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    Author's Introduction:

    So this is a fan-fiction. It's my first on Serebii. Other than that, not much. I was inspired by a few sources from around the globe (most are reasonably evident). I'll try and update as much as is reasonably possible, but I am in my junior year of high school (year 11, for those who are unaware) and so I do have other things to do. This first post will be mostly organizational.

    The world that this takes place in is parallel from our own. You will notice a few names that are the same, a few that are different. If you want, I can also include a spoilered list of introduced countries (I have roughly 4 pages of notes in a notebook listing all the important ones).

    PM list and access to the Google Doc that this is stored on will come in time. The latter I intend on reserving for people I especially like (and they will act as Beta Readers). I'll also make this look a lot prettier when I decide on how I want to format this.

    Prolouge [Act 1]:

    This World We Live In


    Lt. David Hawthorne had never planned on flying. As a child he had always enjoyed taking trips to foreign countries because it meant a chance on the runway, but the idea of flying an airplane was ridiculous. David had been gifted with a fear of heights and a fear of deep water, ruling out any chance of flying planes over the seas.

    Lt. David Hawthorne has especially never planned on ever launching a jet from an aircraft carrier. And yet there he was, sitting on the deck of the RNA carrier Liberator. The military chatter droned on as Hawthorne waited. He was third in a lineup of fighters to be launched. His copilot, Timothy Johnson, also stared out the window with a blank expression. The two had never been friends until they were locked into a single cockpit.

    The two jets before David in the lineup screamed off the runway. The flight deck crewman flashed David a thumbs up, and he hit the throttle. The acceleration pinned both men into their seats. While many average citizens hated takeoff, David had always loved it. It was exhilarating. The waves crashed below him as the fighter picked up speed and altitude. The fighter roared through the cloud layer and into a serene painting of clouds, lit by the almighty sun. Every time it was different, and every time it was beautiful.

    The other two pilots discussed the mission. Break initial enemy morale and resistance and destroy a few military targets. David and his two fellow pilots would be the very first men of the joint Russian-North American task force to enter official Japanese territory. Hawthorne relished the chance, while Johnson hated it. David’s copilot had had twangs of regret when he discovered the mission. “This is going to be a ****ing nightmare,” he had said. Johnson had never been much for taking initiative. The idea of being the men that would break the Japanese defenses and hand the archipelago to the task force, it was a dream. Hawthorne’s dream. It had promotion written all over it, and David wasn’t going to give the chance of being promoted up. He would be famous.

    The Japanese began to radio the pilots. No response was given to any of their questions. The ground station became agitated. No response given. The jets descended from the cloud layer. The island of Sakhalin lay below them. It was certainly not the most important island of Japan, but it would serve as the ideal staging area. David smiled.

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    Hey guys, it's me! Just under a different account. I see that I have to prove myself, so I guess I'll just have to keep on posting. We enter the exposition proper here, and introduce some characters. Fun times. Is this about a good length? Thoughts? Go to town.

    Act 1 Chapter 1:

    “It’s been a month since they took Sakhalin. They’re never going to leave the island. It’s all they wanted.”

    “It’s all the Russians wanted. What about the Republicans?”

    “I- I don’t know. But we’ve been winning, and that’s all that matters. We’ve been hammering their forces for a week now with artillery. It’ll be over by the end of December. But that’s just my professional opinion.”

    The common room of the west wing of Birch Hall was nearly empty. The majority of students had left the school after the invasion began, returning to their respective countries. Technically the international school was on French soil, but few believed that would stop the Russians from bulldozing it. Outside, Winter had begun to descend. The flocks of Pidgey and Pidgeotto had descended on the city, both from the war in the north and the failing of Autumn.

    Charles looked across the hall. It was a motley crew that had stayed behind. Classes were continuing, albeit in a much more limited form. Charles himself was staying for another week before he took a plane back to Columbia. Being at the school when it was empty was a strange experience. It wasn’t so abandoned that the halls and the cafeteria were quiet, it was just such a shock to lack all of the familiar faces around; both the good and the bad. The uncertainty that clung to the buildings and the neatly trimmed lawns of the International School of Tokyo was frightfully palpable.

