I have decided to make a guide detailing all the temple partner assists in detail, of course, i'll need a LOT of help, if you want to submit a pokemon, use this form, or i will ignore you:

Power: <lv 1>, <Lvl 2>, <Lvl 3>, <Lvl 4>, <Lvl 5>
Recovery Time: <lv 1>, <Lvl 2>, <Lvl 3>, <Lvl 4>, <Lvl 5>
Assist Level: Provide detail on every assist's level, eg. at level 5, Piplup shoots a wide beam of bubbles that make pokemon slowed, if you create a description like this, then you won't need to provide the in game description of the pokemon's assist.

Alright? GO!
    Spoiler:- Piplup Family:

Please help with this.