplish. I almost lost my will, after the incident at Mt.Moon", she then looked at Yellow with seriousness. "But seeing how brave and determine Robert was. With only Pidgey left in the fight. I knew, I had to up my game and get strong to protect those who are in need. Especially if I am to be a Pokemon docter!" She announced, seeing that Warturtle was about done with its move.

    "I only get one shot at this...", Yellow thought to herself, then called out to Beautifly. "Beautifly! Cover the trees with String shot!"

    Which the bug Pokemon, did exhactly that and fired off. Stream upon stream of sticky thread up at the trees, covering them with silver coating and threads. Trying it's best to, get the entire area cover with blankets of shining threads.

    "Its too late! NOW! Skull bash!" Green shouted, by swiping her arm down. With all the energy it charged up, Warturtle blasted forward and broke through the ground it was standing on. Causing a crator to be place. Flying and soaring through the skies, with white energy covering its entire body. Heading straight towards the Bug Pokemon. "Its Over Yellow", Green thought with a smug grin. But blinked in surprised, from what Yellow commanded next.

    "Now Beautifly, use the string to pull youself out of there!"

    "What!?" Exlaimed Green.

    Beautifly did exhactly that, flung its self over Warturtles head, making the turtle pokemon widen its eyes. Crashing right into the bark of the tree, implanting its head in it. "Warturtle!" Green exclaim outloud. Worried for the Pokemon's safety. Then looked up towards Beautifly, who was couple feet away from the multiple string shots.

    "Quickly now! Use Gust Attack!" Yellow shouted with a smiled and one arm raised. The Butterfly pokemon cried out and started flapping its wings, very hard and with percise aim. Started throwing the covered forest threads, right towards Warturtle whom finally got free from the tree. To only get glued back into it and getting all tangled and tied up from the strings, while recieving heavy damage from the Gust attack. The poor Pokemon was cacoon inside the string shot. Making it immoblize and making it un-able to continue on with the fight.

    Green just stood there, with one eye twitching a bit and mouth open a bit. "Holy cow...Thats...Thats amazing!? Covering the forest around us with string shot. To pulled Beautifly away from the attack. Then following up with a Gust attack behind said strings. To blow them directly at Warturtle and cacooning him up with it. So it won't be able to attack and move at all...Yellow...When did you get this strong?" She thought at the end and stared at the Blonde girl. Who was helping Warturtle out of the cacoon and started healing it. From the battle it just got done with. Once it was healed, it smiled up at the blonde girl and thanked her for the help.

    Looking down to the ground, smiling to herself. "Heh...I must be a complete fool...To think that Yellow wouldnt train herself, to get strong. But?" Looking back up tot he girl, with a curious gaze. "Why so much strength and skill for this battle? What are you hiding Yellow?" She thought to herself and decided to help the girl out. Resting a hand on her shoulder, causing Yellow to look up and smile at Green whom smiled back.

    After they got everything settle and said that the bet was off. They headed back to the spot where they left Shadow and Robert. When they arrived, both girls blinked their eyes and saw that Robert was holding and carrying alot of game prizes. From huge stuff Pokemon dolls and toys, while Shadow was fuming and mumbling under his breath, saying how Robert just got lucky in those game.

    Which Robert agreed, that it was probably just luck that he won in almost 10 games, him and Shadow played. While also going on some rides and inside diffrent scary rides. Which Robert explain to them, that he kept hearing a girl like scream. In which there was no girls around them, or girls who were on the ride. Just hide their eyes on Robert's shoulder.

    This kinda made Green turn head a bit and asked if they screamed. Which then she snap her head back and blink. Seeing how Robert was rubbing the back of his head, with his eyes soften. Saying that even with a girl on the ride, they werent screaming at all. Or just pretending to scream for fun. Then said, it always happen once a horrible bad puppet spider will suddenly drop down, to surprise the riders.

    At this, Shadow turned around and gotten pale. Hoping that none of them, will connect the dots that it was him. Who got scared.

    Handing over some of the prizes he won to Green, causing the girl to blush a bit and laughed at how. Robert said, he wouldn't be able to carry it all by himself. Plus, couldn't figure out how to send it back to his house. Green just blurted out, she will keep some of the items with her. But also handing some to Yellow, a small Pikachu limited edition Pokemon league doll. With light up cheeks, every time you would hug it. Though they had to laugh at the girl who, kept most of the bigger prizes. Robert earning a punch on the head, after he said that Green was such a over achevier.

    Dusk was finally peaking its way through the day. Saying their good byes to Green, whom said that she will be around the route near Rock Tunnel. In case they ever needed some one, to light up the way. The other three decided, to spend some more time on the rides, which once again. Commence the argument between Yellow and Robert. Wanting to go on seperate rides, which both of them this time. Got bonk on the heads, from Shadow. Who announced, they would go on rides, that he wanted to go on. Making the two teens scared at the dark aura he was giving to them. Quickly Hugging onto each other and nodding their heads in fear. Seeing the boy give off a evil laugh.

    Thus tomorrow, their Journey will continue once more!
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    A Boys quest to prove he isn't his brothers shadow. Along his journey, he learns that there are more things. Than being the best of the best.

    The Kanto Story: Robert armas adventures: Chapter 18 on its way.

    Unova journey:Robert arma, Reborn of the white knight! Chapter 10 and 11 in the works

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    Okay, I have to admit that the ending of this chapter is rushed. But! Hope you all still enjoy!

    Chapter 17: I say Bulba and you say Saur

    It was a quiet night and the sound of chirping crickets could be heard throughout the forest. All of the pokemon that were nestle in the trees. Were sound asleep and huddle together to keep the night cold air off of them self. Some of the bird type Pokemon was in their nests and inside tree barks and holes. Rattatas, Caterpies and Weedles, were all making beds out of their silk threads from their String shot attacks. While the Rattata's were gathering leafs and hay off from the ground, to make a burrow to sleep on.

    Metapod's and Kakuna's were all hanging tightly up against the tree barks. Covering them selfs in a caccoon of String shot, so they will stay warm in the night.

    Little ways off from the forest areas is a clearing where some more of the rarest Pokemon live. They were the grass type pokemon called. Bulbasaur and Ivysaur, The biggest one of the entire group was Venasaur.

