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Thread: Discovery Destination (Spriting RPG) Anyone accepted!

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    Default Discovery Destination (Spriting RPG) Anyone accepted!

    Heres the sign up. I will accept at least 20 people. the best 20.
    +SIGN UP+
    Name: (First And Last Pleaase)
    Region: (Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova and spriter)
    Gender: (M or F)
    Age: (15 to 20)
    Hometown: (From Their Region)
    Personality: (Min of 4 lines)
    Appearance: (Min of 3 lines)
    History: (min of 5 lines)

    Pokemon: (6 Max)
    (can have any sprites I post in the spriter's mail.)
    (Also if you are from A region you CAN have Pokémon from other regions)
    (One more thing, Remeber to fill out one of these for every Pokemon, oh and no legendaries)
    Brief Personality: (Very brief)
    Brief History: (Very Brief)

    Example: Mine
    Name: Spritermon. the creator of the sprite world.
    Region: spriter
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Hometown: Royal City (make up your own hometown if you are a spriter.)
    Personality: I'm quite kind and nice but with so many jobs, I can get stressed out. If I yell, i'm just upset. but I do take my jobs seriously.
    Appearance: you will usualy see me with this apearance:
    History: I lived a nice cool life with my sprite friends but sometimes had to fight evil sprites. when negative escaped. I went straight to a hidden island that i was born on and built a small house there.
    My SPRITES are:
    1. Spindol
    2. Mudpad
    3. Unichu
    4. Ultima
    1. Spindol is male
    2. Mudpad is male
    3. Unichu is female
    4. Ultima is a legendary SPRITE so he has no gender
    1. Spindol is LV. 85
    2. Mudpad is LV. 10 (still needs more TLC)
    3. Unichu is LV. 87
    4. Ultima is (you guessed it!) LV. 100
    1. Spindol:
    Gyro ball
    Gyro Spin
    Angel Spin
    Angelight heal
    2. Mudpad:
    Mud rain
    3. Unichu
    Volt tackle
    volt horn
    spiky sparks
    Darklight storm
    Ultimate Scepter

    Comon. don't be shy. Join!
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    I told you to read the rules - that includes the rules on how to make your own RPG.

    You need to have a plot that explains the story of the RP, and it needs to be at the least 400 words long.

    Even based on your own sign-up rules, your appearance, personality and history are all way too short. Also, images can not replace the description of your appearance.

    If made-up Pokemon are allowed, you once again need physical descriptions of them, not just sprites. You should also explain to members what kinds of made-up Pokemon and made-up attacks are allowed so they actually know what they're doing.

    Also, each Pokemon/sprite should have their own mini form. Don't just list all their genders or all their attacks at once. Write it as
    Name: Spindol
    Gender: Male
    Level: 85
    Moves: Gyro Ball, Gyro Spin, Angel Spin, Angelight Heal
    Personality: (Yes, this is required for Pokemon, too)
    Appearance: Spindol has the body of a Spinda and the floating arms of a Claydol, as well as a halo. Here is a picture of it.

    Name: Mudpad
    Gender: Male

    Please read the rules properly and be sure not to post in this section again until you understand and can follow them. Once again, we're happy to answer any of your questions and help you in any way we can.


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