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Thread: Discovery Destination (Spriting RPG) Anyone accepted!

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    Default Discovery Destination (Spriting RPG) Anyone accepted!

    This will be the most awesome RPG ever!
    Discovery Destination!


    (will be working on a better opening)
    Rules: Same as forum rules

    Story: A Sprite called negative has escaped from the sprite world. The creator of the world, Spritermon (LOL), has chased after him. hundreds of trainer noticed the humongous creature and chased after it. Spritermon is glad. he will need all the help he can get. Negative hides into an island and starts making allies. not just pokemon but sprites that realized the portal was open too.
    Spriters are welcome. if you have made your own pokemon spritem i will gladly accept it. i will be updating the spriter's mail daily.
    must sign up first. sign up in the sign up forum.
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