    They were all happpily resting and sleeping together. Not letting the cold air bother them what so ever. Soon a Illumise started flying by and dancing in the air, with its bulb. Glowing and dimming, showing the happiness it was shareing by coming low to the ground, it flew by a Bulbasaur that was sound asleep. The youngest one of the group started stirring and blinking its eyes open.

    Once they were fully open, it looked up at the lighten bug Pokemon. Curious of why it was here? But did not mind at all… It got up and started chasing the bug pokemon over the field. Happily saying and barking its name at the bug Pokemon. Who, responded by smiling and glow its bulb brighter at the pokemon. Though when Illumise flew over a hill top, Bulbasaur suddenly took a leap into the air and widen its eyes. Seeing that it just jump over a log and out into a mountain top.

    Flailing about, it fell hard onto the slanted mountain, rolling and screaming out. Crying for help to the others! Alerting them that it was in danger, but before they could come to its rescue or hear its call for help. Bulbasaur disappeared through the tree tops, with a loud thud. Cause a dust cloud to appear.

    The Bulbasaur who had crashed landed started rubbing the bruise mark on its forehead. Wincing one eye open. Trying to figure out where it was and where it landed. Getting scared and frighten, it backed itself into a bush. Looking out into the woods, seeing how the trees and branches were deform and transform into monster like trees, that were reaching down ready to grab the grass Pokemon. The bulbasaur started to whine and cry out.

    Hoping for this nightmare to end and that its friends will be able to find it soon...

    The next day in the morning…

    "Ah...Ah...ACHOO!" sneezed Robert, who sniffed his nose a bit with one finger. While bring back to his side. The poor boy somehow caught a cold, from training late at night with Pidgeyotto, Butterfree, Pikachu and Eevee. For one of their most interesting training sessions ever made by their trainer. In which, was to seek him out in the dark. By using their senses to spot him and seek him out.

    Though, he had to admit. That they were able to find him easily apparently, Pikachu and Eevee were good leaders of the group and gave Pidgeyotto and Butterfree strategy of how to seek him out. First one was Pikachu riding on the back of Pidgeyotto, in turn taking the skies and having Pikachu jump off from the bird pokemon. To light up the night sky with its thunder shock attack!

    This is where Eevee and Butterfree came into play. With the help of Pikachu’s thunder shock to light up the night sky and giving a light to guide the two. Eevee will use his eye's to stare out into the forest and carefully look at the shadows; to see if any of them seem out of place or, deform from anything that interfere with them.

    If that doesn't work...Eevee will then tell Butterfree, to use its gust attacks. To blow off dust and pollen in the air in hoping, that Robert will give out a sneeze or start coughing from the dust. Wasn't really a bad idea and smart for said Pokemon. Although, they were a little off and accendently used to much force with the gust attack and sent Robert flying into a nearby lake.

    Frantic as they were, they all rushed down and stop next to the lake. Seeing the hard and frustraited looks their trainer was giving them. Cause everyone a one way ticket to no training for a week. Before they were sent back to their pokeball's, the pokemon all started bursting in laughter. Seeing how some of the night life water Pokemon. Whooper and Surskits were happily playing and sitting on Robert. In term of making it alot harder for the boy to get out of the lake, thus, why he caught a cold.

    Shadow and Yellow were both worried about the boy and he could understand why... While also sappurting a very bad bump on the head, curtisy of Yellow yelling and lecturing him, saying how he takes things way too far and should know when to stop if things were to much. He could swear that she hang out with his mom too much.

    Shadow was no help either, adding more to the fire. Making Yellow give more lectures of why he should takes things slow.

    He wouldn't change any of this. He enjoy the company between the two. Even if he would get lecture and told to take things slowly. He wouldn't trade his friends for anything in the world and hope that it will stay like this for the rest of his journey. Though, he had to be real about this...Sure they’re with him right now and having the time of their lives.

    But once the journey is over and that the Pokemon league is over for this year. They soon will be going seperate ways and diffrent goals in their life. Looking over to Yellow… Who was rummaging through her book bag, making sure to not drop anything in their walk to the next town location.

    He remembered asking her a question in one of the nights that they couldn't sleep at all. He wondered what her goal in life was and the response he got. Was that she wished, to travel and meet all kinds of people and Pokemon in the world they live in. But is more settle to just staying in Kanto and helping out anyone who are in need of assistance. That and wants to run a fishing shop with her grandfather.

    He had to chuckle at the memory. Yellow loves to fish and relax in any way she can. Also, she tend to fall sleep at random spots and is content on staying like that, un-till she feels that she rested and regain back any energy she lost. In turn made him raise another question? She is a viridian child...Could that mean, that getting excited easily and using up a lot of energy cause her to fall asleep, in the most weirdest and oddest of all places? The more he thought about it, the more sense it made. Every time she will go and heal any of their Pokemon with her power’s she will suddenly fall right a sleep or get tired easily.

    It was also odd, during one of their Pokemon battles. It was very difficult to beat her Chu with Eevee. The little mouse in his eyes, felt a lot more fast and stronger than usual. He knew that much... But the commands that Yellow gives out were/or felt out of place and purposely guiding the Electric mouse to received damage. Also add in the effect that, it took a lot of different blows from Eevee. A Tackle, Quick Attack, Swift. They all dealt what felt no damage to the Pokemon?

    "Could? Could her being a viridian child have something to do with that?" he thought to himself. If that was the case and truth behind the sudden strength the mouse gave, made him nod to himself. Of course, seeing the drawback it had on the girl. Makes you very worried for how much energy gets put into the Pokemon and how draining it be for the trainer...Still starring at her, with worry eyes. If someone or in this case someone like Team Rocket. Ever figure out about this kind of power...Could easily take advantage over the girl and capture her to make her do battle. But of course...Yellow would rather lay down her life, then helping them for any evil deeds.

    Shaking his head from feeling another sneeze coming out… He looked over to Shadow with one eye close and the other half open. The teen they met outside of Mt.Moon and who help them out to save the Golem and Geodudes, from trainers that constantly went and fought back against them. Or, from Cassidy and Billy...Which Robert suddenly thought he heard someone shouting.

    "IT’S BUTCH!"

    Along with a giant loud thud, causing all three trainers to looked behind them and back to each other. Shrugging their shoulders and continue on with their walks. Robert getting his thoughts back into subject.

