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    Default Competitive Team 1

    I've got a few teams that i'm going to be asking you guys to criticise, so i've titled this team 1.

    I'm unsure as to what the pokemon's EV's/IV's are, as they were bred correctly but now they don't seem to be as good in their respective stats, so i'll just post stats for now.

    It's a standard hail team which i've had an 85% success rate with, even though it's not the hardest team out there, which is why i'm looking for some help!

    Tentacruel @ Leftovers
    Liquid Ooze

    204 EV's HP
    100 EV's Special Attack
    168 EV's Special Defence
    36 EV's Speed

    HP 352 Att 152
    Def 166 Sp Atk 220
    Sp Def 349 Speed 245

    Rapid Spin
    Toxic Spikes
    Sludge Bomb

    Knowing what Tentacruels IV's/EV's are is the first step towards helping make this pokemon better, and I know it's stats aren't exactly tip top, but Tentacruel really is one of the mainstays of my team. It's special defence allows it to withstand many super effective moves whilst throwing back a stab surf/sludge bomb, or clearing the battle field of entry hazards for my ice type pokemon to come in on.

    Froslass @ Choice Spes/Scarf
    Snow Cloak

    6 EV's HP
    252 EV's Special Attack
    252 EV's Speed

    HP 277 Att 168
    Def 163 Sp Atk 259
    Sp Def 169 Speed 344

    Ice Beam
    Shadow Ball

    Now, Froslass is a mixed bag... She has substitute as originally I wasn't planning to use her with choice specs/scarf and i'm unsure as to what to replace this move with. However, Froslass can come in on a variety of pokemon and hit hard with stab ice beam/shadow ball, and can hit water types hard with t'bolt. Snow Cloak raises the possibility of a miss which with Froslass's ghastly defences is always a godsend.

    Mamoswine @ Nevermelt Ice
    Snow Cloak

    252 EV's Attack
    252 EV's Speed

    HP 359 Att 394
    Def 197 Sp Atk 153
    Sp Def 153 Speed 259

    Stone Edge
    Ice Shard
    Ice Fang

    Mamoswine is the physical powerhouse of this team. Stab Eq/Ice Shard/Fang hit hard, and stone edge is there for anything that resists. However, does Mamo really need Ice Fang? I'm keen to keep Ice Shard due to it's ungodly speed, but wouldn't mind changing Ice Fang to something more accurate and maybe more hard hitting? Again, snow cloak to have that slight chance of an opponent missing, as many pokemon will be moving alot faster than Mamoswine.

    Abomasnow @ Big Root
    Snow Warning

    252 EV's Speed
    252 EV's Special Attack

    HP 320 Att 198
    Def 185 Sp Atk 283
    Sp Def 205 Speed 240

    Leech Seed
    Focus Punch

    Abomasnow is one pokemon on this team that I have real trouble with. What moves should it have? Should it be more defensive because it needs to keep hail going? Should it be an attacker? Either ways, Abomasnow isn't a big attacker, and comes out to set hail in motion, or to leech seed a troublesome pokemon to chip away at it's health with hail and poison.

    Walrein @ Leftovers
    Ice Body

    220 EV's HP
    252 EV's Defence
    38 EV's Speed

    HP 416 Att 171
    Def 303 Sp Atk 225
    Sp Def 216 Speed 177


    Walrein is a staller, and a damn good one. If toxic spikes hasn't worked, Walrein can poison, and use substitute/protect to stall whilst the other pokemon has it's health slowly whittled away (or sets up to kill me...)

    Heatran @ Choice Scarf
    Flash Fire

    252 EV's Special Attack
    252 EV's Speed

    HP 324 Att 211
    Def 245 Sp Atk 394
    Sp Def 220 Speed 253

    Earth Power
    Dragon Pulse

    I hate Heatran. Using it, and as an opponent. It's one of the pokemon I class as 'legendary' Like Zapdos, and the legendary trio. However, it provides my team with a fire resistance along with tentacruel. Flash fire powers up it's fire moves if hit with a fire move, and if not - Heatrans special attacks can wipe the floor with many pokemon.

    So that's my team... Be as harsh as you want as long as your constructive with your comments.

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    This team looks like a heal team. and we all know what hail teams hate dont we. Ttar, nothing on your team can realy do much to it atm. Ide suggest putting a bulky fighting type in there but i cant think what you can get rid of. The set ide suggest is rest talk machamp.

    machamp @ leftovers
    No gaurd
    252 hp 252 attack 4 def or you can go more defencive spread


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    If you don't know EVs you can get some from here.

    I should close this since you lack EVs but you did everything else right and you seem to get the idea of competitive battling well enough. Even if you don't know the EVs add what you want them to be for the purpose of helping your team get rated.

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    Ohhh really?

    I'm so sorry =/

    My pokemon generally don't tend to follow the general smogon/serebii ev spread cos I find that everyone has them and it gives me an edge if my pokemons more bulked in defence than they expect.

    I managed to find them out on the pokemon online battle thingy where you make your own pokemon and make their stats etc, so I shall find out what the EV's are of the pokemon on there, and edit my first post =)

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