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Thread: Pokémon Creepypastas

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    Quote Originally Posted by hellfighter View Post
    I just read "Glicthy Red" from

    Are Creepy pasta's real?
    No, they typically are not real, because weird cartridges like that dont tend to exist. Some people recreate them as ROM's though Qwaa

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    come little children
    come with me
    safe and happy
    you will be
    away from home
    now let us run
    with hypno you'll have so much fun
    oh little children
    please don't cry
    hypno wouldn't hurt a fly

    Credit to Astral Shadow

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    First off, sorry for bumping an old thread.
    Second, Does anyone here have read a pokemon creepy pasta about a detective trying to find out why the kids from japan were suiciding after playing a pokemon game? The story said that the kids commit suicide after they got to professor oak and professor Oak say's something (I can't remember what it is). Now the detective searched for answers from the Game Freak Staff. And he found out that this guy was putting codes on the game then they interrogated the guy and after that the guy killed all the policeman and committed suicide also, then after years have passed the detective remembered the game and played it then he got up to professor oak and it says "Come with Me" then he saw his family, then Professor oak changed and became the coder guy and gave the guy a gun, then the guy so the spirits of the children and later killed himself also.

    Does anyone knows that creepy pasta?

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