    Shadow is definatly a mystery between the two. He saved them from Robert accendently taking chances with Mankeys. At the same time, rile them all up and went after the boy and girl through the route. Even though Yellow would've been safe and sound, since their main target and anguish to take out on was Robert.

    He join the two through their journey, saying that the more the merrier. Robert couldn't agree any more with that fact. While also glad, that they had someone with them who had more experience than they do. Though, Shadow never really showed his full Pokemon team, only Houndoom mostly. But hey! Why should he complain? If Shadow didn't want to show his team then that’s his choice.

    But Robert couldn't help but be curious of what kind of Pokemon he haves. After time through their journey, Robert also asked Shadow, during the time they had at the amusement park. Of what goal Shadow haves for his journey. Surprising the boy by saying, he doesn't have one. Except enjoy what life brings to him. Then saying how right now...His goal is to see how Robert and Yellow's journey will turn out. Along what will they be like once their done, this made Robert smiled on the inside and couldn't help but chuckle at that.

    But...Then came the question that was never asked to him. Shadow asked him, what will be his goal for his travels. Robert was about to say, to prove everyone in Pallet Town that he wasn't his brothers shadow. Caused the older boy to glare at him and shove him a bit against a nearby wall. Explaining to him to never have that kind of goal nor, ever let that kind of thing make you blind to the things around you.

    This caused Robert to stare at the older teen and wonder why he told him this. After some time leaving the amuzement park and getting time to think things through...Is what led to all these questions of life goal and stuff. Green wanting to be a Pokemon doctor...Red wanting to see every kind of Pokemon. Blue wanting to be a gym leader and Pokemon researcher like his grandfather... Yellow wanting to open up a fishing shop with her grandfather…

    For what him and Danny have...Nothing. No goals, no real reason why their on this journey. Originally Robert's normal goal was to beat and meet the elite four...But even then, that will fall under Shadow radar as being blind.

    "Robert! ROBERT!" Yellow shouted. Causing the boy to quickly whip his head in her direction, seeing her glared at him and making him lean his head back a bit, blinked his eyes. "You zone out there...What’s wrong?" She asked, at the same time giving him a warm wet cloth to put over his forehead.

    Accepting the cloth and resting it on his forehead. He let out a sigh and shook his head, "It's nothing Yellow. Just have a lot of thoughts going through my head...That and a little angry for my Pokemon sending me into the lake last night"

    He half chuckled. Taking a quick glance at his pokeball's , he then back up from Yellow glareing eyes, seeing the girl letting out a sigh and face forward. Looking at the trees and bushes that were all around them, that seem to be threatening to cover the brown like dirt road they were walking on. With mountain tops and hill's showing in the horizon... Made Yellow and Robert to lower their heads down and let out a defeated sigh. Causing Shadow to let out a few snickers, remembering what the two went through in Mt.Moon.

    "Hey you two...It’s nothing like Mt.Moon ok? That there is called 'Rock Tunnel' ", he explain. Informing the two that they were lucky to have some electric type Pokemon with them... Saying how dark and pitch black the caves were. Caused Yellow to start shaking and pale at the thought, her face slowly turning blue at the thought of, being in nothing but pitch black and who knows what is crawling in those caves.

    Shadow and Robert face falter a bit, worry about the girl's mental state. Since Robert explain to Shadow of, her fears to enter anything or everything that had no lights. Causes the girl to panic and scream. Even if you were to pay her a million poke'dollars! She will not budge and hang on tightly to anything she could get her hands on.

    Before Robert could calm Yellow down, they all heard rustling in the bushes and made all three of them, to stop in their place and stood still. Waiting for whatever it was to come out. Robert eyes and smile grew tens fold at the sight they all saw!

    "It's a Bulbasaur!!" He shouted, causing the small grass type to look over at him and suddenly went into shaking in fear. Slowly backing away a bit from the humans...It remembered the stories that Venasaur told the little ones in the meadows. That humans are very dangerous creatures/or somewhat weird creatures. That will capture pokemon and train them. Or, order them to do their own selfish greed and evil doings. With making the pokemon they capture to do their every bidding.

    Starring at the boy in fear and somewhat curiosity... The aura he was giving out was indeed strange but...Also made the Bulbasaur excited for some reason? It couldn't understand what that human was doing. But figure he was going to capture her and make her do everything he commanded.

    "Bulb...Bulba saur...", she tried to tell them not to battle. But remember that Human haves no way in knowing, how to speak in Pokemon language. Looking over at the two that was with him, they showed a different response. That of confusion and, what it was doing here in the open?

    Yellow knowing that talking to Robert will be impossible right now, walk towards Shadow and whisper to him. "What do you think of this Shadow? Strikes you odd doesn't it..." she asked with confusion written all over her face.

    The boy just raised a hand up to his cheek and lightly scratched it. Pondering the same thing what Yellow was thinking, looking over to Robert though, it was like the boy had found something wonderful and amazing in a birthday present. In turn made Shadow let out a small chuckle. Bulbasaurs are very, very rare indeed. If spotting one like this? is like one out of anything in the entire world. Chances to that are to none of finding one in your life.

    Finally responding to Yellow’s question. He shrugged his shoulders and shook his head. "I have to agree, come on Rober-"

    Before he could finish, Robert spun on his heels and shouted. "No way I am not letting this one get out of my sights!" He exclaim. Making the two widen their eyes at this and in shock too. Then all of the sudden, Yellow face palm herself and let out a grunt.

    "Right, I forgot! Robert was originally going to choose Bulbasaur for his starter...Wait?" She said and then suddenly looked up in thought. This also led Shadow in confusion also...WHY didn't he start with Bulbasaur?! Matter of factly what strike odd for Shadow was...How the heck did he start out with an Eevee?

    Before they could ponder any longer or linger at the thought. Robert already grab out a Pokeball. That caused Bulbasaur to widen her eyes and panic. Thinking this was it...It's going to be capture and be rid of any free will. "GO, Pikachu!" Robert shouted and thrust the pokeball forward. Making Shadow and Yellow to lower one eye and question the choice of Pokemon.

    The mouse Pokemon burst out of the ball and landed onto the ground, facing towards the Bulbasaur. Who blinked her eyes and was surprised by this turn of event. "He wanted to battle me, before capturing me?" It thought to itself. This human definitely strike out to be an odd one. But then again Pokemon gain experiences by battleing with...The humans! This human isn't one of those slave drivers. This one is considering too be under Venasaur's assumption of. "Battlers", that help pokemon they capture and raise them self to grow big and strong.

