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Thread: Zelda games discussion

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    So, at Gamestop, the Majora's Mask pin is what you get alongside a Code Name Steam pre-order? Did I get that right?

    ....I'm really confused by this. I mean, sure, that game could probably use the boost in sales when it comes out...but really?

    You can see the adventure map at the end of the Hyrule Warriors DLC segment of the direct, in the background. It seems you start in the center, and that you can branch off in all four directions surrounding that spot. Likewise, in Majora's Mask, Clock Town was the in the center of Termania, and you had to pass through it in order to reach another one of the four regions in the game.

    That's a cool touch.
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    UK preorders for the MM New 3DS XL are up, along with bundles of MM3D with the other types of New 3DS. All the console bundles have the Skull Kid figurine included, which is nice.

    Still wondering why they didn't bother mentioning Hyrule Warriors in the EU Direct. Tingle looks as unsettling in HD as I expected, which is perfect.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blazios View Post
    [URL=""]Still wondering why they didn't bother mentioning Hyrule Warriors in the EU Direct. Tingle looks as unsettling in HD as I expected, which is perfect.
    Weirder still, Aonuma said himself Europe and Japan will be getting the DLC a week earlier than America for some evil Nintendo executive reason.

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    Patch incoming for Hyrule Warriors with the MM update

    So many good changes coming with this patch, restarting battles, seeing how much damage you've taken, deleting skills on weapons. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
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    Restart on maps is so much welcomed. I had to die on purpose just to restart on massive blunders.

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    i started getting into the Zelda games a few years ago. I downloaded Majora's Mask from virtual console for the Wii and to this day, i still haven't gotten past the first level. smh. just tso confusing to me i don't know why...

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