    Charles looked out the window at the fog bank that had descended on the school in the middle of the night. It almost seemed as if there was nothing outside, and the world simply ended with the walls of the common room. A cough brought Charles’ attention back. Matt had come down with a cold after the school began to empty. The school’s head physician was burning through his cache of sick days by fleeing to Spain, so the students were stuck with a group of dedicated, if not the most effective, medical students. Matt’s Rufflet warbled quietly after Matt downed some brightly colored pills with a swig of water. One of the benefits of the quiet atmosphere was that Pokémon were now allowed almost anywhere on campus. The school said it was for comfort, but the general assumption was made that it was allowed just in case.

    “You’ve got to get over that, Matt. The Russians don’t like sickly little European boys. They’ll eat you up. Matt tartar.” Megan grinned from her giant leather throne. Charles had collected his five remaining friends of note to study, but the plan had quickly devolved. Timothy, the “brightest” of the group had started talking about the war again, to show off his knowledge. It was all he talked about these days. It was all anyone talked about. The Russians had come to steal Pokémon. The Russians had come to conquer Japan. The British were behind it. The Republicans were behind it. The Japanese were behind it. Rumors flew around the school like the hordes of Pidgey that collected on any available surface.

    Charles rubbed his eyes. “Guys, we have to study.” Matt and Julia groaned in protest. Matt had always attempted to prove that he could be relaxed and take tests better than Charles could. He couldn’t. No one could. Not that anyone would ever admit it, but Charles was the brightest of the group, and he knew it. He just didn’t care. If he cared he would have the best grades out of anyone in the school, probably. He just couldn’t find ways to care.

    Elayne smiled devilishly. “It’s not like this is complicated stuff. Just remember a few equations and you’ll be fine. It’s not like you have to analyze the equations to show their secret, literary meaning. Just memorize them.” She was the only one that was any good at physics. Besides Charles, of course.

    Timothy closed his book loudly. “It’s just so hard to think about physics when there’s so much more exciting stuff going on. Wars and the like. It would be one thing if we were training or something, but nowadays they’ve limited all our classes to busy work.” The Rufflet warbled a second time in agreement.

    “Why can’t we train Pokémon outside anymore?” asked Julia. “We’re outside regardless of whether we train or not. And we’re safer with strong Pokémon.”

    “I’m sure they have some ridiculous reason,” Matt grumbled. “They always have a reason for everything, no matter how ridiculous it is.”

    “I think it’s so we’re all in one place. If we’re in classes or just doing busywork in one of the halls, they’ll be able to find us easily. If we’re outside training, they won’t be able to find us quickly enough.” Megan said quietly. “In case of an evacuation.”

    The room quieted. No one wanted the Russians to come to Tokyo. If their enemies reached Tokyo, the war was over. The city of saffron was the largest military fortress in Kanto. If it fell, cleaning up the rest of the region would be easy.

    “We can still train unofficially. Just friendly scuffles,” Charles added, hoping to break the silence. “I’m sure they wouldn’t mind as long as we keep close to the main quad.”

    Timothy motioned towards the television lazily. “I could go for a battle. I’ve been so deprived the past few days. All they’ve been playing on TV are rematches from the last tournament.”

    “Let’s do it then!” Megan said ecstatically, as she jumped from her seat. “It’s not like we’re doing anything anyway.”

    Matt’s phone buzzed loudly, and he pulled it from beneath him. “What the hell is it now?” He scanned the screen, scrolling occasionally. The look on his face betrayed his shock. “Holy ****. Holy ****.” He dropped the phone.

    “What is it? You don’t look good, man.” Timothy got up and picked up the phone.

    “They burst through the blockade. The Russians burst through the blockade and are landing south of Tokyo.” Matt’s face was white as milk. The room fell deathly silent as the air drained out.

    “We need to get out of here. We need to get the **** out of here, now.”

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    Still posting, despite your attempts to shut me out. I'll keep on going. Just keep on moving forward. Little to comment on, since no one has responded yet.

    Let the thumb twiddling ensue!

    Act 1 Chapter 2 -

    “We need to get the **** out of here. We need to get the **** out of here, now.”