    Although, the Venasaur lost all trust to humans. After it's trainer abandon it as a Bulbasaur...But this human here feels different. His aura around him and his scent was screaming excitement and anxiety. One little problem though...SHE CAN'T FIGHT!

    Bulbasaur suddenly widen her eyes and quickly jump out of the way, from Pikachu's thunder shock. Dodging and weaving between each tree, trying her best not to get shock or paralyze from the mouse Pokemon.

    "Pretty fast there Bulbasaur! Alright then! Pikachu use quick attack!" Robert shouted and thrust his arm forward with a smile. In turn Pikachu nodded and chase after the grass type Pokemon. Hopping up and landing back on the ground. Darted forward with incredible speed and with a white line trail following behind it!

    The Bulbasaur looked behind herself and saw the mouse pokemon. Coming to her at full speed, she knew that this was going to hurt and if she doesn't do something right now. It could be over for her. Looking back forward, a tree was standing in her way and made her run around it. Almost crashing into it, if she didn't see it coming...

    Too bad the same can't be told for Pikachu. Who ram itself right into the bark and roll backwards from the collision. Causing Robert and the others to wince at that and look on with worry faces. The mouse pokemon shook its head and blink its eyes. Looking left and right, wondering where the Bulbasaur was...Before it could get a chance to stand up. Pikachu was sent flying from being tackle by the grass type Pokemon. Causing it to fall back down to the ground, but didn't receive a lot of damage from the attack luckily. Standing back up and once again shook its head. Look towards the Bulbasaur.

    Whom just rubbed the side of its head and took a few steps back and went into a full fledge run again. "AH! Pikachu follow it! I will be right behind you!" Robert shouted to the mouse Pokemon, who nodded and went after Bulbasaur. Sensing the excitement the trainer was giving. Pikachu knew he wants to try and catch it and add it to their team. In, turn made Pikachu very happy. Since adding a grass type to the team...It would be a lot easier to take down Rock type Pokemon.

    Robert who was running right after them in a very unbalance way, feeling his body getting a bit weak and his fever reaching a little higher… But shook his head to clear his thoughts...He will not let this Bulbasaur disappear from him! He will try and capture it if possible! Hearing that Shadow and Yellow were following right behind him, trying to catch up with the boy.

    Who manage to catch up with the Pikachu and Bulbasaur. Seeing the two staring each other down in a open field with the wind blowing softly across the land. Making the grass they were standing to become black outlines, from the gentle breeze that blew by.

    Standing couple feet from Pikachu...Robert was sweating and breathing very heavily, having trouble focusing his vision and keeping his breathing steady. Seeing how his field of vision will some time, go dark and back to normal every few seconds. He knew he should've not gotten aqll excited, knowing full well of the cold he haves.

    Seeing the Bulbasaur blinking and just staring at the two. Along with Yellow and Shadow finally arriving and panting from the loss of air. That and, felt like they ran a marathon! Making them wonder how the heck Robert was able to run this far, without tiring out or collapsing.

    "Robert...Can you make this quick? You are not feeling well and I bet that run. You probably made it a lot worse for you!" Exclaim Yellow. Who had her hands on her knees, letting out slow breath of air.

    "She's right Robert. You shouldn't be running around with that cold of yours.", pique in Shadow. Seeing the boy's response to them was a very tired and out of breath look. Nodded and stare back to the Bulbasaur...Who was still standing there and curiously watching the human’s converse between each other.

    "Bulbasaur, saur!" she barked out to Pikachu. In turn, making the mouse Pokemon tilt its head and stare at Robert. Shock evident in the mouse pokemon eyes, seeing how bad in shape Robert was in and started to get worry for the trainer. Thankfully, the Bulbasaur inform Pikachu of the status its trainer was in and turn to thank the Pokemon. Who nodded back and watch the mouse pokemon run back to Robert.

    Causing the other two humans to panic when he fell to the floor on all fours, made Bulbasaur grimaced at the sight, seeing how everyone was worried and trying to calm down the boy...Gulping and taking a chance, she slowly trotted up to the boy and pulled out one vine from the bulb. Resting it against his fore head and, whip it back feeling how terribly hot he felt. Barking at the others and trying to tell them about the fever that it was bad.

    Luckily the blonde hair human look to the Bulbasaur and did as she was told. Letting out a gasp, her and Shadow both forced Robert to lay down. Seeing the sweat and heavy breathing he was giving out. Along with fits of coughing now and then, Bulbasaur couldn't bared to see the human in this condition...Retro respect, all he wanted to do was battle her and see if he would be success full in capturing. But! What surprised the grass type Pokemon.

    From the human boy, who finally caught up with his electric type partner...Had a small conversation between the other two humans, saying that if the capture failed. Then he will leave the Bulbasaur alone. Shocked, no, more of surprised that he said he will leave her alone!

    "Bulbasaur! Bulba!" She barked out to Pikachu, telling it to follow her to the forest while informing the mouse Pokemon. That there were herbs that could help cool down the trainer's temperature in which, Pikachu nodded and followed the grass type to the forest. Letting Yellow and Shadow there to take care of its trainer for now... So it can come back with the said herbs that Bulbasaur inform Pikachu.

    Yellow and Shadow was doing everything they could to keep the boy cool down, by having Pidgeyotto, Butterfree and Beautifly to softly flap their wings to blow small gust of winds to the boy. All of them, having a very sad looks on their faces. Sometimes, Butterfree and Pidgeyotto will slightly nudge their beak or little claw up against the boy. Seeing if he was breathing and still moving, making Yellow and Shadow to show small smiles at the gestures these Pokemon were giving.

    "Wow...I never see, such bonds with Pokemon and Trainer before", Shadow said, sitting down indian style and watch everything that was occur around them. He felt bad for not stopping the boy last night and, fully knew what the boy was doing that night. Only if he stopped the boy from doing that training last night, he wouldn't be feeling like this right now.

    "It's not your fault..." Yellow suddenly spoke up. Laying down a cold cloth on Robert's forehead, making Shadow to look at Yellow with a surprised look… "We both knew that if we would've stop Robert. He would just continue with it either way..." She solemnly said. Trying hard too not let her emotions get the best of her. In turn, Shadow can see that through her eyes and decided to change the subject.

    "Your right and besides...He would've turn a 180 and lecture us instead", he chuckle out loud. Causing Yellow to give a slight giggle and focus back on the task they were doing. "Plus...We do need to figure out why he started with an Eevee and not your regular starter Pokemon?" he question. Making Yellow nod in agreement and then they both looked down, seeing the boy shuffle a bit and open his eyes up to the others.

    "Oh...Hey guys...Did I caught Bulbasaur?" he asked, causing the two to smile and shook their heads. Explaining, to him that he passed out… before getting the chance to throw the Pokeball. While, also informing him that Bulbasaur and Pikachu went out to look for something to make him feel better. "Huh. Any way" He started asking, while letting out a few coughs. "As for why I started out with Eevee you two...I found out, that my mom was going to give him to me on my eleventh birthday. For when I started my Pokemon journey", he explained. Causing the two too widen their eyes and nodded in understanding.

    Now, that made sense with the choice of Pokemon and knowing that his birthday was a month away before he started. His mom probably figured to give him the early birthday present right away and instead of waiting for the day to come. Now the only question that was linguring in Shadow's head...Why make Robert start out late?

    Hearing Pikachu and Bulbasaur calling out to them… They all turn their heads and faced the direction the noises were coming from. Seeing that both Pikachu and Bulbasaur, were carrying different kind of herbs that will make good medicine for the boy. The bug and bird Pokemon chirp and chatter out in glee. Making Yellow happy, figuring that the pokemon knew that, the herbs that Pikachu and Bulbasaur found were the right ones.

    Little off in the distance and away from the trainers stood Venasaur...Watching the scene played out and carefully keeping an eye on the trainers. While two humans stood next to him.

    "As you can see Venasaur...They are tricking the little Bulbasaur into helping. While waiting the right time and chance, to capture it and take it away", explained a man with light blue hair. While a woman with blonde pigtails added in.

    "Then once that is done, they will then use the Bulbasaur to lead them. Towards your meadow and capture every grass types that are sleeping and residing." She chimed, making the big plant Pokemon to let out a growl and harden its glare towards the trainers. It decided that it will wait till tomorrow, seeing how fighting the humans right now. Wouldn't be fair and put up not much of a challenge. Venasaur is one for getting mad at trainers...But the one thing it will never do and that would be not attacking a wounded enemy. That will be dishonorable for its code and ways of battling others in a pokemon battle. That is one thing its trainer taught the Venasaur, before abandoning it into the wilds.

    The next morning...

    Bulbasaur woken up early in the morning and slowly scan around the area she was sleeping at. While feeling something warm and calm next to her caused her to whip her head to the left. Seeing how it was have somehow, slept next to the boy with the Pikachu and other Pokemon that was with them. She remembered the conversation last night she had with Pikachu. Asking and being curious about the boy that tried to capture her yesterday.

    She was amazed at the things that this human or, Robert that Pikachu, Butterfree explain to her. Went to the extent to stop and help out any pokemon that come a cross too, along with taking really good care of them and helping them out with their weak spots and openings that they can't really protect. At the same time whenever they take breaks to rest up, he will let them out of their pokeballs and allow them to have some fun and enjoy themself.

    But what really made Bulbasaur happy was that he wouldn't capture any Pokemon that didn't feel like getting capture or, have family members around. This info here made Bulbasaur take a diffrent look at the boy and started to get wandering thoughts of actually wanting to join him on this quest of his. Looking around a bit more, she notcie that the taller Human wasn't around and figure he was off doing something.

    She then looked over to Yellow, whom was sprawl out on the grass without a care in the world. Remembering how close and careing she was with Robert, made Bulbasaur wonder if they were close friends.

    Before she could think any more on the subject, she started hearing whistling and quickly shoved Robert oout the way. While at the same time went flying with the boy, after a solar beam attack crashed in between him and Yellow. Alerting everyone and sending them flying.

    After that was over, everyone all groan and looked where the attack came from. Getting a gasp from everyone and surprised to see who their attacker was a green creature, with a huge like flower on the back of it. That looked a little taller than the pokemon it was sitting on. It’s red eyes glared at the trainers and even the small Bulbasaur. Who was surprised that Venasaur even attacked them!

    "Bulba! Bulbasaur!", She called out, trying to reason with the Venasaur that what it was doing is wrong, making the plant Pokemon to glare even harder and started charging another Solar Beam attacked.

    Pidgeyotto and the bug Pokemon got a good distance from their trainers and blew them hard as they could with their gust attack. Making them dodge yet another solar beam attack. This just ticked off Venasaur even more! Shaking it's body and making shuffling noises from its roots, fired off multiple and many razor leaf attacks at the flying Pokemon who were dodging and swerving from the oncoming attacks.

    Pikachu was promptly standing infront of Robert, along with Yellow. Seeing how the herbs they used last night caused Robert to fall asleep with nothing disturbing him. Is still in full effect, considering Robert have not woken up yet.

    "Where is Shadow?!" Yellow bellow out to Pikachu and Bulbasaur, in which the two just reply with a shrug of their shoulders and stare back at the fully evolve stage Pokemon.


    All of the grass type Pokemon was all in a panic and running away from multiple and different nets that was being fired off from two people with rocket like bazookas over their shoulders.

    "Isn’t this great Bob?! Easy catch and easy money! Especially, after tricking that Venasaur into attacking those kids" Cassidy said out loud, laughing and fired off rapid succession of nets from the bazooka.

    "For crying out loud, I am so changing my name after this!" Bob said. "BUTCH, BUTCH!" Butch cried out loud. Just ignoring Cassidy and continue on with their capture spree. Then they both felt ominous feeling behind them and slowly turn their pale and shaking heads towards the direction and let out wails and screams.

    Then all you hear was a Charizard like roar and Team Rocket blasting off from an explosion. Walking out from the bushes and smirking at how easy it was, to take care of them this time around. Was Shadow, whom was petting his Charizard.

    "Good job! Now let’s free the Bulbasaurs and Ivysaurs!" He announced, in turn returning his fire type Pokemon and headed down to the wild Pokemon and freeing them one by one. But something was off about this...Venasaur wasn't anywhere near by...Which means. He then quickly whip his body around and heard explosions from a distance.