    Charles got up out of his seat and stared at the door. “ We don’t have time to be in shock right now. We have to get out of the Tokyo prefecture.”

    Timothy nodded slowly. “He’s right. I’m going to go pack.”

    The group moved slowly towards the door, as if walking underwater. No one besides Timothy and Charles had said anything. The Pokémon walked silently beside the funeral procession as it left the common room. The group slowly fragmented as each person left for their respective dormitory.

    Charles enter his room and immediately began ransacking it. His nice clothes- no, his cheap clothes. His wallet, his backpack, his map, his water bottle, his flashlight. Matt furiously tore through his armoir on the other side of the dorm. Matt and Charles had been in the same room for the past year, and neither was prepared for a sudden retrieval. Clothes lay strewn about the floor, and equipment was often in strange places.

    Finished packing his suitcase and backpack, Charles grabbed his keys and began running down the hall. His phone rang loudly, the cheery song contrasted so heavily with the situation that it almost seemed ugly to Charles.


    “It’s Timothy. Where are we meeting? The school hasn’t said anything yet.”

    “Meet out in front of Elm Hall.”

    “Alright. I’ll get a hold of the girls.”

    As Charles left his building behind he heard the familiar chime that preceded an announcement over the PA.

    “All students should report to the front of the school. Buses are being prepared for an immediate evacuation and will be leaving in half an hour.”

    Half an hour?! Charles was bewildered. They're giving themselves too little time. They’re cutting it too damn close.

    Elm Hall loomed into view. The quiet, stone building was placed in the back of the school. From the distance Charles could see Timothy waiting tensely in front of the main entrance. He was alone.
    Timothy waved, but stopped mid-wave, as if remembering that the two students were standing outside of a war zone. “I called the girls, and they said they’ll be over here in around five or ten minutes. That’ll give us enough time to get to the buses.”

    “The buses aren’t going to leave fast enough,” Charles said quietly.

    “I- I know.” Timothy sighed. “But that’s going to be the safest way.”

    “I think we should take one of our cars.”

    “One of ours? Are you serious?!” Timothy yelled.

    Charles stared at Timothy. “You know that bus isn’t going to leave in half an hour. Someone won’t show up. Someone will be late. Someone will have to go to the bathroom. We have to get out of here as fast as possible.”

    Matt ran up, out of breath. “The girls have to hurry it up, or we’re going to miss the bus.”

    Timothy looked annoyed. “We’re not taking the bus. It’s going to take too long. Charles agrees.”

    Matt looked down at the ground for a moment. “Alright, then how are we going to get out of here?”

    “Aren’t we going to take the bus?” Elayne asked. She was strolling along with her brightly colored suitcase dragging behind her.

    The boys let out an exasperated sigh at the same time.

    All six members of the group stood on the edge of the parking lot.

    “So who’s car are we taking?” Julia asked.

    Charles thought for a second. “We need the one with the best gas mileage that can still fit our stuff. Megan, doesn’t yours get 28?”

    “Yeah,” she responded. “But that’s only on a good day. It usually gets 26.”

    “It’s the best we have,” Timothy said. “We need to get going, so we need to start loading up our stuff. Hopefully it will all fit.”

    Megan pulled out her keys and tapped the lock button. From somewhere in the monstrous parking lot, the familiar chirp of the car responded. The students began their long journey with a march across the empty parking lot.

    Student parking was situated as far as possible from the buildings. Parents and faculty were given priority, and few students had cars. As the group reached the car, a thunderous explosion could be heard. The chatter of guns began to spring up, followed by more explosions. The six hurried into their seats.

    “Hold on, everyone!” Megan turned the key in the ignition, but didn’t shift into Drive. “Where are we actually going? Does anyone have an idea?”

    “West,” Matt muttered. “We should go west into Johto. Then we can get to Olivine City and decide what to do. Olivine is a hub for marine and air travel, so we should be able to find a way off Japan.”

    “Japan it is, then!” Julia yelled.

    The car pulled out of the parking lot slowly, and began heading westwards on the surface streets. Westwards to Johto; westwards to freedom.

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