    "Crap! Venasaur must be attacking Robert and Yellow. Not good..." he said to himself and then turned to the other grass Pokemon. "Listen! Your leader is attacking my friend, by getting trick by Cassidy and Bobby! I need your help to calm Venasaur down!" He asked to the others, which they all looked at each other and back to the boy. Nodding in agreement and followed the teen back to the others and where Venasaur is making more explosions from attacking. "Hang on guys...Just a bit longer!"

    The battle that was going on with Venasaur, was coming close to an end, since Yellow had to command and protect Robert at the same time was starting to get a little nerve wrecking. "Pidgyotto try blinding Venasaur with sand attack!" Yellow commanded and watch Pidgeyotto fly down low enough to the ground. Started to build up powerful winds, although got interrupted by Venasaur using vine whip on the bird Pokemon and wrap its vines around it and threw it hard into the ground.

    Before anyone could respond, it then more vines from Venasaur shot out and coiled Yellow and all of their Pokemon. Including Robert and started squeezing the life out of them. "Ah! Venasaur! Stop" Yellow grunted out in pain. Feeling that her lungs were getting crushed badly, in the pressure from the vines.

    Venasaur just glared harder at the two Humans it had in its grasp. How dare these humans try to capture its kind while trying to use them for their own bidding! Taking a glance at Yellow, slowly and surely to make sure the vine around her will crush her frame. It then looked over to the boy and was about to squeeze his life too. Till the Bulbasaur from earlier used her own Vine whips, that she somehow learn during the chase and slight battle she had with Pikachu.

    Knocked both Yellow and Robert free from Venasaurs grip and caught them and sat them down gently on the ground. After that, she then got between Venasaur between the humans and the other Pokemon that were protecting their trainers.

    "Venasaur", the giant Pokemon shouted, causing the Bulbasaur to wince a bit. But stood its ground and started to explain everything to the big guy. Telling it how she woken up in the middle of the night and started chasing after a Illumise through the meadows. Without paying attention to where it was going, it leapt off a hill top and roll down the mountain, right into the forest below.

    Then explained how she met up with the humans and their pokemon. Telling Venasaur how the boy was giving off a very exciting aura about him, along with eagerness. That's when the other Pokemon started filling in things for Bulbasaur, seeing the looks Venasaur was giving and slightly raising its eyes a bit. Starring at the humans with the blonde hair one keeping Robert close to her and checking over his conditions…

    That is when, Bulbasaur explain to Venasaur that the boy. Caught a very bad illness that was very contagious to others and asked for it to give one of its, bulbs tree sap. For Robert to drink and eat the sap in order to cure that fever of his… Venasaur looking down in thought and shifting it's red eyes from left to right. Started to complement itself into helping then heard cries from the other grass Pokemon and faced up towards the mountain top. Where Shadow and the rest of the group were staring down at!

    "Please listen to that Bulbasaur Venasaur! It is telling the truth!" Shadow yelled, getting more calls from the others and explaining what happen and how Shadow saved every one's life from Team Rocket.

    Closing its eyes and sighing outloud. Just couldn't help but just smile at all of this. Bringing out a vine from its bulb, it thwacks the plant like bark a bit and yellow looking gel started to seep out. Wiping its vine over the sap and moving it towards Yellow, who happily smiled and brought out a bowl for Venasaur to put it in and started to mix the contents with the herbs.

    Venasaur then looked towards the small Bulbasaur and the bulbasaur stared back to the Venasaur. While feeling the evolutions vines patting the Bulbasaurs head and told her if she ever wanted to go with the humans. Then she haves all permission to do that…

    This made Bulbasaur very happy and nudged its head against Venasaurs cheek, thanking it for letting it go with the trainers and watch Venasaur leave with the others.

    Shadow coming towards them and chuckling a bit, lean down and grab one of Robert's Pokeball's and looked towards the Bulbasaur. "Well Bulbasa-"

    "No...I want to catch it", announced Robert. Who was slowly and weakly getting up and received the pokeball from Shadow and looked at the plant type Pokemon with a smile and move the ball forward. "Welcome to the team Bulbasaur...Or should I say...Saurian", he finished while giving a nickname to the newly caught Pokemon. Who happily bark its name and tap up against the Pokeball and went inside it.

    "That's very good Robert", spoke up Shadow. Smiling down at the pale boy, who smiled back up and then got forced back down to the ground by Yellow with a grunt.

    "Yeah, yeah...NOW you really need to sleep. You are still a little weak from all that excitement!" Yellow proclaim. Letting out short of breaths...Trying to regain and stretch her body from being squeezed in Venasaurs vines, at the same time. Handing over the sap to Robert and telling him to eat it. Once that the bowl was handed to the boy, Yellow stare up to Shadow and had one question in mind to asked. While Robert gag and making faces from the taste of the saps taste and, shiver from not tasting anything like this before.

    "Hey Shadow?" She asked, in turn making the boy stared down at her with blinking eyes. "I know we should've asked you this when we first met...But what made you decided on to start your Pokemon Journey?" While bringing her legs up to her chest and, starring at the boy along with Robert… Who put down the bowl, letting out small grunts and hiss from the taste of the sap and shook his head to focus on the boy too.

    "Well..." he started while sitting down with the others. Seeing Robert's Pokemon all gather around him. "It probably started when I was out camping with my family in Johto..."

    To be continued...
    A Boys quest to prove he isn't his brothers shadow. Along his journey, he learns that there are more things. Than being the best of the best.

    The Kanto Story: Robert armas adventures: Chapter 18 on its way.

    Unova journey:Robert arma, Reborn of the white knight! Chapter 10 and 11 in the works

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    Phew 18 Chapters down lol. With this kind of pace will probably have 23 chapters up at the end of Summer vacation XD Enjoy!

    Chapter 18: How Shadow Began

    There in the Johto camping grounds is where family and friends all go out to sleep outside with the wild life. Along with their children and Pokemon; that will keep them safe from any harm or danger that will come their way, even from wild Pokemon that tend to scurry their way into their camping tents.

    In which; some Pokemon tend to do that out of curiosity or, from being too cold from the colder nights. Most Pokemon that do enter campers tents will either be, Teddiursa, Caterpie's or; small Sentrets. More of the bigger Pokemon tend to get attracted by the campfire and uses them to keep them self’s warm near the fire. So if you see a big Pokemon in the morning huddling near the fire. We highly recommend to not disturbing them with any startle movements!

    In turn what the sign is written in. A young boy about to turn 10 years old this year; is happily reading over the camp signs with two of his parents Pokemon, that are really close friends to him and; very protective of him like their parents. The white fur with a smudge of orange on the tip of its nine tails...Well name is Ninetails! Is wagging her tails slowly up and down tilting her head a bit trying to decipher or at least try to read human writing. On the other side of the boy;

    Is a big and loyal dog like Pokemon name Arcainine; who belongs to the little boy's father. Arcainine and Ninetails are both fire type Pokemon in turn; are weak against rock, ground and Water type Pokemon.

    The young boy who is accompanying by the two Pokemon is Shadow; he went on this camping trip with his parents. Hoping to begin his Pokemon journey early this year in Johto since; he heard that Professor Elm was the head/lead scientist to give out starter Pokemon to children at the age of ten. And since his birthday is only a couple weeks away; what better time to start learning about Pokemon than on a field trip?

    Shadow being a young boy is into as you could guess; Pokemon and anything that had to do with certain fire type Pokemon. Since his mom and dad specialize in Fire type Pokemon; while the dad sometimes try his best to rotate his team in comprehend against any weakness...

    Shadow outfit is of a plain black long sleeve shirt, with flames on both sides of his shirt. Along with red sweat pants. He looked towards Arcainine and Ninetails; beaming a smile towards the two Pokemon with happiness!

    "Shadow come on! We're about to set up the tents!" his mother shouted towards him.

    "Okay mom let's go you two", Shadow said excitedly; making the two pokemon bark out in response to him and, follow him back to the campsite where his parents and their trainers were waiting for them to help out with the tents.

    It took them couple of hours to get everything all up and in place for them to sleep in; for when nightfall comes. But just in case...They also brought a trailer along for those horrible stormy nights that seems to creep up every now and then in Johto...It causes a lot of problems for campers and even families! Especially; with reports of children going missing or being kidnapped without any one to notice it. This thought in itself; scared Shadows parents badly...They were very against of coming on this trip but, have promise to their son that they would go. Since it is going to be his birthday in a couple weeks...

    Now speaking of Shadow? He was out on a walk on the trail road that suggested campers to take. Just in case any wild Pokemon were to attack them for being disturb or stepping in their territory. In this case will cause them to go on a rampage and attack anyone who dares to cross that line.

    Although...Can't say the same about Shadow in his adventurous curiosity to take charge and; walk off the normal trail and walk deep within the forest to find Pokemon that were rare to see on the normal trails. Though he didn't bring Arcainine or Ninetails with him for this crazy stunt that he was doing… Instead found some Pichu's playing around on the fields, trying to shock each other in what seems to be a game of tag? Upon spotting Shadow the three of them froze in place and; just stare at each other for a few minutes...Before the two electric mice Pokemon tackle him down to the ground and; started tickling the poor kid into submission!

    Then Pichu's and Shadow started playing together in games of hide and seek, tag and chasing each other around while the Pichu's will suddenly climb up a tree. Taunting Shadow by slapping their behinds, causing the boy to puff out his cheeks in annoyance in turn; making him try to climb the tree to only fail and fall back down to the ground. Groaning and wincing in pain, he open up one eye then blink both of them open in surprise. Seeing a Aipom balancing on one tail ooking at him in laughter. Finding it funny how the poor kid couldn't climb half way up the tree...

    Then; Aipom suddenly got thunder shock by the two Pichu's who didn't like how it was laughing at their friends distress, which caused Aipom to go into a fit and chased the two Pichu's away. While Shadow followed in hoping to calm down the Pokemon's so they wouldn't attack or; hurt each other in the fray of the fight. But this was a bad thing on his side; he was going deeper and deeper in the forest!

    Hours have gone pretty fast and a storm started to show itself. This made Shadow's parents frantic as they ask the camp ranger, if he have seen where Shadow gone. In turn, informing them that he went on the trail roads...But; started calling out to all camp rangers that a little boy went missing during his walk in the trails. Alerting this to everyone that was there, Ninetails and Arcainine took this opportunity to go and, search for the little boy.

    Said little boy was running through the forest in fear and worried. For one, he didn't realize how far out he went in the forest. Chasing the Aipom and Pichu's towards a very dangerous spider nest that Aridos made...Freeing the pokemon from the nest and the others, by breaking the web with a stick longer than himself; manage to break free all the pokemon. Who all ran away from him and the sight; Even the pokemon from earlier ran away and, left the boy there to defend himself! After hearing what sound like snapping of twigs; he slowly turn his head around and fell on the ground. Franticly crawling away from; the massive spider that had a pink color body, with yellow like legs and horns sticking out from behind with black stripes here and there.

    It tried to get Shadow with string shot but miss the boy after he rolled out of the way and; started running for his life. Hearing the giant Pokemon following him and chasing him down through the forest path way. Firing off multiple strings shot's to capture its prey that broke its nest and; probably what would've been food for tonight. Luckily for Shadow though; the string shots will miss and land on a tree that he ran by or, ducking at the right time. He couldn't/wouldn't dare to look behind him.

    He is afraid of spiders so badly after experience a different Aridos. That mistaking his hat for being a Spinarak whom evolves into Aridos! The mistake of identity for it being its baby caused Shadow to scream and cry out to his parents. After getting roughly pulled up to the spider nest and; nestle with the other Spinarak who just cuddle with what seem to be their lost siblings; Scarring and scaring the poor boy for life after finally getting rescued by his parents and; Aridos trying to keep him only to realize that the missing Spinarak was up on the branch upside down. Testing out its new string shot ability smiling by swinging left and right happily…

    Made everyone there to sweat drop and Aridos to clatter it's fangs in a bashful manner saying sorry to the family...

    But now this isn't that reason any more for Aridos to chase him! He went and destroy its nest and, free its dinner for tonight. But; to be perfectly honest Shadow thought he was doing the right thing. Feeling the cold harsh winds and rain drops that were pounding into him and; Aridos! He couldn't see what is in front of him or, what was behind him. Of course he knew that Aridos was there; now firing off Sludge bomb to the boy. Scarring him even more after hearing how close the explosions were...Crying and breathing harshly from running so much; that he is now regretting of not bringing Arcainine or Ninetails with him to protect the boy from the spider.

    He suddenly came to a halt and flailed his arms wildly; to even out his balance. In front of him was a; raging river that threaten to pull anyone in it and sweep them away forever. Turning around franticly; feeling the strains of water going down his face. Saw the mighty spider leaping towards him with intent to harm the boy. But failed from getting a full blast of Fire blast attack to work...

    Turning around to see where it came from; Shadow couldn't help but smile at his parent's Pokemon impeccable timing! They manage to defend him by using Fire blast to blow the bug Pokemon away from him, but at last...It wasn't strong enough and, their attacks were weaken from the heavy rain storm. Getting back up from a surprised attack by both Ninetails and Arcainine's fire blast attack; it then quickly shot out Sludge bomb towards the two fire type Pokemon. But failed when they jump away from the attack and return the favor by shooting out a flamethrower attack to the spider Pokemon! Though; they all panic by the ditch effort from the spider, by shooting sludge bomb in front of Shadow. Thus the explosion knocked him into the rapid waters and swept him away. Making Ninetails and Arcainine to howl out to the boy and; gave chase!

    Shadow couldn't see or couldn't keep his body from sinking then rising back up in the river. His vision kept seeing the grey clouds of the sky, to the greyish color of underwater. He felt like he would drown in the water if he didn't do something quick. Quickly grabbing on to a floating log that somehow got swept in the rapid rivers! He pulled half his body up on the log; letting out coughing fits. Riding along the log thinking it would be safer that way but panic. To see that there was a water fall at the end of the river.

    "HELP SOMEONE ANYONE HELP ME!" He cried out. But knew that it was over and; with no one around he couldn't be save. Sure he saw Arcainine and Ninetails running along the river bend but what could they do? Their fire type Pokemon in term being afraid of any type of water. Including rapids like these. Everything was going really slow for him, from the river's crashing waves, to his parent's Pokemon calling and howling out, and feeling something bite down onto his shirt...Wait?

    He suddenly felt weightless as if something came to pull him out; seeing the ground below him with the Pokemon looking up in shock and surprise evident on their faces. Turning his head up to see what rescue him; couldn't make out the details to clearly after all being chase down the forest by a spider was tiring and; getting blasted into the river bend along by; trying to breath and pull himself out of the water tired out the poor kid. But one thing he did last seen before he passed out on the ground near the camp sight. Was the Pokemon looking down at him with a purple like star for the nose; with yellow calculating eyes staring down at him then nodded...Seeing how the boy was breathing and feeling well. It's purple mane blowing harshly from the terrifying winds. Yellow body that is cover with black color stripes that rest on the back and, stretches to the sides. Taking a few stomping steps back to let out a high mighty roar with the thunder booming in response; called out to the people around the camp site! Before it could disappear though it turn its head towards the boy...

    "Thank you..." Shadow spoke weakly to the Pokemon. In turn the pokemon nodded and leapt away...Never to be seen again.


    "And that my two young trainers how I met the legendary Pokemon Raikou", Shadow said bowing down to Yellow and Robert. Robert feeling a little better after being up close to the made shift campfire with Yellow huddle her knees up to her chin with her eyes wide from the story Shadow just told. While Robert; keeping the sleeping bag over his head; shock evident in his eyes that Shadow met a legendary Pokemon who rescue him from being swept in the river and; presumably death if he were to fall off the water fall.

    "Geeze Shadow...So ever since then you started your journey in hoping to find Raikou?" Yellow asked with a tilt of her head and in response got a nod from him.

    "Yup; But never did ran into Raikou after that event though...So it was a bust during my travels. In regards though; they don't call them legendary for nothing." He said; getting a Nod from Yellow. While a slight down look from Robert...

    "Legendary Pokemon are hard to find and, nearly impossible to locate..." He thought to himself with a quick image of Mew head-butting him or, taking his hat from him in a playful manner and laughing at the confused look on the boys looked...

    "But yeah...Raikou is sort of what got me to get even more excited to start my Pokemon journey", He beamed at the end and paled at the looks Robert and Yellow were giving him. Looks of knowing and deceiving...

    "So Shadow...The person who was screaming in the horror ride. That was you wasn't it and not the girls?" Robert asked by wiggling his eye brows to the boy. Who looked down with a blush and shouted a bit at the boy.

    "Hey! You try putting up a brave act without being scared!"

    "I have at Mt.Moon!" Then Robert quickly closed his mouth shut; earning him glares from Yellow. While Shadow grin like a fool in a gotcha kind of way, making Robert sweat drop and deadpan at the expression. "You trick me to say that didn't you..."

    "You’re the one who fell for it oh mighty trainer", Shadow responded with sarcasm in his voice. Then Yellow just slam her hand down on the ground a little bit while wincing at the sudden pain. Looked towards Robert with determination in her eyes…

    "Alright Robert SPEAK! What the heck happen between you and Green at Mt.Moon?! She looked shock when I told her you didn't say anything about it" Yellow asked with a low voice; while looking down to the ground. Knowing Robert will probably avoid the question again...But; hearing him let out a defeated sigh, shaking his head left and right.

    "Alright, alright...Fair is fair. I kept it long enough and to be honest...It's really starting to eat me alive for not saying anything..." He said letting out a shaky breath, making both Shadow and Yellow focus all attention to him.

    "So...I'll be able to finally figure out what exactly happen between Robert and Green...From the way Green kept glaring at Yellow on the S.S.Anne and the amusement park; I was getting worried if she was threaten to do something between their friendship with each other" Shadow thought to himself. Looking down to his right at the slumbering Houndoom with his demon tail curl up a bit with Robert's Pikachu who was using the demon dog like a pillow with Houndoom not minding it at all.

    Paying his attention back to Robert he saw that the boy's eyes were shaking a bit. Probably thinking if he should tell the events at Mt.Moon or not; seeing him let out one last breath he looked up to the two of them...

    "Well...It's right after probably we split up to do our goals..."

    To be continued...
    A Boys quest to prove he isn't his brothers shadow. Along his journey, he learns that there are more things. Than being the best of the best.

    The Kanto Story: Robert armas adventures: Chapter 18 on its way.

    Unova journey:Robert arma, Reborn of the white knight! Chapter 10 and 11 in the works

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